Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, August 23, 1919, Page 10, Image 10

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Design Is Entirely Different
and Motor Burns Low-
Grade Fuel
The Velie Motors Corporation of
Mottne, Illinois, announces a new
Vedie Six. The announcement is in
teresting inasmuch as it reveals a
Third Annual
Williams Grove Picnic
Farmers' and Industrial Exhibition
August 25, 26, 27, 28, 29
Display of Farm Horticulture
Machinery UJNJc/ JdJLIt Livestock
Household WEEK Poultry
Goods L——— Automobiles
Aeroplane Flights—Free Attractions
Leave Mechanicsburg daily 6, 7.30, 9.05 a. m., 4, 5.40,
6.55 p. m. Special Wednesday and Thursday, 8.10, 11.05
a. m., 12.20 p. m. Special excursion rates from all points
on the Cumberland Valley.
C. A. Markley, Mgr. C. N. Koser, Adv. Mgr.
f See the^V
% All Next Week at 1
Myers Motor Sales Co.
1210 Penn St.—Harrisburg
The Utmost In Body Design I
And Dependable Service
No matter to what use you put your
truck, it is absolutely necessary that
your truck body be of the most substan
tial and correct proportion. -
C. A. Fair Bodies incorporate that
correctness of design and beauty of
finish which go to make your truck a
real asset, and help to increase its serv
ice life.
First ciass Adequate facilities devoted
Motoi to the production of quality
and Trinuning. truck bodies, and a highly-
POMCY: skilled corps of mechanics and
customers'* designer, assure you of the
utmost in body service.
It will pay you to consult us about
that new truck body for your truck.
Phone Bell 2679 and a representative
will call and furnish full particulars.
East End Mulberry Street Bridge
• 1
new type of car—a car whose Unes
are made up •of plane surfaces
blending; into one another in a most
pleasing manner.
Viewed from any angle the new
Velle is strikingly attractive. Its
straight-line, high cowl body and
tapering hood gives the eye a long
unbroken unit of beauty from front
to rear. Velie claims the honor of
being the first to offer this new
much-sought design.
The new Velie 48 includes com
forts that match its art—deep
plaited upholstery, more leg room,
very wide doors, with storage spaces
and other interesting places—there
and compartments in seat backs
are pleasing ideas everywhere.
Velie also presents a new motor
in this car. A motor having an in
ternally heated vaporize—a motor
which burns low-grade fuel suc
cessfully, and gives vastly more
miles per gallon. The Velie motor
is balanced and has a four-bearing
crank shaft; runs solidly without
vibration at all speeds and has high
grade bronze backed bearings every
where, which simply means a mini
mum of upkeep and expense. Velie
claims more improvements in its
new motor than has been advanced
in a decade.
There are five body styles in the
passenger roadster, four-passenger
1920 Velie line, touring car, two
sport model, four-door sedan and
coupe. The new Velie colors are
varied and beautiful. Even now
the Velie Corporation is in the midßt
of a production far greater than
the "Mile of Factory" has been called
•upon to produce heretofore.
Will Meet Bucknell at Island
Park Saturday, No
vember 15
Harrlsburg is again sure of one
big college football game. Gettys
burg will play Bucknell at Island
Park, Saturday November 15. Gettys
burg Is now making up a strong
A training camp will be conducted
on Coach "Bill" Wood's farm, four
miles from Gettysburg. The camp
will open Wednesday September 10,
and close Tuesday evening, Sep
tember 16, the day before the open
ing of college. The following Ge
tysburg veterans, many of whom
were in the service, have been re
quested to report for the camp. Cap
tain Marts, Nicely, Fuhrman, Zeig
ler, Rote, Briggs, Widman, Gansor,
Davis, Bream, McDowell, Emanuel,
Richards, Markle, Houck, KeKiser,
Is Ideal Camp
The Wood farm is well located
for a football training camp. A
large meadow with a swimming hole
near by will be used for practice
field. Gettysburg has good pros
pects for the best team in her his
tory. In addition to the above
veterans whose football ability if.
well known there will be a wealth
of material In the Freshman Class.
The complete schedule follows:
Oct 4, State, at State College; Oct.
11, Western Maryland, at Westmin
ster; Oct. 18, Ursinus, at Gettysburg;
Oct. 25, Albright, at Lebanon; Nov.
2, Dickinson, at Carlisle; Nov. 3,
Villa Nova, at York; Nov. 15, Buck
nell, at Harrisburg; Nov. 22, Mt. St.
Marys, at Gettysburg; Nov. 27, P.
and M., at Lancaster.
Republic Truck Exhibit
at Williams Grove
The Swain-Hickman Company,
distributors of Republic trucks will
exhibit at Williams Grove a model
Republic special equipped with ex
press body and canopy top, a model
10, one ton capacity, with express
body and a model 20, 3% tons capa
city, equipped with Hydraulic hoist
and dump body.
The exhibit will be In charge of
George C. Eppelman, retail sales
manager, branch manager J. A.
Hudson, and George M. Howard,
who has charge of the wholesale,
will also be In attendance.
The young man rolled his eyes as he
entered the editorial sanctum.
"Here Is a poem which you may pub
lish in your paper. I dashed It off in
an idle moment and you will perhaps
find it a little rough. You can make
any correction you please."
"Thank you!" said the editor. "I
will give you a check for it at once."
'You are very kind, I shall be de
The editor handed him a check.
"Many thanks!" said the poet. "I
will bring you some more poems."
He had reached the door when sud
denly he turned.
"Excuse me. but you've forgotten to
fill up this check."
"Oh. that's all right," said the edi
tor. "I have given you a check in its
rough state, as it were. You can
make any correction you please."—
Pittsburgh Chronicle-Telegraph.
Halting opposite the French restau
rant which he was wont to patronize,
he invited his friend to dine with him.
"You know," he said, "this place is
famous for its horse meat You'll find
It a regular treat."
"Horse meat!" exclaimed the friend
in alarm. "Wouldn't touch it if I was
paid especially after what happened to
poor Duggle."
"Why, what about him?" he was
"Choked to death In a hotel the other
day," answered the friend. "He was
eating a piece of horse meat when some
one said 'whoa!' " —Argonaut
President of International
Federation of Labor
II MI HI W mil
I W. A. Appleton, secretary of the
I General Federation of Trade Unions
of Great Britain, has Just been
elected president of the Internation
al Federation of Labor at the con
| vention in- 'Amsterdam. He was
nominated by Samuel Gomper*
Washington, D. C., Aug. 21.—Leg
islative forces are again on the trail
of Old High Cost of Living. These
forces are In full awing, with the Sen
ate iatrlct subcommittee talcing the
lead at the National capital.
So far, Old High Cost has had his
usual luck in keeping more than a
tail's length ahead. His pursuers have
been unable to "get anything on him",
that is, anything they can tie to.
This last chase started a few days
ago, when Government employes de
cided they had reached the limit of en
durance in trying lo keep up with as
cending food costs. Their appeals for
economic relief reached Congress with
the result that the hunt for the old
villain was on again, and the entire
country soon joined in the chase. Al
ready the pursuers are striking the
usual conflicting und diverging trails,
une scent leads to the packers, an
other to the butter and egg trust, an
other to this, another to that.
In all of the hearings and discus
sions, both In public and private, earn
est seekers after the fundamental rea
sons which underlie the present causes
of unrest, And themselves coming out
on the same old trail, the unimproved
road. jt is the profiteer's safe am
bush, protecting as it does a long line
of cormorants in the form of unneces
[ sary middlemen who are aided in their
I nefarious work by the devious and un
reliable routes to, market.
Whatever the remedy proposed,
there is always the matter of trans
portation. Regardless of how many
marketing agencies may be brought
into operation, or how many restric
tions may be thrown around the mid
dleman, no permanent solution can be
reached until the road between the
producer and consumer is shortened by
types of construction that will in
sure a speedy and open thoroughfare
to market under all weather condi
tions. These are facts that are be
coming more and more deeply im
pressed upon the legislative mind as
high cost investigations proceed
It is admitted that road building has
been given a tremendous boost dur
ing the past few year a But even with
construction under way practically in
every state, such construction is
largely in patches, and the process of
working out from the neighborhood
road to a comprehensive system must
necessarily be slow, too slow in fact
to meet the economic demands of the
hour which are now being so sharply
expressed in the cry for lower prices
on food.
Far-sighted members of Congress
have had in mind the need for a still
greater development of public roads
with the result that a bill for a Na
tional highway system is now pend
ing in the United States Senate, intro
duced by Senator Townsend. chairman
of the committee on postofflces and
post roads. It is proposed in this
measure to create a Nation-wide sys
| tern of highways under Federal con
trol and maintenance embracing not
less than two per cent nor more than
five per cent of the mileage in actual
use in each state. The location of the
Federal lines is to be determined by a
Federal Highway Commission, after
advising with the various state high
way departments.
"Apparently the time has come
.when a motorist can forget his tires.
Not so long ago every driver's pleas
ure was disturbed by constant fears
amounting almost to certainty that
something would happen to his tires
before he got home. But I hardly
ever give a thought to my tires now
adays. I don't have to, because
tire trouble is the exception and no
longer the rule."
This was the comment of a busi
ness man who was discussing re
cently the merits of the Royal Cords
of the United States Tire Company.
"Good roads have eliminated most
of the causes of punctures,'' he con
tinued, "and the tire engineers have
perfected in this cord tire a light,
lively tire that has the endurance
of steel. This achievement has had
its part in adding to the popularity
of motoring."
See It at Williams Grove, Pa.
Aa^st 2529
• The one truck that will surely hold your interest
*~\TVTI7! c¥ Twvtn at Summer Auto Show is the All-American. It
OINE SUPER" is the Super-l-ton truck that will accomplish just
TON TRUCK what you want it to. And think, the price is only
- ril _ $1395. Take a glance at the construction. You
must admit that you are certainly getting some
J. N JL B J 9w qt Hbg. Auto & Tire Repair Co. Liberty Garage
' 131 S. Third St. 16th and Walnut Sts.
Attention—Prospective Buyers of Automobiles
The First Summer Auto Show
Grangers Picnic, Williams' Grove
Tuesday Aug. 26, Wednesday 27, Thursday 28, Friday 29
Passenger Cars and Trucks
Realizing the big and growing de
mand for automobiles the members of the
Harrisburg Motor Dealers' Association will
hold a Summer Auto Show at the Grangers'
Picnic, William's Grove, in order that pros
pective buyers will have opportunity to see
the new models for the coming season.
This being the first Summer Auto
Show the Motor Dealers of Harrisburg have
held, it will be looked forward to with keen
interest by all motor enthusiasts. .
The necessity of having an auto
mobile in the daily life of every family and
business is too well known to dwell at length
upon that subject.
The automobile is established as
the prime means of transportation, not only
for private use but for business purposes.
The automobile brings the country
in close touch with the city, one city in close
touch with another, and friends only a few
minutes or a few hours apart.
Harrisburg Motor Dealers Association ..
United States Tire Company]
Has Unlimited Guarantee
Against Imperfections
Pres. U. S. Tiro 00.
Many inquiries came to us at the
time the United States Tire Co. an
nounced its policy regarding tire
guarantees, a policy so entirely dif
ferent from that which many manu
facturers have lately adopted.
Summing up these inquiries, they
"How on earth can you get away
from a definite mileage guarantee in
selling tires?"
As a matter of fact we have made
a more definite guarantee. Our
guarantee holds good regardless of
the mileage a tire runs. But we do
not urge mileage guarantees to sell
tires. We stress quality.
This policy of guaranteeing
against imperfections in materials
and workmanship without any mile
age limitation is not really new with
The standard cars of America will
be shown at the Grangers' Picnic, displayed
attractively in a large space, making it easy for
you to visit and inspect every car.
The man who intends to buy an
automobile for his family will be glad for this
opportunity to see the various makes all in one
The business man who is seeking
a truck will find this exhibit comprehensive in
scope, thereby providing him with ample op
portunity for selection of a truck that best
suits his purposes.
Representatives of the various
Motor Dealers of Harrisburg will be in at
tendance and will be pleased to make your
visit to the show both pleasant and profitable.
There are many people who want
automobiles who will welcome this exhibit be
cause it comes at an opportune time for study
ing the various makes of automobiles.
Everybody is welcome.
'AUGUST 23, P919.
the United States Tire Co. We have
never used any definite mileage basis
In making adjustments on Royal
Cord tires, which we have been
manufacturing for four years.
Furthermore, for years we have not
been advertising any definite milc-
Become a Practical Mechanic!
and for only seven dollars a week. Learn a practical trade.
Make application at once.
Automobile and Aeroplane Mechanical School
Ofilce, 25 S. Cameron St., Hbg. Training Quarters, 200 S. Front St. Steelton
age guarantees on any of our tlresj
Having seen through a numbers
of years of experience that the pub
lic liked the basis upon which Rojul
Cord tires were sold, it seemed the
logical thing to do to put all United
States tires on the same basis.