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    Farmer Nets $13,714 From
33 Acres of Asparagus
Bridge ton, N. J- July 3.—Farm
ers in this section of Cumberland
county are obtaining remarkable
prices for their products.
Minich Brothers, one of whom, L.
Willard Minich, is the president of
the State Horticultural Society, had
a net profit of $13,714 from thirty
three acres of asparagus. John E.
Mtnch, not connected with the firm
of brothers, received SIO,OOO from
eight acres of strawberries, after de
ducting hauling, freight and com
Another farmer got $5,000 for his
crop from only two acres,
•-virile another who had offered his
last winter for $4,000 received
*#.ooo from the sale of his berries.
erstwhile humble onion is
eoming into its own, too. One grow
er sold Over $l,lOO worth from half
an acre. A. H. Westcott, of near
Fairton, sold S7OO worth from one
-ere, and J. B. Husted, of the same
locality, received S4BO from three
quarters of an acre.
Boy Scouts have been enlisted to
aid in the distribution of the new
Chamber of Commerce membership
sigris, which will be distributed
among the almost 1,000 members
within the next several days, it has
been announced. The work of dis
tribution will start to-day.
The energy and pep of the
American soldier is the wonder
of the world. Sugar energy
is the reason. The sugar-fed
t soldier was healthier, hardier
and braver.
—He had the Pep.
is America's best liked soft drink be
cause every bottle• contains sugar
energy in a liquid form that the sys
tem takes up quickly and naturally.
—"just whistle"
For Sale Everywhere
1901-3 North Sixth Street
Bell Phono 33G0 Dial 2237
Formerly Proprietor of the Senate
i: Hotel |
Announces the Opening of the
Trindle Inn
Ijocated in one of the most beautiful spots in the Cum- ij
berland Valley on the Mechanicsburg pike (State High
way) one-half mile this side of Mechanicsburg.
! Formal Opening I
K Dinner will be served on the opening day after 1 o'clock. 'l;
Phone Bell 918-R-2, or Dial 113-L, Mechanicsburg, for
i;<! your reservations. !;<
Persons desiring to avoid the heat of the city will find
Trindle Inn a pleasant retreat. It is ideally' located in the
beautiful Cumberland Valley. Tall pine trees surround- ; j
ing the inn afford plenty of shade and a spacious porch
j!; with easy chairs is provided for the guests. |j
|j; The food served will be the best and under the supervi- Jj
Jjl sion of Mr. Fred H. Menger, formerly proprietor of the Sen- 1;
Jj; ate Hotel, who has an unexcelled reputation in this com- !j
\ munity for his delicious cooking. Southern dishes, such 'j
!;( as Maryland Fried Chicken, Steaks, Country Ham, and
Crabs will be specialized in. All the vegetables used will '!
be fresh daily from the five-acre farm adjoining the inn. <!
w— — rwr m
Yy/mt Heat
H In thousands of communities where new homes are
iffl| being erected Richardson & Boynton Co.'s aid is
being sought for the correct heating system to install,
you are building, you should know what system
will be proper in proportion to the entire cost of your
K residence. We can tell you to a cent
JmUr have for over 80 years demonstrated by the high quality
of their heating products that it is economy to get the best And
h^f/this year, with building costs high, it is doubly important that you
make no mistake In the system you install.
fVi There are six systems made by Richardson & Boynton Co. from
which you can choose. Yout architect wih agree with your Judgment
if you insist that your heating system be a Richardson
Philadelphia Chicaeo Heating Apparatus
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmrnHr __
State Points Out Breeding
Places For Mosquitoes
Breeding places for mosquitoes j
were pointed out by W. B. Becker, j
of the mosquito eradication division
of the State Department of Health,
in a report to City Health Officer
J. M. J. Raunick.
It is estimated in the report that it
would cost about SI,OOO a month to
treat the places mentioned to rid
them of danger, half of the amount
to be used to pay for oiling and
draining the places, and the other
half to fill theni and provide perma
nent drainage.
The spots which are given as mos
quito-breeding places in the report
follow: Cameron street south of
Paxton; Bellevue Park above Nine
teenth and Holly streets; south of
the State Arsenal and east of Eigh
teenth street (outside of the city
limits); foot of bank, Harrisburg
Cemetery, Eleventh and State
streets; Sunshine Park, Cameron and
Forster streets; Paxton Creek, north
of Maclay streets; the marsh south
of Maclay street, between the Penn
sylvania Railroad and Paxton street;
marsh and creek in Italian Park;
marsh south of Division street,
Sixth street and Hoffman's Woods,
Third and Seneca streets; ditches
between Sixth street and Pennsyl
vania Railroad at Division street;
Wildwood Park drive (outside city
TH6 GmnßEtiti. Ybienv
Railroad Workers Make Way
i For Ringling and Bar
num and Bailey
Well, youngsters, it's almost here.
| Sometime between midnight and
j dawn the big circus beaj-ing the
| strange, yet familiar title of "Ring
i ling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey
j Combined," is coming to town. The
| advance guard of the show states
! that all is in readiness for the in
: vasion. while the juveniles have, in
Sun and Wind Bring Out Cgly Spots
How to Remove Easily
Here's a chance. Miss Freckle-face
\ to try a remedy for freckles with the
guarantee of a reliable concern that
! will not cost you a penny unless it
I removes the freckles; while if it does
i give you a clear complexion the ex-
I pense is trifling.
Simply get an ounce of Othine —
| double strength—from any druggist
' and a few applications should show
I you how easy it is to rid yourself of
| the homely freckles and get a beau
: tiful complexion. Rarely is more
than one ounce needed for the worst
Be sure to ask the druggist for the
double strength Othine as this
strength is sold under guarantee of
money back if it fails to remove
. freckles.
many instances, already set their
alarm clocks for an unearthly hour.
At the railroad yards switching
crews are busy clearing tracks for
the many show trains that must be
taken care of when they arrive from
Railway officials state that the cir
cus is far and away the biggest that
has ever been transported over their
lines. The trains will be met by the
show agents who are in the city to
day making final arrangements for
the coming of the "white tops." One
of thi e is the "24-hour man." Ho
will arouse the various superinten
dents and their men. Then will be
i gin the tremendous task of moving
| the contents of the trains to the cir-
I cus grounds. It is said that those
| who rise in time to watch this oper
ation will witness the unloading of
: the greatest amount of parapherna
lia and the largest number of wagons,
i horses and animals that have ever
I visited this city. In consolidating the
| two famous shows the Ringling
I Brothers have selected the finest and
j biggest features of both. The ele
| phants number practically all the
| trained pachyderms in the circus
i world. A gigantic "super-herd" of
these is used on the arenic pro
gram. There are a total of eight
giraffes. Herds rather than mere
"families" of animals are now in
troduced in the menagerie.
Some Fine Horses
The most beautiful ring horses
and the heaviest and finest of the
draught stock of the two circuses
have been merged. The Percherons
and Normans promise to be much
in evidence in the street parade
scheduled to depart from the show
grounds at 10 o'clock to-morrow j
morning. This procession, like air
el seconnected with the new circus, is
of greater length and brtlliancy than'
any presented in former years. In
addition to the scores of open cages,
the bands, the calliopes and frequent
tableau displays—without which a
circus parade wouldn't be a parade
at all —are many distinct novelties
entirely new to the sidewalk crowds.
"Bigness" is the keynote of the pa
rade and it is said that the elephant
division is alone one of the most re
markable spectables ever presented.
At the showgrouqds will be erect
ed the biggest main ten ever built.
The increased size has been made
necersary because of the additional
number f performers and the mas
siveness of the acts exhibited. One
of the latter introduces five times as
many elephants as have ever before
been presented at one time. The
menagerie tent is said to be almost
as large as the "big top" of former
seasons. This will be open to the
public at 1 and 7 p. m. to-morrow.
The main ten program will begin at
2 and 8 o'clock. A gorgeous pageant
will precede the arenic displays. This
enlists hundreds of characters and
horses. There are many handsome
vehicles. The pageant introduces
many of the best-loved stories from
fable and nursery rhyme so dear to
the hearts of the children. Follow
ing will come a host of arenic fea
tures. The program of the big com
bined circus is made up of the best.,
finest and most sensational acts from
the two famous shows supplement
ed by many foreign importations.
Virtually every arenic number of the
hundreds presented is a stellar at
traction in Itself. The riding arts in
clude that famous girl somersault
rider from Australia, Miss Mav Wirth
and the entire Wirth family; also
the wonderful Hanneford fami'y,
including "Poodles" Henneford. the
greatest rider in the world. Other
riding novelties number the Mac.
Pherson Clan of Highland horse
men. featuring Slgnor Bagonglii,
the wonderful Italian midget eques
trian. The great Davenport troupe
of equestrians Is another of the
riding features.
Two famous girl performers, wno
are both veritable "leading lad !f s
of the circus, are M'Ufl Leitel,
greatest of all aerial gymnasts, and
Miss Bird Millman, the dainty lit
tle "Queen of the Wire." Both are
the greatest performers in the world
in their particular line, and botn
will be seen on the same program
here with the great circus com
Three Hours of Arcnics
In all, almost three hours or
arenic surprises will be P[, ese "|*.
in the great circus "big top which
is the largest tent ever constructed.
All the famous aerialifts. riders,
acrobats and clowns of " ie .
will be seen on one program for tne
first time, and here will be an un
precedented number of animal -
tures, including live great ele<
pliant troupes, comprising
known as a "quarter of a million
.pound elephant act. JLJ
of trained seals, wonderful dog and
! pony acts, and scores of the fun
jnieit clowns on ear" l ..?'''
j 1l!> For*°he m if patrons
Cool, Fizzy' Hom
emade Drink
Homemade Root Beer Costs
Less Than lc a Glass
end of satisfaction
It gives one ® .q made it myself,"
to be able to say. that has been
|of a food or the delicious
especially Bked. that can be
refreshing ro ot ®m Hires Household
made at home fr° ugC for satisfac-
Extract is a real c jt
tion ev * ry ,, on i e , is pure, which
First of all, y drink as much
means that one m ' Jt js ma .(je from
of it as one wants- barki berries,
the juices of g j X tcen in all
herbs, and roots bircb bark and
including ginger. one substitute
wintergreen —; ,
flavor among thf'gy to make. All
Then, too, it is bottle of Hires
that is needed i sugar, and a
Household Extract,
yeast cake but |t is surprisingly
Not only th®t. bottle of Hires
economical, one cogting . but 25c,
Household Extra . e | Khty K i aes es —
makes forty P'"' s "
less than lc ag' bo tt!es that have
Get all your o _ jn thc ce n ar . if
been accuinuiao ® for them, you can
you haven't cor® pec | a ii y designed
buy some Hire® , op pers from the
airtight bottle buy yo ur Hires
grocer when. .
Household sga in bo without
You'll never bfer j t meanß a
homemade r( {" yo u are tired and
cool glass WPC n 'g, delicious drink
warm, a re'r come home, and
when the chtl mptlng glass for the
a sparkling. 1 s j n for a chat. It
guest who ;™ w |iolelomo drink for
means a z „ '
every occa 810 "'
Stoofchns Skin |
- ne safe, dependable treat-'
There' s .: eves itching torture and
tnent that r a ] fflo st instantly and
s L un and soothes the skin.
th a 1 , de Sgg's tfor a 35cor $1 bottle'
Ask any . ply £as directed. Soon
o "MI find that irritations, pimples,
blackheads, . disappear.
ail A rnleZemo, tb penetrating, satis
r A ivrliid. is all that is needed, for it
. yinß Jfmost sklii eruptions, makes
smooth and healthy,
"the E. W. Co., Cleveland. O.
& downtown tictet office will be
conducted all diy to-morrow at
Bowman'g depirU Tient "tore In
m str eet, where the same prices
will be charged as °n the show
grounds. On aeiount of the Fourth
° iii holiday J a special boxoftlce
will be built in tfte main entrance to
Bowman's store/
Jilted For the Best Man,
He Weds the Bridesmaid
Scranton, July 3.—Jilted by
his fiancee an hour before the time
set for his wedd'"® ceremony, John
Parterko, of slniP son . turned his af
fections to Anna Smith, who was to
act as bridesmaid, and they were
married to-day at Simpson.
Parterko was to marry Mary Sulko
last night, but he received a note
from his sweetheart saying that she
had fallen in love with Frank Seuko,
who was to be best man, and had
eloped with him. The comely little
bridesmaid. Anna Smith, wept when
| she heard the news. She comforted
; the deserted Parterko, and then they
1 decided to be married.
Jumps Tventy Stories
to Death in New York
New York, July 24. —A. S. Ray
mond, 23 years old, a mining engi
neer of Joplin, Mo., jumped from the
twentieth floor of the Commodore
Hotel early to-day and was killed.
He came to the hotel several days
ago. A card issued by the Stam
ford, Conn.. Ijodge of Elks was
found in his possession.
Arrangements are now being
made for extensive additions to the
Middietown aviation depot. Accord
ing to plans, just announced, a per
manent airplane repair shop will be
constructed within a short timu.
In addition, it is planned to erect
several mammoth oil storage tanks,
which will be used to take care of
100,000 gallons. A storage house
will be built for carbines and chemi
will be a day of picnics. Every man, woman and
child will patriotically observe The Fourth as he or
she thinks best. Family picnics, groups of friends
here and there, and cosmopolitan gatherings at the
public amusement resorts and recreation places.
The war is over, everybody is happy. Patriotic
demonstrations are always inspiring, instructive to
old and young. But this Fourth our soldier boys are
home with us and Harrisburg will celebrate as each
individual chooses informally without parades
or prescribed orations.
For months we have been impressed with the fact
that Old Glory is respected today in every corner of
the globe, as never before. Tomorrow we will put
the Stars and Stripes over the top of every home and
then celebrate the day in the most enjoyable picnic
style, excursion trip or homelike relaxation, with
due regard for the Spirit of '76 that made possible
this glorious holiday.
Store Closed On The Fourth
Open Saturday Until Six
And Speaking Of Picnics—
The season is here for picnics. Most every train, trolley or
motor car seems to have its picnic party. The Picnic is the
Community Social Center of summer days. Everybody wants
them. Everybody enjoys them. Therefore as the war duties
are now over this store will resume the practice of holding
Bowman's Annual Picnic at Good Hope Mill
Store Closed All Day Thursday July 10th
JULY 3, 1919.
German Assembly to
Take Up Treaty Saturday
Copenhagen, July 3.—The German
National Assembly will deal with the
Treaty of Peace between the Allies
and Germany on Saturday and a ma
jority for the ratification of the In
strument has been secured, accord
ing to a Weimar dispatch to the Po-
Chicago. July 3.—Dr. Joseph Van
healed that ugly skin eruption!
Resinol Ointment heals skin irrita- Resinol heals skin sicknesses be
tiona that if neglected become serious, cause it contains harmless antidotes
One small pimple or slight blotch for such conditions,
mars the most beautiful face. A patch Resinol Ointment was originated by
if itching eczema or other skin ail- a doctor for the treatment of eczema
mcnt causes great discomfort and and other skin affections, so you need
much misery. not hesitate to use it. At all dealers.
Cleve, general secretary of the fi
nance committee of the Methodist
Church, started a movement looking
for an increase on ministers' Incomes
of from 25 to 50 per cent,
Wfyn .Hair Health
All drugffintJi; Sop2B, Ointment 21 a SO, Tmletsa S.
Sample each free of "Ouilctur*. Dept. I, Beetoa.