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    Foresees Repeal of
Wartime Booze Laws
in Less Than Month
Reading, Pa., Aug. 13. "Renew
your monthly licenses. X have
every reason to believe wartime pro
hibition will be repealed in less
than a month, and I believe there
will be a resumption of liquor sales
by September 15." That was the
message brough by Thomas J. O'Con
nor, of Erie, president of the Penn-
need not necessarily be a very ex
pensive one. We are prepared to
show designs of memorials that
are at once simple yet impressive.
The cost of these monuments is
not great considering their size
and beauty. They are stones that
the moderately situated can well
afford to erect.
Cemetery iA-ttoring
I. B. Dickinson
Grunito, Marble, Tile and Bronze
Harrisburg, Pa.
Kidney Remedy For 40 Years
A Pronounced Succass
When kidney diseases have been
successfully treated for a period of
more than forty years, it is reason
able to assume that the remedy,
therefore, must possess unusual mer
it. Such is the remarkable record
of Warner's Safe Kidney and Liver
Remedy. Without its ability to give
relief ar.-d benefit its users so that
they would continue its use, it could
not have existed 40 months, much
less 4 0 years of its en- 'able record.
Many letters have come to us to
prove that it has been a household
remedy for years and years. Here
is what one grateful woman has re
cently written:
"I wish to say that your reme
dies have been used in our family
for fifteen years. We are never
without a bottle of Warner's Safe
Kidney and Liver Remedy in our
home, ar.-d it has saved many a doc
tor's bill. It is a wonderful medi
IT'S a keen satisfaction when you ar
rive home with HERSHEY'S SUPE
Made by Hershey Creamery Co.
Harrisburg, Pa.
Will Open §
On August 15th 1
Friday j
Tokyo Garden |
225 Market Street |
aa J
sylvania Federation of Liquor
Dealers, to the fifteenth annual con
vention of the federation which op
ened here yesterday. (
About 150 delegates are attending
the convention, and thfey are sitting
behind closed doors. work con
sisted largely of the formal opening
of the convention, naming of com
mittees, distribution of souvenir
badges, registration of delegates and
general greetings between the men
who have come from lall sections
of the State.
Gay to Become Head
of Harvard School
New York, Aug. 13. The New
York Evening Post announced to
day that Edwin Francis Gay, since
1908 dean of the Harvard School
of Business Administration and re
cently a member of the War Trade
Board, will become president Jan
uary 1 of the corporation which
publishes the Post. Hollo Ogden
now is president of the company.
By Associated Press.
M nil rid, Aug. 13.—A ministerial cris
is is impending in Spain and the gov
ernment has summoned all absent
deputies to Madrid. At the office of
Premier Toea an under secretary said
the fate of the present cabinet would
be determined at the meeting on
Thursday. The newspaper A. B, C. said
to-day that a ministerial crisis virtu
ally has been declared.
By Associated Press.
j Sin Francisco, Aug. 13.—An advance
|in wages approximating 40 per cent.
] has been granted to engineer." cm
jp'.oyed on shipping board ships, 't was
announced to-dav by Bruce Gibson,
chief of the engineering department
of the TTnited States Shipping Board
at tlie conclusion of a conference with
engineers. The new wage rate, *jt was
said, is divided into five classes, based
on ship tonnage.
j cine for all diseases of the kidneys
j and liver." —(Signed) Florence E.
I Schmidt. R. F. D. No. 1, Dunkirk,
j Ohio.
j For the elimination of poisons dne
| to impaired kidney action, Warner's
I Safe Remedy was famous for 25
years before this woman so judi
ciously began its effective use.
I There are thousands of people who
[ realize that their general health de
i pends upon their kidneys and have
J found Warner's Safe Kidney and
| Liver Remedy a reliable family
I medicine. Forty years ago it wts
named "Safe" because it is SAFE,
absolutely: equalizing the work of
ifoth the kidneys and liver. Satis
factory results are obtained in the
most severe cases, and it is sold l>y
druggists everywhere. A sample
sent on receipt of ten cents. War.
er.-r's Safe Remedies Co., Dept. 266,
Rochester, N. Y.
Employes of Middle Division
Arc Picking Up Spikes and
Car Parts; Big Saving
With close attention to the "Play
Safe and Save" slogan, employes of
the Middle division are makir.-g good
records. The other day a laborer
handed over to his foreman 134
spikes which ho picked up in two
weeks going to and from his work.
Economy in use of material is being
urged in order that repairs may be
made promptly, and a good supply
may be kept on hand for emergency.
For some time past there has been
an exchanging of material between
railroads, but the Pennsy, through
the "play safe and save" system, has
been keeping up with the needs,
lick Vp Material
Along the Middle division, om
i;ployes are keeping a close watch
I for material. Not only are hun
dreds of spikes being gathered, but
brake rods, brake shoes and other
car and er.-gine equipment is being
brought daily to firemen and store
keepers. This year there has been
a big increase in the cost of mate
rial and this, with the scarcity,
made the economic system neces
Comparative Costs
The following shows the present
cost of a few items, compared with
the cost in 1914, and the percent
age of increase: „ _
b 1914 1919 P. C.
Picks $ -50 $ .708 41.6
Red flag 129 .26 101.6
Track spikes. .018 .029 61.1
White oak ties .75 1.49 98.7
... , I'"
25 < ••
::::: # sa*
Torches 325.6
Lanterns .. • • - 4l *
Reading Makes Public
Changes in Station Agents
The following changes in stat'.on
agents on the Philadelphia and
Reading railway were announced
yesterday: . _....
Wilmington and Oolumb:a Divi
sion—K. H. Bond, furloughed ac
| count military service, resumed his
duties as station agent at War.a
maker, vice G. A. Fusselman, as
signed to other duties.
New York Division —Howard W.
Becker, appointed agent at Fern
Rock, vice H. V. Tomlinsorr, trans
H. V. Tomlinson, appointed agent
lat Churchville, vice Mrs. Ella D.
Romlinson, resigned.
Herman W. Carr, appointed agent
at Trevose, viee Adoiph Schneider,
Jr., transferred.
Leroy W. Smith, appointed agent
at Grenoble, vice Mrs. Lillian T. Car
ver, transferred.
Shamokin Division—Harry Thom
as, appointed agent at East Malm
hoy Junction, vice J. M. Monaghan,
assigned to other duties.
Reading Officials Here;
Inspect Yards and Shops
Reading officials came to Harris
burg last evening from Wiliiamsport
and after a short visit to Rutherford
yards returned to Reading. They
art on a tour of inspection and took
in the shops and yards on the vari
ous divisions. In the party were:
A. T. Dice, president; C .IX. E\v:ng,
Federal manager; F. M. Falc-k, gen
eral manager: W. H. Keffer, gen
eral superintendent, and I. A. Seid
ors, superintendent of rolling stock.
C. E. Chamberlirf, superintendent of
the Harrisburg division, met the
party here and accompanied the of
ficials over the Harrisburg division.
Standing of the Crews
Philadelphia Division. The 102
crew to go first after 4 o'clock: 101
104, 105, 108, 122, 107.
Firemen for 102.
Conductors for 101.
Flagmen for 104.
Brakemen for 102. 104.
Engineers up: Koememan, Karr,
. Smith, Bastian, Gemmill, Broome,
j Schwartz, Anderson, Kauffman, Con
Firemen up: Varner, Shiskoff, Mus
selman, Kimmich, Craley, Ressler,
Vogelsang. Sehoelkoff.
Brakemen up: Hoyer, Harlin, Bing
er, Hoffman, Alexander, Frank, Ben
son, Gail in, Beard, Smith.
Middle Division. —The 230 crew to
go first after 2 o'clock: 32, 18, 25, 26,
223, 221, 19, 34.
Engineers wanted for 26.
Firemen wanted for 26, 26, 34.
Conductors wanted for 34.
Flagmen wanted for 25.
Engineers up: Fisher. Leib, Kreps,
Corder, Sweigart, Nlssley, Earley, E.
R. Snyder, Rowe, Buck waiter, Peigh
tal, Smitn.
Firemen up: Dclancoy, Buss, Peters,
Banks, Kurtz. Naylor, dinger, Har
ris, Gilbert, Kint, Woomer, Gantt.
Conductors up: Biggan, Lower,
Brakemen up: Zimmerman, Shelly,
Linn, C. L. Leonard, Clouser, Fenical,
Hemminger, Ed. Woodward, Shade.
Van! Hoard. —C Trick— Engineers
for 1, 15, 4. 15.
Firemen for 1, 7, 4, 15, 18.
Engineers up: Snyder, Myers, Hoff
man, Buffington, Auman.
Firemen up: Wirt, Klineyoung,
Mountz, Lauver, Shaver, Shopp, Swab,
Holtzman, Rice, Roberts, Burns, Hou
deshcl, Gardner, Speese.
Philadelphia Division. The 243
crew to go first after 3.45 o'clock:
249, 248.
Brakemen for 243, 248.
Conductors up: Gemperling.
Brakemen up: Shutes, Trostle, Car
ber. Beers, Arbegast, Simpson, Ren
shaw, Rudisill.
Middle Division —The 117 crew to
go first after 1 o'clock: 104, 11G, 245,
Engineers for 104, 118.
Brakemen for 117.
Yard Hoards —Engineers up: Geib,
Curtis, Hinkle, Holland.
Firemen up: Metz, Coldren, Hau
baker. Holmes, Pensler, Kenneday,
Albright, Boyer, A. W. Wagner, lion
tell, Cashrnan.
Engineers for 2nd 102, extra 102,
2nd 129.
Firemen for Extra 102, Ist 104.
Middle Division. —Engineers up:
W. G. Jamison, W. C. Black, J. W.
Smith, F. F. Schreclt.
Engineers wanted for 23.
Firemen up: R. Simmons, W. E.
Hoffner, H. W. Fletcher, R. A. Arn
old, H. G. Hess.
Firemen wanted for 665 and 33.
Philadelphia Division. —Engineers
up: C. H. Seitz, W. O. Buck, J. C. Da
vis, C. B. First, 11. W. Gillums. V. C.
Gibbons, M. Pleam.
Engineers wanted for none.
Firemen up: J. M. Piatt, F. L. Floyd,
W. E. Aulthouse, M. G. Shaffner, J. N.
Schindler, F H. Yonug, H. Myers, A.
L Floyd.
Firemen wanted for none.
Steelton News
Army Food Sale Will Start
Thursday at 4 O'clock
The sale of one carload of Army
food will start to-morrow afternoon
at 4 o'clock at all of the local fire
houses. The cash and carry plan
will be strictly followed, and no
goods will be sold to dealers. There
will be 7,0(0 cans of corn, 7,200
cans tomatoes, 7,200 cans of peas,
144 cans of roast beef, sixty cases of
corned beef in 12-ounce tins, and
48 cases of bacon in 12-pound cans.
Householders can buy as much or
as little of it as they desire. The
sale is being handled by the bor
ough officials and no prollt will be
made by it. Committees have been
appointed from each of the fire
companies to take charge of the
Citizens Joseph Bucher, Charles
Kramer and A. H. Roberts.
Paxtang Charles Railing, Rob
ert Black and James J. Coleman.
West Side Charles Brougiiter,
Ira Ryder and James Thompson.
Baldwin - John E. Shupp, H. T.
Beard and George Enney. *
/Hygienic J. K. Eshelman. L. M.
Glattackcr and W. H. Bennett.
East End —■ Robert Krueger,
Hiram McCauley and S. K. VanSant.
Little trouble is anticipated in
disposing of the entire carload as
the prices will be much lower than
that charged by retail dealers.
Sergeant Fairall Put in
Charge of Scout Athletics
At a meeting of the Activities
committee of the local Council of
Boy Scouts last evening in Trinity
parish house. Sergeant George S.
Fairall was placed in charge of the
sports and athletics of the Steelton
Boy Scouts. Sergeant Fairall will be
assisted by J. R. Heller. A junior
and a senior ball team has already
been organized, and sufficient good
material has been found in the
ranks of the Scouts to form foot
ball and basketball teams.
Scouts interested in athletics held
a meeting last evening and elected
Harry Ilartman and David Dayhoff,
secretary and assistant secretary,
respectively, and Huston Bellows
and Henry Sponsler, treasurer anl
assistant treasurer. An effort will
be made to raise sufficient money
for the purchase of athletic equip
ment. Baseball games are now be
ing arranged, the first games to be
played on Saturday when the. Junior
Scout team will meet the Junior
Swatara team and the Senior Scout
team will met the Senior Swatara.
team. The appointment of Fairall
and Heller to take charge of the
athletic work comes as a mark of
recognition for the splendid work
accomplished by them during the
camp at Stoverdale when, in a few
days, they developed a ball team
that defeated strong teams long in
Gives Party in. Honor of
Returned Canteen Worker
Miss Lucia Parker was the guest
of honor at an afternoon party
given yesterday by Miss S. Ellen
MeGlnnes at her home at Fourth
and Walnut streets. Miss Parker re
cently returned from France whera
she served under the Red Cross as
canteen organizer. She was in
France for two years. While In
j Steelton she is the guest of Miss
Eleanor Shutter, South Front street.
Some excitement was caused yes
terday afternoon at Front and Lo
cust streets, when passershy noticed
a bulldog under the surface sewer
grating. The dog appeared and dis
appeared but did not seem anxious
to leave the sewer. The sewer grat
ing was finally removed and the dog
taken out. Tt was a hloodod bulldog
with a fancy spiked collar. When
removed he seemed reluctant to
leave. Just how the dog got into
the sewer was not dis-overed, unless
he went in through the cwh opening
in chase of a sewer rat. Tho owner
of the dog was not discovered.
Miss Lydia Nebinger has returned
to her home after spending a month
with her sister in Virginia.
The Rev. Ernst Trion, for several
days the guest of E. B. Wright and
family, returned to his home in
Akron, Ohio, yesterday.
John S. Miller, 162 South Second
street, who lias been recovering
from a year's illness, was knocked
down by a boy playing baseball and
badly bruised. Both wrists were
sprained and a leg hurt.
107,000 Pounds o£ Food
Wasted in Philadelphia in
Effort to Keep Prices Up
Philadelphia, Aug. 13. Follow
ing publication of statements by
Robert M. Simmers, agent of the
State Food and Dairy Department
and Government Food and Drug In
spector, to the effect that between
3,000 and 4,000 pounds of meat are
wasted weekly in this city as a re
sult of having been held too long in
storage houses for the purpose of
inflating prices, the official lid of
silence yesterday was clamped for a
few hours—but a few huors only—
on the inspector.
While Mr. Simmers declared the
order to refrain from giving out any
further information had been issued
by his inspectors in Harrisburg, the
inspiration was traced to the third
floor of the Federal Building in this
city. There, nearly a week ago, in
structions were received from the
United States Attorney General to
proceed at once with vigorous action
against food gougers.
Hut word was sent to Harrisburg
that it was known here that the lid
had been put on Mr. Simmers'
revelations. It became known that
this attempt to seal Mr. Simmers'
lips would be published to-day.
Whereupon hasty instructions were
issued from Harrisburg last night to
Mr. Simmers to give out the facts.
Thursday afternoon ff Special Sale of VX^TI
1S 3 summer halt \
im)LOSINC holiday. Do your Omen S and
shopping early in the Misses' X
/ morning. _ V\
I rumps andfu/r
j ~ ilh i
What Do You Need [j Oxfords $3.95 j
. y y 1 At their original price these models
in Housewares r were exce Ptional examples of good value.
The sale price of $3.95 should attract every
woman who wants the best in style and |
it: Try r? i quality and who will welcome an oppor- ■
| tunity t(j get the nevvest and most atttac- \\
| Some with high or low heels.
These shoes are worth more at cost,
r ~ .. • , , , ~ | were we to bin- them today.
Tsn tit a nuisance to have to use the wrong utensil ur , ,3 ~ . -. ,
, We do not have all sizes in each style.
because you haven't got the right one? Jj No. C. O. D.'s. No Exchanges. All ]
There's a thing that is exactly right for every j JU Sales Fma, 'BowM.vN's-Main Floor. A
household activity, and the cost is usually so little !
that it's a pity not to have them all. For instance: j
Our basement is full of housekeeping necessities in Men's Silk Half Hose 39c
addition to a large variety of summer requisites: ;
Galvanized garbage cans; 10 gallon capacity with s P cc ' tl ' h>t Gl mens silk lisle half hose. These
tight fitting covers; $2.00. hose are seconds of good quality, the imperfections
I are slight. Elastic rib top and reinforced heel and
Galvanized garbage cans; 7 gallon capacity with ; (oe jn b , ack _ nayy cordoyan .
tight fitting covers; $1.75. | prked 39c
Aluminum tea kettles; 5 qt. capacity, $2.50. BOWMAN'S— Main Floor.
Androck oven, a small oven and baker for oil or gas
stoves; 89c. li
White enamel bath stool, rubber tipped legs; $1.50. | Sale of
Corn broom; 4 sewed; 30c. if Hosiery and Underwear
Wash boards, family size; 45c.
Good quality whisk broom; 30c.. Continues Tomorrow
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Screen door, 4-inch frame; 2 coats varnish covered , . .
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Low neck, sleeveless trimmed. Vests that fit the body
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-i. - ITT* O * no Women's pink vests with low neck, sleeveless, trim-
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;i; first quality. Size 36 and 38. Sale Price, 39c.
Women's light weight bodices, made from fine grade
Men's athletic union suits of fine quality , cross ;i combed yarns. Seconds, but irregularities are slight;
bar nainsook. These union suits are made full ;j; in white only; Sale Price, 29c.
for comfort and service; Thursday specially
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;!; Women's high grade lace silk stockings. An excep
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Bleached sheets; 81x99; made of Salem sheet- ']'■ 1 r JS c ' f , • , . . . r
re . . ' , - . , Women s fibre silk stockings, seamless with reinforced
fi ee f r °m dressing, noted for wearing and heel, toe and lisle top. First grade stockings in black
laundry quaJities; $1.98 each. only; Sale Price, 45c.
BOWMAN'S—Second Floor. T BOWMAN'S—Main Floor.
Mr. Simmers did. Here are the
Food Permitted to Rot
In the last three months more
than 107,000 pounds of meat, fish
and poultry have been permitted to
rot in Philadelphia storage houses
because the owners were keeping
up prices. All of this meat, fish and
poultry was condemned by Mr. Sim
mers and has been sold at a trifling
figure to be made into fertilizer.
Mr. Simmers has condemned the
following lots:
Two thousand two hundred and
twenty-two packages of fish, totaling
more than 20,000 pounds.
Seventy-one boxes of fish, weigh
ing 2,250 pounds.
Seventy-three boxes of poultry,
weighing 3,650 pounds.
Four hundred and thirty-nine
packages of meat, weighing 43,900
Four hundred packages of meat,
weighing 40,000 pounds.
Says Americans Are
Often Badly Advised
Paris, Aug. 13.—Auguste Gauvain,
editor of the Journal Des Debate,
contributes an editorial to this eve
ning's edition of that newspaper in
which he somewhat severely criti
cises what he calls American "mes
sianic reforms" in Europe, notably
in connection with the Rumanian
While professing the greatest ad-
AUGUST 13, 1919.
miration for and gratitude to the
Americans for their aid in the war,
M. Gauvain complains that the
Americans often are badly advised
by their agents, both civil and mili
tary, who, "explore Europe as their
ancestors explored the far west, and
regard ancient European nations as
Iroquois, Comanches and Aztecs and
want to reform Europe by methods
current in Oklahoma and Colorado "
With False Teeth?
Dr. Wernet's
Ketpi them firm. Prevents sore gums.
White. Flavored. Antiseptic.
If your dental plate is loose or
drops, to get instant relief use
Dr. Wernet's Powder regularly.
| You can eat, laugh, talk with ease.
Guaranteed by Werr.et Dental Mft*. Co.,
116 Beekman St., N. Y. 25c, 53c, & $l.OO.
i At Drug and Department Stores. 'Refuse
imitations. This is the original powder.
It Xeutriilliri Mil Acidity, Pre
vents Food X'erm*-iilll tion, Sour*
Unasy Stomach and Add
Doubtlesa if you are a sufferar from
indigestion, you have already tried
pepsin, bismuth, soda, charcoal, drugs
and various digestive aids and you
know these things will not cure your
trouble —in some cases do not even
give relief.
liut before giving up hope and de
ciding you are a chronic dyspeptio
just try the effect of a little bisurat
ed magnesia—not the ordinary com
mercial carbonate, citrate oxide or
milk, but the pure bisurated mag
nesia which you can obtain from
practically any druggist in either
powdered or tablet form.
Take a teaspoonful of the powder
or two compressed tablets with a
little water after your next meal,
and see what a difference tit is makes,
it will instantly neutralize the dan
gerous, harmful acid in the stomach
which now causes your food to fer
ment and sour, making gas, wind,
flatulence, heartburn and the bloat
ed or heavy, lumpy feeling that seems
to follow most everything you eat.
You will ilnd that provided you
take a little bisurated magnesia im
mediately after a meal, you can eat
almost unything and enjoy it with
out any danger of pain or discom
fort to follow and moreover, the con
tinued use of the bisurated magnesia
cannot injure the stomach in any way
so long as there are any symptoms
of acid indigestion.