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Mail Carriers Bring in Many
Orders For Fruits and
The second day of the food sale
through the local post office started
off with a rush to-day as soon as the
carriers came back from their first
hour of delivery.
Although the sales at the window
of the central station have fallen oft
to practically nothing, orders are be
ginning to pour in bv the other route.
At the window occasional buyers
itop to inquire about prices or to
Place a small order, but in compari
son with the order system there is
really very little action there.
Early this morning the orders had
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Hedge Clippers—Grass Shears—Sides and Edge Tools
All Kinds of Machinery Repaired
Court a.nd Cranberry Streets
passed the two hundred mark and
were still groins strong, and It is
estimated that before the day is over
the carriers are going to begin to
look forward with no enthusiasm at
all to the influx of food to fill these
orders which begins next week.
Canned fruits still leads the list in
popularity with canned vegetables a
close second. Of course, there are
still many people who are more or
less doubtful about all government
food and they are buying in small
quantities to see Just what #he stuff
will be like.
Forihcr soldiers are going to it
with avidity as they know just how
good it is. but they are steering clear
of the old standby, "corned willy,"
which is not at all bad when you
have it occasionally, but pretty poor
when you eat it three times a day.
cold, for many days, and finish thd
meal off with hard tack. However,
corned beef in the majority of homes
is getting a good reception.
London, Tuesday. Aug. 19.—-Mark
Francis Napier, president of Rou
ter's Telegram Company, died at In
verness to-day of heart failure.
Splendid All-Day Program Is
Arranged by Knights
of Columbus
Everything is in readiness for the
second annual Catholic picnic to
be held at Hershey Park to-mot
row. Chairman Joseph P. Durborow,
of the Knights of Columbus com
mittee on picnic activities, an
nounced to-day that his commit
tee had not neglected a single fea
ture that would help to make the
event a success. Influence has even
been exerted with the weatherman
to keep "Old Sol" shining all day.
Large delegations are expected
from Lancaster, Reading, York,
Lebanon, Carlisle and Waynesboro,
and there will probably be more
than 5,000 present.
Trains will leave the Philadel
phia and Reading station at 7.55
and 10.20 a. ra., 1, 3.40 and 6.45 p.
m. It Is expected that large crowds
will go on the 10.20 and the 1
o'clock trains, and special arrange
ments have been made to accom
modate them. On the return trip
trains will leave Hershey at 4.8 4,
7.30 and 9.57 p. m.
Immediately upon reaching the
park luncheon will be served, after
which the program will be begun.
There will be free dancing continu
ously from 2 until 5 p. m. At 1.30
the athletic events will start on the
ball field, the first number being
a 100-yard dash for men, followed
by a 75-yard dash for boye, a 50-
yard dash for women and a 50-yard
dash for girls. After the races will
come the contests which will fur
nish merriment for the picnickers.
There will be a walking to the
spot blindfolded contest for women,
a running broad jump for boys, po
tato race for girls, standing broad
jump for men, ball throwing con
test for women, shoe race for boys,
needle-threading race for girls, dis
tance ball throwing for men, sack
race for boys, potato and onion
peeling race for women and an egg
race for girls. More than forty
prizes have been provided. Prompt
ly at 3 o'clock a ball game will be
staged between the Knights of
Columbus All-Stars and St. Mary's
Catholic Club, of Steelton, which
will go nine innings. George A.
Morrissey, in charge of the athletic
program, has announced the fol
lowing lineup for the All-Stars: T.
Euker and Levan, pitchers; Cock
lin, catcher; Palmer, first base;
Madden, second base; Gerdes, short
stop; Schaefer, third base; Embick,
right field; Hylan, left field; Levan
and T. Euker, center field. The reg
ular St. Mary's team under the lead
ership of Nicholas P. Zerancc,
which played In the Allison Hill
League during the past season, will
be on the field. At 4.30 the Fourth
Regiment of the Knights of St.
George Cadets, comprising compa
nies from Harrisburg, Lancaster,
Lebanon and Steelton, will give a
uniform drill and will be reviewed
by Brigadier General John Czerniski
and staff. After the drill supper will
be served and at 6 o'clock the band
concert will commence. Dancing in
the evening will be by admission.
In addition to the program ar
ranged, all the regular park,attrac
tions will be at the disposal of the
Knights of Pythias
Hold Annual Outing
At the regular meeting of Enter
prise Lodge, No. 508, Knights of
Pythias, arrangements were made
for the annual picnic to be held at
Boiling Springs Park to-morrow.
The program which has been drawn
up by the picnic committee, fol
First event, baseball, Married
Men vs. Single Men, 10 a. m.; sec
ond event, quoit pitching contest, 1
p. m., prize, box of cigars; third
event, tug-of-war, men, prize, sur
prise; fourth, tug-of-war, women,
prize, 23 cans of corn; fifth, nail
driving contest, women, first prize,
box of candy, second prize, Knights
of Pythias cushion top; sixth event,
three-legged race, boys, prize, two
flash lights; seventh event, fat
man's race, prize, bucket of lard;
eighth event, fat women's race,
prize, bucket of lard: ninth event,
gymnasium shoes, second prize,
pocket knife and case; tenth event,
wheelbarrow race for women, prize,
one ham; eleventh event, cigar
flash light: twelfth event, hobble
skirt race for women, first prize,
5 pounds sugar, second prize. 2M
pounds sugar; third prize, 2%
pounds sugar; thirteenth event, pea
nut race for children, prizes, lolly
pops; fourteenth event, eating con
test, first prize, clock, second prize.
5 pounds sugar; fifteenth event,
long race for young men, prize, ciga
ret and match safe.
There are several other prizes to
be collected by the committee which
will be given as second and third
prizes in some of the events. An
other enjoyable feature the commit
tee has promised is dancing.
Beautiful souvenir badges can be
had that day at the grounds from
the chairman of arrangements.
Chancellor Commander Olsey and
committeemen. Special cars will
leave Market Square at 8 a. m.
Americans Should
Lie Where They Fell,
Advice of Pershing
Washington, Aug. 20.—General
Pershing In a cablegram to the War
Department has expressed the
opinion that bodies of American
soldiers who died abroad should be
left near where they fell.
"I believe that, could these sol
diers speak for themselves, they
would wish to be left undisturbed,
where, with their comrades, thoy
fought the last fight," he said.
"Those who rest In England gave
their lives in the same cause and
their remains represent the same
salvation as those" who lie on the
"The graves of our soldiers con
stitute, if they are allowed to re
main, a perpetual reminder to our
allies of the liberty and Ideals upon
which the greatness of America
rests. Recommend that none of our
dead be removed from Europe un
less their nearest relatives so de
mand after a full understanding of
all the sentimental reasons against
such removal."
Paris, Aug. 20.—(Havas.)—Ru
manian military authorities are pre
paring for an offensive east of the
Dniester river for the purpose of
joining forces with General 'Den:,
kine's army in southern Russia, ac
cording to the Eecho de Pari*.
Use McNeil's Pain Exterminator—Ad,
State Body Is Told It Makes
Business Better; Presi
dent For League
Scranton, Pa., Aug. 20—Endorse
ment of the League of Nations and
thanksgiving for the advent of na
tional prohibition were expressed in
the address of Harry Shaffer, of
Lock Haven, president of the Penn
sylvania State Retail Merchants As
sociation at the opening session of
the annual convention.
Mr. Shaffer urged the delegates to
record as favoring the entrance of"
the United States into a League of
Nations as an essential safeguard
of peace. He also said national
prohibition means better business
At the conference of the various
local association Secretaries of the
| Now For Section No. 21
NOW ' /-rT^r,
I asrSffls • ATH • S
1 Jp -.-AT-:- i
tec $' K •
Harrisburg's Newest SUB-DIVISION, located between 19th St., Sycamore and Park ||
Hg Terrace, South of Derry Street 9
31 Section No. 2 in LAFAYETTE comprises 14th, 15th, 16th and 17th
Streets on Sycamore and Pemberton Cross Streets
3 Section No. 2to Be Sold in One Big Sale |j
| Thursday and Friday Aug. 21 and 22 (
I. | Salesmen on the Ground Continually Sales Days §f
• 131
HYOU have always wanted a Home of your own. Why not stop wishing? Act! The low terms on which we sell lots at LAFAYETTE cn- P-I' <
ables every person to buy. Here are the prices—it's a great opportunity for you—but you. must act quickly.
| ■
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lation. LAFAYETTE has been approved by the City Planning Commission—LAFAYETTE has gewers, water, gas and electricity. LAFAY
ETTE is in the one-fare zone and is an ideal place for a Home.
First Call Our Office, Bell 626 or Dial 6226, Room 308 Bergner Building and we'll send
one of our Automobiles to take you there or take Oberlin StreetCar or Steel
ton Car via 19th street and get off at 19th and Sycamore
3 Don't Forget the Sales Days—Thurs.& Fri., Aug. 21 & 221 3
Under Management of
I j
Room 308 Bergner Building
Merchants' Association the follow
ing officers were elected:
President, E. T. Messick, Pitts
Vice-president, Miss M. I. Carroll,
Second vice-president, C. M. El
liot. Lock Haven.
Third vice-president, H. A. Clap
per, Pittsburgh.
Fourth vice-president, R. C. Jobe,
Secretary - treasurer, Wi 11 lam
Smedley, Philadelphia.
Mrs. Castle, Treman's
Wife Nearly 18 Months
New York, Aug. 20.—Mrs. Irene
Castle, widow of Vernon Castie,
famous dancer and aviator, was
married to Captain Robert E. Trc
man, of Ithaca, N. Y., at the Church
of the Transfiguration in this city
on May 3 last. She had already
been the wife of Captain Treman
for almost a year.
On May 21, 1918, a few days
more than three months after the
tragic death of Vernon Castle at the
flying field at Fort Worth, Tex.,
when Mrs. Castle by all publishe 1
accounts was still in grief over the
death of her husband, she and Cap
tain Treman, then a lieutenant tn
the flying service, went to Pickens,
S. C., where they were married by
the Rev. FYank A. Juhan. pastor
of the Christ Protestant Episcopal I
Church, of Greenville, S. C.
Prince of Wales
Is Given Welcome
on Edward Island
Charlott-stfrtcn, P. E. 1., Aug. 20. I
—The Prince of Wales was wel- !
corned to Prince Edward Island yes- j
terday and put in several busy I
hours before he returned to his ]
ship last night. The battleship Re
nown and the cruisers Dragon and |
Dauntless, bearing the Prince and j
his party, arrived in the harbor and I
at noon the Prince came ashore.
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Corrects Stomach Troubles.
Stimulates the Liver.
Relieves Chronic Constipation by !
Regulating the Bowels.
VITOLYN makes Rich Red Blood !
VITO means LIFE.
Vitoiyn will give You LIFE and j
Sold by Forney, Kennedy, Golden 1
Seal Pharmacy and all other drug- I
Stevens Medical Co., Inc., 518 Van
derbilt Ave., Brooklyn.
Also manufacturers of Stevens
Catarrh Compound, a sure prevent
ive for Hay Fever.
V AUGUST 20, 1919,
Unusual Bargains in
First Class Mechanical Condition
311 S. Cameron St., Harrisburg
Roll 3392 Dial 4419