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New Music Teacher
Elected in Borough
The School Board met in regular
session, Monda-' evening. The resig
nations of Miss Erma Snyder, Mrs.
Haasler and Miss Burrows was ac
cepted. Miss Ora Bell Bachman
wis elected as teacher for music
and drawing in the High School in
place of Miss Erma Snyder. L)r.
\V. P. Evans was appointed us
medical inspector for the borough
schools. All children under six
\cars of age, who would come In
after the holidays, will be admit
ted before, so that the teacher can
regulate their classes. Treasurer M.
11. Gingrich reported $1.'.(26.23, and
received from Tax Collector C. L.
Whitman. $3.237."7. Charles Hous
o>- was elected us truant officer. The
bills ordered paid amounted to SL
Tho borough council met in regu
lar session on Monday evening. A
pavement was ordered laid in front
of the Doming property- on Swat
ura street, by tho Highway Com
missioner. The three flro companies
made their regular monthly reports.
The salary of Edward Ware, assist
ant* to John Boyor. electric light
superintendent was raised to SIOO
i>er month.
Walter Wise left this morn ng for
Coateeville, whore he has secured
a position.
One hundred and fifty dollars was
t ea'.Ued from the benefit gam.' of
base bali between tho Senii-Pro
f'-ssionais and the Klein Chocolate
icani. of Elisabeth town, last Thurs
day evening, on the fAir grounds,
for tho Aula Truck Fund, of the
Rescue 1 f oa<s Company.
Miss Ticulah A Bailey, daughter
<•" Mr. if.nl Mrs, Jeremiah Bailey,
nf Roy.vltoa, and Elbe K. Kope, of
the same place were united in mar
riage on Monday evening, by Jus
tice of tho Peace C. E. Bowers, at
his office, on Swatara street, at 8
o'clock, and wore unattended.
They will make iheir home with
the bride's parents.
The funeral of the late Mrs. Alice
Kellar, who died at the Harrisburg
Hospital, on Sunday, from typhoid
fever, was held from the home of
her daughter. Mrs. Ross Houser,
South Union street, this afternoon,
with services at 2.30 o'clock. The
Rev. O. M. Kraybill, pastor of the
f'hurch of God officiating. Burial
was made in the Middletown ceme
The farmers who will attend |
market on Saturday morning. are j
invited to use the vacant lot at the j
rear of Krauss Rros. store. Kmaus
street, or alons the eurh. This will j
allow more light for the farmers j
and patrons.
At the meeting of the Ministerial i
Association of town, which met at j
the home of the Rev. E. A. G. Ross- j
lor. East Main street, on Monday, j
The following officers were elected:
President, the Rev. E. A. G. Possler; ,
secretary, the Rev. Pharles R. I
Peittel; treasure-, the Rev, Fuller j
Rergstresser. The October meet- j
ing will he held at the home of the |
Rev. P. R. Reittel, Royalton, sec- j
end Monday of the month.
Mrs. I. H. Doutrich, and daughter |
Marv Elizabeth, and Mr. and Mrs. \
Piiill Doutrich left on a ten days'
trip to Buffalo, Niagara Falls, and |
New York.
The Woman's Home and Foreign
Missionary Society, of the First I
Pnited Rrethren Church, held its j
regular monthly meeting at the j
home of Mrs. Riz.zie Myers, East
Water street, last evening. The !
lender was the Rev. E. A. G. Boss- I
lor, and Mrs. C. Hershey.
£i£ Lot or
Slay Fever Jokes
Cut Kentucky Man Says—"People Who
Belong to Hay Fever Colony are
Kidding Themselves."
Wouldn't Be Any Rose o. Hay
Fever if Simple Home Rem
edy Was Given a Chance.
"Yes, there's a real XINTY-NINE
per cent effective remedy for hay
or rose fever," frankly states a drug
gist in a prosperous Kentucky city.
"But I don't Aspect anyone to be
lieve rne, becuuse the treatment is so
easy and the cost not worth mention
"The annual crop of hay-fever Jokes
would be mighty scarce if people
would get an ounce of Mcnthollzed
Arelne and by just adding water that
has been boiled make a pint of liquid
tliat will prove a real help to all who
"Many of my hay-fever friends tell
me that by starting to gargle and
snuff or spray the nostrils a few times
a day the expected severe attack often
falls to appear and In cases whore It
does show up Is very mild and does
not annoy."
"The Better Class of Pharmacists"
who dispense Mentholized Arcine say
It will greatly modify any attack even
when taken three or four days after
hostilities begin.
Go to a real live druggist when you
get ready to make a pint
If Your Nerves Are Shaky Because of
Over-indulgence in Tobacco or
Alcohol or by Excess of Any Kind,
Bio-Feren Is What You Need
Right Away. '
Don't grow old before your
don't let nervousness wreck your hap
piness or chances In life. The man
with strong, steady nerves Is full of
• i.ror, energy, ambition and confidence.
Von cau have nerves of steel, firm
t>, new courage and keen mind by
Hlng your blood and nerveo In flrst
.-.ss shape with mighty Bio-Fercn, a
l ew -Jiscc very, Inexpensive and effi
Men and women who get up so tired
In the morning that they have to drag
themselves to their dally labor will In
Just a few days arise with clear mind,
definite purpose and loads of ambition.
All you have to do is to take two
810-Feren tablets after each meal and
one at bedtime—7 a day for 7 days—
then reduce to one after each meal
until all are gone.
Then If your energy and endurance
haven't doubled, if your mind isn't
keener and eyes brighter, If you don'l
feel twice as ambitious as before, unj
druggist anywhere will return the pur*
chase price—gladly and freely.
810-Feren Is without doubt the
grandest remedy for nervous, run
down, weak, nnacmlc men and women
ever offered and Is not m all expen
sive. All druggists In this city and
vicinity have a supply cn hand — soil
maay package*.
: CentralPa.News
Personal and Social News
of Towns on West Shore
Mrs. Martha Greenwalt, of Pen-
I brook, is spending several days with
I iter sisters, Miss Kate Noell and Miss
I Louise Noell. at Shtremanstown.
] B. E. Diller, of Shlremanstown,
! visited his mother at Churchtown
j Sunday.
Dr. and Mrs. F. W Ainsworth,
son Clvde and daughter Ina and Mrs.
, Norman Miller have gone to Lancas
, ter after spending some time at the
: former's country resort, "Rainvilla,
near Shiremansiown.
! Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Nebin
: ger, of Shlremanstown, are homo
i after spending several days with
: Mr. and Mrs. Chapman Ncbinger at
! Hillside.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ebert and
son. James Ebert. of Mechanicsburg,
i visited Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Smyser,
,at Shiremunsstown.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred H. Bergcr luvvc
i returned to their home in $\ ashing
; ton, D. C., after visiting the latter's
sister and other relatives ut Shiro
The Rev. and Mrs. J. W. Gable
land son, Paul, of Churchtown, vls
■ tted friends at Shlremanstown.
Mr. and Mrs. 11. 3. siupp nnd
daughter, Mary Elizabeth, of Oak
-1 ville, were called to Shlremanstown
.'by the death of the former's uncle,
George Hurst Hupp.
! Miss lluili Klmmtrman and sis
ter, Paul, of Shlremanstown, visited
! their grandparents. Bishop and Mis.
' Benjamin F. Zimmerman, at their
! country home at St. John's.
H. Clay Stevens, of Johnstown,
j visited his daughter, Miss Jennie ,
i Stevens, at Shlremanstown.
I. Noble Dundore, a student at
' Mount Airy Theological Seminary, !
; supplied the pulpit in St. John's
Lutheran church at Shircmanstown !
i on Sunday.
; Mrs. Mary Dean, of Harrisburg.
visited her sisters at Shlremanstown j
' on Sunday.
; Mr. and Mrs. xVshburn. of Altoona, ■
j ,t-c visiting Mr. and Mrs. Henry!
i Hoover, in Market street, New Cuin
! berlund. •
| Mrs. Carrie Corkle, of Strelton, 1
j visited her aunt, Mrs. Alice Morsey, ■
iat New Cumberland yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Hoff and Mr. |
'and Mrs. J. Frank Boush, of New j
I Cumberland, went to Philadelphia j
| to attend the Knight Templar Grand ;
i Encampment of the United States, j
Stricken With Fever as
He Starts For America
lewistown, Pa., Sept. 10. —Just as!
Sergeant Robert Miller, son of ,
I Charles Miller, of this place, was )
, ready to embark for the United |
! States, he was stricken with fever j
| and was placed in a French hospital. •
Comrades who came over on the ,
I boat he was to sail o,' brought the !
] news of his illness. He is a gradu- j
' ate of the High School of this place, |
i and was one of the youngest sol- ,
' dters to enlist from this section, j
i He had intended to study law, but
! gave It up when the war broke out. j
Boys Who Rob Phone
Booth Get Jail Terms
Sunbury, Pa., Sept. 10.—Pleading i I
guilty to robbing telephone booths i
and stealing a bicycle, Thomas Gal- j
lagher, 18, of and Roy ||
Wilford, and Charles Doman, 16.
Wilkes-Barre, were sentenced by |
Judge Moser In the Northumberland !
county court, to six months in the I
Sunbury jail. The boys broke into |
the Pennsylvania Railroad booth.!:
fat the Northumberland station, and |
j were caught by railroad policemen. j|
Aviator Hmrt in Fall
Is Home on Furlough
Lewistown, Pa.. Sept. 10.— Ser- i
grant William E. Austin, in the |
aviation service at Langley Field,
Va., is home here, on 10 day fur-]
lough. Austin was badly used up a .
short time ago, when a Handley-
Page. bombing plane, in which he ,
was riding, fell. With six other |
soldiers, Austin was returning from
a trip to Washington, D. C. Near!
Kinsale, Va., engine trouble de-j
Overseas Nurse Chosen
For Chambersburg Post
ChambersburK, Pa., Sept. 10. A
public health nurse has been secur
ed to work in this place through the
committee on nurse activities of the
American Red Cross. Miss Cather- i
ine Nilan of Philadelphia, has been !
selected, nnd will report for dufy I
on Sept. 15. Miss Nilan had seven- j
teen months service abroad, and for j
a number of years, was located in '
New Orleans, Chicago and principal I
cities of Texas.
Will Welcome Soldiers
Home During October
Columbia. Pa., Sept. 10.—Four- !
teen organizations represented at a I
meeting in the State Armory de- |
cided to go on with the plans for a |
soldiers' welcome celebration, Oc- l
tober 17, 18 and 19. Five names j
were submitted, from among which |
a chairman will be chosen. In case !
all decline to serve, the celebration )
I will be conducted by the executive 1
Two Farms in Perry
Are Sold For $24,200;
New Rloornlield, Pa., Sept. 10. —|
The mansion farm of the late Henry (
C. Shearer in this place was sold to j
Ralph Adams, of Ickesburg, for $lO,-
The large farm of Miles Ititter in '
Centre township, two miles west of i
New Bloomfield, was sold to Harman ]
(I H. Smith, of Saville, for $14,000." 1
Wilson College Gets
$5,000 For Bible Chair!
Chambersburg, Pa., Sept. 10.--;
Wilson College has received, through ,
the good offices of the Rev. Samuel
Semple, D. D., of Titusville, one of!
the trustees, $5,000 in Liberty:
Ronds, a gift from one of the elderj;
of the Titusville Church for the en-1
dowment of the Bible chair.
New Cumberland, Sept. 10.—Miss
Klepfer, of Riverside, lias been ap- I
pointed teacher of music and draw
ing In the public schools.
[Other State News on Pnge 2.] |
"You never travel alone in your
"No. I always like to have a I
friend along to do the work if I
should have to change a tire." —'
Detroit Free Press.
Sunbury, Pa.. Sept. 10.—The Rev.
Chester W. Todd, of Mt. Union, Pa.,
has been installed pastor of the
First Presby.'.erian Church of Sun
bury. and assumed the pastorate.
He succeeds the Rev. Dr. Robert C.
Auckerman, who resigned six
months ago to accept a charge at
Washington, D. C.
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Columbia, Pa., Sept. 10.—Mr. and
Mrs. Amos S. White, of Columbia,
celebrated their golding wedding at
their home here and In honor of
the event entertained a number of
relatives and friends. They were
recipients of a number of gifts and
showered with messages of con
gratulation from their many friends.
Lewistown, Pa., Sept. 10. ' — The
proceeds of the Community Carni
val held at Yeagertown, for the
benefit of the playground amount
to SI,BOO, It was announced to-day.
Liverpool, Pa., Sept. 10.—Fitting
services marked the demobilization
of Liverpool's large service flag. A
new and beautiful American flag has
been rulsed in Its p'nee. The setv
lee flag, with its one gold star, will
be preserved for state occasions.
Lcwlstown, Pa., Kept. 10. The
Lewistown Tobacco company, a now
SEPTEM Bti Ps 10, 19i9.
. firm Just organized, has been grant
i j ed a charter for a wholesale husi
■ I ness In this place. The capital
11 stock is $25,000. with shares of stock
at SIOO each.
: Waynesboro, Pa., Sept. 10.—A
smu 1 child of E. 'i'awncy Zachartas
fell from a rear window of th
Zacharias home here yesterday aft
ernoon and probably sustained a
fracture of the skull. The Injured
child was taken to the Chambers
burg Hospital for observation and
treatment. The distance the child
fell was twenty feet.
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