Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, September 05, 1919, Page 7, Image 7

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Refuses to Take Part in Offi
cial Ceremonies, When He
Takes Seat in Academy
Paris, Sept. 5. Tito Fronch
Academy Is in a quandary, Pro-
HnrninthiWimirvwt win ufjfrgaMmmß
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89c Pair |
mier Clemenceau refuses to take
part in any official reception when
he takes his seat for the first time
under the dome of the academy,
'this is absolutely unprecedented—
no official address of welcome by a
brother academician; no panegyric
of his predecessor by Academician
Clemenceau; no need for him to lis
ten to any oratory In response. M.
Clemenceau desires merely to walk
in and sit down and be one of the
family, without any of the usual
Thcro was a time when M. Cle
menceau desired to enter the French
Academy. Those Wore the days
when ho was a more author. The
French Academy frowned upon his
ambitions then, and the old premier
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IWe Are Making Every Effort toSlaughter High Prices—Live and Let Live |
is quite aware that it was the suc
cessful minister of war, the old "pere
la Victoire" that the academicians
sought to number among them rath
er than the author. Several re
marks, caustic as only M. Clemen
ceau can make them aro reported
to have been uttered by the pre
mier concerning some of his future
colleagues, and tho promlor himself
hns said that ho will waive all at
tendance fees, which is interpreted
no meaning that ho will ueldom ut
Several of tho Immorlala aro
busily engaged in trying lo make
llio premier rpeonslder Ills decision,
but tho premier It an n. will of his
own. Mo nas proved that,
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The treacherous Missouri river,
with its disappearing channels, mov
able sand bars and general unnavi
gabllity, Is to be attacked from a
new angle In a determined effort
to make its mighty but wayward
course useful to commerce, accord
ing to Popular Mechanics magazine,
Il|g barges, drawing when loaded
only eight to ton Inches of water,
will ho equipped with air propellers,
driven by gusullno engines, A mile
ahead of each Miring of barges a
Dinall motor pilot boat will hunt the
shifting ehnnnel and sound for oh.
otructlons, signaling the courao back
to the barge steersman.
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Helm Assorted Chocolates
49c I
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They were speaking of English j
humor, and the Englishman now
dwelling in Pittsburgh offered the
following as an example:
Ho was riding in a London tram
car when the driver became Involved
In an altercation with the conductor j
on the rear of tho car Just ahead, i
Moth swore at one another violently}
ns tho cars moved slowly through
a congested street. Finally, being
bested In tho vorbnl battle, tho con
ductor tied a piece of string around
the end of a load poncil and thon
dangled tho pencil toward tho driver,
Tho lutlor became more vituperative
than over, keeping up his harangue
until the front car turned into
another street. 'l'hn Englishman
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I said he was curious and asked the j
I driver why the dangling pencil had
made him swear so violently.
"Oh that Is just a litt'e Joke be
tween ourselves. You see my father
was hanged," he explained.—Tit-
} "Of course, I don't know," began
the sarcastic boarder, "but it strikes
me this chicken—"
"Now, whnt'a tho matter with the
chlci-en?" Interrupted tho lnnd'ady.
"Oh, nothing," answered (ho
| lodger, "only it Is evidently the off
spring of a linrd-bollcg egg,"— Lon
don TR-blls,
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Hedge Clippers—Grass Shears—Sides and Edge Tools
All Kinds of Machinery Repaired
Court and Cranberry Streets f /
J Saturday |
September J
6th I
mi— I 'M'l "i" mißuMWiiii T">wninsrn—
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I 1
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1 Pound 45c I
3 Pounds $1.29 I