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High-class Vaudeville Paige and
Green, comedy acrobats; Bert and
Elsie Matthews, singing and danc
ing duo; Arthur Havel & Co., three
men and a woman in a comedy
sketch entitled "Playmates"; Harry
Jolson, brother of Al. Jolson, in a
clever hodge-podge of nonsense;
Ed. Jan is & Co., spectacular sing
ing and dancing number.
To-day, to-morrow and Saturday
Leah Baird in a titanic Hodkinson
production, "As a Man Thinks."
Monday and Tuesday of next week —
Tom Moore in "Heartease."
To-day Last showing of Gladys
Brockwell in "The Sneak."
To-morrow and Saturday—Tom Mix
in "The Wilderness Trail."
All Next Week Mary Pickford in
her greatest success, "Daddy Long
To-day Mary Pickford in "Hulda
from Holland' and the Muck-Sen
nett comedy, "Among Those Pres
To-morrow Mary Pickford in
"Hearts Adrift" and "Among Those
Saturday—Mary Pickford in "The
Dawn of a To-morrow."
The Coloniaj management is offer
ing an unusual feature production
for the last half of
At the Colonial this week, entitled
"As a Man Thinks,"
featuring Leah Baird, considered one
of the most graceful actresses on the
screen. This production is said to
carry an enormous human interest
appeal and will undoubtably play to
capacity houses during its three-day
run here.
Monday and Tuesday of next week
Tom Moore will be offered in his lat
est and greatest photoplay produc
tion "Heartease."
To-niglit will witness the final
showings at the Victoria Theater, of
"The Sneak," a Wil
l.nst Showing liain Fox photoplay,
of •The Sneak" which has had a
most successful run.
Gladys Brock well's charm as the
gipsy princess is irresistible a
"Oh, what a tummyache!
Wish't we'd et them
Tin* sole survivors of tlie great
prune strike
Judy Tommy and Bowser
had gone on a strike against
prunes! prunes!! prunes!!!
It's one of the funniest
strikes ever seen.
in Jean Webster's famous piny
7 reels of fun and pathos
Directed by Marshall Neilan
Here Next Week!
A romance of gypsy love and hate
TOM MIX the idol of thousands in his latest
chairm which renders qilite natural
I the tierce rivalry among her suitors.
To-morrow and Saturday lively
Tom Mix will be shown in his latest
picture "The Wilderness Trail," a
picture that will, it is said, win many
more Mix admirers.
Harry Jolson, brother of the famous
Al. Jolson, is now playing at the
Majestic Theater.
At the Majestic Harry reminds near
ly everyone of his
j brother. Some people even say he is
as good. At any rate he has a line
i of jokes that is bound to win hearty
laughter from anyone.
| Arthur Havel & Co. are presenting
a clever act entitled "Playmates." It
I is an act that gets a number of good
laughs. Next week the Majestic
| management is offering an act en-
I titled "Bvery Bailor." This act is
; composed of sailors who were gobs
aboard the good ship U. S.'S. George
! Washington which took the Presi
| dent, his wife and many other not
i ables to and from the Peace Confer
ence. While several days out on the
first trip over this company present
ed their act. It won hearty laugh
ter and the commendation of the
President. Charles Schwab also says
it was one f the pleasantest hours
he ever spent.
Mary Pickford in wooden shoes
and a red kirtle, dancing to the tune
of a hand organ and
Mary Pickford planting tulips in a
as "Hiildii*' at wooden shoe, pre
tlie Regent seating them to her
lover as a sign of her
affection are but two of the many
charming incidents in "Hulda From
Holland," the Paramount picture
which will be shown at the Regent
Theater to-day. As the little Dutch
maiden in this photoplay, Mary Pick
ford has done her most picturesque
characterization of any of the por
trayals of other nationalities she has
Movie lovers are stamping the
Mary Pickford Week at the Regent
with their approval, and many are
delighting to see the well-known
successes for the first time. To-day,
to-morrow and Saturday the Mack-
Sennett Comedy, "Among Those
Present" will be an added feature on
the elaborate program."
A grand fireworks display outside
and a regular big time vaudeville
bill in the park
Fireworks Display theater should
! t l'a.\tang certainly cause
the amusement
J seeker to head for Pax tang Park this
I evening.
j The fireworks display will not be
| given until the last performance in
I the theater is over. An elaborate
, pyrotechnical program has been ar-
I ranged for by the park management,
j Special attention has been given to
i the bombs and aerial pieces and
some beautiful designs will be shown.
The bill at the park theater with
I The Adelphi Melody Four as the fea-
I turc attraction makes .a great show.
Matinees will be given at the park
theater to-day and Saturday.
Today! Today! Today!
Your Heart's Favorite in
Tomorrow—Hearts Adrift
Saturday—The Dawn of A
Special Added Features
Today, Tomorrow and
The Mack-Sennett
Three sterling programs re
main for the last three days of
tile week. You cannot afford to
miss seeing one of tiiem. By the
way Phyllis Haver plays the lead
in tlie new comedy.
Today, Tomorrow and
in her greatest photoplay of all
time, entitled:
She thought she knew what a
man thought about? But did she?
It's a wonderful picture every
mull, woman and child in Hurris
liurg will delight in seeing.
Monday and Tuesday
Judy Abbott was an orphan in the John Gricr Orphanage. She was moth
ered by an ashenn, found by a policeman, named from a telephone directory
and later sent to college by a man she knew as "Daddy Dong Legs." Just
who "Daddy Long Legs" was Mary never knew, but she imagined him to
look something like the man in the illustration above. "Daddy Long Legs"
is Marv Piekford's latest, photoplay, her first to be made by lier own com
pany and probably the greatest thing she has ever done. The play is
adapted from the famous novel by Jean Webster of the same name. The
picture will play at the Victoria Theater all next week.
j "Where Bonds Are Goosed" tells a
story of a doctor, a cave man and a
I nurse, alone on a desert island, with
I lioth men in love with the woman.
I Dixie I.ee is the featured player.
| Ann Gittle and .lack Hoxie are the
i stars of "Gightning Bryce," a new
I serial.
j Ellen Terry will soon he seen on
the screen for the first time in a
i Triangle film, "Her Greatest Per
] formance." Another novelty Him an-
I nounced by the same company is
j "The Gyons Mail," with H. R. Irv
! ing.
j "The Star Rover" is a coming fea
| ture, with Helen Ferguson In the
j chief role.
I Nnzimova has chosen the stories for
the next seven of her photoplays,
l following "The Brat." The ftrst of
I these is "The Hermit Doctor of Gaya"
I from the novel by I. A. R. Wylie, who
■is also to he represented by two
j more stories, "The Native Born" and
"The Temple of Dawn." "The Heart
lof a Child," by Frank Dan by, is an
| other. "Wholly Innocence," by the
I author of "Ception Shoals," is the
. tifth, and the other two are adapta
' tions from the French, entitled "Be
| Maison de Danses" and "G'Homme
| Riche."
! t'niversal is preparing "The
i Trembling Hour," with Helen Jerome
j Eddy and Kenneth Harlan in the
I principal roles.
j "His Divorced Wife" is the title of
j the next Monroe Salisbury feature.
1 Anita Stewart, one of the most
j popular actresses that plays in Har
rishurg, arrived in New York last
night after being away from Anier-
I ica's Great White Way for a year. She
j was accompanied by her husband,
i ————————————
Summerdale Park
i Dances close Saturday evening
August Hi
Winterdale Dances
15 North Market Square
Open Saturday Evening
, August 23
i brother of tlie famous AI Jolson,
i whose name is known to every
j vaudeville devotee is here witli
a wonderful line of comedy.
j 4—Other Keith Acts—4
Kvcryonc a Ilcodlincr
! ~ \
The Boys from Melody I,and
DAY AT 3 I*. M.
Admission 13 Cents
ltudolph Cemron, and her produc
tion manager, R. W. McFariand. Her
arrival was more or less a secret, but
when Marcus Loew heard of it he
sent her a message of welcome and
a bouquet of flowers. The star will
remain in New York but a few days
as she is returning to the coast to
start work on another lajuis Mayer
I production.
Jane and Katherine Lee, the juve
nile screen stars, who are at present
making two reel comedies, recently
received a letter from Japan which
shows how their fame has spread.
The letter written in scrawly Bng
lish asks if the kiddies would not at
tend a social function to be held in
Wang-Tu early in December. The
Japanese admirer promises he will
pay their transportation and see that
there is a good crowd present to wel
come them.
Pearl White, who won more praise
as a serial star than any other sin
gle motion picture actress, lias de
cided to pass up the hair-raising
serial game and enter the motion pic
lure game as a star of other waters.
Miss White was offered a handsome
salary if she would but remain in the
movies as a serial queen but she re
fused. She will be shown from now
on only in five-reel features. Work
on the first one, the name of which
has not been announced, will be
started shortly. Motion picture
critics throughout the country claim,
however, she will become even more
popular as a feature star.
News from the D. W. Griffith mo
tion picture studios in California has
just brought to light the fact that
Lady Diana Manners, daughter of the
Duke and Duchess of Rutland, and
considered the most beautiful woman
in England, had signed a contract to
appear in motion pictures in Amer
ica under the Griffith direction on the
very day she received the serious in
jury while watching the Victory pa
rade in London.
It will be recalled that Lady Diana
posed for the motion picture camera
in London during the taking of the
scenes for Mr. Griffith's "The Great
Love," a picture shown in this coun
try last year. From that time the
distinguished titled beauty had a
| great longing toward the movies.
I On the day that. Lady Diana had
| signed the contract to come to Amer
-1 ica and learn motion picture acting
j under D. W. Griffith, she was injur-
I ed , )? y falling through a skylight
while witnessing the march of the
• returned soldiers. Her hip was
j broken and she suffered internal in-
I juries. This accident may prohibit
her appearance in the films, as it is
i reported she will be unable to walk
j without crutches.
] For the present Mr. Griffith has
i abandoned all plans for introducing
I this distinguished lady to American
: audiences.
East Waterford Shuts
Out Bellville Stars
East Waterford, Pa., Aug. 14.
I East Waterford A. C. added another
i gante to their string of victories by
| shutting out the Belleville Stars in
ja well-played game. The score:
AB. It. H. O. E.
I Schmittle, ss 4 0 1 3 o
| Jacobs, rf 4 0 1 2 0
j McLaughlin, cf. ... 4 0 1 I 0
! Long, c 4 0 0 9 0
| Drolsbaugh, 3b. ... 3 1 2 2 0
! Hills, 2b 3 1 1 3 0
j Kirk, If 3 1 1 3 0
Harvey, lb 3 0 1 6 0
Hinebaugh, p 3 0 0 0 0
Total 31 2 8 27 0
AB. R. H. O. E.
I McNatt, 3b 4 0 1 2 0
| Klepfer, lb 4 0 0 6 0
Stroup c 4 0 0 4 0
I McClay, 2b 4 0 0 4 0
i Detweiler, If 3 0 0 2 0
j Strouck, rf 3 0 0 3 0
Peters, p 3 0 I 0 0
Varner, cf 3 0 o 3 o
j Patten, ss ■ 3 0 0 3 0
| Total 31 0 2 27 0
i East Waterford .00100010 o—2
j Bellville 00000000 o—o
j Struck out Hinebaugh, 9;
i Peters, 4. Base on balls Hine
; baugh, 2; Peters, 1. Stolen bases—
j Schmittle, Long, Kirk. Time of
' game, 1 hour, 55 minutes.
Reading, Pa., Aug. 14. Midge
j Reiff, of Philadelphia, a protege of
j Jesse Carey, a former world's chum-
I pion spee<\ skater, established a new
I world's record for 440 yards on a
flat track skating the quarter mile
I here on the Carsonia Park Rink in
j4l 3-5 seconds. The former world's
record for the distance was 42 2-5
| seconds, held by William Robinson,
; made at Chicago, November 6th,
j 1908. Reiff, who has just returned
Ifrom ovferseas after 21 months serv
ice with the A. E. F. won several
speed races In Paris.
Pennsylvania Shooters
To Leave For Caldwell;
Strongest State Team
At 9:15 to-morrow morning the ad-, 1
\ance guird of the Pennsylvania
Civilian Rifle Team will depart for |
Caldwell, New Jersey, to take part j
In the National matches. These con
tests art. being held under the direc
tion of the Secretary of War. Local
shooters will compete against pick
ed teams of the United States Marine
Corps, the finest in the world, the
Army and the Navy, as well as teams
from almost every State in the Union
and Iter territories, including a team
each from Alaska, Puerto Rico,
Hawaii and the Philippine Islands,
comprising in all approximately 1,000
expert riflemen.
The big tournament is being held
at the Na/y Range, located along
the Parsing River, about four miles
from Caldwell. During the heavy
rnins recently, a large dam located a
short distance north ot the range
broke and the entire camp was cov
ered with water to a depth of live
feet. This left the camp in a filthy j
unsanitary condition, and resulted in >
considerable sickness among some of
the civilian teams which arrived for
the opening day shoot on August 4. |
Adjutant General lJeary and his team
captain nave been in almost daily
communication with the officials at
Cald.voll, who now report conditions
greatly improved, and with the ex
ception of mosquitoes.
I'ciiiinylviiiila Tcnin.
The team representing the Com
monwealth of Pennsylvania was
selected oy Adjutant General Reary
after a number of competitive
matches . This was accomplished by
the organization of a State League
which shot a series of matches, be
ginning in May. The Clubs com
prising the League consisted of the
Fort Pitt Rifle Club of Pittsburgh,
the University Rifle Club of Read
ing, the Keystone Club and the H.ir- '
risburg Rifle Club. A few other
marksmen who were not members of
the League also competed and in one
or two instances, won the right to
a place on the team.
Owing to sickness and business
reasons, four of the best shots in
Pennsylvania, if not in the United
Stales, are not able to go to the
National Matches. These were Capt.
Wade T. Kline, of Greensburg, Paul
H. Dillman, of Pittsburgh, Dr. E. A.
Waugamqn, of Pittsburgh, and E. W.
Sweeting, of Warren.
Splendid substitutions were made,
however, and the team that repre
sents Pennsylvania this year is the
strongest sent out of this State since
| the days of the famous old National
EMERALD, 23-18
Takes Lead in Up-Town Play
ground Volleyball
The Penn playground girls' vol
leyball team defeated the Emerald
crowd 2 3 to 18 in a game whiclt
ended the tie for first place in the
uptown league, and may decide the
championship in that section. Penn
now has four victories and no de
feats, Emerald has three wins and
one defeat. Each team has one
game to play, and in case the lead
is tied there will be another game
between these two rivals.
At the end of the first half of tl.o
game Emerald was leading 12 to 10,
but the Penn players came back
and nosed out with a five-point
lead. The players in the game were:
Penn, Anna Wilsbach, Sara Zarkin,
Mary Gerber, Dora Harrison, Hilda
Abramson and Eva Welner; Emer
ald, Helen Grafeff, Edith Manning,
Florence Brunner, Cecelia Mc-
Carthy, Jennie Eberle and Mae
Standings of the various play
ground volleyball teams:
W. L. Pet.
Penn 4 0 1.000
Emerald 3 1 .750
Reily 1 2 .333
Hamilton 1 2 .333
Boas 1 2 .333
Maclay 0 3 .000
W. L. Pc'.
Harris 1 o 1.000
Paxtang 1 o 1.000
Twelfth Street 1 0 1.000
Reservoir 0 1 .000
Sycamore 0 2 .00 0
W. L. Pet.
Sycamore 3 0 1.000
Emerald 2 1 .667
Reily 2 1 .6-57
Hons 2 2 .500
Maclay 1 2 .333
Reservoir 1 2 .3 33
Reily 0 3 .000
W. L. Pet.
Rons 2 1 .667
Emerald 2 1 .667
Maclay 2 1 .6 67
Heily 2 1 .667
Sycamore 1... 2 1 .667
Reservoir 0 2 .000
j Twelfth Street 0 3 .000
W. L. Pet.
I Emerald 2 1 .66 7
I Maclay 2 1 .667
; Twelfth Street 2 1 .667
Sycamore 1 l .500
Boas 1 2 .333
Reily 1 2 .333
Reservoir 0 1 .000
Colored Champs Coming;
Play Klein Chocolate Team
Baseball fans will see a great ag
gregation of colored baseball players
next week when the Bacharac'i team
plays here. These champions will
play two games with Klein jho"o
--late team Monday and Tuesday af
ternoon. The lineup of the colored
champions will include Coles, Shivery
[ and Brown, outfielders; Handy, Lloyd,
i Taylor and Hutchison, in fielders;
| Gatewood, catcher; and Jeffries and
Wick ware, pitchers. The games till
be called at 3.45 p. m.
$130,000 in Liberty
Bonds Is Stolen
New York, Aug. 14. —Liberty Bonds
valued at $130,000 were stolen yes
terday from a firm in the financial
district, it was learned at police
Horsford's Acid Phosphate
In water witii sugar, relieves exces
sive thirst. Superior to lemons.
Guard teams, composed of Blaine j
Aiken, Jerry Dunn, Elmer E. Slopey, i
Lob Gamble, Ed Sweeting and otherj
whose names are familiar to the old
| National Guordsmen in Pennsylvania.
First Practice.
The delegation leaving to morrow ;
will arrive at Caldwell in time for J
practice in the afternoon, and will I
enter the State team match on Sat- !
urday morning. On Monday, the |
Pennsylvania bevs will go after the i
famous Wilbledon Cup. This match '
consists of two sighting shots and i
twenty shots for record at 1,000 I
yards. On Tuesday, they will com- I
pete in the President's Match. The j
remainder of the week will be taken!
up with minor matches and practice, |
and on Siturday, the remainder of
the team will arrive from Mt. Gretna.
The two big matches in the minds of
everyone at Caldwell is the National
Individual Match, which carries with
it the individual championship of
the United States, and the National
| Team Match, tin- winners of which
: receive the large trophy symbolizing
"Mars unleashing the Dogs of War,"
and a silver medal for each member
!of the team. It is for this match
the Pennsylvania boys have been
training, and with the League
Matches and the Reserve Militia
Matches at Mt. Gretna for preliminary
practice, they hope to ho returned
winners of this coveted trophy.
General Ilenry to Shoot.
General Beary also expects to have
some voice in the distribution of
prizes. A very handsome loving cup
is to be contested for by the various
Adjutant Generals, and while the
General is not boasting, wise rifle
men who know what the General can
do with the Springfield are predict
ing that this cup will soon adorn the
mantel piece on the General's private
office in the Capitol. The Adjutant
I General's final selection of the rifle
team to represent this State is as
Cassius A. Dunn, Team Captain,
Harrisburgi Dr. D. A Atkinson, West
View, Coach; Capt. Frederick A. God
charles, Milton, Pa., Tca,m Quarter
G. B. Armstrong, Ambridge; John
Bridge, Pittsburgh; W. H. Barr,
Reading; H. 10. Ciearnian, Chester;
W. 10. Davis, Homestead; Samuel T.
Durborrow, Harrisburg; Claude
Gerdos, Harrisburg; Charles S.
Lnndis, Harrisburg; William M. Mil
ler, Reading; John O. Itolshouse,
Pittsburgh; V. J. Shepard, Pitts
burgh; Granvill Tetor, Pittsburgh;
George W. Thompson, Harrisburg
and F. F. linger, Harrisburg.
Big Scores at Caldwell;
Civilians Start Work
Caldwell, N. J.,' Aug. 14. The
first stage of the free-for-all United
States Marine rifle match, for the I
Marine Corps Cup, was won at the
navy rifle range here yesterday by ;
Lieutenant B. S. James, of the
United State Infantry, with 2 0 con- j
secutive "bulls eyes," at 600 yards, i
or a perfect score of 100. Compe
tition at 1,000 yards will be held |
to-morrow. There are 516 entrants, j
The Marine Corps Cup, purchased |
in 1909 with contributions from |
every officer on the Marine Corps •
rolls, is valued at $2,000. Contest- |
ants for its possession arc permitted i
to use any model of military rifle, |
and select any sight they desire.
W. It. Stokes, of. the District of j
Columbia civilian team, won second ;
place with a score of 99. Other con- 1
testants scored in the following ]
order: Sergeant M. 11. Dunham, U. j
S. M. C., 99; Lieutenant C. Miiley, i
U. S. Cavalry, 98; Sergeant G. F. j
Thompson, U. S. M. C., 98; G. K.
Duce, Captain of the Maryland I
civilian team, 98; Captain C. M. !
Brown, U. S. Infantry, 98; C. S. j
llogue, Frank ford Arsenal, Philadel- j
phia, 98; It. S. White, Indianapolis;
A. & C. Club, 98, and A. M. Morgan, i
17 years old. District of Columbia i
civilian team, 97.
I Get Ready For Section No. 2At |
JL/X3iiL Hi Ji JLU Ji 11 ILf |
Harrisburg's Newest Sub-Division Located on 19th St. A
Between Sycamore and Park Terraee, South of Derry St. ?
Salesmen on the Grounds evenings. I
Bell 626 Dial 6226 ?
♦♦ ' ♦♦ |
Tt\\ !|Sj|
II Will Open II
I On August 15th I
ft Friday jflf
ft Tokyo Garden ||
Jj 225 Market Street f|j
AUGUST 14, 1919.
Miss Mildred Sheesley Is
City Tennis Champion
Miss Mildred Sheesley, of Paxtang,
yesterday defeated Miss Marion Black
in the final round of the women's
singles, score, 6 to 2 and 6 to 0. Miss
j Sheesley will now meet Mrs. Chris
| Sauers titleholder for the city cham
i plonshlp. This match will be an
] nou need later.
j The playing of Miss Sheesley yes
j terday was one of the nioit actraet
! ive features in the Greater liarris
; burg tennis tournament. She out
j classed her opponent. The winner is
i a graduate of the Central High school
' class 191S and has been prominent in
] tennis play for several seasons.
Charles Pollock and Mrs. Sauers
I yesterday defeated Glenwood Beard
j and Miss Lucile Beard in the somi
j finals of the mixed doubles. Pollock
j and Mrs. Sauers look very much like
I this year's champion team in this
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Army Reserve Depot Wins *
Over Swift Company Nin<
The Army Reserve Depot ball teani
of New Cumberland, last evening
handed the Swift Company tossers i
severe drubbing, score 15 to 0, on(
the New Cumberland diamond. "Art'"
Black pitched for the winners and h<
fanned an even ten stickmen. Hi* *
work was of an exceptionally fin*
caliber. The soldiers hit the ball hard
and consecutively during the entira
■ game, scoring in practically every
j inning.
'■ The Army Reserve Depot team 1*
; very anxious to arrange a baseball
1 game with the Rutherford Y. M. C. A,
•' Hummelstown Fire Company teanr
I will play at Carlisle Saturday. The)
will meet Carlisle A. C., on Biddli '
, Field. Hummelstown will take i r
large number of rooters.