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| Coca-Cola is a perfect i
answer to thirst that no |
?S imitation can satisfy. §
$ Coca-Cola quality, recorded I
N in the public taste, is what |
i holds it above imitations.
i ML —nicknamei encourage aubititution. r
30x3 $9.73 $1.83
30x334 $12.30 $2.10
32x334 $14.40 $2.30
31x4 $19.80 $3.30
32x4 $20.73 $3.10
33x4 $21.60 $3.80
34x4 $22.23 $3.90
33x434 $29.83 $4.90
Maypole and Folk Dancing Played Big Part in Annual Romper Day Exercises
[Continued from First Pace.]
goal of uniformity in the conditions
of labor bat I question -whether it
can be dome otherwise than by Truck
ing: the standard the lowest, juad lev
eling down to it. Strict uniformity
in world labor conditions can be
attained only at the expense of the
American wage earner. I cannot
avoid the concltoaom that these ar— "
tides designed for hi* proposal and fl
spiritual improvement may make
him the equivalent of the continental i
wage earner-.'*
Referring to the pro-risiom that the
credentials: of delegates to the in
ternatioca:! conference may be .
Doctor Tefls How to
Strengthen Eyesight
yi ur-||KWlrf7lH
Lewis, l|K£ill|n■ IlTUfl
have seen
strength- vHaHKadKY^W
ened 60% Wj.'/lLj jlj [lay
inaweek's wfl JEKfttSUBp
time in
many instances, and quick relief
brought to inflamed, aching, itching,
burning, work-strained, watery eyes.
Read the doctor's full statement soon
to appear in this paper. Bon-Opto is
sold and recommended everywhere by
Why not use more peaches?
They can be had at the West End
Electric Co., Green and Maciay,
at reasonable prices, fresh every
day from the orchard.
Before a crowd of about 5,000
persons, playground girls yesterday
afternoon presented a folk dance
festival, the feature of the annual
Romper Day program at Reservoir
Park. The crowds witnessing the
i dances were tho largest since the
' annual outings have been held for
j the youngsters. About 700 partici
pated in the dances and singing
games, trained by Miss Margaret C.
Turner, folk dancing instructor, and
the young women who have been in
charge of the various play plots
this summer.
paiOTecS mm try the coimffeireamce Itseflir.
I he comaammedl:
—FeiraaMMilllly I <fi<ro nut Inke a casvemajntt
which wEhJficlLs the sei-ectaom -off I
ioflTicuzii]* by the gyjiTwrnni-emit off the '
"United Siaaifts for the -discharge: -off ina- j
pcrtzuat intieTMiti onsJ functions to re
; view aifi possi ble ppyectioaa "by an ex
| leraau authority. The treaty thus
i' nulcs the oomieTwnce a ralertitnto for
■or a supplement t© the President and
the Senate.
-'Fnx seme time I entertained a
| doubt whether Article FOi did not in-
I vest this cenference with a species of
legislative or treaty making power.
| And proposals for the extension off this
| power will probably soon follow the
; establishment of the permanent or
ganization. if I correctly apprehend
the purport of the official introduc
Pence Disturber
"I do not look for the early advent
of the stupenduous upheaval, which
must come to the structure of the
American government before it can
constitutionally assent to such a dele
gation of power, but I can well imag
ine how efforts to secure it would
.profoundly disturb our domestic peace,
i for the labor program points that
I way,"
i He also said he could not avoid the
j conclusion that certain Judicial rites
I visited by the constitution in Ameri
can course would be delegated to the
tribunals set up by the labor section.
Scores Labor's Methods
Painting a glowing picture of con
ditions iu this country and declaring
that organized labor was employing
| methods which threaten the nation's
; political and social existence, he de
clared these were the real matters
j that should concern legislators.
! "Yet there are conditions," he con
tinued, "which the labor section of the
j treaty neither provides against nor
! catalogs among those requiring cor
rection by International covenant."
Poughkcepsie. N. Y., Aug. 22.
Five races are scheduled for to-day
at the grand circuit meeting here.
They are the National for two-year
old trotters; the 2.20 pace for half
mile track; the Chamber of Com
merce, 2.09 trot, the Nelson House,
free for all pacers, and the 2.08
pace. The prizes aggregate 86,000.
; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Haskins
| went home to Boston to-day after
; a week's visit among relatives in
j the West End.
I The Misses Anna and Reba Mich
lovitz. of 18 North Thirteenth street,
' have Just returned to the city after
j a trip to Atlantic City where they
| were registered at "The Breakers."
Miss Winifred Strong Snyder, of
, Chicago, who has been visiting her
j aunt. Miss Cora Lee Snyder, at 1008
| North Second street, left this after
j noon for a fortnight's stay with her
i grandmother, Mrs. John L. Butler,
j in Carlisle.
| Ambrose Keene. of Plymouth, is
\ visiting his brother. Dr. C. E. L.
j Keene in Berryhill street.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter K. Harper
i and children, Samuel and Joseph
J Harper, of Chicago, are guests of
; their relatives, Mr. and Mrs. Em-
I mett Case, of North Second street,
j Miss Pauline Owen and her small
I sister, Kathleen Owen, of Pitts-
I burgh, are stopping for a while with
j their sister. Mrs. Roscoe Raymond,
I of Green street,
! George and Henry Westlake, of
I Brooklyn, are spending a month
| with their cousins, Charles and Oli
j ver Gaines, of Market street.
Miss Elizabeth Muench, of 204
North Second street, has Just re
turned from Saratoga Springs, N. Y.
Miss Beatrice H. Hinkle, of 1821
North Fourth street, who has re-
I turned after a trip to points in In
! Diana and Illinois, resumed her du
| ties as bacteriologist at the Hazle-
I ton Hospital.
Mrs. S. Wirt Mosser. of 227
1 Emerald street, has returned to the
| i city after a month's stay with her
j mother, Mrs. S. E. Smith, at her
I Chelsea cottage. Atlantic City.
Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Mumma, 811
I Green street, left this morning to
spend a week at Atlantic City.
Mrs. S. W. Greene, 623 North Sev
enteenth street, has as her guest her
| aunt, Mrs. Kate G. Becker, Wilkes-
Mrs. John Black and Miss Marian
Black, of 201 South Seventeenth
I street, are spending a fortnight In
Atlantic City,
. Miss Helen Ftsher and Miss Helen
Crook have returned after a .threa
I weeks' trip to Indianapolis, Lako
View, Ohio, Columbus, ZanesviUe
I and Pittsburgh.
[Other Social News on Page B.]
At the top of the group of pic
tures above the children are shown
dancing to "Pop Goes the Weasel";
in the center is another dance on
the terrace in which youngsters
from each playground participated
and on the right are some Emerald
playground lassies presenting the
"Maypole Dance," the closing fea
ture of the program."
Below on the left are the in
structors dancing an "Irish Lilt"
and on the right Emerald and Res
ervoir girls tripping about to an
other folk dancing air.
[Continned from First Page.]
tag paras off lie program was the
■eating race for colored boys. Of
course, yon can well Imagine what
happened vhtn they turned loose a
crowd of youngsters, on a fairly am
ple food supply. It looked like a
cyclone for awhile, but after the
first rush was over they settled
down to a long hard contest Food
disappeared at the rate of 10 pounds
the split second.
But the gifts— everything from
silks and such mysterious contrap
tions to five pounds of butterlne were
lined up side by side in an imposing
array. Mayor Keistcr, who evidently
shares the ideas of a former Presi
dent on race suicide, gave a barrel
of flour to the largest family repre
The most popular Mummer on the
grounds received a Swift ham.
The afternoon saw the baby show
In full swing and the fond mothers
hovered all around the place while
their fat and fuming youngsters were
held up to the general inspecting
eye of the Judges.
The Moorhead chorus will give a
vaudeville entertainment in the park
theater this evening Instead of the
regular performance. Mrs. Florence
Ackley Ley, of the War Camp Com
munity Service, will direct the fol
lowing program:
Selection. orchestra; Moorhead
chorus, "Blowing Bubbles." Verse by-
Misses Lillian Goodyear, Grace Staudt.
and chorus; "Maggie and Jigs and
Mr. Mac A. Roney," Misses Sadie
Stewart. Ruth Murlatt, Dess Dennis;
soprano solo. "Sunshine of Your
Poor Woman Makes Sacrifice
"For years I have doctored for
indigestion and severe bloating with
gas, all my money had gone for
doctors and medicine which did me
no good. I had lost all faith in
medicines and as I have to work
hard for the few dollars I earn, was
afraid to risk any more money. A
year ago my neighbor told me to
try Mayer's Wonderful Remedy. I
have found it to be the best medicine
in the world and am glad I made
the sacrifice." It is a simple, harm
less preparation that removes the
catarrhal mucus from the intestinal
tract and allays the inflamation
which causes practically all stomach,
liver and intestinal ailments, includ
ing appendicitis. One dose will con
vince or money refunded. H. C.
Kennedy. Clark's two Drug Stores!
and druggists everywhere.
Physician Believe* a Genuine Rem
edy I''or the Dineuite Ha* Been Found
Rheuma, the wonderful rheuma-'
tism remedy, now sold by all good
druggists, gives quicker and more
lasting relief than other remedies
costing many times as much.
Rheuma acts with speed; it brings
in a few days the relief you have
prayed for. It antagonizes the pois
ons that cause agony and pain in
the Joints and muscles and quickly
the torturing soreness completely dis
Read what a reputable physician
I says about Rheuma: "I have made
a most careful investigation of the
tormula employed In the manufac
ture of Rheuma, and I heartily
recommend it as a remedy for ail
forms of rheumatism. I find Rheuma
far in advance of the methods gen
erally employed in the treatment of
rheumatism, and altogether differ
ent in composition from the remedies
usually prescribed."—Dr. M. C. Lyons.
This certainly should give any
rheumatic sufferer confidence to try
this harmless and inexpensive remedy.
If you have rheumatism in uni
form don't delay—try Rheuma to
day. Kennedy's Drug Store will sup
ply you and return your money if It
does not give you quick and joyful
increases strength of delicate, nervous,
i run-down people in two weeks' time in
many instances. Used and highly en
dorsed by former United States Senators
and Members of CongTess, well-known
physicians and former Public Health offi
cials. Ask your, doctor .or druggist
Smile," Ellsworth Swymellar: Irtsh
Lilt, Misses Helen Lutz, Alice Thomp
son; sketch. "The Gossipers," Miss
Margaret Farmer and Mrs. Kather
ine Stewart; solo, "Mamy O' Mine."
Miss Lillian Goodyear; gypsy scene,
violin and girls, violin "solo by John
Long, scene by Elizabeth Lotz, Ro
maine Wallace, Mabel Atland, Cath
erine Folk and Mabel Witmer; double
skit, "Oh. Gee! Be Sweet to Me Kid,"
Helen Beatty, Grace Sheesley; trio,
"When You Look in the Heart of a
Rose," Misses Goodyear, Farmer and
Mrs. Staudt; "Topsy and Her Pal."
Misses Fannie McClain and Helen
Wallace; patriotic tableau. Miss Sadie
Stewart— Goddess of Liberty; Ro
maine Wallace—sailor; Ruth Mur
latt—soldier; Shirley Knepper, Sal
vation Army Girl; Dess Dennis— Red
Cross Nurse; Moorehead Chorus, "Till
We Meet Again;" "Star Spangled
A Few Interesting
Fall Fashion Notes
AN EARLY SEASON, seems to be the decided opinion of all the
best judges. We are splendidly prepared to meet the early demand.
New merchandise is arriving daily and is surpassing our expectations
as to quality, style and workmanship.
But the great surprise for you is that our prices are as low as
present wholesale costs, due to our early buying.
Our buyer has been in New York the past week and has secured
many wonderful garments of last-minute modes —many of which will
be shown today and tomorrow.
Jj/ Concerning the New Dresses
The modish Fall styles in the new Dresses
l/aMu we are now showing are so charming that
• / seems more desirable than the other.
jPffjffijl / The dresses arc made extremely well, concentrated in
( Black. Navy, Brown, Field. Mouse, Burnt Bisque and a
\ I ew shades in combination materials.
Th e mater 'als are Tricolette, Poiret, Satin, Tricotine,
Men's Wear Serge, Wool jersey, Charmcuse, Tatifeta and
f|l sls $18.50 $22.50 $25 up
A Word About the New Suits
The ASTRICH line of Suits for Fall will make
a very striking appeal to discriminating dressers. XL
Those who can appreciate individual design, per
feet tailoring and real quality of merchandise
will need no further description of our Suits. w- VTy
Prices, too, are surprisingly low.
All the new shades are represented—Reindeer, Brick,
Brown, Stone Blue, Copen, Pekin, Navy, Black, Copper,
Taupe, Oxford, Plum, Burgundy as well as checks and twaßß
mixtures so much in vogue this season.
Bolivia, Silvertone, Tinscltone, Yolama, Velour,
Broadcloth, Men's Wear Serge and Mosspray and Boucel HSg
Knit Worsted Wool are the wanted materials. \
$29.50 $32.50 $35 /Bp
$37.50 up to $135
The New Coats are Charming
§ifljgioW The material of which Milady's Coat is fash
ioned is usually the first consideration—next the
style must be correct and exclusive—and lastly,
(/ P r ' ce must attractive.
i /t&mm ASTRICH'S Coats will satisfy your every desire in
-SSSIM®* material, style and price—and comparison will prove the
' superiority of our values.
C The fashion favored fabrics for the season are Chamel
ttV/jgilf eon Cord, Beluchi Cloth, Bolivia, Pom-Pom, Broadcloth,
V Scotch Tweeds and Cheviots. All are here awaiting your
$25 $27.50 $32.50 $35
Up to SIOO
AUGUST 22, 1919,
Delegates representing the Gr.oid
Army of the Republic will attend the
first annual convention of the Amer
ican Legion in Minneapolis next .No
vember. it was announced yesterday,
when a letter from C. E. Adams,
Commender in Chief of the G. A. R.,
accepted an invitation to attend the
session was made public.
In the letter the Civil War veteran
said the "whole country is looking
to the patriotic societies to take the
lead in a campaign for a settled
American policy," and "the time has
come for all Army men and all pa
triotic societies to strengthen their
positions by a federation of their or
Antiseptic, prophylactic, deodorizing,
fragrant and refreshing. An ideal
face, skin, baby and dusting powder.
It soothes and cools the skin, over
comes heavy perspiration, is conven
ient and economical and takes the
place of other perfumes for the skin.
Splendid after bathing with Cuticura
Soap. A few grains dusted on the skin
and hands imparts to the person a del
icate, individual and distinctive fra
grance, leaving the skin sweet and
Soap 25c, Ointment 25 and 50c, Talcum
25c. Sold throughout the world. For
sample each free address: "Cuticura Lab-
I oratories. Dept. 19F. Maiden, Mw."
9V~Cuticura Soap shaves without mug.
Tired, Overworked
Do This
llegln Now to Rebuild Yonr Strength
HO the Winter Won't Kind You
Weak nnd Sick
Mothers who have had no real rest,
j or recreation this Summer but who
j have lost strength and vigor, and can
\ hardly navigate because of their
I weak tired feeling—must not suffer
; this way long. The results lead to
dangerous illness.
The constant drudge of housework,
continued care of active playing
children and the weakening effects
I of terrible Summer heat places these
I attentive Mothers on the road to sirk
| ness and premature age, unless the
| vitality is rebuilt, blood renewed and
enriched and life made more Ilka
| living.
Your blood gets thin and weakened
under such a strain. It. strives to
| maintain energy in a bodv weak
ened by overwork and drudgery and
I becomes thin and watery in its ef
-1 forts to rebuild a system too far
: gone in weakness. How then are
' you to strengthen your blood to re
j gain your own health and vitality?
I Simply begin to nourish your blood
, wit.h a good natural blood food.
; Many women use a blood food called
! Novo-San. It is endorsed by phys
j clans and used by them in building
| up weakened run down people.
; Novo-San will add white corpuscles
I (the policemen of the blood) to the
blood to quickly drive out the wastq
matter that comes from the torn
down tissues. Then as your blood
gets rid of this waste matter, it will
begin almost immediately to add en-,
ergy to your body and feelings.
Try Novo-San and see how quickly
your strength and force picks up
from day to day and how the color
returns to your cheeks and real life
to your feelings.
A twelve-days' treatment wilt
surely tell, and enough for such a
trial can be obtained from H. C. Ken
nedy and Geo. A. Gorgas. at. small
cost. A 50 per cent, better feeling
will be yours.—Advertisement.