Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, September 17, 1919, Page 18, Image 18

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Total of 175,000 Children Re
ceive Regular Daily
! New York, Sept. 17. Starving
Jewish children of Poland are re
ceiving 178,800 rations daily from
the bumper cargoes of the "Demo
cracy" and the "Westward Ho," the
relief shops sent overseas by the
American Jewish relief agencies for
the destitute war sufferers.
How the food was distributed
throughout the various districts was
explained in a report from Dr.
Boris Bogen to the Joint Dlstrlbu
tion Committee, which has Just been
made public here by the American
Jewish Belief Committee. Dr. Bo
gen is head of all American Jewish
relief work in Poland.
The actual cost of the ration Which
each Jewish child receives amounts
to about one mark a day, so that the
total amount expended for feeding
Jewish children is a little more than
178,000 marks a day or approxi
mately 5,250,000 marks a month.
The above, according to Dr. Bogen,
represents only the relief distributed
up to June. Plans for the rest of
the year call for increased expendi
tures for a larger number of chil
dren and it is estimated that 350,-
000 marks daily are now being spent
to save the lives and health of as
piany Jewish kiddies.
"We are almost finished with the
distribution of the cargo of the
•Democracy,' consisting of medical
supplies, soap and general supplies,
Bogen's report states. "When the
final report comes in we shall find
that the distribution was quite satls
-1 factory. At present we are just be
ginning the distribution of the sec
ond "Westward Ho" cargo. A con
siderable portion has been given to
the children's relief and the results
are very satisfactory."
Following is a list of the points
and the amounts of rations distrib
Warsaw, city, 18,000 rations per
day; Warsaw district, 1,750; Lodz,
i city, 13,300; Lodz, district, 6,000;
Czenstochowa and Dabrowa districts,
'4,500; Radom and Kielce districts,
'1,260; Kracjko and district, 10,000;
Lwow, city, 10,500; LwoW„ Kowel
and Lublin district, 32.000; Brest
and Blalystok district, 41,500; and
Grodno, Lida and Vilna districts,
To continue the regular distribu
tion of supplies to these starving
youngsters will require additional
i funds and it is to swell the great
humanity fund that the American
Jewish Relief Committee and kin
dred organizations are planning a
series of drives throughout the
country this fall.
Give Watch and Chain ..
to Daniel Shroy, Who
Took Risks in War
The freshman class of the Middle
toirn High School will hike to Clif
ton this evening, when they will have
a inarshmallow toast, and the party
will be composed of the following,
with Miss Kershner and Miss Bentz,
two teachers, as chaperones: Roy
Oasher, Donald Kohr, Merlin Brinser,
♦"rands Douglas, Rife Gingrich,
Cbarles Rutter, Harry Hamaker, Har
old Hartman, Donald McCord, Eliza
beth Baker, Helen Hoffman, Christine
Jackson, Helen Seiders, Margarite
Derr, Ray Coley, Elsie Stephey, Mar
vin Yost, Louise Fox. Loraine Gail
and Helen Gottshall.
At a recent meeting of the Welcome
Home celebration committee, held in
the council chamber, it was unanl-;
aionsly voted to present a gold watch
and chain to Daniel Shroy, the young- ;
est boy from town who was in the
service overseas, and who made fame
for himself by some hazardous risks.
The presentation speech was made by
the Rev. James Cunningham, chair
Edawrd Sheets, a patient at the
Carlisle War Hospital, is spending
several days in town with relatives.
H. H. Tothers, teacher of algebra
and history in the High School, is off
duty on account of having ivy poison,
and has gone to his home at Stephens.
Lancaster county. His place is being
substituted by Mrs. H. B. Garver.
Mrs, Samuel Klnsay and two
daughters, Margaret and Lucille, have
returned home from a week's visit
with relatives at East Liberty.
Mr. and Mrs. John Durlne, who
■pent the pasj several days in town as
the guests of the letter's brother,
William Scholing, Swatara street, re
turned to their home at Billings, Mon
Charles Mumme, of Detroit, is vis
iting relatives and friends in town
for some time.
Mrs. Daniel Conrad, of Northumber
land, is spending some time in town
as the guest of her aunt, Mrs. Fred
Beck, of Hotfer's Extension, having
come to attend the celebration of the
twepty-flfth wedding anniversary of
Mr. and Mrs. Beck, held at their
home on Sunday.
The annual congregational meeting
of the Church of God will be held in
the Sunday School room of the
church this evening. A delegate will
be elected to the East Pennsylvania
eldership, which will meet at the
Church of God in Saxton this fall.
James Weirlch, who served the
past twenty months overseas, was re
turned to the United States and was
Stationed at Camp Mills, N. Y., and
from there was sent to Washington,
D. C„ w(jere he took part In the large
parade held in honor of General
Pershing yesterday. He is a member
of one of the regimental bands. He
la a son of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob
Weirlch, Brown street. Mr. Weirich
expects to be mustered out of service
Mrs. Jennie Hoffman will move
from the Laverty property. North
Union street, and the Misses Theo
and Lydia Laverty will move from
their late home, which Dr. H. W.
George purchased, on North Union
street, to the house made vacant by
Mrs. Hoffman.
Samuel Fallinger, the three-year
eld son of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Fal
linger, of Wilson street, fell from a
chair at his parents' home and cut a
deep gash in his head.
New gears were installed in the
La France Are truck of the Union
Hose company, which was damaged at
the lire of two weeks ago.
The Woman's Missionary Society of
the Presbyterian church held the
regular monthly meeting at the
Manse, West Main street, yesterday
Mllroy, Pa., Sept. 17.—Post No.
287, Legion of Honor, has been or
ganized at Milroy by the election of
the following officers: President, Dr.
W. H. Kohler: secretary, W. . E.
Montgomery; treasurer, Foster
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SEPTEMBER 17, 1919.