Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, September 06, 1919, Page 11, Image 11

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    Landing Field For Aeroplanes
• Paxton to Sycamore St.. South Harrisburg 13th to 16th Street
Harrisburg is to have an Aeroplane Landing Field at last. A 25-acre field test machines. A first-class baseball diamond will also be added. Large grand
lias been leased by the Automobile and Aeroplane Mechanical School and stands will be erected. Underneath the stands will be the shops and hangars,
will be leveled off and made into a first-class aero field, the same as in other Everything will be first class and up to date. The Automobile and Aeroplane
large cities. This large field is in South Harrisburg, just below the Philadel- School will conduct their classes in these large shops. Aviators will be trained
phia and Reading railroad. Sycamore street is on the south, Paxton street on on the field. Passengers will be given exhibition flights from there,
the north, Thirteenth street on the west and Sixteenth street on the east. A main entrance to the field will be on Sycamore street, just east of
A one-mile racetrack for automobiles and motorcycles will be an added Twelfth. Work will be started on this new field next week. As soon as the
feature of this big field. Races will be held there and the track will be used to hangars are ready, the aeroplanes of the school will be put in active operation.
, \
The Automobile and Aeroplane Me- 01 PflrT?Tsl? Tk At. l-i t a i ~
chanical School, with training quarters in H ffilg 1 . e Automobile and Aeroplane Me
s H nilllllllilliilllllllitllltiiliiiiiiililliiliiTTTTttmtttttmtmTmmtttmmT. mtmrbmm lllllllllliu chamcal School has been incorporated. To
oteeJton, started here a rew years ago with Av —, 1 - L___ . . , .
, . . . . RAXTON STREET , promote this big enterprise a certain
a very few students. Ihe demand for I V r , ,
, , . , , l amount of funds will be necessary. Sev
trained mechanics became so great that it I |||i||||| CA i u • u i .
was necessary to enlarge the school. The .AERoria* TR NS QOaRTERs * ' al Harrisburg men have become, inter
old location at 27 North Cameron street 01 * ! | I N. / I ested m the project and m a short time will
, . n v ' H S r J offer stock in the corporation. This is a
became too smal Larger quarters were g ? ]8 \ LANDING FIELD ° 3 thriving business and means big returns.
IddTl t r° n i A ? r ° P,aneS 7" g A $ jg . ♦ . 11 . The stock will be sold at a figure that will
added to the list of instruction given at this N T . • £ 3 ./k. P H ' 1 n
r. , i v . i . . , . 5 ty. / t ! * / x f" 1 inviting to small as well as large inves
big school. Expert mechanics in both au- 0 1 ! I o / X w/vi_ i_ i i i. ~ ,
i_ i i i . Z ' ; i (|l 2 / BALL X , 5 tors. With the aeroplane landing field, a
tomobiles and aeroplanes were turned out / 1 X < X ■ n CD i • i ii , , ,
•ji c i.u Ca. is. • A / CA ! > w \WAMONDX acres; place will be established practically in the
in rapid order. Soon the Steelton training (I) 1 H Z 2 X X -i urn-ir ,
i t iiAn-rii H I 7\ O o X X heart of Harrisburg for any aeroplane to
quarters became too small. A flying field j) n • £ > j ?ID i i -ri i • ,
ii i i m .<? m • 3 Sni land - Ihe big one-mile racetrack and base
was necessary, as well as larger and more S • 5 ! 3 ♦ H kll V J, .ii | ... ,
i . i np, . I" H ball diamond that will be added to this
complete shops. Ihe management secured H 5 caq apdaw akiitc * i T .
the aid of several Harrisburgers in selecting I g TOR AEROP LANES enterpr.se .s sure to boom Harnsburg and
new quarters. A large enough field was ! * > \ = at the same time bring in a big return to the
necessary along with the shops. Hence !® a AUTOMOBILE TRAINING QUARTERS H investors. e training o men and women
the leasing of the Urge field that is con- „ • | S V J to become expert mechanics, chauffeurs
tained in this announcement. Big things , S [ IMf. a " d aVmt °[ S T ll ) e the main endeavor of
are in store for this school. It is growing all SYCAMORE ' STREET ' ' ' this big school. Complete equipment for
the time. Men and women are securing | | MAIM ENTRANCE I I PUrP ° BeS T™'" han , da ° f the
expert instructions in every branch of the 11 Mm ENTRANCE management. It has been founded on a
automobile and aeroplane business. The _ foundation-,tU not a new venture.
Enroll at Once For Unlimited Course
for positions is a big thing. And the Auto- .CALL—PHONE OR WRITE BUT DO IT TO-DAY Live wires are at the head and will take
mobile and Aeroplane School is winning a Practical mechanics, chauffeurs, aviators, are in big demand. Every one is ° P r °b a bility thei stock
bigger reputation every day. Watch it making big money. Now is the time to learn. Place yourself in a position to secure w1 be P laced on t " e market below its par
crrnw •j • agoodjob. Learn the automobile and aeroplane business. Take advantage of our value. Watch it increase. Announcement
grow Watch the big things it is doing now unlimited course. We have more than a hundred and fifty students at the present of the sale of this stock from whom if
and the bigger things it will do in the time. More are making application every day. Forty-five are in training to become i k J J ' 1 •
future. aviators. Everybody wants to ride in an aeroplane. Seventy-five people have made purchased and complete information
application to take a ride over the city in our aeroplane at $25 a trip. You can * forthcoming in a fe\y days. X
become an expert yourself now by taking our unlimited course for only $lOO.OO.
The price is sure to go higher soon. See or write us to-day.
25 N. Cameron St., Harriburg Front SU Steelton'