Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, August 14, 1919, Page 5, Image 5

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Spraying Demonstration Will
Be Held on Jones
A potato growers' field meeting,
under the auspices of the Dauphin
County Farm Bureau, will bo held
to-morrow afternoon on the farm of
William H. Jones, four miles east
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hi First Floor First Floor P \ First Floor First Floor * V j, prettily tailored flounces. 1 4 to 11 . 1.-o talue.
[U N e<onq ' ">r. ~ V First Fl"'- " \ First Floor. S|
ii 'f&j'- 35c 10c 59c 79c $1.45 95c | |&]i 75c $1.35 I
B >-r' For ' For For For J For [*• For j For 1
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Sj 32; 53c value. Oct; 25c value. <2, .1,00 U*l." d h.V 2 ,kln R„„,a„ „lt; .!„ IU. canva. co.cr; mlllurr c.tt; .1... IH4 ,o 2. Hl 8 k JjJ
II Fir.t Floor . v . . 6 to 8 heels: Hize 3 only - shoes are white canvas; button hi
lif 95c 65c Z $1.95 95c iZ: $3.95 29c i? 59c "© 29c 1
| For | por por L4.--L For tj-j For [T'l For [>. For W For
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Hjl 72x90 Seamed. Bleached Bed Good quality dark green Good, strong Curtain Stretch- 2-quart Ice Cream Freezer; ITOIIb GreiOlHieS UOlSter LaSCS DreSS GmghdmS
|[g Sheets, good quality. Shades, size 3x6. er. with stationary pins. frepzes cream In sto 10 min- Economy Electric Iron, fully 36-inch Cretonnes. In excel- 4 2x7 2 Bleached Muslin 80l- 3'-inch wide good mmlltv LSI
rfl ~,," C U,r,,, B —~" n0.....00. lent designs and colorings. st cr Cases. Dress Gingham S
% \ y . •. "
of Harrisburg.
At this time a potato spraying
demonstration will be held and a
field of potatoes will be raised, part
of which were left unsprayed and
the other treated by spraying. By
observing the difference between the
sprayed and unsprayed potatoes, it
will readily prove the value of a
little extra labor and expense in
making and applying Bordeaux mix
ture as a spray material.
Prof. E. L. Nixon, extension
specialist in plant pathology, will be
at the meeting to discuss the vari
ous diseases confronting the potato
growers of Dauphin county and the
means of controlling these diseases.
All farmers or growers growing one-
half an acre or more are invited to
attend this field meeting.
Negro Gangs Wage
Battle With Pistols
Baltimore, Aug. 14. A pitched
battle in which many shots were
exchanged by two gangs of negroes
on Whatcoat street was stopped
Tuesday night by police before it
had time to gain much headway.
To-day the leaders faced Justice De
marco in the Northwestern Police
Court. No one was wounded.
KJkimissrcnßQ TEtixsmaLPH
Austrian Soldiers
Oppose Efforts to
Establish Monarchy
Berlin, Aug. 14.—1t is reported
from Vienna that the entire armed
forces of Austria are protesting
against alleged efforts to establish
a monarchy. The soldiers, in a
demonstration before the Parlia
ment building, urged that the re
publican form of government be re
tained. There were similar demon
strations in the country districts.
Baby Strangles Itself
While in Its Bed
Baltimore, Aug. 14. —Her head j
wedged between the matress and
the side of the bed. Frances L. King,
six months old. daughter, of Mrs.
Thomas King. 1512 Clifton avenue,
was strangled yesterday morning'
while her mother was on the first j
fioor of the house.
Mrs. King had given the baby her j
bottle and gone to the lower fioor !
to attend to household duties. She j
returned in half an hour to find that !
the infant, evidently scrambling I
around the bed, had become so
wedged that it could not get away.
Apparently its struggles had caused
I death and it had been unable to cry.
New Jap Ambassador
to Come to U. S.
San Francisco, August 14. K.
Shidehera. vice minister of foreign
i affairs in the Japanese cabinet, has
i been appointed Japanese ambassa
dor at Washington to succeed Vis
! count Ishii, according to cable ad
i vices received from Tokio by the
j Japanese-American, a local Japan
ese language newspaper.
AUGUST 14, 1919.
Nature's Tonic is Bestfor Constipation!
Physicians will tell you that a i
tonic made of nature's products is 1
superior for constipation tliun chemi
cal laxatives that gives temporary
The habitual use of laxatives is
detcrimental to the system and pro- I
longs constipation. For this reason
scientists have turned to natural
remedies that produce the desired
results and do away with the ill
effect of medicinal laxatives.
After many years of careful study
and experience, we have perfected a
tonic named VITOLYN. It is a
natural tonic of Herbs, Roots, Fruits
and Seeds which not only relieves
Also Manufacturers of Stevens Catarrh Compound, a sure preventive of
Hay Fever.
Stevens Medicine Co., Inc., 54S Vanderbilt Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.—Adv.
i constipation hut also builds and
strengthens the body.
We have thousands of gratifying
letters from men and women who
have tried VITOLYN, thanking us
for this wonderful preparation ana
i praising its results. Take VITOLYN
and he convinced. VITOLYN is en
dorsed by physicians and is free
from alcohol. iron or narcotics,
scientifically prepared. Full direc
tions and formula are on each pack
age. '
Put up in Tablet form only and
sold by Kennedy, Keller, Gorgas, Gol
den Seal Forney and ull other drug