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The Days News in Cities and Towns of Central Pennsylvania
Motorcyclist's Leels
Broken in TwonPlaces
When Auto Strikes Him
Lewistown, Pa., Sept. 17.—Frank
Retgle, 26 years old, is in the hos
pital here suffering from a fracture
of the right leg in two places anil
probable internal Injuries sustained
when he plunged head-on into aiii
automobile on the State road east
of here.
Reigle is said to have been making
sixty miles an hour when a woman
driving a car shot to the wrong
side of the road on a curve. Relglc's
motorcycle is said to have leaped
across the hood of the machine and
into the old canal bed, a complete
New Cumberland, Pa., Sept. 17.
The primary election was held at
the Council chamber yesterday.
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Interesting Meeting of Fra
ternal Order Was Held
I on Monday Evening
Mrclinnlcsbtirg, Pa., Sept. 17.—0f
unusual Interest was the session of
St. Paul Commandery, No. 158,
Ancient and Illustrious Order Knights
of Malta, on Monday evening, at
which time the degree from Malta to
Priestly Pass, inclusive, was exempli
fied. Following the program, re
freshments were served.
The staff includes: Sovereign com
mander. John A. Kilmore; senior
councillor. J. W. Wister; Junior coun
cillor, Guy H. Lucas; high prelate,
William A. Slgler; chancellor, Wil
liam M. Kollcr; vice chancellor, James
L. Young; bursar, D. Abner Crom
leigh; pursuivant, Thomas J. Webb;
herald, Mark B. Ibach; sword bearer,
Calvin Weaver; standard bearer, J. M.
Walters; fir3t guard, R. M. Sultza
berger; second guard, G. K. Eshel
man; warden, James R. Prowell; sen
tinel, A. S. Hertsler; musical director,
Mervin E. Anderson; master of cere
monies, Harry B. Markley; scenic
artist, Mervin O. Swanger.
On Monday, September 22, a council
of Red Cross and Sepulchre will be
Girl Takes Strychnine
Tablets For Liver Pills;
Mistake Leads to Death
York, Pa., Sept. 17.—As the re
sult of taking strychnine tablets for
liver pills, Ethel A. Oreman, 16-year
old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George
G. Oreman, near this city, is dead.
Inability to secure a physician in
time probably caused the girl's
death. On Monday night before re
tiring the girl went to a shelf where
the family medicine is kept, to se
cure liver pills. Her father had
placed a box of strychnine tablets
on the shelf. Two of these were
swallowed in the dark by the girl.
She died yesterday morning.
Soldier Comes Home From
War Service in England
Annville, Pa., Sept. 17.—Earl R.
Carmany, who two years ago en
listed in the service at Allentown,
returned Monday night from over
seas and is spending some time
with his parents Mr. and Mrs. Ru
fus Carmany, Sheridan avenue. He
is a graduate of Lebanon Valley
College and was a high school In
structor when he enlisted. He was
at first sent to Paris a year and ten
months ago, but later to London,
where he was discharged from the
Mrs. A. S. Kreider and daughter,
Elizabeth, spent several days at
The Rev. C. A. Mutch, of Eph
rato. Is a visitor in town.
Judge C. V. Henry, of Lebanon,
appointed Alfred K. Mills, township
commissioner to succeed Nathaniel
Light, resigned.
C. E. Roudabush, of Minersville,
was a visitor in town on Tuesday.
I; gPSPllii
Health Commissioner Martin Buys Tract of 35 Acres Adjoin
ing White Pine Camp From W. L. Forney, Who Would
Not Negotiate With the Late Dr. Samuel G. Dixon
Chambersburg, Pa., Sept. 17.
William L. Forney, of this place,
yesterday closed the deal by which
he sold to State Health Commis
sioner Marten, his tract of 35 and
more acres of land adjacent to the
South Mountain Sanatorium above
Mont Alto, for a price said to be
about $25,000.
On this land are White Pine Inn,
garages, numerous cottages, frame
houses and other buildings. The
outfit is directly across the road
Congregation There Chooses
Lancaster Minister to Serve
For Two Years
Lewistown, Pa., Sept. 17.—Hyman
Levin, rabbi of a large Jewish con
gregation In Lancaster for the past
ten years, has been elected rabbi
of Ohev Sholum Jewish congrega
tion of Lewistown. The choice was
made Saturday at the home of Jacob
Hurwitz, by a vote of the local con
gregation. During the past two or
more years Lewistown Jews have
been without the services of a rabbi
and the congregation felt very much
the need of a religious leader. Rabbi
Levin was chosen to serve at Ohev
Sholum for two years.
The new synagogue in East Third
street is steadily neurlng completion,
and the cornerstone of the new re
ligious edifice will be laid within the
next few weeks. Dr. W. A. Hutchi
son, city superintendent of schools,
will deliver an address at the cor
nerstone laying.
Civil War Veteran and
Railroader Passes Out
Carlisle, Pa., Sept. 17. Simeon
Purdy, a lieutenant in the Union
Army during the Civil War and
widely known resident of the county,
died at his home Just west of Car
lisle after a short illness. He was
for many years a railroad employe.
He served during .the Civil War
with Companies C and I of the Ist
Regiment, West Virginia Infantry,
and later as a lieutenant in Com
pany C of the 6th West Virginia
Cavalry. He was a member of Cap
tain Colwell Post 201 here. For over
a quarter of & century he was engi
neer on various western railroads
and was master mechanic for one
of the first railroads constructed in
Mexico. Ira I* Purdy, Rutherford
Heights, and Ralph E. Purdy, Har
risburg, are sons.
Believe Missing Man
Will Be Found a Corpse
Lewistown, Pa., Sept. 17. —The
reservoirs of the Lewistown and
Reedsville Water Company in Mine
harts Gap have been drained with
out finding the body of John Smith,
who has been missing since August
17, when he was seen leaving a
train returning from Harrisburg.
Mountain men who came in from
the lumber camps express the opin
ion that the man's body would be
found In some out-of-the-way place.
They say he either fell over a preci
pice or was overcome In some out
of-the-way place and died.
Deputy Sheriff and Son
Go Up in Air 3,000 Feet
l.culstown, Pa., Sept. 17.—C. D.
Groce, a deputy sheriff of Mifflin
county, took a spin with Pilot Gil
bert Budwick, who has been taking
the people on pleasure jaunts for
the past three days. Groce was ac
companied by his little son Robert,
who is said to have been the first
child of his age to attain an alti
tude of 3,000 feet, doing the loop
the-loop and other fancy stunts on
the way back to old mother earth.
"Bob" had to be spanked before he
would leave the machine.
Hngerstown, Md., Sept. 17.
Henry P. Bridges, an attorney of
Baltimore, plans the erection of a
church in Hancock as a memorial
to his father, the late Robert
Bridges, who was an elder in the
j Hancock Presbytery for many years.
|He has purchased a site for the
church on the old Bridges home
stead, which will be razed.
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"There's a Reason" [
from the main buildings of the
State Sanatorium and had been run
as a private enterprise for years,
along about the same general plan
as the State's free treatment.
The late Dr. S. G. Dixon had more
than once tried to buy the Forney
place but always failed and the
sale .Just made comes as a surprise
to many interested people here.
This purchase was made for the
State Health Department The tract
will at once be made a part of the
South Mountain Sanatorium.
Pretty Function at Home of
Baby Geraldine Cook
in Mechanicsburg
Nfekanlnfenn, Pa., Sept. 17.—T0
celebrate the flrst birthday anni
versary of her daughter, Geraldine, ,
Mrs. L. W. Cook gave a party on Mon
day afternoon, to which a number of
little ones and their mothers wore
invited. There was a contest for the
mothers, but the prises went to the
little ones. To Mhn Wilbur Diets
was presented a gold ring, and to
Morris Jefferson Mlchener, a solid
silver baby spoon.
The decorations in the dining room
were pink and white. The single
candle on the birthday cake was ex
tinguished by the small hostess. The
guests included William Miller, of
Shippensburg; John W. Diets, Robert
Diets, Morris J. Michener, Lloyd
Latnason and Lincoln Miller, all of
Mechaniscburg. Assisting Mrs. Cook
in the entertainment of the guests
were: Mrs. Joseph Miller, Misses
Lovina Shelter, Olivia Baum, Edna
Keller, Anna Zelgler and Dorothy
Wilson College Opens
50th Year This Morning
Chnmbersburg, Pa., Sept. IT.—Wil
son Cellege opened its fiftieth year
this morning with the largest enroll
ment of regular college students in
its history. The college buildings are
filled to capacity and there is a large
enrollment of nonresident students.
President Warfleld announced at the
opening exercises the gift of $5,000
from the Tltusville, Pa.. Presbyterian
church, toward the endowment of the
Bible chair.
Among the new faculty appoint
ments are the following: Professor
Esther Crane, Ph. D. (Chicago), pro
fessor of psychology; Professor Patty
Gurd, Ph. D. (University of Mich
igan), professor of Romance Lan
guages; Professor Alta Alleen Robin
son, M. A. (University of Iowa), pro
fessor of English; Miss Jessie Lind
say, graduate of the Sargent School
of Physical Education, Boston,
director of physical education.
Two students selected by the French
government for the award of Ameri
can scholarships arrived on the
steamer La France in New York on
Saturday last and entered Wilson Col
lege at the opening of the year.
Conference Chief Gives
Six Authority to Preach
Hagerstown, Md., Sept. 17.—Ac
cording to a report made by the
Rev. Dr. A. B. Statton, this city,
superintendent of the Pennsylvania
Conference of the United Brethren
church, there is no dearth of candi
dates for the ministry. On Sunday
last he licensed six young men to
preach in York county, Pa., one at
Red Lion, three at Dallastown and
two at Spry. The Rev. Dr. Statton
said this is the largest number of
young men ho has licensed to the
ministry in a day.
Annville Minister Gets
Call From Columbus, 0.
Annville, Pa., Sept. 17.—The Rev.
Dr. S. F. Daugherty has received a
call to the United Brethren church
of Columbus, Ohio. He has accepted
the call, much to the regret of his
New Cumberland, Pa., Sept. 17.
The victory and memorial general
committee will meet at the Hersn
house to-morrow evening at 8
o'clock to close up the business of
the home coming celebration.
Young Woman Says She Is
Mrs. Minerva Wallestin,
of Harrisburg
lingers town, Md., Sept. 17.—First '
giving the name of "Billy Patter
son," when picked up along the
State road on the slope of the South
Mountain, near Dahlgren, where an
automobile accident occurred in
which the young woman was in
jured, and later giving the name
of Mrs. Minerva WaUestin, of Har
risburg, Pa., when admitted to the
Washington County Hospital here,
makes uncertain the Identity of the
woman and the accident.
The fact that the machine, a
Cadillac taxi, said to have come
from Baltimore and that the driver,
a young man, flrst gave the name
of "Bela Kuq," and afterward said
he was Just plain John Smith, gives
the affair a still more mysterious
Roy Staubs, a Hage.-stown taxi
man, found the wrecked car down
a bank and the young woman, who
first said she came from Pittsburgh,
lying Injured on the ground. Later,
Dr. S. T. Smith, of Boonsboro, came
along and gave the girl flrst aid and
afterward she was brought to this
city to the hospital and was found
to be injured about the head, but
not very seriously. Traffic officers
are Investigating the accident and
causes leading to it.
Jury Orders Minister
to Pay Cost of Taking
Thistles Off His Farm
Reading, Pa., Sept. 17. —In court
here yesterday a jury In the suit of
Herman Oswald against the Rev. M.
H. Brensinger returned a verdict for
$27.15 in favor of the plaintiff. The
action was brought by Oswald, a
supervisor of Maidencreek township,
to recover the cost of removing Can
ada thistles from the farm of the
Rev. Mr. Brensinger, which, Oswald
alleged, the defendant refused to re
move after due notice.
College President and'
Wife Club Honor Guests
Wellsrlllo, Pa.. Sept. 17.—Dr. E.
E. Campbell, president of Irving
College, and wife, of Mechanicsburg.
were the guests of honor at th
monthly session of the York Irving
Club, entertained by Mrs. W. D.
Brougher, thiß place. Luncheon wa:
served by the hostess, after which
Dr. Campbell reviewed the work and
happenings at Irving College dur
ing the past year and also told ol
the improvements for the ensuing
year, in an interesting address.
Guests were present from Mechanics
burg, Dillsburg, Wellsvllle, Wrighta
vllle and York.
Mifflin County Firemen
Ready For Field Day
lewiftown, Pa.. Sept IT.—The
volunteer firemen of Mifflin county
are In readiness to celebrate the an
nual field day on Saturday. Prac
tically fireman of every town in the
Juniata Valley between Harrlsbur,
and Altoona and as far north as Sim
mokin have expressed their inten
tion of being present. Arrangement:
have been made to take care ol
10,000 visitors. The day will be en
livened by big street parades, auto
mobile parades, darktown parade li
the evening, with athletic contests
of a lively nature throughout the
Will Establish Athletic
Field to Honor Soldier;
Chnmbersburg, Pa., Sept. 17.
The committee that successfully
conducted the welcome home cele
bration had decided to disband i>u
after adding several new members
will act as a committee to raise t
fund for the soldiers' memorial ath
letic grounds to be established here
An option has been secured from
Augustus Wolf on Dreamland park
He offers the ground and lake foi
$45,000. For the ground alone hi
asks $2 5,000 with the condition thn
he contribute $5,000.
Little Lines From Nearby
Carlisle —Andrew Cromlich diei'
of gangrene here, aged 74 years.
Wiconlsco—Patrick O'Connor ha
gone to a Philadelphia eye hospita l
for treatment.
Bae-JunaiivUlc Mrs. Mary A
Shiffer died at her home here o
tuberculosis, aged 71 years.
Lykciis—Steelton's Postmaster Cu
sack was here calling on Demo
cratic voters during the week.
Dover ln the yard of H. U
Baughman a pear tree is bearing it:
second yield of fully matured fruit
for the season.
Hagerstown—An old cement mill,
a famous landmark on tho Potomac
river not far from Sharpsburg, Is
being torn down.
Williams town —Dr. George Durbln
and Miss Mabel Thomas were mar
ried here at the home of the bride
by the Itev. Alexander Leo.
Carlisle Charles E. Yohn was
knocked from a bicycle when he
collided with an automobile and had
his right arm broken at the elbow.
Lebanon—Ammon K. Brown, of
Myorstown, was acquitted of a
charge of forgery by a jury here, but
was ordered to pay the costs of the
Lebanon—William Gerberich, a
former prothonotary of this county
and a retired farmer, died in East
Hanover township yesterday, aged 78
Dover—William Bricker, of Lawn,
Lebanon county, and Miss Sue A.
Jacobs, of Mount Joy, were married
here by the Rev. J. H. Hege, pas
tor of the bride.
Palmyra—Earl Helsey and Mrs.
Emma Weitzel, both of this place,
were united in marriage by the Rev.
J. M. Walters, pastor of the United
Brethren church at Sunbury.
W'illinm.stowii ln the Catholic
church at this place Simon Plcka
lavage and Mrs. Alice Buttner were
united In marriage and have gone to
housekeeping in West Market street.
liebanon—The annual convention
of the Pennsylvania Congress of
Mothers and Parent Teachers' Asso
ciation is to be held in First Re
formed church here October 2, 3
and 4.
Hagerstown Thieves tried to
break into the apartment of Under
taker Andrew K. Coffman and also
made an unsuccessful attempt to
rob a house In the western section of
this city.
[Other State News on Page 7.]
Hallora, Pa., Sept. 17.—Jacob B.
Abel, rural mall carrier for 12 years,
has resigned, effective November 1.
During his service as a mail carrier,
Abel traveled more than 60,000
miles. A half dozen horses and
buggies were worn out in Abel's
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SEPTEMBER 17, 1919.
Carlisle, Pa., Sept. 17. Wilson
Weary, a farmer of North Middle
ton township, lost four lambs by
death. They ate too much grain.
The lambs were in the orchard and
in some nfnnner got into the fields of
rye and oats and ate so much of
the grain as to cause their death.
Carlisle, Pa., Sept 17.—0n Friday
night the Athletic Association of the
Carlisle High School will hold a
festival at the Lamberton building.
The proceeds will be used to sup
port the boys on the athletic field.
Use McNeil's Cold Tablets. Adv.