Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, September 19, 1919, Page 3, Image 3

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    IItILL 1901—23 M UNITED
Flannelette Gowns
For the Cool Nights a?id Approaching
Cold fVeather
White flannelette
JgßßSfy gowns, with or with
out collars, finished
. f jjs. with hemstitching and
braid: $1.75 to $2.75.
aSC Pink and white,
fiy blue and white flan
\j 1 'A iy J nelette gowns, with
;|N / double yokes nicely
A • A finished with braid;
/ \ •• \ $1.75 to $3.25.
j \ . \ Extra size gowns,
I \ i plain white or blue
I and white, pink and
j white, stripes, nicely
/ hemstitched collar and
\ \ p cuffs; $2.75 to $2.98.
\ jj (j Flannelette pajamas,
) / plain white, blue and
j 'j / j white, pink and white
/ / striped, nicclv finished
li j/ /ii wit h embroidered
'j frogs; $1.75 and $2.98.
s-J* T C Flannelette skirts
in light and dark col
iraP' ors with ruffles; 79c
to $1.50.
BOWMAN'S—Second Floor
New Over-Draperies
and Curtains
The dark, dreary days of winter will soon be here,
and one will surely want bright spots in the home
and the best place in the world on a dreary and cool
night is home. The home can be brightened with
the beautiful new Mohairs. Cretonnes or Curtains
we have on display. The selection of patterns and
colorings is unlimited.
White and ecru curtain material in plain and fancy
scrims, marquisettes, filet and Quaker Craft, also the
new paneling so much sought for this season: 39c to
$3.25 yd.
Cretonne for all purposes in a very large variety of
patterns, including quite a number of imported cloths;
45c to $1.89 yd.
Mohair for overdraperies, something new in plain
blue, rose and blue figured. The colorings and nat
terns are very rich; $1.19 and $1.50 yd.
BOWMAN'S—Fourth Floor.
A fine combination of O'V* LjfiftMSßß
and outer apparel looks kjfi mkSbe ' M' JvH
better on a good figure if
than on a poor one. V
All women are interested j SdujpfS \\
in having what is called lafr .*. I \
"a good appearance." rt\ \
Are you really doing all
you can toward that end? qjf
Do your corsets fit you or dc you fit
your corsets? If your corsets fit your I
figure, how do you know that your
figure is correct in its measurements?
Is it symmetrical, of artistic propor
tions, and graceful? Do you know
that no matter what corset you wear,
you gradually take its figure lines and
consequently that a badly designed
corset is going to give you a badly ,
* proportioned figure?
| Tl|oiX4RT
j Front Laoad
excel in design—that most important
particular—and they are well made to
carry out the design in materials that
preserve the figure lines, give long life
to the corset, thus making a desirable
as well as economical purchase for
any woman.
Our expert corsetiere will give you a
trial fitting of the MODART model you require
to develop your figure in accordance with
health promoting comfort and correct propor- <
boat tor your figure type.
i ! _ i
BOWMAN'S—Second Floor
,Wi"'ir.ee.> -a ■ ■■■■ e— e— i m u—■ mmmwm ■■ ■
jk. '
Special For Saturday
SSL- 50 New Fall Coats
fljk $59.50 m
la llrl Coats in belted, semi-belted and tailored models 1
||| iHI witli large Seal collars. Materials are Crystal cords, uA
|||., 'M 1 Bolivias, Peachbloom, Polo Cloth, Whipput, //*}' \/ |!fef
f|| Ii! J' Silvertone and Velour in the newest Fall shades, [\; |! ! : |||f
lined throughout in Pussywillow silk crepes, and (A I ji ! ||p
radium silks, sizes 16 to 42: an excellent special at jV |ij ! jflfi
f i $59.50. 1| 1 1
65 New Fall 85 Serge 'ls.
Suits D resses
■ iMAm
Special at Special at Jlp^||
15? $59.50 $25.00 J|j
fM { U\ Flare, semi-belted or Fall's newest in serge \\ W k
strictly tailored suits in dresses in straight line, jf m rCg
Silvertone, Lustrola. blouse or coat styles. I Lep
PP 1 ' ? f Chevrona, Broadcloth, Some be f vil y braided [M
Mi // Velour, Trieotine, designs, others IU|B
&&& i 'i I c j/x r j i i braid or button trim- lip. I}M
imd I lil Serge and Oxiord cloth. A / , . , , A IFSS
Ili 0 6 _ .... med. One style has very \\ \ f. ; ; $i
'[ I / Some are beautifully effective tricolette vest. \\ % 11|
""XWI fur trimmed, others These dresses are most- |||P
k; 'hj braid and button finish- ly in Navy or black; \\ fIS it .
ed. In the leading colors size 16 to 44; a special UsT
(rt of the season; sizes, 16 of unusual value at
to 48; special $59.50. $25.00. , %■
BOWMAN'S— Third Floor.
Women's Full Fashioned
Silk Stockings
Specially Priced
Full fashioned silk stockings are scarce and ad
vancing in price. We could not buy these stockings
today to sell at these prices. Owing to our large
purchase placed in advance we are able to offer these
stockings at these special prices for Saturday's sell
Women's full fashioned medium gauge silk stock
ings, with soft, elastic lisle tops and lisle soles, in
black and white; $1.29 pair.
Women's full fashioned silk stockings of fine gauge
silk with flexible lisle tops and lisle soles in black,
white and colors; $1.45 pair.
Women's full fashioned silk stockings; fine gauge
silk with lisle tops and soles in black and white; $1.79
pair. BOWMAN—Main Floor.
Dress Trimmings More
In Vogue Than Ever
This season women may indulge in trimmings to their
heart's content. No war restrictions hamper the tastes
of designer and wearer. We have gathered our trim
mings with this in mind and the popularity of this de
partment is evidenced by the remarkable demand and
daily increase of sales. Note the following and how
reasonably priced they are:
Cdlored bead and silk medallions; different shapes
and sizes; 50c to $2.50 each.
Colored bands, 2 inches to 6 inches wide. Beautifully
embroidered in bright colors with touches of silver and
gold; $1.50 to $4.75 per yard.
Colored vestings, 8 inches to 15 inches wide; $4.50 to
$12.50 yd.
A wonderful range of colors in georgettes, 40 inches
wide, including the new burnt orange and beaver; $2.25
to $3.50 yd.
New printed crepes in the new Autumn shades. Beau
tiful patterns and designs; $3.00 to $3.75 yd.
Girdles in black, navy, taupe and brown; $1.50 to
$4.50 each.
72-inch silk Tulle in every desirable shade. This
Tulle is strong and very durable; $2.50 yd.
BOWMAN—Main Floor.
Auto Robes and
Steamer Rugs
As the chilly nights creep on us, there is a demand
for warmer auto robes, as well as wraps. We have
a large assortment of Robes in plushes and a fine
selection of Steamer Rugs; $6.50 to $35.00 each.
BOWMAN'S—Second Floor.
Mason Fruit Jars
Quart Size, Specially Priced I
at 70c Dozen
IFater Tumblers, Special at 60c T)oz.
These tumblers are thin blown crystal and
very clear. A rare opportunity to purchase these
kind of tumblers at this price.
O€feM 0 P
O'Cedar Oil Mop; 59c.
O'Cedar Oil Mop; battleship shape; 75c.
O'Cedar Oil;4-oz. bottle; 19c.
O'Cedar Oil; 12-oz. bottle; 39c.
O'Cedar Oil; qt. can; 75c.
Gray Enamel IVare At 89c
First quality Old Hamp
a shire Gray. The lot consists
8 qt. Water Pail,
14 qt. Dish Pan,
4 and 6 qt. Cooking Pot,
8 qt. Preserving Kettle,
\ l / 2 qt. Double Boiler,
4 qt. Tea Kettle.
SEPTEMBER 19, 1919.
Blouses in Autumn Suit
Shades, Developed in
Georgette Crepe
An entire section devoted to suit shades. Beaded
and silk embroidery blouses,- Tuexedo and collarless
styles; $5.95, $6.95, $7.95 and $8.95.
Navy georgette blouse with net frills and cuff to
match; tucks running around front. A dainty smart
blouse for girls; $5.95.
Crepe de Chine Blouses, special for Saturday.
Square neck, round and collarless styles; pleating
and fine tucks, also frills; some with fancy self em
broidery and contrasting; $3.79.
Striped voile; blouse with pique cuffs and collars.
One large button trimmed, and other styles; round
collar of voile with lace edging. These blouses are
all new and fresh, just unpacked; $1.98.
Full line of middies in all white, white with navy,
washable flannel and serge collars and cuffs, also
cadet blue with white braid trimming. Pockets and
emblems on arm; $1.50 to $5.50.
Blouses for $l.OO in fine voile and dimities with
white and colored collars and cuffs in a good assort
ment of styles and sizes; $l.OO.
The fashionable Brush Wool Scarfs; wonderful for
sport wear and motoring, with fringe border; a good
range of Autumn colors; $1.25 up,
BOWMAN'S—Third Floon
Piece Goods
Specials For Saturday
No Mail, C. O. D. or Samples Cut
36-inch Plain and Printed Foulards; dark grounds.
Plenty navy and black; best India twill weave; $1.89
36-inch brocade figured damaskette lining. Latest
fall colorings and designs, medium and dark tones;
$1.95 yard.
40-inch colored wool back charmeuse and silk and
wool Bengaline; good line of colors; $2.75 yard.
36-inch fancy silks, plaids, stripes and checks. Med
ium and dark colors; some with satin overplaids;
$1.69 yard.
32-inch finest foreign and domestic ginghams,
zephyrs, stripes, plaids and checks; 59c yard.
36-inch silk overcheck or fine figure on mull ground'
full range of light and dark colors; 69c yard.
36-inch strictly all wool poplins; line of colors;
plenty of navy blue; $1.95 yard.
48-inch Navy Tricotine; $4.50 yard.
54-inch Navy Men's Wear Serge; $3.25 yard.
36-inch Togo Cloth; all wool dress goods; $1.95 yd.
42-inch Collingwood Plaids; $2.25 yard.
BOWMAN'S—Main Floor
Children's Shoes
A Special Message onOur Children y s
Our attendants have been specially trained to
fit children's shoes, so that your kiddies may
have not only shoes that were made with com
plete regard to their special needs, but also the
particular last that is best fitted and suited to
them. The correct size not only means comfort
but added wear. The quality of our Children's
Shoes in material and workmanship is of the us
ual Bowman Standard.
We carry narrow widths.
Infants' size 2, to growing girls' size 7; priced
according to size; $2.25 to $6.00.
BOWMAN—Main Floor.