Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, August 23, 1919, Page 16, Image 16

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Big Expenditure to Be Used
For Bettering Country
New York, Aug. 22.—With a pro
gram involving the expenditure next
year of approximately a billion dol
lars by the various states and muni
cipalities, the subject of highway
construction and transportation be
comes of paramount importance to
the country.
It means the employment of labor
and the purchase of the materials
and equipment necessary for the
work of construction, which in the
end will make possible, among other
-- ...
Prest-O-Lite Battery
"A Size for Every Car"
Atlas Electric Service Co.
Fourth tint! Chestnut Sts.
Harrisburg Welding & Brazing Co.
Broken parts of Autos and Machinery
repaired promptly and carefully
(No New Pistons Required)
Agency for Armleder Trucks
Bell Phone. 94-96 So. Cameron St.
The Miller Auto Co., Inc.
Williams Grove August 25-29
their entire line, including
Passenger Cars
This exhibit will be under the management of capable and
efficient salesmen, who will be glad to explain the merit of any of
our products. Be sure to visit our exhibit.
' = = - f
ESS?? 9 "
On exhibition in the first annual
H Summer Automobile Show 10
Williams Grove, Pa.
August 25-29
A car that glides along at a low speed, forges ahead on the
instant in response to a touch of the accelerator, wending its
way through traffic or over the open road with the least pos
sible exertion, makes an ideal car.
Such a car is the Peerless. Added to that is a reputation
second to none. Its superior qualities are found only on cars
of much higher price. Be sure to see it next week.
Keystone Motor Car Co.
57 S. Cameron St, Harrlaburg, Pa.
, C, H. BARNER, Mgr.
things the extension of the use of
the motor truck in getting products
to the market, thereby reducing the
cost of living. In fact, the building
of good roads will add to the mate
rial prosperity and wealth of the
Nation as nothing else can.
Apropos to this, the announcement
made to-day that the Ninth Ameri
can Good Koads Congress under the
auspices of the Amertcan Road
Builders' Association will be held in
Louisville, Ky., the second week in
February next, is of special interest.
This meeting will bring together
from every part of the country, the
practical and scientific men identi
fied with highway construction, and
maintenance, the men who will be
responsible for the expenditure of
•the vast sums available for highway
work. There they will discuss from
every angle the many problems con
nected with the construction, ad
ministration, financing and mainte
nance of national, State, county and
city highways.
In connection with this convention,
there will also be held the Eleventh
National Good ltoads Show, also un
der the auspices of the A. R. B. A.
In a crowded omnibus a stout wom
an vainly endeavored to get her fare
out cf the pocket of her cloak, which
was tightly buttoned as a precaution
against pickpockets.
After she had been working in vain
for some minutes a gentleman seated
on her right said: "Please allow me to
pay your fare."
The lady declined with some acerb-
Sgt. York, Wars Greatest Hero, on Lecture Tour in Dodge Bros. Car
Sergt. Alvin C. York, "the greatest hero of them all," who captured almost an entire company of
Germans single-handed, has undertaken a lecture tour. For the pres ent,„however, it will be confined to
that section of Tennessee in which he was quite well known even bef ore the war as an elder of the
church. His purpose is*to raise enough money to build and equip a modern school house for the chil
dren of Fentress county. He will make his lecture .tour by automobile, having bought a Dodge Brothers
touring car of the Cumberland Motor Co.. in Nashville, Tenn. York had ample opportunity to observe the
terrific conditions under which mot or cars operated during the war in France and it was this observation
that influenced him in his choice of a car. Fentress county is even more sadly neglected in roads than in
schools, he says, and it will require a car like those that passed the test in France to carry him through.
ity and recommenced her attacks on
the pocket.
After these had continued for some
little time hpr fellow passenger said:
"You really must let me pay your
fare. You have already undone my
suspenders three times, and I cannot
stand it any longer."—Tit-Bits, Lon
With Modern Conveniences Farm
Life Is No Longer Drudgery
The Toledo Fair Exhibit Will Show How Perfection of the
Willys-Light Paves Way For Additional Comforts
to Rural Folk
The old-fashioned farmer who
bathed in the kitchen on Saturday
night, shaved by a broken mirror in
the kitchen window and retired each
evening immediately after the chores
were done, is becoming extinct.
He is rapidly undergoing a trans
formation arid in the course of a few
years will be known no more.
The farmer of to-day has become
a suburbanite rather than a ruralite.
With the coining of the automobile, the
electric lighting systems, and other
modern conveniences he has forsaken
the old drudgery of the farm and is
enjoying the luxuries of the city plus
those characteristic advantages which
the country has and the city has not.
The automobile brought the farmer
to the city. The electric lighting sys
tem and other conveniences are bring
ing the city to the farmer.
The latest manufacturer to esti
mate the value of the electric light and
power systems to the farmer is John
N. Willy?. As head of the Electric
Auto-Lite Corporation of Toledo, he
Is a Protection to the Outer
Few auto owners nowadays would
be content without automobile In
surance, yet how many there are
who have no protection on their
tires. A good casing represents an
investment which in proportion
Prince of Wales Soon to Be America's Guest
The Prince of "Wales, Edward Albert Christian George Andrew Patrick
David, is now on his way to America on H. M. 8. Itcnown . After visiting
several cities in Canada, he will go to Washington and New York before
returning to England. The Prince resembles in many ways his very popu
lar grandfather, the late King Edward. Ho has made many friends
among Americans, especially among our Army and Navy men he has
chanced to meet during the w;*\
Hear Admiral Sir Lionel llalsey, Third Sea Lord, who is shown In the
circle above, is entrusted with the safety of the Prince on Ivs trip, and
General Currie, commander of the Canadian forces, shown below, will have
charge of all military demonstrations and functions for the Prince while
he is in Canada • . _
has begun the manufacture of Willys
Light. The fact that Willys has given
the new plant his name stamps it as
a product of high standard.
With the vast factory facilities avail
able the Auto-Lite Corporation soon
will be producing this plant in suffi
cient quantities to furnish every coun
try or suburban home, school house,
church and store with electric light
and power.
The power of Willys Light is gen
erated by Knight engine known in
the automobile industry for its sim
plicity of operation and its quietness.
This engine which has "been perfected
to the point where a child may op
erate it, will work six hours on a gal
lon of kerosene.
The plant itself occupies but little
space. It consists only of the Willys-
Knight engine, a set of storage bat
teries, a generator and a simple con
The Willys-Knight engine embraces
all those qualities which have made it
so efficient in automobiles of high
should be as much covered by in
surance as the car itself, more so
perhaps because it is more suscep
tible to wear.
There is such a thing as tire in
surance, too, although many fail to
see the protection in that light. The
very best tire insurance in the world
is a good inner tube.
Put inside your casing a tube that
is dependable, one that will outlast
the wear of the casing itself, and
you have protected yourself against
casing damage.
Good tubes ost no more than poor
ones, yet many are prone to con
sider the tube as a necessary evil,
an item of equipment that is worthy
of only minor consideration.
The Fisk Rubber Company, mak-
ers of Fisk tubes, point to this over,
sight on the part of many motorists
as the greatest source of needless
tire expense. Twenty of ex-
The New
• ■... ,p4.b t. ha -L. I il
Will be exhibited at
Williams Grove, Ang, 25-29
in the first annual
Sumner Automible Show
Keystone Motor Car C®.
57 S. Cameron St. narrisburg, Pa.
C. H. BARNER, Mgr.
When Attending the First Annual
Summer Automobile Show
Williams Grove, Pa.
August 25-29
Be sure to visit the exhibit of the
Harrisburg Automobile Co.
I See for the first time I
The New Reo Light Six
We have just driven in the first new light six that has been seen
in Central Pennsylvania. This car is the wonder of the age. It is
the car you have been waiting for. Be sure to see it next week.
We will also exhibit
Duplex and Hurlburt Trucks
IP *•
I Our exhibit will contain the two foremost trucks on the mar
ket today, the Duplex Four Wheel drive and the Hurlburt. They,
too, will be worth a visit to our exhibit,
Harrisburg Auto Co.,
4th and Kelker Sts. Harrisburg, Fa,
AUGUST 23, 1919.
perience in the manufaoture of
tubes has shown them that pure
para rubber is the most satisfactory
material for tube making and thgt
ail of the substitutes and compost-
tlon formulas ever attempted have
broken down under test.
Consequently the Fisk company
makes but one tube, that of the
best grade of pure para.