Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, July 02, 1919, Page 3, Image 3

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302 Pieces Of Dainty I .IP Special In Figured I I Turkish Towel]
ffl ■" iFcX \ 7 • i T\ a JSISSIrJ rl ft Popular On Hot Summer Days
Sample Neck Fixings, | Dl CSSCS At | bi Tu h r d is d h Towel! '
Special For The Fourth 1 jfcll $13.95 S f
r-r\ -j—v . i/f\ I m bleached and hemmed, 1 Jk f '& I
SOr Fiirn ffl > f Ta 38 good size, made of dou- V 1$ f\\ J
ft- m\ 5 '4 Figured voile dresses m light and me- ffl ble Terry, 35c each. \\^
, , , M W& , O dium shades; round neck with Swiss collar m Turkish Towek with rl K*\
The smartly dressed woman has a drawer- jfj j# .. , ;t L V ,i i,. 0 ;n u • m . PN _ i uriasn oweis, with (7 & \ \
ful of Neckwear this summer. Collars, R fM| trinmied with 3al lace, s,lk crush girdle to HH|g U pmk and blue borders, V &
sets, vestees, call them what you wish, but ffl match l predominating colors. Long and PP@9 W double 1 erry, 40c each. /, te W
every one gives a new effectiveness —looks m three-quarter length sleeves. Skirt with r, I 1 ] m Brown 1 urkish low- / ' p \
like a different outfit. ||| ruffle tunic, vest and short waist effect. |\ I /1 m especially adapted f / "QjizJS
Here are some of the kind you want to see. jffl A pretty summery dress of voile in the U ffi and railroad nrnVhOc ijj \f
302 pieces sample neckwear of New York's : kfl color and style you want it. With all the U jj B each "
largest houses. All clean, new desirable daintv little touches that you usually find in . IB BOWMAN'S second Floor.
organdie°alfd s'atinA'ery'speciaf fi MmXSgl higher priced dresses. Special, , 13.95. M | F j ne Georgette BloilSPsAnd
| | imVi Other models^ $fns(Mo $25.00. | * 1™? UeOrgette bIOUSCS And
1 Crepe De Chine Sport
~ Models
Awnings And Draperies Women's Union Suits, AslVellAs The Dainty
wyT' fvi For The Bungalow $2.25 oile And Organdies
Jsrf aMHB Varied in color and fabric,
fa |W - Awning stripes in tan, blue and brown; 50c, A light summer weight union, suit, beauty and every provision has been made
t A 1 toe and 60c yd. .... comfort combined. Made with low neck, sleeve- for a complete assortment of
• 4 I ■' \i \l \{ ftC All new patterns in chalhes in Persian and less of fine jersey silk vest, band top and lisle beautiful blouses for the Fourth il- -)
r? I floral designs, 36 inches wide for the bungalow knee pant; pink and white, $2.25 regular size- and the coming vacation.days. (L_
. . draperies; 25c yd. $2.50 extra size. & Newly unpacked voile blouses JT'l^
Hor THP I lllfincr lin h Olirfn Bleached muslin and cambrics, 36 inches wide ln "stouts" for the large women, f\\\// l
ror UIC WUtlllg Wll rUUILII in uscful - /llWj \k W
p. •. V • r J • 1 rr> 1 BOWMAN'S—Second Floor. ' '' H t ' alwaVS becoming to V
Sensible Clothing ror Little lots woman, laceand dainty
Simply designed in appropriate materials, they per- . SlimmCr
mit of active play. I Ollpt I TPDiI S ~ white wash skirts; colored and I 111 HI
Children's white creepers of madras, dimity and : To Kit All KtCTIirPQ . Plea . t . lngrs ' iJ a( i e trin ll lie _ d f|J\|
poplin, low neck ft hort sleevesand flatcollars, | fhdt Protect Your Skin On Slimmer edo effects ;s2°25 C to $Sk95?
hand embroidered and smocked; sl.2a, $1.30, sl./3, TUmc** <ti co • , , .
and $195 Many persons who need the Blouses at $1.50 in all white materials, dotted
. , , - ,->jo /~)/7i;e support of a well boned corset Swiss, plain voile, others with novelty cuffs and col-
Children s colored creepers, 6 mo., 1,2 and 3 years, w will appreciate the way in which lars.
in chambray, galatea, mercei ized poplin in pink, blue, /V those models give that support Link and Link light wool sweaters fitted waist
rose and yellow. Small flat and fancy collars with These are the days when a full supply of to,let with a maxim^ra of con ®" 0 P r P t ° rose. blue, salmon and all dainty shades $249
pockets and belt, hand embroidered, smocked and articles are never amiss. A full supply of Talcum \U/F II \ T7 , . r New striped voile hlom witl, SiL !.a
feather stitched; $1.25. $1.50, $1.75 to $4.50. j! ow^ r8 - Totlet Creams, Favorite Soaps Perfumes, W(TT\\ fi ®.'° P "f e a" frills with cuffs to match, rose and blue $4 50
- \ > . ./ \\ hg ure as as the slender BowMANsL Thjrd K , oor Dlue '
Children s rompeis, 2 o years, in pain an proaching and vacation days, check over the list be- // medium; made of fine AT . . ~ ~
striped crepe, sti ipe ma ras, pam an s ripe ciam low to be sure that nothing will be missing on the quality broche. IvyandßonTon BjltHinP" A'D'niirpl
bray and galatea. Rubbe_r at knee or beach style, t . * - /. makes; sizes 20 t0 36; $5.00 and YApparPl VQT tile
long and short sleeves; Sac, SI.OO, $1.20, sl.ao to . S6OO
go Face powder of every shade; 2oc to SIO.OO box. j| | pu-w. FA 1
Children's bloomer dresses, 2to 6 years in tan, M% criSS "it 25: LOUrth
and te'Ttwo pocL'ts am Se I parate bloomers to match Talcums of all the Imported and Domestic makes fnds3 $ 50 50 ' ?2 °°' ?2 ?3 '°° /'VVA wa'te^'these' 1 ' d ' P l
595 in white and flesh; 10c to SI.OO. and $3.30. • / water these .warm days. It
BOWMAN's —second Floor. Toilet waters; 50c to $8.95. . All °y er elastic corsets, also corsets with elastic '*Wk " difference whether
Sachets, domestic and imported; 25c to $5.50. inserts in flesh, good foi summer wear; all sizes; IJ p-reat snort'^ 2 swim s
Women's Silk Hosiery Perfumes; 25c to $15.00.
Powder puffs; 10c to 50c. Bandeau brassieres, front and back closing, broches Bwß '\\ that is stylish and serviceable,
C" * 1 CI OO A A CI OO Soaps; 5c to 50c cake. cotton poplin, washable satin, satin and lace com- x,\ f§!S& Jkl see our display.
Special And BOWYIAN"s —Main Floor. bination; 50c, 65c, /sc, SI.OO, $1.50 to $3.30. Bathing Suits in all-wool
~~ ~~~~* —— BOWMAN's —second Floor. worsted heavy satin and taffe-
Silk hosiery is now having tt \\ r* • /a <■ ttti • , ta ' V' 1 ' 1 ° r sleeves, in
the greatest' demand ever , HOW APOllt 2L Pair Of White , '"L\ black and striped tnmmed in
j 1 • t. xr/f/Zr //I „ , . . i !/ EwlS, Ul \\ white, while others are trim
xnown and the supply is be- \hf A\J _ Men S White HosiefV 9Sc ' '■ in colors: belted sli.p-on
coming limited. We were for- HMJ ShoeS Fof The FoUTth? M J 9 s<S and side closing, $9.50 to
tunate to have the foresight of fIR \ 1_ . . $14.50.
the conditions and supplied our ( J ust look around affj, A hose with fine gauge medium weteht Wool jersey, silk and cotton jersey and mixed jer
ctocks in advance. We are of- \WM; . and c PP i nnv v manv v .-n j -ii i - a t i u £ sey of blue, green, purple, rose, black, gray, red,
fering today as fine a lot of ot her women and tv t>ilk and silk elast c top. A shapely hose that fits. orange, without sleeves, trimmed with pretty stripes
women's thread silk stockings children -ire wear \ a a b ° e a PP e arance when wear- and plain colors of contrasting shades, one-piece and
in seconds as we have had for W fA Ah. shoes" ' ""g wh.te shoes; an unusual value; 95c. a few of the smock effects. $2.50 to $12.50.
sometime. They are extra- Thev look cool and IdAl l"'] BOM MANS ■ All striped jersey, trimmed with plain shade, plain
ordinary stockings; taking into consideration the -ir P rnnl onrl thevV? 'TmLm ' tights, belt and arm shields, $12.50.
great scarcity of full fashioned hosiery. unusually goo d- s)WSQP< Water wings, $1.50.
These stockings were made from a good weight looking too. We T) 1 „ "D*ll Shoes, both low and high; white, red, green, blue,
fine thread silk; a fine guage stocking that fits with have White Shoes, 1x01111(3 V_>rCtOnilC lIIIOWS purple and black,/5c to sl.2a.
perfection. Pumps and Oxfords for July 4th in excellent assort- 35c toTsc^ 3 '* a " C ° lorlngS ' 15c> 25c '
A rare opportunity to supply your wants for the merits. j ust thc thing for the canoe> automobile, cottage, Satin bathing hats of black and white, red and
tuture at a very low price; $1.29 pair. Moderated pnced and well made. porch or home. Cretonne always adds charm to one's white and blue and red, $2.98.
A holiday special of women's thread silk'stockings Women's Wlute Canvas pumps; $6.00 to SB.OO. surroundings and these cushions are all nicely cov- Satin tam s of black and white, red and white, and
with pink lisle tops. These stockings are full fashion- Women's \Vhite Nu-Buck pumps; $7.00. ered wJth various des igns of cretonne. Round and bl " e a, , ld re , d - 2 - 50 -
cd made from medium weight thread silk, smooth Women's Canvas Oxfords; $6.50. exceptionally well made, cotton and floss filled. Rubber bathing bags of good quality, with two
fi tmg stock,ngs m black, navy, cordovan and gray; Women's Nu-Buck Oxfords; $7.00. Pnr P d J s[ 59 and $l9B . '" P ockets on
s bowuan'B—M.in Floor Women's Canvas Lace Shoes; $7.00. | ,
Women's white Nu-Buck Lace shoes; $8.45. W n mpn'c Rdf-hincr
"" Children's and Misses' white canvas pumps; $3.00 uULK.jj
Children s Stockings an cMcbe n 's .and Misses' white canvas Oxfords; $3.50 Women's Bodices UQr
.7~ ~ I and $4.00. uyv -
X^'s^ s 'ls to , S6 2S Gen,line Whi,e BUCkSkin A light weight fine CO,ton.ribbed pink bodice A holiday speeial in women's silk bathing
white and cordovan: 55c and 65c pair. ' S, outing pumps and shoes f *"
for children, misses and women. bowuLs-m.,. r colors of attractive str.p,ngs, 89c.
1 BOW MAN'S——Mfl-in FIOOT.
BOWMAN'S—-Main Floor.
JULY 2, 1919.