Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, July 02, 1919, Page 12, Image 12

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gs Sell at Equivalent to GO
and 85 Cents a
Irclianßel, July 2.—The poputa
n of North Russia is looking for- j
rd to the open!up of navigation i
relieve a general shortage in the j
finning of the Bolshevik revolu
Xn American housewife, accus
ned to buying the little things she
sds without trouble, could hardly
Wash the affected jmta
surface with house- f-ST} |
hold ammonia or ANbST
arm salt water; then apply—■ j
fOUR BODYGUARD"-30f.60fTf150
a===dßl===^Bl^Sß[^=3nt^=inl3l^==inr===^nn===== l rii====inf=====irir====int^=lEt====3Gli====jai===aJß
July Clearing Sale I
OF i
Women'® and Misses' I
Summer Dresses i
s in
i' VK iflllfr Originally Values i
' ||i|W Up To $25.00 |
1 One special lot of fine quality Print
-1 til vv! I e ' Organdie, Voile, Net, Ging
ham and Linen Dresses to be placed on j
A) >. ( sale for today and tomorrow only at
the low price of $ I 0.00.
You'll Need A White Wash j
Skirt For The Fourth i
For the outing, picnic, boating or sport, a White Wash Skirt is quite
the practical thing. Choose it here from our large stocks of Gabardines, c
Satin and Linen Wash Skirts. Many attractive and exclusive models to
select from —regular and extra sizes. - , |
81.98 $2.98 $3.98 $4.98 to $6.98
Novelty Sport
largest stocks in the city. Smartly v /i I
styled Sport Skirts of Dewkist Silk, ~ Cm J
Tricolette, Wash Satin, Baronet Satin, T iT
Armadelia, Rajah Silk, Foulard Silk \\ / j —■ -jj
and Serges. Priced moderately at, \ \ '' ' I —'
$5 to $25 x|| |
| Blouses and Smocks for The 4th S I
111 „ ew BLOUSES of Voile, Organdie and LADIES' SMOCKS of Linene, Sateen and 111
~ Batiste, in white and colors; in atl Q O • Voile, collarless, with touches of hand em- v
ii'ii variety of smart styles, all sizes.. wX.i/O broidery; in all the djl QO to do qq fin
New French Voile BLOUSES—round wanted shades D1.J70 0>0.570
™ neck with ruffle; in white, flesh qo :
|||i and * LADIES' SMOCKS of Silk Pongee, |||i
MIDDI BLOUSES, regulation style with round neck, sash and pockets, embroid
v silk tie, in white 1 QQ to dQ qq ered in contrasting fc7 no X
| and blue *I.JZO colors 57.98 | j
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cial at. hose, extra special at, for our July Clearing Sale.
Special at,
51.29 49c $275 I
p IBIt: L M
picture the condition of her sister [
in Archangel.
One wants, for instance, to sew |
a new dress. Perhaps one may oh- I
tain the material, at a fabulous j
i price, or fairly reasonably if bought,
j strictly rationed by card. Search for
linings will prove even more diffi
cult and then one probably would
find it's absolutely impossible to buy
a packet of needles or a spool of
thread. The same would apply to a :
man who had broken his watch i
crystal, or eyeglasses and wished to .
buy new ones,
i in the matter of foodstuffs, the .
J basic elements of diet, bread and |
] meat and dried vegetables, can bo j
| purchased fairly reasonably, but, at ;
• this writing, a pound of butter costs j
the equivalent of two dollars, eggs j
sixty to eighty-five cents apiece, and
the other day. when some tiny |
oranges were brought ashore from a !
ship, they sold at the rate of $ 1.r0 i
each, and were bought up eagerly, j
Becomes Insane and
Shoots Uncle and Aunt
Mount Cnrmcl, Pa., July 2.—Be- j
coming suddenly insane Julian Pad- j
itti, 20, yesterday shot and probably |
fatally wounded his uncle and aunt, I
John and Mary Maronelli, aged 60 I
and 53, respectively. Both the vie- ■
Tims are reported to bi dying. p a(J _ .
itti was taken to jail, j J
Denies Injunction \
to Keep U. S. From
Booze Prosecutions
Sail Francisco. July 2. Federal .
Judge William Sawtelle hag denied '
the application of the Rainier Brew- ,
ing Company of San Francisco for an
Injunction restraining the United
States attorney from beginning erim
•jnal proceedings against the com- j
pany for manufacturing after May \
or selling after June 30 beer of 2 3-4 !
per cent, or less alcoholic content, j
Phila. Trolleymen
Get Wage Increase
Philadelphia. July 2. —The Phila- j
delphia Rapid Transit Company an
nounced an increase in wages of
three cents an hour for its 5,000
motormen and conductors, making
the rale of pay for men in the ser
vice more than one year fifty-one
cents an hour. New men will receive
45 cents an hour. After three
months service they will receive 48
cents and after one year tho rate
rill be tifty-one cents.
Poincare Served Beef
From Highest Priced
Animal Ever Raised
Chicago, July 2.—Word was re
ceived in Chicago to-day by Wilson
& Company, packers, that there was
served at the peace delegates' din
ner on June 28, by President Poin
care of France the beef from Fyvie
Knight, the highest priced beef ani
mal ever raised.
This steer, a product of Purdue
University of Indiana was bought by
Wilson & Company for $2.50 a
Pound at the Live Stock Exposition
in Chicago last December.
Tile beef was presented to Presi
dent Poincare by Thomas E. Wilson,
| President of the packing company.
Air Service to Have
Aerial Ambulances
' You never can tell what will come
] n e*t! When the family doctor's
one-horse buggy went to the scrap
t ] lea P and the twin six high powered
i'mousine took its place, we all
thought that would be the limit,
comes Colonel J. B. Kemper,
s the Army Recruiting Officer for this
'strict, with the news that Army
doctors are flying. Work is now
" e 'ng done on an air ambulance. So
y °u mustn't be surprised if all the
ospltals in our cities and towns in
"C near future have flying machines
I °n duty for the purpose of hustling
Pf'ients to the first-aid station.
r olone! Kemper says that a recent
successful flight by Army surgeons
I lom Florida, to Washington, a dis
. u® e of 1,360 miles, was made in
th hours actual flying. This was
e longest flight made by officers
II the niedical corps, although a
edical officer had previously made
"user trip as a passenger,
he purpose of the trip was to
1i simulate interest among officers of
e medical department in flying.
Frank Rack Will Be
Deported to Austria
' R Passaic, V. J„ July 2. Frank
I nek, of York, arrested here
I ch° ent ' y w ' ,h tllree other men on a
{ ,_ arße of attempting to organize a
i ecoup in this city, was taken
I -■His Island by Federal agents for
si eP Kp ation 10 Ausf'a as an unde
ra ie citizen. His companions were
Savage Arms Men
Go Out on a Strike
dr^ n "* 1 ' p a., July 2.—Eight hun-
I Com ,P loyes of the Savage Arms
corporation went on a strike, tying
up the plant here. The men walked
for ? ? ,_ body when their demand
n!Lf B , tiine Pay instead of
piece work was refused. The workers
neiei a parade yesterday through the
lorder* 8 district ' Thee was no dts
| Middletown
Thieves Carry Off S2OO
in Poolroom Goods l
Thieves gained an entrance to the
I Palace poolroom in the McNair
block, South Union street, early yes
terday morning by prying open a
shutter at the roar of the town and
I breaking a window. Upon investi
gation by William Skylls, one of the
proprietors, it was found that S2OO
worth of goods, money and jewelry
were taken. No clue was left.
Dr. W. P. Evans, who, with his j
wife, lias returned to town from a j
montlCst wedding trip, will move !
into their home in Emaus street, I
where the doctor will open up fot
practice next week.
The Pastor's Aid Society of the
Methodist Church held its regular
monthly meeting at the home of j
Mrs. Harry Hess, Jr., in East Emaus
street, last evening. Refreshments
were served to Mrs. John Groupe,
Miss Romaine Kennard, Miss Mary
Beachles, Miss Louella Cleland,
Miss Mary Stipe, Miss Jennie Camp- |
hell, Miss Lillian Weller, Miss !
Martha Swartz, Miss Louise Hanna, !
I Miss Mabel Groupe, Miss Mary Wise,
Miss Nettie Kain, Miss Blanche
Churchman, Miss Irene Churchman,
Miss Kathryn Raymond, Miss Clara
I Beck.
William Crown, of Susquehanna
street, is suffering with a sprained
ankle, the result of tripping over
a piece of iron while at his work
at the Bethlehem steel plant.
Mr. and Mrs. Dexter Allen and
daughter, Margaret, will leave on
Fridav for Chicago where they will
visit the former's mother for some
The Welcome Home celebration
committee met in the Council cham
ber on Monday evening and a lnrge
number of citizens wero present.
After some discussion a motion was
made that a demonstration be held
on Labor Day. A. H. Luckenbili,
who was made president, appointed
the following committee: The Rev.
James Cunningham, A. L. Wagner,
I C. B. Erisman, Mrs. H. B. Car
ver and Mrs. H. S. Roth. Another
meeting will be held at the call of
the president.
I Davis Garver, one of the mail
carriers, is off on a weeks vaca
tion and will leave for Williams
town, where he will visit relatives.
Albert Ilonsor. who had his left
- J eg, iiuak - — hft'ts' ■ > *h e
borough at the new overhead bridge
some time ago, is able to be out
again with the aid of crutches.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Hook,
who were recently married, have
gone to Columbia, where they will
make their future home. Mrs Hook
before her marriage was Miss Fan
Gross, of Ann street.
At a recent meeting of Washing
ton Camp No. 31, P. 0. S. of A.,
the following officers were elected:
President, C. G. Rife; vice-president,
R. W. Eipp; master ef forms, a. J 4 \
Wagner; conductor, David H. Rerr;
inner guard, H. S. Beachlcr: oui
guard, George Plott; trustee, George
Plott; assistant secretary. Harry
Plott. The newlv-elected officers vriil
be installed at the next meeting by
District President Homer Stricklcr,
of Hummelstown.
Mrs. William Boughter, of Royal
ton, fell a distance of eighteen feet
from a cherry tree at her home on
Monday evening. No bones were
broken, hut she v-as badly br 'sed.
Mrs. Boughter is 65 years old.
Mrs Claude Laubenstein and son,
Earl, left yesterday for Shamokin
where they will visit relatives for a
The members of the local school
board made their annual :nTectft>n
or the school buildings i'T.d some
extensive improvements will be
binding W °° d and An " " *
John Shenfeld. Sr., has gone to
Harriman. N. j„ hcre he will
tlme with his daughter,
Ti 1118 " 1 Farmer
I i m Je^%^' d a letown School Board will
meet Monday evening for reorganlt
i| WUI clect a secretary and
Urge Mexico to
Punish Men Who
Killed American
Bu Associated Press.
Washington, July 2.—Urgent rep
resentations have been made to the
Mexican government for the punish
ment of those responsible for the;
murder of John W. Corrall, an
American citizen, the maltreatment j
of his wife and the attempted mur
der of his son at their ranch near
Colonia, 27 miles north of Tampico,
the State Department announced.
Instructions have been sent to both
the American embassy at Mexico
City and the American consulate at
Tampico to urge immediate capture
and punishment of the perpetrators
of the outrage and protection for
other Americans in the district.
Conscientious Objectors
Not to Receive Medals
Col. J. B. Kemper, chief of the
United States Army Recruiting party
who is now enrolling many men
.from this district in the big pence
army, has received word from the
War Department that the victory
medal and button, indicating service
in the wur, will not be issued to
conscientious objectors, who refused
to wear the uniform or to accept
service in any branch of the Army or
to men accepted by local boards but
rejected at camp before entering on
regular duty, on the ground thai
they rendered no service to the de
partment and were never on active
duty. Conscientious objectors who
accepted service in any branch of
the Army, however, are entitled to
the medal and button.
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! Woman Gets Life
Imprisonment For
Causing Man's Death
[ Middletown, Conn., July 2.—With
j the consent of Judge John E. Keeler,
Mrs. Amy E. Archer-Gilligan, en-
I tered a plea of second degree mur
j der for causing (he death of Franklin
i Andrews, of Cheshire, May 30,
1914, at the Gilligan Home for the
' Aged in \\'indsor. Life imprison
, ment in the state prison at Wethers
| field was imposed at once,
i State's Attorney Hugh Alcorn ex- :
j plained to the court that some doubt
j might exist as to whether Mrs. Gilli- j
j gan was a free moral agent because j
, i of her use of drugs.
Scranton Saloons Do
Business as Usual
Summon, Fa., July 2. —As far as
: could ho ascertained this city was not
dry yesterday aU saloons being open
and selling iiecr and wine as usual
i while several had no hesitancy about
| selling stronger drinks. Early in
i the day Assistant United States Dis
| trict Attorney John McCourt an
nounced that the law would be en
forced throughout the Twelfth in
ternal revenue district and agents of
the Department of Justice were
busy all day gathering evidence.
j Herbert Hoover Quits
the Grain Corporation
New York. July 2.—Resignation
of Herbert Hoover as chairman of
| the board of directors of the food
administration grain corporation and
reorganization of the corporation
under the name "TTnited States Grain
Corporation," was announced at the
I annual meeting of stockholders
j here.
Rumanians Pride
Prevents Begging
Bucharest, July 2.—Rod Cross
field workers hero have noticed that
& sure Co ask your dealer for GEORGIA PEACHES
(We handle in Carload Lots only)
one of the most striking traits in the
Rumanian people is their sense of
pride. With all the misery and pov
erty of the poor, they never beg.
They are always content with what
the Americans give them.
At the distribution centers there
is never complaint, protest or clamor.
, The Rumanians are always grateful
for what they get, however little it
•may be. Probably no people on earth
i endure hunger and suffering with
• more resignation and patience.