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Not One Person CoiVimitted to
Northumberland Institution
Since June 30
Sunbury, Pa., July 11.—With but
19 prisoners the Northumberland
county Jail at Sunbury has the least
number of inmates since it has been
built, according to the record, not a
person has been committed since
June 30, when the wartime prohibi
tion went into effect.
Among the inmates, are three wo
men serving terms for minor crimes,
and the rest arc those who have been
in Jail for several months.
There are two alleged murders
there. One is Ramon Banditti, of
near Mt. Carmel, charged with kill
ing Mrs. John Barnettl, whom ho shot.
The other Is Paul D. Balle, of Sun
bury, charged with the murder of
George Sassaman. whom he shot and
killed outside of his home on May 29.
Sunbury, Pa., July 11.—The peach
crop in Northumberland, Union and
Snyder counties will be about half
the usual yield, according to growers,
who* have thousands of trees in their
orchards. Heavy storms whipping
off the fruit is given as one of the
causes. Another is that the blossoms
had no chance to fertilize properly.
In some sections peach "yellow" is
making inroads on the crop, while
the 17-year locusts have also done
their share of the damage, they say.
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Harrisburg, Pa.
Government Airplane Circles
Over Famous Camp
Ground Tuesday
Mount Gretna, Pa., July 11.—
Lieutenant Nelson, of the Middle
town Aviation Depot, came down in
an aeroplane on Tuesday evening
and flew over the parade grounds
several times, but landed near Cole
brook, much to the disappointment
of many cottagers who had gathered
to see him land.
Air. and Mrs. H. J. Babb, of 402
North Second street, Harrisburg, are
spending the summer here.
Airs. O. G. Klopp and Miss Emily
Klopp are at Lebanon.
Mrs. Luther Walzer has returned
to Gretna after a trip to Philadel
Mrs. George McFarland, of 100
Hamilton street, Harrisburg, Is vis
iting Airs. E. E. Ewing.
Aliss Helen Davis is the guest of
Aliss Isabel Smith, at Chestnut Burr
The Rev. H. W. A. Hanson and
Dr. and Airs. T. S. Painter are at
Harrisburg for the day.
Airs. L. A. Shimmel and daugh
ter, Mrs. John Hershey, have open
ed their cottage on the Chautau
qua grounds.
Mrs. Harry Ross, of Pine street,
Harrisburg, is visiting Mrs. John
Mrs. Luther Bowman and Dor
othy Bowman have returned to
their home at Harrisburg.
Airs. J. AI. Shelley and Miss
Lorene Shelley have returned from
Harrisburg where they visited Airs.
Shelley's mother. Airs. Alfred Hum
Airs. J. X. Quigley and- Aliss Lil
lian Quigley have opened their cot
tage, Idlewyld for the season.
Mrs. E. L. Rtnkenbach Is enter
taining her little granddaughter,
Mary Virginia Rinkenbach.-
Miss Helen AI. Shearer, of Harris
burg, and Aliss Lillian Frey, of
Hanover, are spending several days
at Glen Echo cottage.
Mount Wolf, Pa., July 11.—A re
cent outing to Conewago Heights
was composed of the following lo
cal residents: Air. and Airs. Clyde
Mummert and daughters, Gladys
and Thelma; Mr. and Airs. Harry
Altland and sons and daughter. Vir
ginia; Mr. and Airs. Wilson Bow
man and sons, Russell. Paul and
daughter, Eleanore; Miss Mary
Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Kun
kel and daughter, Mary; Mr. and
Airs. J. W. Fritz and children, Helen,
Alary and Roy; Mr. and Mrs. Edgar
Kunkel and son, George, and George,
500 pairs of children's, ladies'
and growing' girls' White Shoes,
high and low, at 98c a pair, on sale
HAINES, The Shoe Wizard,
1208 N. Third St.
Mrs. Stock Entertains Violin
Class at Shiremanstown
Sliirciiianstowii, Pa., July 11.
Mrs. J. Henderson Stock pleasuntly
entertained her violin pupils and a
number of invited guests at her
home in Railroad street on Wednes
day evening. Those who assisted
the hostess in entertaining were:
Miss Miriam Greenawalt, violinist of
Shiremanstown; Mrs. Ross Lehman,
of Mechanicsburg. who gave several
readings; Mrs. L. K. Ritner, of Sbire
manstown, a solo; Mrs. H. N. Crom
leigh, of Mechanicsburg, a vocal
solo. This program was followed
by a conundrum contest, in charge
of Miss Greenawalt. The house dec
orations were of ferns, larkspur and
sweetpeas. A basket of larkspur be
ing used as center decoration for the
table where covers were laid for 18
guests Including Master Jack Miller,
of Camp Hill; Miss Miriam Greena
walt, Miss Pearl Shopp, Miss Mil
dred Sensentan, Miss Marie Norton,
Charles Norton and Arthur Weber,
of Shiremanstown, members of the
class. The invited guests were Mrs.
David Miller, of Camp Hill; Mrs.
Ross Lehman, Mrs. Harry N. Crom
leih, Master Harold Cromleigh, Vio
let Cromleight, of Mechanicsburg;
Mr. and Mrs. L. Kemper Bttner, Mr.
and Mrs. William Braught, Mrs.
Rachel Hendeson, Mr. and Mrs. J.
Henderson Stock, of Shiremanstown.
New Cuinherluiul. Pa., July 11. ——
One thousand swatters were do
nated to the borough of New Cum
berland by Doutrich & Co., 6f Har
risburg, through Lloyd Relff. The
swatters were distributed from door
to door.
New Cumberland, Pa., July 11.
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Shelly, of Mar
ket street, entertained at dinner on
Sunday in honor of Mr. and Mrs.
Chester Stettler, of Collingswood,
N. J., and Mr. and Mrs. Claude Wilt,
of Harrisburg.
New Cumberland, Pa., July 11.—
Announcement is made of the mar
riage of Miss Dorothy Zorger Fet
| row, New Cumberland, and George
Sonner, formally of Harrisburg,
I which took place at Martinsburg,
| W. Va., June 27.
Sosial and Personal Doings
of People Along West Shore
Mr. and Mrs. Levi Hughes, son
Lester and daughter. Miss Beatrice
Hughes, have returned to their home
at Pine Grove, after spending sev
eral days with the former's daugh
.! ter, Mrs. Jacob Bell, Jr., at Shire
! manstown.
| Mrs. Raymond C. Chronlster, of
j Harrisburg, visited relatives at
Shiremanstown on Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. B. R. Eshleman and
their granddaughter, Miss Mary
Margret, of Shiremanstown, spent
i a day with Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Rupp, at their country home near
Williams Grove.
Mrs. W. C. Trimmer, of Shtppens
burg, and Mr. and Mrs. Park Stev..
ens and Kenneth Searle, of York,
were entertained during the past
| week at the home of Mrs. H. M.
j Rupp and Miss Jennie Steyens at
ShlremaTistown. •'
Miss Mae Eshleman, of Shlre
i manstown, Is home from a visit with
I relatives at Lemoyne.
Mrs. Mary Drawbaugh and son,
, Russell, of Trindle Spring, spent a
! day recently with the former's sis
i ter, Mrs. Noah R. Heiges, at Shire
! manstown.
Mrs. Joseph Stretch, Mrs. John
iH. jlrenneman and son, Lee, of
I Shiremanstown, were Harrisburg
j visitors on Tuesday.
Miss Thelnia Drawbaugh, of Shire
! manstown, is visiting friends at
J Shippensburg and Leeshurg.
Mrs. Mervtn Stansfled, of Shire
manstown, was a Harrisburg visitor
l*n Tuesday.
I Mrs. John H. Rrenneman and son,
| Lee, and Mrs. Joseph Stretch, of
I Shiremanstown, spent Wednesday
! with Mr. and Mrs. William Stretch
! at Harrisburg.
| Mrs. I. Alvin Wriglitstone and her
i grandson, Junior Stalter, of Shire
! manstown, are spending several days
with Mr. and Mrs. John May and
| family at Bowmansdale.
I Mr. and Mrs. Paul Weaver, of
Harrisburg, were entertained at din
; ner on Tuesday evening by Mr. and
Mrs. J. Henderson Stock at their
i residence at Shiremanstown. Mrs.
j Weaver and Mrs. Stock were class
j mates at Shippensburg Normal
! School.
j Air. and Airs. Jomi 1.. Menges, of
Harrisburg, were rfecent guests at
I the home of Mr. and Mrs. S. S.
! Frazler at Shiremanstown.
i Postmaster Blaine A. Bower, of
| Shiremanstown, was a visitor at Car
lisle on Monday.
Joseph Weigle, of Ohio, and Mr.
Baker, of California, are guests of
Mrs. John Tu.vlor, at New Cumber
Air. and Mrs. G. F. Bobb, of Se
brlng, Fla., who are spending the
summer at Now Cumberland, went
to Indianapolis, Ind., where they will
spend several weeks with Mrs.
Bobb's sister, Mrs. Leo Barrett.
Mrs. Addie Fulton and Miss Edna
Kllmore, of New Cumberland, are
at Atlantic City.
Mr. and Mrs. T. N. McClanahan,
of New Cumberland, will leave to
night for Salt Lake City, whero Mr
Clanahan will start a clothing store.
lllnlH. Pa., July 11.—Newton O.
Kerstettler was re-elected director of
the Blaln Vocational School, at a
special meeting of the Joint School
Board and Professor William C
Koons, supervisor of the Agriculture
Department of the school. Miss Lois
C. Sherman, of New Jersey, has been
elected supervisor of the hanie mak
ing department, to succeed Miss Mar
garet W. Riegal.
Ltsblsws, l'a., July IJ. Robert
Barton, aged 50 years, was Instantly
killed yesterday at the plant of the
Haws Hefructories Company, at
Hawslone, when a bucket containing
a ton of slag fell, crushing his
skull. His home was In Licking
Creek Valley.
Sunbury, Pa, July lb—Local po
licy to-day received reports of ground
being found in sugar bought here.
The residents of surrounding towns
ware notified to examine the sugar
they use. How It carne to be placed
there could not be determined, ac
cording to Police Chief Smith.
New Hloointlcltl, Pu., July 11.
Then Hench-Drontgold reunion will !
be held August 7 at Oroff woods i
The arrangement* will he completed i
In the near future as to apeukers I
end sinosemuuLs fur the day.
State Highway Department
Leases Limestone Quarry
Near New Bloonit'ield
New Bloomficltl, Pa., July 11.
Extensive road building operations
have been or are being made -in
Perry county by the State Highway
Department. Near this place the
Department has leased from Mrs.
Elizabeth Darlington, her limestone
quarry located west of town. It has
already been put in operation and
additional equipment has been or
dered. >'
The stone quarried and crushed
in this quarry will be used in putting
the road In New Bloomflcld in con
dition and will afterwards be con
veyed to various sections of the
county for use. Considerable stone
has been quarried and crushed on
the loads between Marysvllle and
Duncannon and between Duncannon
and Liverpool, and used on the roads
Duncaiioii, Pa., July 11.—Mrs.
Floy Mutzabaugh, aged 4 0 years,
died at her home In High street
on Wednesday. She had been an in
valid for several years. Mrs. Mutza
baugh is survived by her husband,
Ellas Mutzabaugh, one son, James
Mutzabaugh, and three sisters and
two brothers, Mrs. J. W. Rice, of
Enola; Mrs. Henry Holland and
Mrs. Adam Woods, of Marysville;
Ira H. Kulp, of Watts township, and
George W. Kulp, of Wheatfield
township. The funeral services will
be held in the United Brethren
Church on Saturday afternoon at 2
o'clock. The Rev. Filmore T. Kohler,
pastor of the United Brethren
Church at West Fairview, will offici
ate, assisted by the Rev. Dr. Marks,
pastor of the United Brethren
Church, of Duncannon. Burial will
be made in Evergreen Cemetery.
Marietta, July 11.—That Marietta
is going to have & "big time" In the
future for her returned heroes of
the three wars and especially of the
World War, was manifested at the
meeting in Council chamber Wed
nesday night, called by the members
of Lieutenant William H. Child Post,
No. 226, Grand Army of the Re
public. At this meeting the officers
chosen were as folows: President,
Dr. E. Linwood Cornman; first vice
president. John P. Schock; second
vice-president, John W. Riff; secre
tary, J. Nissley Brandt; Jtreasurer,
Henry S. Rich.
New Hlooinficld, Pa., July 11.—■■
Jacob H. Alyers and sons, of Cen-I
ter township, are erecting a pavilion
on their property half way between
here and NWport in the Narrows.
The building will be 36x50 feet with
another building for a restaurant
15x40 feet at which to serve re
freshments. It will be a picnic re
sort. Several acres will be laid
out as a park with tables for pic
nics. The name selected is Spring
dale Park.
Newport, Pa., July 11. —Newport
jContfert Band has announced that it
will give a concert in- Center Square
at New Bloomffeld, on Wednesday
evening, July 15. The organization
is one of the largest in the county
and includes a number of youths
who have made enviable reputations.
A large number of the famous old
Germania Band are included.
Liverpool, Pa., July 11. —On Thurs
day afternoon, Pearl, the four-year
old daughter of Thomas Flood, of
Center Township, saw a snake run
under a hoard at the barn. Irr her
childish innocence she reached for
it and was bitten on a finger of
the right hand by a large copper
head. The hand, arm and side were
quickly swollen to large proportions.
Dr. M. L. Steirr of New Bloomffeld
was summoned and relieved the
child. '
Liverpool, Pa., July 11. —S. Maur
ice Shuler, of Liverpool, game war
den of Perry county, reports game
Increasing rapidly throughout the
county. Rabbits will bo plenty. Mr.
Shuler Is after the dogs that are
permitted to chase. He asks that
the sportsmen of the county to co
operate with him to try and prevent
stray dogs from killing the young
Liverpool, Pa„ July 11. — Mont
gomery's Ferry post office, about four
miles below Liverpool, will he aban
doned after July 15. Mail to this
office has been carried since the
inauguration of the Nowport R. F.
I). No. 3 by the carrier on that route
and owing to the small amount of
business handlod by that office It
will be closed. Z. T. Shuler has been
the postmaster of this office for over
twenty-five years.
Sunbury, Pa., July 11.— John H.
Glass, Northumberland county treas
urer to-day directed wholesale pros
ecutions of merchants who have not
paid last year's mercantile taxes, the
time for the settling of which ex
pired on July 1. Of 2,300 persons as
sessed, more than 500 have failed to
pay. Prosecution carries with it a
penalty of $5 and coots.
Maricttu. Pa., July 11.—Profes
sor George Lee, of near Mount I
Pleasant, haa been selected as the I
supervising principal of Murietta j
schools, to succeed Miss A. Esther
Mueller, who was not a candidate I
for re-election.
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Cumberland Valien News
Enjoyable Entertainment ]Di. Zatae Straw Visits
at Aid Society Meeting Relatives at Mechanicsburg
Mechanics burg, Pa., July 11.—Last
evening a splendid program was
given at a meeting of the Aid Society
of St. Mark's Lutheran Church at
the home of Miss Edith Mumma,
East Main street. and included.*
Piano duet, Mrs. M. B. Ibach and
daughter, Isabel; musical skfetch,
Reuben and Rachel, Misses Mary
Koller and Margery Wise; vocal solo,
Miss Annie Miller; reading, Miss
Elizabeth Rupp; vocal solo, Mrs. J.
V. Miller; musical sketch. Aliss Anna
Lloyd. Aliss Elizabeth Rupp, Miss
Edith Mumma, William Kaley and
Henry Wilson; vocal solo, Mark B.
Ibach; piano solo, Aliss Frances Mum
ma, and vocal solo. Miss Afargaret
Yunkins, of Butler, Pa. The pro
gram was enjoyed by a large num
ber of members and friends, who
spent the remainder of the evening
Waynesboro, Pa.. July 11.—The last
members of the great horde of pests,
the seventeen-year locust, which put
In their appearance six weeks ago,
have disappeared, but not without
leaving their mark upon almost every
tree. There is scarcely a tree but
that dead branches and withered
twigs mark the path of the insect.
Few trees, have been killed, how
ever. Some peach orchards running
U P to the mountain in this region
suffered heavily. One grower alone
says he will lose a thousand pack
ages of peaches from the ravages of
the pests, to say nothing of damage
to trees. Another orchardman In the
Smtthsburg section says his peach
orchard has been practically ruined.
Mechanics burg, P a „ July IP— On
, T r y. August 8, the Alt. Olivet
Union Campmeetlng season of 1919
will open on the grounds near Dills
burg. While the regular camp meet
ing is not yet in session, services will
be held there on Sunday afternoons,
beginning on Sunday, July 13, when
the Rev. Shellhamcr, of Atlanta, Ga.,
will deliver the sermon. W. F
Whitcomb, president of the camp
meeting association will have charge
of the services. As the camp Is un
denominational, ministers and lay
members from various churches will
Lemoyne, Pa., July 11—a fancv
work bazar and festival will be held
on the Christian Church lawn on
Saturday afternoon and evening. Ice
cream, home made cakes and candy,
and fancy and useful articles wili
be on sale.
jyfit V
!l ''■'!J!'T '"M^i'H'Jil:li;!l:i'Hrjl!H^;l^ilil'Hlliiiliii.i!.!iliu^m;ilifl.iiCTMiH;!.
28-30-32 N. Third Street
* \
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| Our Semi-Annual Clearance Sale
| Continues Over Saturday
A Special Message
Concerning This Big Event for
Saturday Shoppers
."=hf ;
IJ Our Semi-Annual Clearance will be plenty of big bargains
Sale started this morning. for those who shop on Saturday.
*ir ah u u i i- nt , However, it will he better for
€1 All the broken lines, odd lots , , . ...
, „ c i ' y° u to s hop early so that you will
and small quantities of merchan- he able t0 partici , he
d.ae from every department tn Clearance Sale bargains,
the store were gathered together
for this sale. Q Bear in mind that our store
If The prices were reduced re- 'closes at 6 o'clock every Satur
gardless of cost or value. a y
<| At the present writing we are q We cannot impress upon you
not in position to give a list of too Btr ongly that all the merchan-
I I the items which will be on sale disc i n t h e sale is from our own
Saturday, but we desire to in- . regular stock,
form those who have not attend
ed the sale today that all the re- Q While the reductions may
maining merchandise from to- Beem l arge , hear in mind that
day's selling will he on sale Sat- ea ,.h reduction is actual and
urday at the same Clearance means that you will have a gen-
Sale prices. u j ne saving.
5 15 Naturally, some lots will be . - . , .
i, i ... , .„ tj On account of the low prices
sold entirely, while others will , . 1 ~
, |, and the fact that none of this
be partly .old. merchant can be duplicated,
Ifl On account of the great quan- all sales must he final,
tity of merchandise which con
stitutes the sale as a whole, there IJ No C. O. I)'s or reservations.
MechnnlcMhurg, p a ., July 11.— Dr.
Zatae Longsdorit Straw, and two
daughters, the Alisses Enid and Za
tae, of Manchester, of N. H., motored
here from their home In that city,
and were the guests of the former's
aunt, Mrs. Carrie 8. Williamson,
South Alarket street. Dr. Straw, who
was formerly from Carlisle, Is well
known in this locality, and left this
morning to visit at Carlisle and Cen
terville, before leaving for New
Hampshire. She drove the large
Packard touring cur herself, and
came byway of the famous Alohawk
Trail, over the Hoosac Mountains,
and through the Delaware Water
Waynesboro. Pa., July 11.-'-Houae
holdera and other users of sugar are
warned to economize and avoid all
unnecessary use of that commodity
in their diet and preserving or they
will see the return of the evil days
put through in war times—it will
come to a sugar ration. In fact, one
local dealer has already installed a
flve-pound ration. Dealers say they
have the greatest difficulty getting
enough sugar to supply the demand.
Sunbury, Pa., July 11.—After being
married 33 years, Mrs. George Shlrey,
of Mt. Carmel, to-day brought suit
In the Northumberland county court,
alleging desertion. She says that
although she was wedded all this
time she was a wife in name only,
and that her husband deserted her
three years after they were married.
A separation as though they 'had
never been married is asked.
Wcllsvillc, Pa., July 11.— W. F.
Kline, proprietor of the Eagle
Hotel at Goldsboro, has purchased
the fruit farm of Milton Bretz, situ
ated near Mount Royal. The farm
contained ten acres of timber and
clear land. The consideration was
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