Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, July 02, 1919, Image 11

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State Highway Department
Will Have Representatives
With Army Train
:nto Pennsylvania ; i""'
huge convoy will stay over night at
Gettysburg, resuming its westward
trj,o Tuesday morning over the Lin
coln Higlrtvay. It will probably
spend Tuesday night near the Red
ford-F"ulton county line. The com-
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Boston Garter
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A l ' '
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outings campings dances Wj J II
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plete Itinerary of the trip through
Pennsylvania will be announced by
the State Highway Department
within a day or so. This convoy will
consist of two war-strength truck
companies, with passenger care and
nearly hal' a hundred trucks of
various kinds. The pcreonnel will
comprise 209 officers and men. From
Washington to Salt Lake City the
convoy will be under command of
Colonel A. Owen Seaman, of the
General Staff. At Salt Lake City,
Brigadier General Charles B. Drake,
chief of the Motor Transport Corps,
will assume command. From the
Maryland line through Gettysburg,
Chambersburg, Bedford, Greensburg
into Pittsburgh the Lincoln High
way is in the pink of condition. The
big convoy will be detoured around
Fayettevllle, just east of Chambers
burg, because of concrete construc
tion now under way in Fayetteville.
There will be no other detour be
tween Gettysburg and Pittsburgh,
excepting one within the borough
limits of Ligonier. The Lincoln
Highway has been undergoing ex
tensive resurfacing and oiling, but
the convoy will not be hindered by
these treatments. "This convoy,"
said State Highway Commissioner
Lewis S. Sadler to-day, "will illus
trate the possibilities of truck trans
portation—as yet comparatively in
its infancy. The passage of this
big train will not, however, be a new
thing on the Lincoln Highway in
: Pennsylvania. During war days hun
dreds of truck trains passed through
! this State—not perhaps as complete
as that which will use the Lincoln
way next week, but comprising
thousands of heavy cars. The com
pletion of the primary road sys
tem suggested by Governor Sprou!
will permit similar trains to pene
trate every portion of Pennsylva
nia and will be of untold advantage
to farmers and manufacturers and
the consumers." Representatives of
the State Highway Department will
accompany the big convoy through
Join State Police—Military rec
ords figured largely in the selection
of candidates for the increased force
of the State Police in a record giv
en out to-day by Acting Superin
tendent George F. Lumb. In ad
dition to passing the required men
tal and physical examinations these
men, every' one of them, saw serv
ice, many winning distinction in in
fantry, artillery, engineer corps and
aviation corps.
In Troop A. with Greensburg its
location, are Clyde Appleman, |
Rohrsburg; Carl Black, Rohreburg; I
John Ford. Pittston; Robert Hazen,
Wyomissing; Charles H. Huber,
Pittston; David K. Hughes, Wyom
ing; Guy E. Moyer, Orwigsburg;
William C. McDonough, Philadel
phia; Stephen M. Tellep, Maytield;
Harrv W. Toewe, Ashland; Zeke
B. Walker, Philadelphia.
Troop B. stationed at .Wyoming,
includes Charles M. Brooks, Mt.
Pleasant; Lester C. Carson, Clear
field; Norman Godshalk, Norrts
lown Aloysius W. Hinnenkamp,
Harrisburg; John A. Kline, Leba
non; RavAiond A. Knorr, Philadel
phia; Philip J. Miller, Lebanon;
Ray M. Price, Hanover; Henry C.
Row, Harrisburg; Charles C. Sparks,
Everett; Joseph A. Shires, Tyrone;
Hain F. Tobias. Lebanon; Theodore
W'. Volz. Philadelphia.
Troop C, at Pottsville. has this
roster: Benjamin K. Fickes, Le
moyne: John Gallie. Philadelphia;
John J. Geelosky, ML Pleasant;
Vincent K. Keller. Mt. Pleasant;
Norman E. Manning, Indiana;
Thomas J. Mullen, Philadelphia; Ar
thur M. Raphael, Wilkes-Barre:
John J. Ruder. Harrisburg; George
H Savior, Somerset; Howard Sut
ton Kingston; Ralph Vose. West
moor; Robert C. Wallace, Parsons;
Willard Wilcox, Parsons.
Troop D, Butler. Pa.: John A.
Rover. Reading: William Brennan.
Philadelphia; Kvan Jones, Ply
mouth; Andrew JCoch, Philadelphia;
Joseph Koch. Shenandoah; Edward
J. Kohn. Factoryville, and Albert
W. Miller, Hazleton.
Columbia, Pa., July 2.—Charles
E Hook discharged recently from
the air service, in which he served
a year and a half, signalized his
return home by bringing with him
a Dauphin county bride, having been
married at Harrisburg, last week
with Miss Fanny Gross, a resident
of Middletown, and formerly a resi
dent of Columbia. The groom will
remain in the service of Uncle Sam
but not as a soldier, having just
been appointed parcel postman in
Columbia. He has entered upon his
new position and. with his bride will
live in Columbia.
Coiumhin. Pa., July 2.—Prelimin
ary work has been started on an
addition to the plant of the Susque
hanna Cut Glass Company, which
will be 30 by 125 feet in dimensions.
The same contractor will start to
morrow on extensive alterations in
a building at Third and Union streets
which will be remodeled as a branch
umbrella factory.
Lancaster to Join With Leba
non in Challenge to Play
Team From This City
The date of the annual picnic of
the Veteran Employes of the Phila
delphia Division of the Pennsylva
nia Railroad is Tuesday, August 29.
Some time before this date a chal
lenge is expected to reach H. J.
Babb, secretary of the associatioh.
It will come from either Lancaster
or Lebanon county. Both counties
are interested.
The challenge will say there are
nine better baseball players on the
veteran roll in these two counties
than in Dauphin county, and- the
challenge will be for • a game of
baseball at Mount Gretna as one
feature of the big outing. This '
game is to be for blood. A short
time ago during a visit of the com
mittee of arrangements to Mount
Gretna, some one mentioned base
hall. It was remarked that most
good basball players came from
Dauphin county, and that numbered
among the veteran employes in Har
risburg and vicinity were former
baseball stars who could "lick" any
team of "hasbeens" in the State.
A Different Opinion
This remark in plain words "got
the goat" of the Lancaster and Leb
anon vets and they are scouring the
various departments of the Pennsy
for a team to meet the Dauphin
couitty aggregation. As eoon as a
team is picked Secretary Babb will
be notified.
Plans for this big outing are as
suming a very satisfactory shape.
The general chairman, Charles T.
Jones, has been a busy man and he
promises a program that will sur
pass any ever offered. His announce
ment yesterday that Lieutenant Nel
son, of the Aviation Depot at Mid
dletown, would give a flying ex
hibition. brought much commenda
tion. Congressman A. S. Kreider
played a big part in getting this
attraction. Lieutenant Nelson vis
ited Mount Gretna yesterday and
arranged for a place to land on July
29. He will give aij interesting ex
hibition. including many difficult
The Perseverance Band will fur
nish music for all sports and will
give a concert at the opening of the
afternoon program. The business
meeting starts at 2 o'clock. At this
meetfng William • Elmer, superin
tendent of the Philadelphia Division,
will be elected president of the as
sociation, to succeed F. W. Smith,
Jr., former superintendent.
Standing of the Crews
Philadelphia Division. The 123
crew to 'go first after 1.15 o'clock:
120. 122, 117. 113, 127, 105, 126, 114,
115, 121, 119, 101.
Engineers for 105, 113, 119.
Firemen for 119, 117, 115, 114, 113,
Conductors for 123.
Flagmen for 105, 120.
Brakemen for 101 105, 119, '2) 114,
(2) 121, (2) 122, 123. (2) 126. 127.
Engineers up: Gable, Houseal, How
ard, Ream, Dolby, Evans, Ryan,
Firemen up: A. Rider, Webb, Bar
clay. C. J. Kimmich. Stitzel, Vogel
song, Blum, Brown, Kirchoff, C, W.
Conductors up: Delaney, Reed.
Flagmen up: None.
Brakmen up: Neidinger, Anderson,
Belford, Etzwiler, Dare, Corbin.
Lelghtner, Kassemer, Reigel, Clous
er, Singleton, Eichelbergar. Hughes,
Hackman, Boughter, Lutz, Killian, j
Hager, Horne, MeCarty. Swartz.
Middle Division. —The 23 crew to •
go first after 2.45 o'clock: 17, 28, 25, I
16, 15, 21, 20, 27.
Engineers wanted for 23, 17, 25,
15, 21, 20, 27.
Firemen for 17, 25, 15, 21, 20, 27.
Conductors for 23, 28.
Flagmen for 25, 17.
Brakemen for 25, 16 (2), 27.
Engineers up: Klein. Titler, Hawk,
Bomberger, Peightal, Bowers, Rathe
fon, Fisher.
Firemen up: Haskins, Mellinger,
Punda, Peterman, Myers Schofts
tall, Schmidt, Kent.
Conductors up: Leonard, Rhine,
Dotrow, Bennett.
Brakemen up: Leonard, Danner
Manning, Potter, Dennis, Forbes, Jlc-
Naight, Zimmerman. Shearer, Bitner,
Bell, Leithouser, O. B. Beers.
Yard Hoard. —Engineers wanted for
SC, 3, 15C, 18C. 28C. 32C.
Firemen wanted for 6C, 1, 15C, 3,
15C, 18C, 26. 29C.
Engineers up: Shade, MeCord, Wise,
Firemen up: Bartless, Shaver,
Dlehl, Swab Hoover, Holtzman, Rice,
Roberts, Burns.
Philadelphia Division. The 239
crew to go first after 2.15 o'clock:
221, 227, 224, 220, 247, 213, 246, 201.
Engineers for 211, 213, 220, 224.
Firemen for 210, 247.
Conductors for 227, 213.
Flagmen for none.
Brakemen for 247, 213, 246, 201.
Brakemen up: Davis, Audisill, Der
rick, Mabius, Skiles, Horne, Vogel
song, Eshlcman, Lee, Brunner.
Middle Division. —The 245 crew to
go after 1 o'clock: 103. 106, lio, 105,
112, 122, 107, 104, 121, 108.
Engineers for 103, 112, 107.
Firemen for 103, 112, 107, 108.
Conductors for 122.
Flagmen for 112.
Brakemen for 103, 110, 107.
Yard Board. —Engineers up: Hol
land, Hinkle, Bretz, Kauffman, Shuey.
Firemen up: Swigart, Kennedy,
Cashman, Milliken. White, Taylor,
Shuey, Holmes, A. W. Wagner, Meek,
Sanders, Cramer, Morris, Llghtner,
Engineers for eastbound helper.
Firemen for 140, 137, change crew,
Ist 102. Ist 104, 2nd 104.
Middle Division.— Engineers up: C.
D. Hollenbaugh, S. H. Alexander, W
G. Jumison, J. Crimmel, F. F. Schreck,"
J. H. Ditmer, J. R. Brinser. A. C. Al
len, A. J. Wagner|
Engineers wanted for 663.
Firemen up: Jay Herr, J. R. Welb
ley, R. A. Arnold, D. F. Hudson. H. A.
Schrauder, R. F. Mohler, E. J. Shees
ley, S. H. Zeiders, H. B. Thomas, C. F.
Foust. A. H. Kuntz, G. B. Huss, W. W.
Firemen wanted for 665, 23, 6293
19. 37, 601.
Philadelphia Division — Engineers i
up: V. C. Gibbons, C. B. First, C. H.
Seltz, R. B. Welsh, J. C. Davis, B. A.'!
Engineers wanted for none.
Firemen up: J- S. Frankford, J, m I
White. M. G. Shaffner, B. W. Johnson 1
B. P. Huston, J. S. Lenig, F. L. Floyd i
Firemen wanted for 626, 20. j
Railroad Notes I
Arthur German, of Lebanon, hn|l
been placed in charge of all r ®P
work for 5 the Reading in that dis
trict as chief clerk.
The reclamation committee vis
ited Reading yesterday and will
mako a report recommending the
disposition of all material not waßt
cd ut Reading and which is needed
Division superintendents visited
Reading yesterday and were in con
ference with General Superintend- j
ent W. H. KefTer on the fuel con- i
servution question.
Harry Foreman has been appoint-1
ed a special officer for the Reading,
at Lebanon. He entered upon his
duties yesterday.
Adam .Vogel. yardmaster for the
Reading at Lebanon, with Mrs. ,
Vogel. has returned from a vacation I
spent at Atlantic City and Points
Passenger crews on the Lebanon
Division of the Pennsy have donned
their new summer uniforms.
H. A. Schrauder, 646 Boyd street,]
a fireman on the Middle Division of
the Pennsy. was badly burned yes-w
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Important Announcement
N About
Which is scheduled to begin on Sat
urday, but owing to the Fourth of July
coming on Friday, which is so near the end of the week we
realize many of our customers will take a week end holiday trip, there
fore we have decided to allow our customers to come here "Thursday,"
tomorrow, and select as many "shirts" as they care to buy at our ex
tremely low prices.
Every Shirt Reduced
Except Manhattans
I Doutrichs Shirt Sales are talked about every
where but this bit of courtesy extended to our patrons and '
their friends will be an advantage worth while for those who might de
sire to make their purchase at this "Live Store" before going away We
are going to turn Thursday into a "very" busy day When you see the
wonderful "Silk Shirts," Mercerized, Madras, Percale, Soisette, Silk
Bosoms, Negligees, with collar attached, Work Shirts in Blue Chambray
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generous purchases from those who will attend this Shirt Sale.
"Silk Shirts" "Mercerized" "Madras"
"Percale" "Soisette" "Silk Bosoms"
Negligees With Collar Attached, Work Shirts
in Blue Chambray and Black Sateens
All Straw Hats Reduced Tomorrow
liir "ili- IwjiMl i "fiiTiiTi'liHil'fii ipjUHIIi IBMi THi
. ' p t T he movement over the
L "?f ys Middle Division for the
■ ' " o f June amounted to 173,919
! ca>o" it's is an Increase of 5,000
i fin i °\ er ,b,e month of May. Traf-
I „ If s'owly but steadily improving,
ov? showing a slight gain
; C| the preceding week.
There's an ntmosphero of wealth
j ab °ut this home."
°o you judge from 'the size of the
oousc, ample garage in the rear, the
; maid sweeping down the front stepg
j a „ a fiardner busy on the lawn!"
| No. ] judge by the size of the dog
I°o the veranda. Anybody who can
I aford to feed a Great Dane theso
j "fl's must have plenty of money."—
fhrmingham Age-Herald.
Bridge and Tunnel
Commission Organized
New York. July 2.—Organization
or the New York State Bridge ajid
Tunnel Commission and the New
I Jersey Interstate Bridge and Tunnel
, Commission, appointed to build a ve
; hicular tunnel between New York
I and Jersey City, was completed here
yesterday at a meeting in the office
jof the joint commission. The pre
vious appointment of the following
vas made effective:
Clifford M. Holland, chief engi-1
neer: Jesse H Show, principal as
slstant engineer; Milton M. FreeH
"I was Just about down in bed with
stomach and kidney trouble when I
heard about Natonex. The relief it
lias given me has been a blessing."
This was the splendid endorsement
that Natonex received from Mrs.
Alice Kennedy, of Marysville, Pa.
"A friend of mine had been taking
Natonex and she was feeling so much
better that she told me all about
this nature medicine," Mrs. Kennedy
explained while she told how relief
has come to her.
"Anything that I ate would distress
me so because it caused gas to form
and this would bring on a shortness
of breath and a tight, suffocating
feeling. I had such pains in my back
that it seemed as if 1 could not
stand even the weight of my clothes.
I used to be quite stout, but my
trouble has made me quite thin be
cause I could get no nourishment
from my food,
"I first began to notice the relief.
Natonex was giving mo about the
third day after 1 began to take it.
Since that time I have improved right
along. My meals no longer distress
me and because 1 know food does
not hurt me I eat like 1 should. My
' 1 '
■ stan. resident engineer: Ole
J st&dt. designing engineer; Ronald J
(Beck, assistant engineer.
kidneys have been regulated so 1
the pains in my back have gonej
"1 want to help some one else
my friend helped me by recommi
ing Natonex, so I am glad to
what Natonex has done for me.
can't expect to be cured in a
of a long standing trouble, bti
gave Natonex time and now I ki
how it will build up the system.
It built mine up and I was certa
run down."
"With your system clogged I
poisons, toxins, waste matter
sour bile." you can not be built
said the Natonex representative. "
tonex, with its Nature remedies
every vital organ, is designed
purify the whole system so that"!
ture can create bettor digest
purer blood, real nerve vigor i
bodily strength."
How the Natonex Nature remei
are designed to act is fully explai
by the Natonex representative at
Gorgas Drug Store, 16 N. T1
street. Natonex is sold by lead
druggists in every town. Be s
you get the genuine. Do not acc
pills, tablets or a liquid. The ge
ine Natonex is prepared only In
famous Natonex prescription pov.'d