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Says Company Did Not
Fulfill Conditions
Mexico City, Aug. B.—Questioned
regarding the reported diplomatic
protest by the United States Gov
ernment against the nullification of
the concession held by the "Com
pania Constructors Richardson, S.
A," to utilize the waters of the
Yaqui river, Pastor Rouaix, Secre
tary of Development, is quoted by
K1 Democrats as saying that the
You smack your Hps over it,
because you like its taste, its
quality, its genuine gratifica
tion. It satisfies thirst.
Nobody has ever been able to suc
cessfully imitate it, because its quality
is indelibly registered in the taste of
the American public.
ill I, i.- IB Demand the genuine by lull name
/ if —nicknames encourage cuhetitution.
"JV/fl" "K* In the face of rapidly mounting costs, we are offering extra- I
ordinary values in shoes at prices which knock the H. C. of L.
Complete lines, all sizes and styles, sold at close profits based on costs of a
year ago.
We cannot duplicate them ourselves at the prices we are selling them to
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We have a good supply of suitable styles.
Extraordinary Values in
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is a real buy for you $2.98 L°
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it Men's Vici Shoes, full broad toes, hand
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I Medium Weight at 3)4.
N "'—W QT)IT English models in gun metal or vici kid.
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MM ————>———I——p— BE—ml
concession was cancelled because
the company had not fulfilled the
conditions relative to furnishing
water for irrigation purposes and
development work upon which the
concession was granted.
The paper also states that, ac
cording to the secretary, the com
pany's irrigation system has been
expropriated by the government for
the public good, after compensa
tion had been fixed on the basis
of the cost of the development work
already dene.
From the Angle of
Tlio International Sunday School Lesson For August 10 Is "Winning
Others to Christ"—Acts lti:0-15; James 5:10-20
In the -soft glow of a summer
evening 1 rode yesterday from Jeru
salem to Bethlehem. The distance
is only a little more than five miles,
along the main southern highway to
Hebron. It was over this very road
that Joseph and Mary and their
faithful donkey went in haste the
day before Christmas. The ancient
well by the wayside is pointed ouc,
with every degree of probability, as
one at which Mary refreshel
herself. Near Bethlehem we pass
the tomb of Rachel. Olive and vine
clad terraced hills surround tlio
town, which is solidly built of the
! übiquitous limestone of the land:
j the wiso man builds his house on
the rock—the underlying rock of
I Palestine—and of the rock as well.
| The stone is quarried soft and hard-
I ens upin exposure to air.
In a limestone cave, which once
1 was the rear room of stable of the
[ Bethlehem inn, or khan, there was
j born nineteen centuries ago a babo.
I Over that cave to-day there stands
I the oldest Christian Church in the
I world, built in the reign of Con
' stantine the Great, on the site of a
| still earlier construction. Since the
j capture of Jerusalem by General
; Allenby—when an American otilcer
; in his army was made first governor
of Bethlehem—certain unlovely ovi
| dences of ecclesiastical strife, nota
bly the unsightly wall that divided
! the interior, have been removed. It
is still necessary, though, to main
tain a military guard at the manger
| to prevent sectarian strife: thougii
; now the soldiers ace British, instead
. of Turks.
A silver star is let into the center
! of the grotto beneath the church,
and it is inscribed, "Hie de Virgine
I Maria Jesus Christus natus est."
I Around it burn perpetually the
• lamps of the I-atin, Greek and Ar
: nienian churches. There is much
. ecclesiastical ornamentation. One
| can scarcely realize that at this holy
, spot the miracle of the ages was
: wrought; and that here was mani
-1 fe6ted the Son of God, the Saviour
of the world. Here gathered the
wondering shepherds from the
i neighboring hillside. Over this town
j the mysterious celestial glory shone:
i and later the star rested. This is a
| local point of the universe and of
I eternity.
Now Power of nil Old Place
What has all this got to do with
the present lessoni Everything.
. This Bethlehem manger has become
central to a newly self-conscious
world. The star that shone here
nineteen centuries ago has become,
as it were, the supreme luminary ot
a celestial system, drawing all les-
ser planets into its orbit and power.
It represents the uplifted Christ who
Is to-day drawing all men unto him
self. Now. above all days that have
ever been, is a time of the suprem
acy of the teaching and spirit and
sacrifice of Jesus, once born ill
Hethlehcm as a lowly mother's
Babe. The heart-sore world is ready
to suy, with the shepherds, "Coma,
now, let us go unto Bethlehem."
As of old Paul heard Macedonia
calling in a vision—that same poor,
distraught Macedonia through which
1 have recently traveled—"Come
over and help us," so now all the
weak and war-worn and newly
awakened nations are crying to
Christ and Hi 6 Church, "Come over
and help us." There is no thought
ful person intelligently review
ing the world's present condition
who does not arrive at the conclu
sion that the greatest' need of the
nations is spiritual, and to be met
only by a vitalized and present re
As tlie Soldier Sees It
I pon returning from Bethlehem
i yesterday, and after dinner, I spent
two hours in enversation with a
staff captain in the British Army, a
cosmopolite who has seen most ot
the problem-places in the present
world unsettlement. We discussed
the national perplexities, one by
one, and finally confessed ourselves
bafiled, until the soldier said—and
he is not a religious man—"l ted
you, this whole business will nevor
be settled except on the basis of re
ligion which will make people really
friendly. There has got to be some
great Power to bring the spirit of
brotherhood into all the world."
That interview was true to type.
t'\er and over I find all sorts af
men turning to religion as the solu
tion of the present world chaos.
Some express a desire for a new re
ligion or a new prophet or an amal
gamation of all religions. In the
speech of soldiers and statesmen
and men of the world, the great
affirmation of Christ is being
echoed —mankind must be born
again, and receive a new nature,
before it can live a life of holiness
and helpfulness and harmony.
Under His Own llat
That line of reasoning leads us
straight to the conviction that the
most important work in the wotnl
at the present is to create Chris
tians. When men and women ate
led to Christ they are led out of the
selfishness and smallness and sor
didness that now afflict society liko
a disease. A sturdy type of intelli
gent Christianity is the best bul
wark against Bolshevism, capital
ism, imperialism, and all the other
isms that menace the integrity of
Recently "Life" had an editorial
upon the importance of each man's
having a league of nations, and of
good intentions under his own hat.
If the little world that lives there is
reorganized, the affairs of the
greater world will be cared for au
tomatically. The final problem is
the state of mind of the individual.
That is so obvious that its im
portance may be overlooked. All of
us are so busy with vast schemes
for making over mankind in the
mass that we are tempted to forget
that God's way is the one-by-one
method. He deals with individual".
He is changing the world by trans
forming men one at a time. Who
ever leads a friend into discipleship
to Christ is doing really a worn!
service as many of the men asso
ciated with the Peace Conference.
We cannot improve upon the
Master's methors. Amind these lulls
of India and Galilee Jesus chose a
| dozen common men—just such
, looking men as are at this moment
passing through the Jaffa Gate of
, Jerusalem before my eyes—to be his
ii iends and helpers. Association
| with him made them uncommon
| men. Their discipleship led them
into a service where they became a
world-revolutionizing force.
Again we are at a plastic hour
|tn history. New personalities are
yet to emerge to lay a shaping hand
upon events. Who knows that tho
| young person who is to-dav brought
, under the spell of Christ's leader
| ship may not be decisive factor in
| human destiny? We are serving th~
| world in profoundest and most
fundamental ways when we lead
I men into Christian allegiance.
British Company
to Organize Trade
in the Near East
London, Aug. B.—Organization of
The Levant Company with a capital
$5,000,000 for developing trade be
tween Great Britain and the near
eastern countries has been announc
ed here.
The American Chamber of Com
merce in London compares this
company to the $20,000,000 Ameri
can Foreign Trade Corporation, or
ganized to develop American trade
in the near East and which is es
tablishing headquarters in Con
stantinople, Smyrna, Syria and on
the Black Sea and suggests that
interesting competition will result.
To Solve Mystery
as to Mound Builders
Mexico City, Aug. B.—Archeologi
cal investigations by a govern
mental commission to solve the
mystery of who built the great
pyramids at San Juan Teotihuacan
27 miles from Mexico City, have
brought to light two great granite
heads of the ancient Mexican god
of the air. Quetzalcoatl. These
heads are almost perfect specimens,
bearing all the symbolic markings'
The long disputed point as to who
erected the pyramids is, as yet, un
solved. These huge mounds one
to the sun and the other to the
moon, the former being 761 by 7:>i
feet at the base and 216 feet "high
are generally attributed to a tribe
that preceded the Toltccs, probably
dating from about the sixth century.
German Trades to
Come to Latin-America
Mexico City. Aug. B.—The German
government intends to devote a
great portion of its commercial ac
tivity to a revival of its trade re
lations with Latin-American coun
tries, according to communications
lust forwarded to Mexican officials
here by Arthur von Magnus, repre
sentative of the German govern
ment in Mexico. He asked for com
pleto information In regard to the
demand for German products here.
High Military Decoration Is
Conferred Upon Red Cross
Cettlnjo, Montenegro, Aug. 8.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of
Jugo-Slavia has conferred high mili
tary decorations on several mem
bers of the American Red Cross
unit in Montenegro, suy advices
from Belgrade. Other mcmbeis
have been awarded lesser Orders.
The director of the unit, Major
Henry Rushton Fairclough, former
ly professor at Stanford University,
is given the Order of the White
Eagle, fourth class. Captains Chel
sea C. Pratt and Joseph F. Jaroa
receive the fifth class decoration
of the same order.
About fifty Americans have been
engaged recently in relief and medi
cal work in Montenegro. Four hos
pitals were operated in addition to
numerous dispensaries and canteens
and a general program to improve
health and sanitation was con
Ihe American Red Cross work is
now supplemented by that of a unit
representing the International Rc
Cross at Geneva.
Springfield, Mass., Aug. B.—Dr.
Henry Zimmerman was shot to
death near his home here yester
day by Miss Jennie Zimmerman fol
lowing a violent quarrel in the
street. After firing live shots Miss
Zimmerman, who is not related t >
Dr. Zimmerman, threw her revolver
away and ran. She was overtaken
and held, however, until the arnval
of officers.
Miss Zimmerman is about 25
J ears old and Dr. Zimmerman ten
years older. Miss Zimmerman said
the doctor had spurned her.
Wriglitsvllle, Pa.. Aug. S.—Joseph
Hilt, an aged resident, died at the
Columbus Hospital at noon yester
day, of cancer of the stomach. He
was 74 years old.
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Contributed 3,721,524 Dead
Weight Tons During the
San Francisco, Aug. 8. The
three Pacific coast states of Wash
ington, Oregon and California will
have contributed 3,721,52 4 dead
weight tons of ships at the close of
the 1319 building program, accord
ing to the approximate figures
given out here to-day by the United
States Shipping Board. In all. 472
ships will have been added to the
American merchant marine since
the intensive war time shipbuilding
began to "bridge the Atlantic"in the
battle waged against the German
Steel and wooden ships to the
number of 318 with a tonnage of 2,-
336,980, is the estimated production
of Washington and Oregon ship
yards from the beginning of the war
to the completion of the 1919 pro
gram. Of these 245 are steel and
73 of wood.
In California the total tonnage of
steel vessels to bo constructed to
the end of 1919 is 1,192,538. Of
wooden vessels, constructed, or un
der construction, California's con
tribution is 28 with a total dead
weight tonnage of 177,000. Con
crete ships are represented by 15.-
000 tons.
Arrest Woman For Trying
to Kidnap "Baby Irene"
Ottawa, Aug. 8. Charged with
assault after an unsuccessful at
tempt yesterday to obtain posses
sion of 4-ycar-old Katherine Ryan,
who. as "Baby Irene," was the cen
tral figure in a sensational trial in
the Federal courts ol' Chicago
three years ago, Mrs.-Dolly Ledger
wood Matters, of Chicago, was in
custody here to-day.
Horlick's the Original
Malted Milk—Avoid
Imitations &Subtitutes
AUGUST 8, 1919.
Wants P. 0. Employes
to Get 50 Per Cent. More
Washington, Aug. B.—President
Wilson was asked in n letter pre
sented at the White House yester
day to recommend to Congress on
Increase of Ht'ty per cent, in the
wages of post office and postal em
ployes over the country to meet tho
high cost of living. The letter was
piesented by a delegation headed
by Frank Morrison, secretary of tho
American Federation of Labor.
\ recommendation on this sub
ject to the Congress favoring ade
quate legislation in hehulf of this
important group of American wage
earners," the letter said, "would
sharply diruct attention to the pos
tu. wage problem—one that is fully
as pressing as tho railroad wage
problem and we are confident it wi'.l
result in bringing merited relief."
Wash tho effected
surfaco with house- flgfl
hold ammonia or
warm salt water; then apply— AaXjKA
yicrs vaporubsT
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