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Men Who Served in War Are
Guests of Honor at
Big Jubilee
Veterans of the World War, back
in their home town from overseas,
were given a great welcome to-day
by Linglestown citizens. It was a
memorable day from this historic
town. Visitors came from all over
the county, by autos, on big auto
trucks, in wagons, carriages and
some on horseback. They came early,
and as the big program will be car
ried far into the evening, will stay
It was an ideal day for this great
celebration. Visitors who arrived
early found the town folks up and
ready with a warm welcome. The
houses and stores were elaborately
decorated with flags and bunting.
Hundreds of autos bringing in visi
tors also carried many flags. Big
crowds also came over the lines of
the Harrisburg Railways Company.
The honorary chairman. Dr. C. 11.
Smith, and V. B. Lees, chairman of
the committee in charge, with their
aids, were at headquarters with their
aids to see that arrangements were
carried out. There was not a hitch.
No detail was overlooked.
Many Big Features
Every feature was a big one. The
chief marshal of the parade, Nevin
Moyer, had his hands full, but his
training with the lOSth Field Ar
tillery cante in good, and he handled
the many organizations in good
style. Due to the fact that the pro
cession reached such an enormous
size it was necessary to counter-
I Overdoing §
How American Women Break Down
Owing to the modern manner of living and the nervous
haste of every woman to accomplish just so much each day,
they overdo, and as a consequence develop ailments peculiar
to their sex, as is indicated by backache, headache, nervous
ness, the blues, displacements and weakness.
Women who find themselves
* n con< Jition should slow
(|A t?( down, and depend upon
}s■% that good old fashioned root
W I IP an< i herb remedy, Lydia E.
/! Pinkham'sVegetableCom-
pound, to restore them to
health and strength, for there
I V lS n ° ot^er remedy known
l~\ that so quickly restores a
healthy, normal condition.
Tv- v Here is the Story of a Most
\ \\\ Remarkable Recovery
A\ W, V\v Ap Minneapolis, Minn. —"I was run down
a\y x 'V~ • nervous, could not rest at night, and
M/ J | J was more tired in the morning than when
ft\\y //f'P pw/ ' \ I went to bed. I have two children, the
RAVVi tm'v'lVil H \ youngest three months old, and it was
DxVNa \ Wvift \ I) / i 1 1 K drudgery to care for them as I felt so
[;\wi \ \IJ Jl / A\ ffl irritable and generally worn out. From
hvVUn \ \W/H \ hck of rest and appetite my baby did
'• \ |-i ,' - VM!'/ / not Bet8 et enough nourishment from me, so
' -Ij)\f/ f \ /V I started to give him two bottle feedings
: i irM \\ ~Jyly* X tky. After taking three bottles of
| JKk L P Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
| \Compound I felt like a new woman,
to care for my children ||
march in order to pass the review
ing stand, on which were the promi
nent speakers and distinguished
There were numerous historical
floats and other interesting features
in the parade. The Municipal Band
of Harrisburg with forty men head
ed the procession, and the Sons of
Veterans Drum Corps led 150
members of this organization and a
large delegation of Grand Army of
♦he Republic members. The exer
cises following the parade were held
at the reviewing stand where the de
mobilization of the service flag, and
addresses were a part.
Following the singing of 'America,'
the Rev. J. J. Wagoner offered
prayer. The welcome address was
by Captain George F. Dumb, head*of
the State Police. The community
singing was in charge of Mrs. Flor
ence Ackley Bey, and the demobili
zation was in charge of Roger S.
Care. Soldiers from overseas were
given a prominent place in front of
the big reviewing stand and as they
marched to their seats were given
prolonged cheers.
Captain John Smith responded to
the welcome by Captain Lumb. Mrs.
Wetteroff sang a solo, after which
there was community singing, the se
lections included old-time popular
songs. Following the benediction,
the soldiers were welcomed person
ally by many visitors.
Cliickcn Fonst
An airplane exhibition followed
| the interesting program. After a
number of aerial stunts the aero
' plane landed near Willow Grove
I Cemetery where it was inspected by
I many hundred peop'e.
| An interesting feature was the
j chicken porn soup feast with many
i trimmings given the soldier boys.
■ The latter included the veterans
| from Bower Paxton. West Hanover,
| East Hanover, Middle Paxton and
j Susquehanna townships. They were
i all out in uniform.
The program for this evening will
include a reception for the soldiers,
a band concert by the Municipal
Band, assisted by Casseli's orchestra,
and a display of fireworks. The lat
ter will take place on Cemetery Hill.
Berks Historians Make
Baron Steigel Pilgrimage
Lancaster, Pa., Sept. 6.—More
than 200 people ot the Berks County
Historical Society passed through
this county "yesterday on a Baron
Steigel pilgrimage. This is their tif
teenth annual tour. Besides the
Berks county residents, the party
included people from Philadelphia,
Harrisburg and several other cities.
In the Harrisburg delegation was
Miss Anna B. Boyer, a great grand
daughter of Baron Steigel, wno nas
many tunes been the recipient of the
Bed Kose in the Munheim ce.ebra
tion. The tour covered seventy-live
miles. The party was piloted by the
following Heading men: Dr. B. K.
School, president of the Berks Coun
ty Society; Cyrus T. Fox, secretary
and chairman of the committee;
George M. Jones, corresponding sec
retary; C. S. Miller, treasurer; Johii
Mould, Fred M. Smith.
They then went to the cloister
where they spent forty minutes go
ing over tne historic buildings. The
members then gathered in the Saal
where they heard an interesting his
torical talk by the Rev. S. G. Zerfass.
From Ephrata the party went to
Bititz where they spent a short time,
leaving for Munheim where they ate
lunch. At Manheim they visted the
home of Nathan B. Dong, the Danner
Museum and site of Baron Steigel's
office. Bater the tourists visited
Brickerville and the Speedwell
Forge. In .old Lutheran Church at
Brickerville they were addressed l>y
the Rev. F. A. Weicksel, of Bititz,
pastor of the church. It was in the
parsonage of this cliUrch, that Baron
Steigel resided following his finan
cial embarrassment in 17 79. Heie
he made a scanty living as a preach
er and teacher of music and the com
mon school branches. After hear
ing an address by George Jones, of
Heading, at the Elizabeth Farms, the
society started to Sohaefferstown, in
Lebanon county, where they visited
Tower Hill.
Thousands Cheer Soldiers
Who Served Nation Well
During War
The big welcome home celebration
in honor of the soldiers and sailors
of New Cumberland began this af
ternoon at 1.30 o'clock with the
parade, headed by Chief Marshal
J. A. Witmyer. M. A. Hoff was
chief of staff.
Several hundred service men from
the town were in line, and all along j
the route of the parade there was I
a Constant roar of applause from j
the big crowd. New Cumberland
was among the foremost in the num
ber of sons which it sent into the
service, and that the home folks ap
preciated this fact was shown this
afternoon as the lines went by. There
are five gold stars in the service
flag of New Cumberland. Bruce
Felty, Guy Felton, William Nauss,
Frank Shell and William Springer.
To Get Certificates
The baseball game which followed
the parade was called at 3.30 o'clock.
Williamsport was scheduled to play
the Klein Chocolate Company team
which has made such a reputation
for itself this summer, and the ex
doughboys were assured of some
good baseball.
After the ball game the inevitable
"When do we EAT?" arose, and the
answer was rapidly forthcoming in
the shape of the banquet which the
townspeople gave, at 5 o'clock in the
social room of,the Methodist Church.
Later the program was to include a
band concert in the Square by the
Spring Garden Band of York, at 7
Following the address by Dr. Leon
Cushing Prince on. "The American
Soldier," City Solicitor John E.
Fox presented each service man
with a certificate of honor, printed
upon parchment and signed by the
borough officials.
Parade Order
Following the chief marshal and
his chief! of staff the parade marched
in th£ following order:
Bugler Jno. DeTurk Oren.
Aides Geo. H. Reiff, P. V.
Color Guard; Borough Council
and School Boards of New Cumber
land, Lower Allen and Fairview
townships; Grand Army of tile Re
First Division New Cumberland
Band; Soldiers and Sailors of New
Cumberland and vicinity; First Lieu
tenant John L. Good, commanding;
Red .Cross and Sunshine Guild.
Second Division Marshal, B. F.
Garver; aid, Harry Bixler; Odd Fel
lows' Orphanage Band of Sunbury;
Schools of New Cumberland, Elk
wood, Mumpers, New Market and
Pleasant View; Girls' Military Serv
ice Corps; Boys' Brigade; Primary
Grades in Trucks.
Third Division Marshal, R. L.
Beckley; aid, S. B. Whisler. Spring
Garden Band, of York, Pa.; Lodge
No. 97, Sons and Daughters of Lib
erty; Riverside Council, No. 87, O.
of I. A.; Commonwealth Band;
Lahska Tribe, No. 183, I. O. R. M.;
New Cumberland Lodge, No. 1147, I.
0. O. F.
Fourth Division Marshal, Harry
Hummel; aid, C. R. Strayer, Steel
ton Band; Ladies' Auxiliary Hose
Company; Citizens' Hose Company
No. 1.
Fifth Division Marshal, F. N.
Burns; aid, Ira Buttorff. Floats.
Route of Parade
Formed at Third and Geary—East
on Third to Bridge, south on Bridge
to Third street, New Market; east on
Third street to River; north along
River to Second, west on Second to
Bridge, north on Bridge to Front
street. New Cumberland; east on
Front street to Market, north on
Market street, New Cumberland; east
on Front street to Market, north on
Market to Seventh street, west on
Seventh to Bridge, north on Bridge to
Fifteenth street; countermarch to
Third, east on Third to Market, north
in Market to Fourth, west on Fourth
to ball grounds and dismiss.
The officers of the New Cumberland
Victory Memorial and Reception Com
mittee follow:
Chairman, Dr. John L. Good; vice
chairman, George H. Reiff; vice chair
man, J. A. Witmyer; treasurer, Miss
Marian Leib; secretary, Paul E. Reiff;
chairman finance committee. H. B.
Prowell; chairman pafade committee,
M. A. Hoff: chairman publicity com
mittee, L. K. Miller (succeeded by R.'
R. Kohr); chairman decorative com
mittee, M. A. Hoff; chairman program
committee, George H. Reiff.
The Honor Roll
The Roll of Honor men from New
Cumberland and vicinity includes:
G. D. Andrews, Edward Anderson,
Bruce Baillets, Charles Bates, George
Bates, Jacob Baum, Chester A. Beek
iley, Jacob Bentzel, Paul Berkheimer,
Earl Bickley, Philip Bickley, Charles
pJickley, Harvey Bowers, Joseph Bom
berger, William H. Boyer, Paul A.
Brinton, Burgess Broadhurst, Jacob
Burganstock, Harper S. Byers, Her
bert L. Cable, Roy Cable, Robert E.
Cook, Wilbur G. Cross. Charles R.
Cline, Elmer Dietz, Victor M. Drayer,
Maurice O. Dunkle, John K. Dugan,
George Eckert, Walter Erney, Oliver
S. Fisher, William D. Fisher, Edward
Fisher, David Finltenbinder, Leonard
Frownfelter, Daniel Fortney, Leroy
Harry Gemmill, Jacob D. Good, John
L. Good, J. Edison Good, Chester Good,
G. Reed Gracey, Irwin J. Gribble,
Harry Guistwhite, Rankin Gross, Roy
S. Hartman, Paul H. Hastings, Charles
1. Hale, Claude Heffleman, Clarence
Hempt, Harry W. Houck, Ralph
Houck, John M. Hutton, Robert P.
Humphries, Leon Hallman, Ralph
Kern, Frank Kerlin, Augustus Kerlin,'
Edwin Kiiheffer, Cecil KilhefTer, Har
old Kilheffer, Russell R. Kohr, Charles
Kunkle, George Keener, George Lan
dis, George E. Landis, Joseph Landis.
Charles W. Leib, Wilbert Leib, Stan
ley Lingle, Kenneth K. Lingie, Ray
Long, George E. Lucht, Ralph Ma
thias, Paul Mater, Charles Messer
smith, R. C. Miller, Horace R. Miller,
Leroy Millard, Harry Millard, Ben
jamin Paul Mowery, Paul Myers. Ed
gar J. Myers, Charles Nauss, Lloyd
Nell, William H. Newmyer, John D.
Turk Oren, Paul E. Osier, George Os
ier, Roy M. Paden, Ralph Peterman,
Charles Reneker, M. E. Ready, John
Reese, R. Vincent Reiff, Wade Rigling,
George Roberts, Wayne L. Rockey, E.
M. Ross, Franklin Bomberger, Gurney
Robert Seal, Russell Seip, John
Shaffer. Russell Shaffer, Hobart Snell,
Howard E. Snyder, Earl B. Smith,
William B. Stem, Claude Steigerwalt,
Charles Stone, Herman Stevenson,
Harry Sweigart, Clarence Swelgard,
Joseph M. A. Seitz, Raymond Tritt,
William Updegraph, Harry L. Urich,
William Vogolsong, George Waugh.
L. Al. Wagner, Edward Wcstenhafer,
Jacob E. Weigol, Tolbert Wcigel, R.
Carter Wear, Ralph Wire, Park Wil
der, Herman Wilder, Moss G. Wilder,
T. Powell Wigfttman, James p.
Wright. Joe Ylnger, Harvey Zimmer
man, Miss Amanda Guistwhite, Army-
Nurse Corps.
United Stutes Railroad Ad
ministration Criticised in
Filed Complaint
Formal complaint that the United
States Railroad Administration was
keeping the station agency at Os
ceola, Tioga county, closed in the
face of a demand for such service
was filed with the Public Service
Commission to-day by Ernest L.
Ward in behalf of himself and other
residents of that section. 4 The com
plaint states that the agency was
discontinued when the war began,
but that since the war is over there
jis no longer occasion for It to be
I closed.
Charges that Achille. Chambon
and Moujs Balrocki were operating
jitneys In the vicinity of Mononga
hela without State certificates were
filed by operators of auto bus lines
in that district.
Adjutant General Frunk D. Beary
will go to Washington early next
week in connection with the legisla
tion for the new National Guard.
He will make a report to the Gov
ernor upon his return. The organ-*
ization of the new Pennsylvania
Guard depends upon this legislation.
Nine telephone companies have
filed notice with the Public Service
Commission that they have increased
their service rates most of them ef
fective early in October. The ad
i vances range from $3 to $6 a year
in the case of the smaller companies,
but there is a doubling of the busi
ness rate in Johnstown, while in
Potter county rates go up as high
as $B. The companies filing are the
Johnstown Telephone, which also
decreased some toll rates; Columbia
Telephone, operating in Lancaster
county; Juniata Farmers' Telephone
and Telegraph, Juniata county; Lost
Creek Vqjley Rural Telephone, Juni
ata county; Lavelle Telegraph and
Telephone, Schuylkill, Northumber
lanad and Columbia counties; Or
bisonia Telephone, Huntingdon,
Franklin, Fulton and Juniata coun
ties; Fayette Rural Telephone, Fay
ette county; Erie County Telephone,
Waterford, and Allegheny Tele
phone, Genessee and Shinglehouse.
Increases in electric rates were
filed by the Erie County, Schuylkill
Gas and Electric, Raystown Water
Power, Harwood, Pennsylvania Light
and Power, Pittsburgh, and Lehigh
Navigation Eleqtric Companies.
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500,000 bacteria, the city standard.
The 'reports:
Milk Report
Vendor. Bacteria Colon Fat
G. W. Atticks 65,000 2,300 3.90
F. C. Brugle &
Co 45,000 0 4.00
L. Davidson . 50,000 0 3.30
C. B. Elder... 52.500 600 3.80
C. B. Hassler. 500,000 0 3.60
C. B. Hassler. 125,000 2,000 3.00
C. A. Hoak . . 3,000 0 3.60
C. A. Hoak . . 8,000 0 3.60
C A. Hoak . . 7,500 800 3.50
J.' S. Kramer.. 200.000 0 2.90
P. J. Landis,
(Certified) . 2,500 0 2.60
P. J. Landis,
(Certified) . 11,000 0 2.30
C. D. Levan . 180,000 4,200 3.60
J. H. Miller .. 75.000 0 3.70
J. E. Mumma. 65,000 800 5.00
C. Ott 260,000 0 3.50
Penna Milk . . 100,000 0 3.60
Penna Milk .. 170,000 J .O 3.50
H. A. Ritter &
Son 100,000 4,800 3.90
J. A. Rudy . . 3,000,000 0 5.00
Ryder Bros. .. 45,000 2,700 3.60
Ryder Bros. , . 7,500 300 3.50
C E. Sheesley 150,000 0 3.60
Jno. Smeltzer. 100,000 1,200 3.90
G. Staiges . .- . 1,750,000 4,300 3.40
C. W. Smith . . 75.000 1,500 3.40
L. A. Sterrick. 45,000 0 3.80
L. it. Smith .. 100,000 100 5.60
A. R. Stine... 90,000 0 3.50
Cream Report
Vendor. Fat.
Alva Restaurant •. 20.00
Busy Bee Restaurant 18.00
Crystal Hotel Restaurant .. 24,00
Davenport Lunch 19.00
C. Dettling 19.00
C. H. Erford 28.00
C. B. Elder 23.50
Harrisburg Quick Lunch ... 15.00
Harris Restaurant 14.00
Hershey Creamery Co 20.00
C. A. Hoak 22.50
C. A. Hoak 19.50
J. M. Jones 18.50
A. H. Kreidler & Bros 18.50
J. S. Kramer 19.00
Manhattan Restaurant 16.50
Penn-Harris Coffee Lunch . . 21.50
Pennsylvania Milk Products
Company 19.50
Pennsylvania Milk Products
Company 21.50
Pennsylvania Railroad Res
taurant '. ... 23.50
Philadelphia Quick Lunch ... 18.50
Philadelphia Quick Lunch . . . 21.00
Plaza Hotel 14.00
S. S. Pomeroy & Co 12.00
J. B. Prowell 18.00
Joseph A. Rudy 14.00
Rustic Dairy Lunch 19.00
Ryder Bros. 18.00
Ryder Bros 18.50
Senate Hotel 23.00
C. E. Sheesley 23.00
J. R. Sneeringer 16.00
Stouffer Restaurant 29.00
B. Taylor 24.00
B. Taylor 18.00
Walker and Craver 20.00
C. R. Wolf 19.50
J. C. Wolf 18.00
Ice Cream
Vendor. Bacteria Colon
Anna Aumiller ... 62,500 0
E. S. Brenneman. . 90,000 0
W. A. Cartwright.. 250,000 1,800
George Collins !... 3,850,000 0
George W. Connor. 200,000 6,500
C. Dettling 325,000 0
C. T. Fisher 27,500 0
Golden Seal Drug
Store 95,000 3,600
Creek-American . . . 2,850,000 0
Hershey Creamery
Company 400,000 3,400
J. L. Lam pas 5.000,000 0
D. S. Matter 700,000 0
Palace Corifectton'y 3,000,000 0
John' A. Rose 90,000 2,800
Russ Brothers .... 3,500 0
Joe Spagnoli 1,500.000 0
Sunshine Ice Cream
Company 20,000 0
Walker and Craver 35,000 0
E. C. Wingeard 150,000 0
C. R. Wolf 475,000 ' 800
By Associated Press.
Vienna, Thursday, Sept. 4. Kurt
ltabe, described as a German spar
ticist, has been arrested by the po
lice here, it being charged that he
has been active,in communist circles
in this city and was the organizer
of several recent demonstrations
here. When arrested, he wore a
German uniform, and several hand
grenades were found on his person.
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