Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, August 23, 1919, Page 7, Image 7

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Federal Officials Praise Meth
ods of Dealing With
Street Railways
Chairman Ainey, of the Public Serv
ice Commission of Pennsylvania, ap
peared, upon invitation, before the Fed
eral Electric Railway Commission, ap
pointed by the President, and during
the course of his examination by the
commission was told that the policy of
the Pennsylvania Public Service Com
mission in disposing of its cases had
received more favorable comment by
both the utilities and the public than
any other State commission, and Chair
man Elmquist, is making this state
ment, said that the comparison had
been made by various witnesses who
appeared before them.
Commissioner Sweet said that inso
far as he was aware the Pennsylvania
law and the policy of the Pennsylvania
commission in dealing with the public
and utilities had been commented upon
in a favorable and complimentary men
ner by the various witnesses who had
been examined.
Chairman Ainey In his remarks em
phasized that where increased rates
were demanded by public service com
panies that the public was entitled to
know that these demands were not
predicated upon over capitalization or
watered stock and that the returns
which the company was entitled to re
ceive should be based upon a fair valua
tion of the property devoted to public
use, that the railway companies could
clarify the situation by a plain state
ment that they would make no demand
for increases in rates on any other basis
than that such increase was required
to pay their operating expenses, pro
viding a reserve for depreciation to
keep the property in good condition for
public service and a fair return upon
the valuation of the property and not
upon over capitalization.
Grew Larger, AshamedtoGo
Out. Itchy So Scratched.
"One day I noticed that little red
pimples were spreading on my face.
A week passed and they grew larger
until at last they got so big 1 was
ashamed to go out. They were Itchy
so that 1 had to scratch, thus caus
ing irritation.
"I read an advertisement for Cuti
car* Soap and Ointment, and sent
for * free sample. Then I purchased
a cake of Cuticura Soap and a box
of Cuticura Ointment and in a month 'a
time I vwas healed." (Signed) Jack
Rosen, 23HS. Bculah St.. Philadel
phia, Pa.
MakeCtzticara Soap, Ointment and
Talcum your daily toilet preparations.
Soap 25c. OtlSm—l 25 and BDc, Talcum
25c. Sold throughout the world. Kor
sample each free addran: "CotkrurmLeb
onrtario. Dept. H. Matdaa. Mem."
9sak Cuticura Soep sksces without mug
A Perfect Complexion
Dark Skin. Pimples, T.argo Pores,
Blackheads, Freckles, Sic... should bo
treated, n-ot covered. Paints and
Powders closo the pores. Treat
ments by a specialist aro very ex
pensive. A simple treatment that
acts like magic can easily be made
by any person. Just get two ounces
of ordinary Outol at your drug store,
dissolve it in half pint of Witch
Hazel, and bathe tlio face, neck and
arms. This mixture nets immedi
ately, makes the skin u soft, youth
ful white, removes all shine, and by
its harmless antiseptic action Pim
ples, Blackheads, Barge Pores,
Freckles, etc., yield quickly. One
application lasts tlio entire day and
is imperceptible.—Adv.
A plat* without a mot vrhlrti domT
not Intcrrera with tnsta or apeeeb.
Platen Repaired While You Walt
r ™
Sunday Excursions
Willow Grove
August 31
Also September 14
From Faro Lv.Adtf!
Harrlsburg .... $2.60 6.00
Hummelstown . 2.50 6.18
Swatara 2.60 0 24
Hershey 2.50 6 27
Palmyra 2.50 6.35
Annvillo 2.50 6.45
Lebanon 2.50 6^57
Willow Grove,nr. 10.15
(War Tax 8 Per Cent. Additional)
train will leave Willow
Grove 9.00 P. M. for above
Tickets good only on date of I
excursion on above Special Train '
in each direction. Children be
tween 5 and 12 years of ago half
Philadelphia & Read ng
Interesting Decision Made by I
the Public Service
' 'here is no
jUvVyl such thing as "free
f Public Service
Commission de
■fcypK"!vision handed
\ miflWWtaTtPuf Commissioner J.
£ Clearfield, in dis
cA missing a com
intlßOSSSmiSSMi plaint of the bor
ough of East Pittsburgh against the
I Pennsylvania Water Company, which
supplies a number of towns near
Pittsburgh. The borough complain
ed that the company in refusing to
give free water service for fire
hydrants and municipal purposes
violated a franchise ordinance with
such requirements. The company
contended that it acted in accordance
with decisions of the Commission in
other water cases and that to fur
nish free service would be to dis
criminate against other towns which
did not get it.
Judge Reed holds that to allow
free service under the circumstances
"would be to create a discriminatory
condition between patrons of the
same class which would palpably of
fend against the Public Service Com
pany law." He said every service
rendered without charge is neces
sarily paid for by another and that
when it becomes discrimination the
matter falls within the law.
The Commission holds that under
previous decisions the provisions of
the ordinance can be set aside in
such cases.
Seven-Cent Fare—The Philadel
phia and Easton Electric Railway
Company has filed notice with the
Public Service Commission that ef
fective September 17 it will increase
its fares from seven to eight cents
per zone. Notices of increases have
been filed by the Carbon Telephone
Company, operating in Carbon
county; North Pittsburgh Telephone
Company, Mt. Zion and Fredericks
burg Itural Telephone Company, Leb
anon county; Pittsburgh-Beaver
Light Company, Beaver and Alle
gheny counties, and Northumberland
County Gas and Electric Company,
Studies of I)nms—Data showing
how every dam in Pennsylvania fur
nishing power and many used for
water supply stood the strain of the
high waters tliis year as the result
of the unusually heavy rains is being
assembled by the Water Supply
Commission of Pennsylvania and
will have important bearing upon
the future development of water
power in some of the industrial sec
tions where plants have been under
consideration. Engineers have been
engaged for weeks in study of the
streams and dams, sections where
there was high water and heavy
pressure being given careful inspec
tion. Owing to the remarkable rain
fall this year conditions have been
favorable for studies for future reg
ulation of dams and power develop
To Hnve Geologist—Appointment
of a State Geologist, the lirst officer
of that kind to be named in Pennsyl
vania in over a quarter of a century,
will he made by Governor William
C\ Sproul early in September, ac
cording to present indications.
Names of several men of high quali
fications have been submitted to the
Governor, but no intimation has
come from him as to his plans. It
is believed that the Governor will
select some one who will make spe
cial studies of the mineral deposits
heard of from time to time and that
attention will be given to iron and
similar metal traces which have
| been reported. The fact that the
act creating the Bureau of Geology
allows the Governor and Secretary of
Internal Affairs to fix the salary
may enable the State to obtain serv
ices of some one man of big scien
tific attainments.
Contracts Ist Highway Com
missioner he wis S. Sadler has award
ed these State road contracts: Win
ston & Co., Kingston, N. Y., 15,683
feet in Wolf township and Picture
Itocks borough, Lycoming county, at
$155,377.12; James McGraw Co.
Philadelphia, 16,218 feet in Lehigh
county on route from Emanus to Al
lentown, at $106,897, and Edward C
Cornish and Wallace Miller, Union
town, 4,101 feet in North and South
Union townships, Fayette county, at
To File Answer—Deputy Attorney
General W. E. Hargest will file an
answer on the part of the Auditor
General and State Treasurer in the
action in equity brought by Willie
Collins, of Norwood, to prevent pay
ment of State appropriations to hos
pitals and homes alleged to be sec
tarian. The answer will likely be
filed next month.
Must show Facts—The State Com
pensation Board in an opinion bv
Commissioner Paul W. Houck has
ruled that it must he shown that a
special ofllcer employed by a cor
poration to keep trespassers from a
property is in the line of his em
ployment when injured. This decision
was given in th e case of Stahl vs
Watson Coal Co., Saltsburg, and ends
an unusual appeal. The decedent
was employed as a special ofllcer
subject to call at any time. H e gen
erally worked at night and was
found dead beside railroad tracks
after having said that he was going
home. Part, of the property front
ing on the railroad where he was
found is owned by the employing
company. The claim was that the
man was in course of his employ
ment, but the referee held that it
must be specifically shown and that
the testimony did not do so in
Greene vs. Aetna Chemica Co Oak
dale, an agreement for death of Ed
ward A. Greene was set aside it
being shown that the woman who
made It was not his widow. The
decedent had given her name and
? minor chil( l as his deced
ents. The woman claimed that she
did not know of any child. Shortly
afterwards a woman who proved
marriage and paternity of her child
appeared. She was granted com
pensation, the previous award being
set aside, notwithstanding Greene's
statement when employed that the
other woman was his wife
To Meet here—'The special com
mittee named to complete the code
for protection of eyes and heads of
workmen in industries has arranged
9° "The Hai ; r, B bur B on September
9. The idea is to finish the code
which will apply to steel and other
Industries, and have a public hear!—
in the autumn.
1 Middietown
Lodge Celebrates Its
Seventeenth Anniversary
The Star of Bethlehem Lodge, No.
45, Shepherds of Bethlehem, cele
brated its seventeenth anniversary of
the lodge in the Red Men's Hall, Ann
street, last evening and fully one
hundred persons were present from
Middletown. Hlghsplre, Steelton,
Harrlsburg, Hummelstown and Eliza
bethtown. After a social hour re--
froshments were served. The pro
gram consisted of vocal and Instru
mental solos, recitations and ad
The property owners on South
"The Live Stor£
"Open T"
Were you ever "left" at the depot as you watched the trair. you
intended to make "pull away?" Most everybody has had that same experience some time or
other in life—just because they were a few seconds or minutes late—Half of the people of the world lose time
or money by delays—We don't want anybody to lose the big savings that can be theirs if they will "act quickly"
and come here while our semi-annual
Where Everything Is Marked Down (Except Arrow Collars and Interwoven Hose)
tls in progress—Save Money! Why
That's all there is to this sale-Our customers are
getting the profits and they are certainly showing their ap
preciation by spending more liberally than at any previous
sale—They know that there's no chance of lower prices for a
long time to come than the extremely low prices for which we
are offering all our Spring and Summer stocks Here you
can buy at Mark-Down prices Shirts, Hosiery, Underwear,
Pajamas, Sweaters, Trousers, Boys' Clothing and Furnishings
and the finest clothing that's made.
Hart Schaffner & Marx,
Kuppenheimer and
Society Brand Clothes
High prices have had a knockout blow
at DOUTRICHS, for we bought enormous quanti
ties early in this season—That's why we can sell at such re
markably low prices now —We don't need to offer any pre
miums to the manufacturers in order to get goods for present
use—they are right here waiting for eager buyers who are
anxious to save.
August has been a record breaker-~We
hardly expected it to be so big, for last August
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All 39c Boys' Black Stockings 33c All 50c" " Hosiery 39c
Brighton Garters Black Mixed Union
Union street who were ordered to
lay pavements, have started on same
and will lay concrete pavements from
the George Rife property to the
Heagy property a distance of one
Harry Richards, who had been
stationed at Camp Meade, Md., for
the past year owing to a broken lug.
is spending sometime in town as the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Koons,
Pike street, and is able to be about
without the aid of crutches.
George Bradley, of Dayton, Ohio,
is spending sometime in town hav
ing been called here on account of
the death and funeral of his grand
father, the late P. A. Snyder.
The Girl Scouts troop which was
formed In town two weeks ago are I
meeting with success and a meeting
will be held on Monday evening at
the home of Miss Helen Gotshall,
South Catharine street when several
new members will be taken in.
Miss Katharine Angstadt is spend
ing sometime at Ambrldge, as the
guest of her brother, Wallace Ang
I Miss Emma Wagner and Miss Cora
AUGUST 23, 1919.
Herr, of Lancaster, and Miss Mae I
Martin, of Manheim, who were the
guests of J. E. Martin and famiiy.
East Main street for the past week,
returned to their homes.
The game of baseball that was to
be played by the Reading team of
the Allison Hill League and -.he heme
team on the fair grounds last even
ing was cancelled on account of sev-
I cral of the members of the former
team being sick. A good game is
looked for next Tuesday evening,
August 26, between tile Klein Choco
late team, of Klizabethtown, and the
home team on the fair grounds.
Christian Rousher and Grant Corn
wall, have completed repairing the
two large furnaces in the cellar of
the High School building.