Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, July 11, 1919, Page 3, Image 3

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Syracuse Merchants Vote to
Close Stores Saturdays at Six
On May 30th, we published a letter on our adver
tising page from the Retail Saleswomen's Associa
tion of Syracuse, N. Y., requesting information re
garding Saturday evening closing.
July Ist the merchants of Syracuse put into effect
the Saturday evening closing. The resolution fix
ing the new hours state:
"It is the desire of the merchants of the
city to make the hours of labor of their em
ployes as light as possible in the interest of
health and from every human consideration.
This is a far more commendable attitude, of hav
ing the employers take the initiative in progressive
movements of this character than to invite other
possibilities later.
Saturday Specials in Silks,
Dress Goods, Wash Goods
Silks—36 and 40-inch Foulard, beautiful designs
on medium and dark grounds, these fabrics are most
desirable for all season's wear; Saturday only, $1.89
36-inch Fancy Silks in an elaborate display of
plaids and stripes in fine color combination; Satur
day only, $1.69 yard.
36-inch Crepe Damask in white only, specially
suitable for smart dresses of skirts; Saturday only,
$2.50 yard.
Dress Goods —10-inch Silk and Wool Crepes; good
line of colors including black and white; $1.59 yard.
54-inch Mohairs; plain and fancy in gray, navy,
black and tan; Saturday only, $1.95 yard.
48-inch Embroidered Serges; cream only, with
beautiful border designs in white and black; Satur
day only, $4.95 yard.
Wash Goods —38 and 40-inch Printed Voiles; light
and dark colorings; also a good range of plain shades
of fine sheer quality; Saturday only, 48c yard.
32-inch Finest Ginghams of Foreign and Domestic
makes; good line of smart plaids and stripes; Sat
urday only, 59c yard.
32 and 36-inch Repcords; plain and fancy'weaves,
A silk and cotton fabric with excellent wearing quali
ties; good line of colors; Saturday only, 89c yard.
BOWMAN'S—Main Floor.
Dainty Styles in
Silk Underwear
Silk underwear has claimed the heart of every woman who realizes true econ
omy in underclothes. These silken garments can be easily washed and will out
wear in almost every instance cotton lingerie. Silk Vests, Bloomers, Gowns,
Petticoats, Chemise and Camisoles.
Featuring Silk Vests in bodice or
shoulder top, in white and flesh, plain
tailored or cmocoiqcfCU. to $2.98.
Silk Bloomers, in flesh or white,
finished with plain band or ruffles, in
Kayser silk, crepe de chine and satin,
$2.98 to $6.98.
Crepe de chine and satin Gowns in
, flesh and white, daintily trimmed with
lace and georgette, in a variety of pretty
styles in sleeveless gowns, $5.98 to
Petticoats made up in crepe de chine
and satin, in flesh mid white, plain tai
lored skirts with double-panel front and
back; sonic very pretty styles with
georgette and lace-trimmed ruffles,
$4.50 to $13.50.
Envelope Chemise in crepe de chine
and georgette, also wash satin; a va
riety of styles to match the gowns; bod
ice top with ribbon straps or shoulder
models; a fine selection of garments,
$2.98 to $12.98.
Camisoles made of crepe de chine and
wash satin, lace-trimmed or tailored
models in flesh and white, $1.25 to
Millie Burkes in crepe de chine and
satins, $9.98, $10.98 and $16.98.
'tiecof.d Flu
I Fashionable Summer Hats 1
Seldom Sold For So Little 1
i§j The hats at this price represent all mBbBMi
new summer styles. A purchase of a •;'
I large sample line and other assortments V"
of the newest hats marked specially low // _Vi ||
for quick disposal. /
These hats are made of georgette, /rSy
taffeta, moire silks, khaki-kool sport
hats, georgette combined with leghorn
crowns, Tagal hemp and georgette and ;;§
a number of unusual styles in ribbon ||
g hats in the new summer shades. j§j
H : The shapes are mostly medium ||
g and large brims which make an
H ideal summer hat. In fact, the p
If \ hest offering of hats we have made ||
( * n a time. And they will live p
i U P t° Bowman's reputation for M
VLx / ik Jk / selling millinery that is new in M
s tyle and high in quality. Very ||
BOWMAN'S—Third Floor. jz3
I 20% Off I
Women's Low Shoes
All black, brown and colored Pumps and
Oxfords included in our July Clearance Sale of
women's shoes.
Patent Leather 5-evelet Oxford, with light
welt soles and Louis XV heels. Sale price, SB.OO.
Patent Leather Colonial Pumps, turn soles
and Louis XV heels. Sale price, SB.OO.
Pumps with pointed tongue in black kid,
black suede, pearl and field mouse gray, sale
price, SB.OO
Black suede oxford: hand turn sole and Louis
XV heel, sale price, $9.20.
Black calf and tan calf pumps, leather military
heels, sale price, $5.16.
Black calf oxfords: welt soles and leather mili
tary heel, sale price, $5.56.
Black kid oxfords; and tan calfskin oxford;
welt soles and leather military heel, sale price,
Black and brown calf pumps with small tongue
welt soles and leather Cuban heel, sale price,
Black and brown kid oxfords; turn soles and
leather Louis heels, sale price, $6.36.
Black and brown calf oxford; turn sole and
Louis XV heel, sale price, $7.16.
No C. O. D.'s No exchanges All sales final.
BOWMAN'S—Third Kloor.
Vacation Time Is
Luggage Time
Our trunk and bag section is
one of the most complete in Har-
W) risburg. We are showing all the
latest models in traveling bags,
suit cases, trunks and accessories.
Trunks that will withstand the
-"3 hard knocks of the baggage man.
Y? A Bags that are light and grace
u' >' et sturdy and will hold a lot.
~ Traveling bags; $6.75 to $27.50
Matting Suit Cases; $2.50 to
Fiber Suit Cases; 98c to $12.25
Leather Suit Cases; $5.00 to $30.00.
Steamer Trunks; $10.50 to $27.50
Dress Trunks; $13.00 to $27.50
Wardrobe Trunks; $40.00 to $55.00
Fiber Laundry Cases; $3.25 and $3.50.
Clearance Sale of
Capes, Coats, Dolmans
and Sport Coats
Not copies of better wraps or special lots purchased for this
sale but the clearance of our new, this season's goods. They rep
resent the most popular models; are of splendid quality materials,
all finely made. You will be proud to own and wear any one of
these garments.
Lot No. I—Serges,l—Serges, satins and silvertones. These wraps are
lined throughout with plain or figured satin; short and long
lengths; colors of navy, Copen„ tan and rose; $14.75.
Lot No. 2 —Velours, silk faille, serge and trieotine for street,
sport and motor wear in navy, black, tan and Pekin; all lined
throughout, about 50 in the lot; $29.75.
Closing Out of a
Small Lot of Dresses
in taffeta, foulard, georgette, crepe de chine, La Jerz and fig
ured georgette combinations. These are all smart stylish
models suitable for street, afternoon and sport wear. Sizes
14 to 44 in all the new shades; Sale Price, $23.00.
SOWIUM 8-Third Floor. . A
Summer Materials For
Curtains And Slip Covers
Summer Door Curtains made of Madras in striped
with fringe and figured Madras with valance in rose,
blue, green and, brown; $2.00 to $6.00 pair.
Washable Linen Couch Covers; plain centers with
borders; also striped with fringe; $1.45 to $2.25.
Scrim, Madras and Marquisette in white and Ecru
36 to 50 inches wide; figured and plain; 29c to 95c yd.
Cretonnes for all purposes in set and all over pat
terns; special designs for willow chairs and uphol
stery purposes; 36 to 50 inches wide; 50c to $6.50 yd.
Cedar Chests And Utility Boxes v
In a large range of sizes and styles; 45 to 52 inches
long; some plain, some brass bound; $6.50 to $47.00.
Stop Winding Bobbins
Ask to See Our
Two Spool Sewing Machine
You Can See This Two-Spool Machine Only At
BOWMAN'S—Fourth Floor.
A Special Lot of
Top and Back Strap Purses
Much Less Than Regular Prices
Bought from a large New York leather house.
A fine assortment in black and colors, various
sizes and shapes of Indian goat leather with pin
seal finish, Morocco vachette and eckrasa. AH
nicely lined and fitted with mirror while a few
have coin purse and mirror. Some of these have
an extra compartment.
Also some silk and mocha bags fitted with coin
purse and mirror.
BOWMAN'S—Main Floor.
" i "" " 1 • ' - •i"-" a