Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, July 11, 1919, Page 15, Image 15

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Jean Navarre Falls While
Flying in Vicinity
cf Versailles
By Associated Pt^css.
Paris, July 11.—Sub-Lieutenant
Jean Navarre, who was one of the
first aces among the French avia
tors during the war, and who was
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withdrawn from tha service because
of his eccentric escapades, fell while
flying in the vicinity of Versailles
yesterday afternoon and died soon
after in a military hospital.
Lieutenant Navarre was about to
land at the airdrome at Valla
coublay when, in trying to avoid a
collision with other machines, his
airplane crashed.
Sub-Lieutenant Jean Navarre was
officially credited with bringing
down twelve enemy airplanes, al
though the Paris newspapers during
the latter part of his service in the
French Aviation Corps credited him
with the destruction of nineteen
enemy machines.
After his retirement from the
service, he was arrested and placed
in a military prison, charged with
having run down several policemen
of Paris with his automobile, but
was released later. At the time it
was reported that he would be ex
amined by mental experts.
"Did old Mr. Glipping encourage
you when you asked him for his
daughter's hand?" •
"Well, he borrowed SSO from me.
Would you say I've won or lost?"
"I dare say the girl is yours, but
the 150 is gone. You'll have to deter
mine yourself whether or not you
cume out ahead in the transaction."
—New I ork American.
20,000 Barrels of
Oil Destroyed in Fire
Started by Lightning
By Associated Press.
Pittsburgh, July U. —More than
twenty thousand barrels of oil were
destroyed by fire when lightning hit
the containing tank at the Nedsky
pumping station at Ingomar, Butler
county, yesterday. The loss Is esti
mated at $150,000. A wall of earth,
built by volunteers, prevented the
blaze spreading to ten other tanks
containing 200,000 barrels of oil.
Flaming oil was scattered over
the countryside, destroying every
thing with which it came in contact.
Including two buildings of the Na
tional Transit Pipe Line Company,
which owned the tank.
American Wooden
' Ship Too Large
For Use in Baltic
Stockholm, July 11.—Another
American wooden steamer has ar
rived at Gothenburg and Is offered
for sale to the Swedish shippers.
The Americans have expected this
type of vessels to be especially suit
able for the Baltic but the Swedish
experts find them much to large
and clumsy.
Two Men Held For
Theft of Silk They
Said Robbers Took
By Associated Press.
Morrlstown, N. J., July 11. —
John Werger and Louis A. Deacon,
both of Paterson, were arrested
here on a charge of having stolen
238,000 worth of silk from a van
they were driving recently from Al
lcntown, Pa_, to Paterson.
According to the police, the pair
reported after the robbery that
hlghwavmen had held them up, un
loaded the silk into motor cars and
then imprisoned them in their own
Game Commission Make
Purchases in the Western
Counties Soon
; have been offend
slon to purchase lands for game pre
serve*. Several of these properties
are in Western Pennsylvania, where
there are no game preserves at pres
sors. The Commission authorized
surveys and search of titles to be
made at once at its semi-annual
meeting held here.
The Commission outlined a policy
of working in conjunction* with the
State Forestry Department in pur
chase of lands so that properties
which may bo under consideration
may bo brought to the attention of
the Forestry Commission.
Various new laws affecting game
will bo brought to attention of
sportsmen and farmers. One of them
allows the killing of red squirrels at
any time or place, while another ad
vances tho season for blackbirds to
August 1.
To Eject Squatters—Tho State
Forestry Department will tali* steps
to eject squatters off State forest
lands immediately. Through opera
tion of laws Just approved the de
partment will have increased powers
and the right of emlnerrt domain for
acquisition of forest lands for State
reserVes will enable some tracks
which have been desired for a long
time to bo acquired. It will also per
mit the State to secure properties on
watersheds and to round out various
reserves ar.*d to increase the fire pro
tection system.
Mr. Spoor Qualifies —John S. Speer,
of St. Mary's, member of the Game
commission recently reappointed,
took his seat yesterday. He was a
member several years ago and was
warmly welcomed back to Harrls
Judge MeCullcn Hero Judge
Joseph P. McCullen, recently ap
pointed to the bench of Philadel
phia, was herb yesterday to call on
the Governor.
Senator ltucknian Visits—Senator
Clarenco J. Buckman, former presi
dent pro tern of the Senate, was a
visitor to the Capitol.
Keystone Increases-—The Keystor,*e
Telephone Company, of Philadelphia,
has filed notice of increase of rates
with the Public Service Commission.
Escheat Bill Gets
the Governor's Ax
The bill providing for payment
without escheat into the State Treas
ury of unclaimed moneys in the
hands of depositories, fiduciaries
and clerks of courts has been vetoed
by Governor Sproul. "There has been
litigation extending over several
years attacking the constitutionality
of the escheat act of 1915" says the
Governor. "This bill was prepared
by the Attorney General's department
to meet, as far as possible, all of
the questions raised in the litigation.
While it was pen-ding in the Legisla
ture tho supreme court sustained the
act of 1915, but held that it did not
provide for the escheat of moneys
held in national banks. The act of
1915 has been amended by Senate
bill no. 1153 which I have approved
The law, as now amended, covers
everything which was intended to be
covered by this bill."
Tho bill increasing salaries of
clerks in the State department of the
Philadelphia county treasurer was
vetoed for the reason that the Gov
ernor could see r.*o reason for mak
ing the salaries different from clerks
performing the same duties in offices
of other county treasurers and a
bill increasing viewers' fees was
vetoed because covered by another
Fire Marshal Work
Now Under the Police
The Department of the State Fire
Marshal has been abolished and it
is now a bureau of the Department
of State Police under which it will
opcruto hereafter, Governor Sproul
having approved the bill transfer
ring all duties and powers of the
former department and providing
for various changes of authority. It
is probable that the new bureau will
be administered by Howard E. Butz,
who has been State fire marshal for
the last year or so.
The new luw authorizes the su
perintendent of State Police to name
chiefs of fire departments as well as
burgesses and other officers as as
sistants for investigation and report
ing of tires, while the department la
given broad powers to regu
late the storage of explosive
und inflammable materials. Re
ports are to be made upon
tires within five days and assistants
who refuse or neglect to report muy
he fined. Another provision requires
arrangements to bo made with the
superintendent of public Instruction
for fire drills in schools. Insurance
companies ure required to furnish
a monthly report on fires, showing
muxes, losses und values, as w?U as
insurance carried.
Austria and Hungary
Are Reported at Odds
Ity Associated Press.
Purls, July 11. —High tension be
tween the Austrian und the Hun
garian government* is indicated in
disputchea received here yesterduy
from Vienna and Rudupest. The
Austriun foreign minister, Dr. Otto
Bauer, has demanded tho recall
from Vienna of the Hungarian min
Itclu K"". head of the Hungarian
Hoviot government In return, has
demanded that the campaign
ugalnat the Hungarian legation at
Vienna he stopped. The dlspatche*
report that supporter* of Beta Kun
ure entering Austriun territory.
lis was probably the smallest
"middy" In the navy, und one oven
lag he was Invited to attend a party
in the saloon. He was such u little
Chap that the ladles lul l no idea Unit
he wee a midshipman at all, hut took
hint for somebody's 'dear little b >y"
In a royal navy all-wool serge. At
last one of them, on whose lap he
had been silting, and who had Juat
kissed him, askad:
"And how old are you, little deer?"
"Twenty-two," he said. In a vole#
like a foghorn. Thau the lady
swooned.—Dallas News.
The porxleiniing, purifying and
sterilizing properties of this wonder*
ful skin soap, using plenty of hot
water and soap, beat applied with
the hands, will prove a revelation 1
to those who nae it for the first timet 1
Touch pimples, redness, roughness 1 j
or itching, if any, with Cuticnra Oint
ment before bathing. Dry and dost i i
lightly with Cnticuxa Talcum, a fa*- '
cine ting fragrance for powdering and 1
perfuming the akin. The cost ot
these ideal skin puilfleis Is 25 cants
each everywhere.
2?* p 'S'f Ofatment 25 and SOe. Tdkoa
25e. Sold throughout the world. For
sample each fsee add reus: "Cetera* Lab,
oretorira. Dept. 22F. Maiden, the."
jWr*Ceticram Sea* ahavra sdlhu—iraes.
Splendid Way To
Reduce Your Weight
There is perhaps no one thing thatt
so plainly shows the passing of our
youth as the horrible tendency to put
on too much weight after we have
reached the age of 25 or SO years.
However young our faces may appear]
the sagging, tlahby figure and forty
Inch waist "gives us away."
The cause of this over stoutness is
that our stomachs convert the food i
we eat Into fat because there is not!
enough oxygen in the blood to pro
duce a proper combustion to destroy '
the excess fatty tissue. Fat people
will be pleased to learn of a simple !
home method that is wonderfully <jf
(lcient in reducing weight, quickly
and easily without a starving diet. I
violent muHsage or strenuous exer
cise. Go to any drug store and get
a box of Phynola; take five grains
after each meal and at bed time. This
treatment will often give quick re
lief from overburdening fat. Phy
nola taken at meal time assists the
stomach in giving you the benefit of
the food you eat; at the same time
dissolves the fatty tissue from any
part of Uic body where there is exces
sive fat. By this method many have
reduced their weight a pound a dav
and there is no tlabbiness left. Gorgas,
the druggist, stores. 16 N. Third st.,'
3rd and Walnut sts. and Penna. R. R
Station can supply you with the genu
ine Phynolu at a small cost.
Girlish, Wrinkle-Free
Skin Easy to Have
Since Its remarkable astringent i
and tonic properties became known,
clever women all over the world
have been using the saxolite face
bath to "tone up" their faces, re
move wrinkles and draw flabby
cheeks and necks back to normal.
After using the solution, the faee
immediately feels much firmer. The
skin tightens evenly all over the
face, thus reducing lines and saggi
ness. The formula is: Powdered
saxolite, one ounce, dissolved in
witch hazel, one-half pint.
This simple and harmless face
bath Is a splendid thing for the out
door girl, since sun, wind and flying
dust are so provocative of squinting <
and other contortions which cause j
wrinkles and crow's-feet. Also it is
fine to freshen up a tired face in
hot, depressing weather.
What Women In Their
"Forties" Need
Many women approach the critical
changing period of their lives that 1
comes between the ages of forty and
fifty, unmindful of its tremendous im- .
portanee to their future health and
happiness. Not understanding the !
functional changes taking place in
their bodies, they work beyond their
strength, often break down, become
wrecks, their bodies suffering
with fatigue, and their weakened
nerves trembling at every step. Often
while in this condition capillary
hemorrhage becomes excessive. This
added drair. often compelling them
to take to their beds from nervous
exhaustion. In many instances,
what these women need is something
that will instantly relieve the pres
sure on the overworked nerve cen
ters, and give them the vitality to
stand up under the gruelling strain.
Wonderfully effective results are of
ten given in such conditions by the
prompt use of Murgo Nerve Tablets,
which are a combination of some of
the best and most effective nerve
vitalizing elements known, and while j
Margo is very active, prompt and i
powerful, it contains no habit-form
ing drugs and is entirely harmless to
people of all ages. Thousands of
women can testify that Margo tab
lets strengthen the jaded nerves, re
lieve the tired brain and put the en
ergy and courage into the body that
enables one to stand up under the
unusual strain of the changing |
period. Margo has to do these things j
or it costs you nothing, as H. C. |
Kennedy. Geo. A. Gorgas and other
leading'druggist* sell it on a post- i
tive guarantee of relief or money |
back. I*
Mag Rhu
Mag Rhu
Mag Rhu
Is a guaranteed remedy for the j
permanent relief of all kinds of I
Mag Rhu is a wonderful combine- ,
turn of five of the most successful
tomsch remedies ever used and com- i
bined In such proportions that make i
this the Greatest Guaranteed Stom
ach Remedy on the market to-day, ,
Helps digest and aastmilata your I
food, giving you good, rich blo*C !
neutralizes the excesetve acids,
which cause that miserable, sour,
gassy, bloated feeling after eating,
nervous Indigestion, belching, etc.,
relieves you of constipation, giving a
freedom of action of the nerves, and !
proper circulation of the blood. Con
tains no harmful drug, no alcohol.
Prompt result* in cases of long
standing, when everything else you
have tried has failed. One box will
convince you of its merits. Price of
box refunded If, after a thorough
trial according to directions, you do
not get results.
Hold by Cruil Keller the druggist,
105 Market street, ana by all other
druggists. If your druggist cannot
supply you writs direct to Mag Rhu
Company, and a box of Mag Rhu will
be sent Postpaid upon receipt of
tl.uo. Address Msg Rhu Company,
3U7-2H FiUsiiumon* Building, Pitts-;:
il'K.V.t.S'tSi r