Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, August 11, 1919, Page 4, Image 4

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Pan-American Trade Meet to
Be Biggest Ever
I/os Angeles, Aug. 11.—The great
est gathering of leading business
men of the world ever assembled is
planned by the Chamber of Com
merce of Los Angeles, for May, 1920.
This will be a Pan-Pacific Trade
Conference, to follow the National
Foreign Trade Convention that will
meet early in May in San Francisco.
This will bring between 3,000 and
4,000 of the leading business men of
the United States to the Pacific
Coast and while here it is planned
to give them opportunity of ex
changing ideas and conferring with
leading exporters and importers of
all countries bordering the Pacific,
which include approximately two
thirds of the world's population.
Chambers of commerce of the Pa
cific Coast will co-operate with Los
Angeles in attempting to have rep
resented at the conference delegates
from very commercial organization
in the world.
Trade authorities of interna
tional reputation will participate in
the program and a great floral fiesta,
including features of old Spain and
the Orient, will be held during the i
gathering. 1
Aj cpa &noto
tonJnr &a cou/nfcu
Timbers That
Last Longer
and give longer life to factories, warehouses
and other mill constructed buildings are the
ones possessing a dense heavy, resinous
These natural qualities make timbers
strong, durable and rot-resistant.
We are more concerned about the quality
of the lumber we sell than the amount of
money we make on a transaction. Satisfied
customers is our aim.
United Ice & Coal Co.
Lumber Department
Forster & Cowden Sts.
"Health, Digestion, Appetite,"
"The Corner-Stone of Long Life"
"Is your physical foundation 1
right? - '
You cannot build without good
appetite and good digestion. To in
sure these, let Vitolyn, Nature's
Tonic of Herbs, restore the Health '
which Nature intended.
The trouble with many people is
they eat too much of foods which
the system does not require and too
little of what it really needs. They
are overfed, but "undernourished."
Vitolyn strengthens the weak di
gestion and supplies body-building
elements to the system. It relieves
that bloated feeling after eatmg and
sour uc.d stomach caused by fer
mcntat.on of foods
Vitolyn regu'ates the bo.vels,
stimuli ies the Natural flow of Bile,
Quickly Relieved and Prevented By
Afirain those long IJ k fdtUETII disease has mani
weeks of misery, Iwl Q|l-C|r II fested itself, and
aneaziag, sniffling, Nil frequently causes
eoug*ng, gasping, I Jk Vi' symptoms to
nose running, eyes I i lsa PP ea J within
watering and a gen- ■. jßafcflKShr w ™ or three days,
eral condition of < Remedy is
miserableness from automatically ad
which there seems ministered as you
to be no relief. discomfort W
By using tba convenience. It is
MAN-HEIL AUTO- k KF , pleasant and harm
for a week or ten I\ fc AUTOMATIC thousands with
days i n advance IIV l| A 1 1 LII phenomenal success
your annual attack 1111 lrM.Lllf or relief and treat
of Hay Fever can Satisfaction ment of all diseases
-ST- ~
affords prompt re- Head-noises and
lief even after the Refunded | Rnr Trouble
Call and See Demonstration of This
Wonderful New Invention.
16 North 3rd Street.
Plan to Get Control of Chi
huahua City Has
K1 Paso, Texas, Aug. 11. —A plot
to have the Chihuahua city garrison
revolt against the Carranza com
manders and join Villa Friday, was
discovered early Wednesday morn
ing, according to American and Mex
ican passengers arriving from Chi
huahua City. A large number of
Federal officers and soldiers were
placed in the Federal penitentiary
charged with Inciting a mutiny, the
travelers said.
The passengers said they heard
shots fired in the Patio of the peni
tentiary before they left and rumors
that leaders of the mutiny had been
All telegrams and mail is being
closely censored out of Chihuahua
City, passengers stated, to prevent
news of the attempted revolt reach
ing other parts of the state, where
Federal troops are stationed.
The plot, planned for several
weeks, was discovered when two of
the leaders went to Jiminez and
Santa Kosilla to induce the garri
sons there to revolt, passengers said.
An effort was made to have Colonel
Hernandez join, as he recently had
been deprived of his command by
General Manuel Pieguez. Instead,
he telegraphed General Enrique
and in doing so purifies the Liver
a.'d Blood, which :s most essential
it) .v.resting the process of digestion.
"lae ingredients contained in
% itolyn art printed on every pack
age. explaining how this Wonderful
.Tonic of Herb* wilt create a Renl
Appetite and restore that Look of
Health and Vigor.
Start taking Vitolyn to-day.
Put up in convenient Tablet Form
only, price SI.OO, and sold by the
following druggists: Kennedy, Kel
ler, Gorgas, Golden Seal, Forney
and all other druggists.
Stevens Medicine Co., 548 Van
derbilt Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.
Also manufacturers of Stevens
Catarrh Compound, a sure preven
tive of Hay Fever.
Martinez, chief of staff to General
Dieguez details of the plot.
The plan was to have the garrison
mutiny against loyal officers at revi
elle Friday morning, send a courier
to Villa telling him to come and as
sume command of the troops and ac
cept surrender of the city, the pas
sengers said. A Federal colonel,
learning of his discovery of the plot,
early Wednesday escaped with his
command of 350 men and is report
ed marching to join Villa south of
Parral. Loyal troops are said to be
pursuing the battalion. Trains have
been annulled to prevent its escape.
Raising of Wild
Ducks Is Result
of New Game Law
Auburn, Aug. 11. An entirely
new industry, the domestication of
wild ducks, is being started on a
large scale for the first time in this
country in portions of the Finger
i Lakes region of Central New York
i to supply the wild game for food,
! now cut oft by the federal law
against killing wild duck anywhere
in the United States for commer
cial purposes. The ducks are pre
vented from flight by clipping one
wing. Hens are used for hatching
the eggs at first and the ducklings
are branded by a puncture through
the web of the foot, signifying, after
the bird is grown and killed, that it
had been domesticated.
. Raising of the wild fowl is being
carried on along Cayuga and Sen
eca Lakes. The new Migratory
Bird act, strengthened by treaty
with Canada and going into effect
with the opening of the duck hunt
ing season, September 16, has
caused the unique venture. It is
now estimated that ducks will rap
idly increase in number, offering
better sport to the Nimrod and will
be raised in quantities in & few
years which will add materially to
the supply of food fowls.
Want Delegates Housed
in Japanese Homes
Tokio, Aug. 11.—A proposal that
the foreign delegates to the Inter
national Sunday school convention
to be held in Tokio in the autumn
of 1920 be lodged In Japanese
houses has been made by Japanese.
It is suggested that one thou
sand Japanese families open their
homes to the visitors and that the
delegates be given an opportunity
to experience something of real
Japan. They would sleep on mat
tresses laid on the tatami or straw
matting floor, and they would move
in stockinged feet instead of shoes
or boots. Instead of opening doots
and windows, they would get used
to shoji, or paper covered sliding
panels. Instead of reclining in
chairs and divans, they would sit
on the spotless tatami floor and get
accustomed to the simplicity of
Japanese internal decoration.
In the morning each Japanese
host or hostess would supply the
two or three foreign guests with
bread, milk and eggs, giving a Jap
anese breakfast only when the for
eigner requested it. Luncheon and
dinner could be taken by the dele
gates in the hotels.
Make Plans to Open
Red Cross Campaign
Washington, Aug. 11. Plans for
a nation-wide Red Cross campaign,
opening Monday, November 3, and
closing Armistice Day, November 11,
have been formally announced by
Dr. Livingston Farrand, chairman
of the executive committee of the
American Red Cross. This cam
paign will popularly be known as
the Red Cross Roll Call and its pur
pose will be the enrollment of mem
bers for 1920. In addition there will
be a general appeal for 315.000,000
to enable the organization to com
plete its war obligations at home
and abroad.
Hereafter there will be but one
annual Red Cross campaign which
will serve to seek the reaffirmed al
legiance of the great American pub
lic in terms of dollar memberships
to the cause of humanity and relief
of suffering for which the American
Red Cross stood so nobly and along
which lines they did such broad
constructive service.
New Regulations
Washington. Aug. 11. —Represen-
tatives from the Federal Board for
Vocational Education have been sent
to each of the district offices to ex
plain new regulations in the admin
istration of the vocatiional rehabili
tation law. These regulations were
revised to meet the requirements of
recent changes in the law as amend
ed by Congress. By this recent legis
lation the benefits of the rehabilita
tion act are extended to all persons
disabled in the service this, of
course, includes those suffering with
tuberculosis. The Federal Board 13
given the entire responsibility of de
termining the right to and need for
vocational training of those persons
whoso disability prohibits a return
to former occupations, and who are
unable without training to carry on
in a gainful one.
Prominent Democrat
Opposes League of Nations
Washington, Aug. 11. —John Bar
nett Knox, of Anniston, Ala., a
prominent southern Democrat, who
, was a delegate to the Democratic
Convention in 1912 which nominated
Wood row Wilson for the presidency,
has announced his active opposition
to the League of Nations covenant.
Mr. Knox also served as a delegate
to the National Democratic Conven
tions of 1892 and 1896, and was
president of the Alabama Constitu
tional Convention in 1901. He is
widely known throughout the South
as an expert on constitutional law.
Mr. Knox's letter of opposition to
the League was announced by the
League for the Preservation 0/
I American Independence to-day in
(the form of a letter sent by Mr.
Knox to Senator Poindexter. ' •
Brooklyn Transit Men
Back at Work
New York, Aug. 11.—After four
days of chaotic transit conditions in
Brooklyn because of the strike of
the Brooklyn Rapid Transit Com
pany's lines, traffic was resumed yes
terday on a normal basis pending
adjustment by a board of arbitra
tion of the claims of the men. It
was reported that as early as 6
o'clock yesterday morning ninety
five per cent, of the strikers had re
turhed to work and cars were mov
ing on regular Sunday schedules on
surface, subway and elevated lines.
Florence, Italy, Aug. 11.—Fran
ceses Gilardini, aged six. .is regard
ed here as the youngest fortune
teller in the world. She is anxious
ly waiting the lifting of the ban on
American tourists. - • |
BABIUSBUKG tfSfilSt telegiojph
Jurymen Says His Dramatic
Tale of Murder Gained
Bologna, Italy, Aug. 10.—Jurymen
who sat in the last session of the
court which has been trying Alfredo
Cocchi for the murder of Ruth ,
Cruger in New York city have told
The Associated Press correspondent
that they saw little hope for Cocchi
in his dramatic tale in which he ac
cused his own wife of killing the ,
New York girl and admitted he
mutiliated Miss Cruger's body to pro- j
tect his wife.
The jurors said Cocchi's story had '
robbed him of any pity the jury 1
might otherwise have.
"He gained by his dramatic pre- I
sentation in the court of the affair." |
said one juryman. "The very de- j
scription of the incidents were !
enough to accuse him disregarding
any of the motives that he might 1
have had. His tale was certainly i
well prepared for him. Of course, i
it is certainly his plan to have his j
trial postponed again and again so j
that he will be entitled to receive ;
his friends and his meals in prison ;
instead of suffering solitary con- i
Cocchi's counsel has obtained an- I
other delay in the trial. According I
to Italian criminal procedure, any )
convicted man would have deducted 1
from his sentence all the time he !
served in prison prior to his trial
so that all the time Cocchi delays
the sentence will be much time ;
saved from hard labor and solitary j
confinement if he is convicted.
"Cocchi knows that he is a doom- j
ed man. That is why he is playing j
for delay." said one juror to The ,
Associated Press correspondent. '
President Judge Bagnoli, who, ac- |
cording to Italian pracUce. conducts |
the cross-examination, there being i
no private prosecutor present, stated j
he would use all his powers to bring |
all the evidence before the jury, re- !
questing, if necessary, witnesses from J
Cuban Minister's Body
Brought From Germany
Xew York, Aug. 11. —The body of
Senor Don Gonzalo de Quesada,
first Cuban minister to the Ur.ited
States, who died three years ago in
Berlin while serving as Cuban min
ister there, will arrive here on the
steamer Xieuw Amsterdam next
Thursday to be conveyed in state
hack to his native land, it was an
nounced at the Cuban consulate. !
Canton. Ohio.—"l suffered from
n female trouble which caused me'
P— ——————1 much suffering,!
and two doctors I
decided that 11
would have to I
go through an|
operation before |
i could get well, j
"My mother, ;
who had been|
helped by Lydia ;
E . Pinkham's j
Vegetable Com-1
pound advised ;
me to try it be- 1
fore submitting,
1 —to an operation. :
It relieved me from my troubles so:
I can do my housework without any !
difficulty. I advise any woman who
is afflicted with female troubles to '
give Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable i
Compound a trial, and it will do as
much for them."—Mrs. MARIE i
EOYD, 1421 sth St. N. E., Canton, O.
Sometimes there are serious con
ditions where a hospital operation
is the only alternative, but on the
other hand so many women have'
been cured by this famous root and I
herb remedy, Lydia E. Pinkham's I
Vegetable Compound, after doctors 1
have said that an operation was nec- I
essary—every woman who wants to
avoid an operation should give it a I
fair trial before submitting to such a
trying ordeal.
If complications exist, write to'
Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Co
Lynn. Mass., for advice. The result
of many years' experience is at your
Could Not Build
Up System After
Attack of "Flu"
Digestion Scorned Worn Out and
Many Medicines Failed
"After I had Influenza I could not !
get feeling right again," said George I
W. Guthrie, of Rural avenue, Wil- '
liamsport. Pa. "It left me all run I
down and particularly my stomach.
"My digestion seemed all worn
out. Food did me no good. When
I would eat I would have only dis
tress instead of strength and nour
ishment. I tried medicine after
medicine, but could not find one
that would do me any good.
"Now I am feeling like myself
again for the first time since my
sickness. I decided to try Natonex, i
that every one praised so highly. It
certainly relieved my stomach and !
then started to build me up.
"I have taken two boxes of Na
tonex and now I am starting on my
third, which shows what I think of
this medicine. I know a great many
people who are having the same
trouble I had. and I am glad to tell
my experience so that others can j
learn about Natonex."
In Natonex a chemist has com
bined Nature's finest remedies.
There is Dandelion Root, Juniper |
Berries, Rhubarb root, Gentian root,
Peruvian Bark, Valerian root. Lin
seed, Casoara Bark, Prickly Ash
Bark, Sarsaparilla and Jamaica
Ginger root. Every one of these
Nature products is noted for a spe
cial curative power. Combined,
they act on the entire digestive sys
Men and women who suffer from
stomach, kidney or liver trouble,
constipation. nervousness, bilious
ness and weakness should begin this
Natonex treatment at once. If you
want to feel like you felt before
your nerves, blood and muscles were
saturated with body poisons, start
to take Natonex to-day and learn
the quick change in health and ap
Natonex is specially recommended
in Harrisburg by the Gorgas Drug
Co., 16 North Third street, and Is
sold by leading druggists every
where. —Adv.
New Land Law is
Given to Carranza
Mexico City, August 11. —A pro
posed land law carrying it is said,
provisions of vital importance to
large landholders and those desiring
to secure smnll parcels for individ
ual cultivation, has been submitted
| Buy Here Not Alone Because Prices Are Lower, But Because Qualities Are Better | '
A One Day Clearance Event Planned to Absolutely Rid Stocks of Odds and <
Ends of Miscellaneous Seasonable Merchandise at Prices That .<
Set a New Mark in Value-Giving , |
Hundred of items embracing lots of seasonable merchandise in lines which have been <
depleted and on which we will not re-order. Lots in many instances are small, so early buy- <
ing is recommended. Prices have been pared to the quick, as our only object is to acquire A
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One Day Only-Tomorrow, Tuesday-August 12 •
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215 Market Street, Opposite Courthouse
I by the Department of .Development i
to President Carranza for considera
tion and submission to Congress.
The bill is said to comprise regu
lations for the acquisition not only
of what are primarily . National
lands, but those holdings which
have been confiscated or held tem
porarily by the government since
the Madero revolution.
AUGUST 11, 1919.
Students, With Dog Whips,
Thrash Communists
Copenliogen, Saturday, Aug. 9.
Two hundred students armed with
dog whips yesterday stormed the
town hall In Budapest and thrashed
the Communist officials still there.
says a dispatch from the Hungarian
capital byway of Berlin.
The students afterward attacked
Jews and there were many collisions
between Jewish and non-Jewish
students at Prague, whore the So
cialist organ Pravolldu declares that
no Communist government could bo
so dangerous to the Czech state as
- Archduke Iwatpk'a rule.