Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, July 01, 1919, Page 16, Image 16

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)tfany Suspensions and Repri
' mands For Rule Violtutions
I on the Middle Division
In Discipline Bulletin No. SGO
Jtosted yesterday. 114 punishments
ore noted. This bulletin is front
•he Office of J. <'■ Johnson, superin
tendent of the Middle division and
9s for the week ending June 22.
•Only two dismissals are recorded.
j\ car cleaner lost his job for con
duct unbecoming a Pennsylvania
yallrond employe: and a yard brnke
jnun was dismissed front service lor
deeping on duly.
There were 45 reprimands: and GS
■ntspensions. The longest suspen
sion was for thirty days. An oiler
B-eeetved this punishment for report
ing for duty under the intluenee of
liquor. There were live suspensions
lor ttvo weeks each. < >no yard bruke
ynan failed to report off and tailed to
Teport it personal injury. A signal
maintainer got two weeks for sleep
ing while on duty and not being on
Stand when wanted. Absence from
iuty without permission brought a
similar punishment to a machinist,
nnd a yard lirakenian for failure to
lie on itantl when wanted was given
"two weeks; likewise a freight
krakemun for reporting for duty un
der the influence of liquor.
Causes For Punishment
The reprimands were for many
-violations including Improper regu
lation of brakes resulting in rough
handling of a passenger train: fail
ing to see that olassllleation lights
-were burning: making excessive
U X, Mt. Vernon Ave.
■Centrally located. American & Kuro
pean Plans. Kino ruts. l.xoel. table.
& 011 . rates. Bathing o tr y m Uojel. r
Furo. Flan—Hates, $1 to $::.60 dally.
American Flan —55 to $5 daily; 116
to $25 weekly.
Kiev.; eiec. lights: tel. every room;
water in rooms; private hatha
5105. N. B. KKNNADY.
\ || rnevert nlortoe of real
-U. j-. JLtcomlort witttunettvi-
Ul Vvdt 1 1 rortmertt ot distinct ndlig-
UJn ! -V ment without extravoqoitce
J •
C<H)ION( nnd MON( \ltrnotlvf l ocation
Directly on the Boardwalk. Boston
to Sovereign ave., in exclusive Chelsea
section. Capacity, GOO. Fresh and sea
water bat lis, private and public and
every appointment. Modern hydro
therapeutic department.
Ore hestra Dancing.
Auto bus meets trains. Booklet.
Ownership direction W. F. SHAW.
32nd season under same management.
(2.50 up dally, Special weekly.
Ocean End Kentucky Ave.
All conveniences. Elevator to street
level. Terms reasonable. Capacity ;:00.
I MuctisiNCOMroei MRViff AXDtwsihf
Kentucky av. & Beach. Heart of At
lanUc City. Cap SOU; modern through
out. $5 up daily, slf. up weekly;
American plan. A C. F.KHOI.M.
Scrupulously clean, electric lighted
throughout. White service. Hot and
cold water haths. s2.(>o up daily. )12
up weekly, listab. to years. Unierson
Crouthan.el. Mgr.
Virginia ave. and Beach. Ocean
view. Capacity 350. Private baths,
running water in rooms, elevator, etc.
Amer. plan, special vveeklv rates.
Booklet. SAMUEL K1.1.15.
A Ktr*i>net Aioih. Tennessee Av nr. Hrsrh.
Csp. <XI. Central, open surroundings: opp. embo
lic nnd Frotcstsnt Churches. Privat. Bytb*.
Rsccllcnt tnblc: frh ccgrtoulcs. Wmoows
•ereer.sd Whitsscrsire Bouttet. N t. It.DY.M (I
15 k 17 B. Georgia Ave., nr. Beach.
Two sqs. from Heading Sta. $1.50 to
2 dlj : $9 to 10 wky. Mrs. T. Hlckerson
AT \M;HM:KSVH.i.i:. pa.
Walters Park Inn
Wernersville, Pa.
~ The Greatest Place in *
K.Vfry Modern \|p.int
nirnl. N\ e'll *end >'"
W liomr Itappy ami health*.
Special Rate "4th" Week End
From Thursday .Inly ;trd in*'l. Nupper
To Mondoy July lih ind llrmkiaii
Si>Rlr Room for one. fKIMI
Oonhlr Koom lor 1 vso. Mil
i onvenient Tr-in Service
I'leonc MnWe IteKervntiona
Famous Throughout the
Have You Been Here ?
Plaza Hotel and Grill
On Ocean Front
Asbary Park, New Jersey
Headquarters For Auto
European Plan
Garage in Connection
black smoke; failing lo extinguish t]
headlight during daylight hours; im- '
properly marking cars; absence from {
duty without permission; faulty Iti- i
sped ion; faulty workmanship:
failing to properly perform duties; |
Improper handling of transportation; j
reporting on re lef in order to Be- |
cure leave of absence; claiming 111- I
ness and stopping off enrouto un- !
necessarily; fulling Hi report
promptly after being called; causing i
draft collisions, and overlooking I
work on a locomotive.
Local Machinists to Meet
Grand Lodge Officer
Keystone l.odgo. No. 1070, Inter- i
national Association of Machinists;
will hold their regular semi-monthly
meeting this evening*, Stephen .1
Ma honey, a members of the grand j
lodge and vice-president of tho
Pennsylvania State" Hodge. Interna-'
tional Association of Machinists, who
Is doing special work for the grand
lodge in Pennsylvania, will be at ibis
meeting, lie would tike lo meet the
rank and tile of the machinists" or
ganisation. All union machinists In
this vicinity arc cordially Invited to;
attend this meeting and meet Mr.
Railroad Notes
Prank Abercromhla, retired
chief engineer of the Pennsylvania i
railroad, yesterday celebrated his
seventieth birthday anniversary.
Harrisburg Trainmen will go to
Hobonon to-mor/ow to attend the i
picnic of Ixrdgo No. 4 3 at Rolling
Green Park.
The new telephone line for the I
running of trains on the Hobanon
Valley branch of the Reading svs- j
tern is nearing completion. I
A total of 1.000 excursionists were |
handled by Reading on Sunday, from ;
Pottsvtllo and Allentown to this city, j
The Reading Railway Company j
has received another new Mnllett |
engine from the Baldwin plant. This j
makes a total of 23 hig engines in
service on the Reading These en- !
gines haul 70 to SO loaded oars.
The next fifth Sunday meeting of ;
the Brotherhood of T.ooomotivo Kn
gineers will bo held at Olean, K. Y., I
in August.
The Reading has received equip- i
ment necessary for repairs at l.eh- !
inon, covering a period of SO days.
New hundredpound mils are
to be placed on the T.ebanon Di
vision of the Pennsy at 1/ebanon. 1
Tilese rails take the place of tho
SO pound rail which was considered ;
too ligh? for the heavy engines now
being used on this branch.
Superintendent ,T. C. Johnson of
the Middle Division has Instructed
all baggage masters to notify the
agent at the next station when there
is an extra heavy lot of baggage to
be unloaded so that he will have a
mfHcient foree on hand when the
train arrives to unload It quickly.
Kffectlve to-day all enginemen and
engine house foremen on the Mid
tile Division will be required to till
nut a locomotive weigh bill in con
nection with the movement of en
gines. The forms after being filled
nut will he sent to Master Mechanic j
I'. O. Kongy. I
durability—qualities of the
llardtnnn for 75 vcars— I
arc here m this Harrington. i
Same floor space as upright.
Without equal at its pnoc.
a 13 N. Fourth St.
Check in
Richardson & Boynton Co.
31 West 3lst Street. New York * _ • • I'■
Name ItCftting lildXl
Address Bungalow or apartment houses. churches. schocds and
ottice buildings.
*K : h "V-€ These rs * Richardson vi ftevntvMC Otc heeOWC svstcM* vW**Aed te M
s lVcm , \wur baiMtns s Scat sens K* ecetv kv*t*ow hM eveec sectww At ! H
r Rir.sw lite .vuntrv a red we can tell yaw to * cent the cowect |*e|v*lA>at*
C Carafi* H*atnv! .-f\st At wcor heating t® the entire .vet At yew NnMdcg
" lavJr\ Tk
& 05a. 1
A Sac* K* >vee It years been s*xeeeA*#e wfcenst the Seatwvt
and vXCAkiiyi t Awttva
MM aahwfhte Niikhng. Mjkll hwMsat er
Seating trade, yen SJWV.M weth T* TO take ad
canta.ee at thes rxjennve
■ life <|||||s. Tfeete are wv MMmfcl and MM heatwst MMM wade he
I %t<|§Nc Krcha.cKcn .A P.wctKw Oe. as ♦* as eeerc tcy* a* >*AS* tv 3
■ •—> TV kewwate C-aw iWw m* the fttohaetam *a.\v^
■ lawir TMMk HlMli wM MMfc, j^H
Reading Man Leaves For
West to See Big Battle
With a seat ticket for which he .
, paid $25.00, and a bank roll In his i
pocket, r'harles Norte. will leave to- [
night for Toledo, Ohio. He is a
Wlllard hacker and his ticket calls j
i for a good seat in the arena. !
! "Shorty" as he is known among the |
Heading Knllroad employes is a hox- |
ling enthusiast and has been in the |
game himself. lie has nicked a i
! number of winners in his time lie I
| selects Wlllard because he cannot
j see in Pempsey a man strong enough 1
! to overcome the champion's power
| and staying qualities, tic does not !
j believe that Pempsey will have
j strength enough to last. This en
j thuslast has been ten years with ,
. the Reading as engine inspector and ,
I resides at 111 Strawberry street.
Committee to Meet Next
i Week at Bowers' Cottage
The committee in charge of ar- '
' rungementa for the opening of the i
j fall campaign for the friendship
land Co-operative Club wilt meet next
week at the cottage of William P
i Bowers, Bosch's Run. The cnter
! tainmont committee will act with
this committee in preparation for a
big meeting in September It will
j be held in Chestnut Street Halt ami
prominent speakers from the Hast ,
and West will be invited to be pres
ent. There will be a number of .
special features and probably a Ivvn.l
; concert previous io the meeting.
nounv) titns
Post ottec hours ami post*) deliv
eries on July 4 have been announced
as follows:
Main post office and Hill station
i will he closed from lb a m. to 12 |
j p. m.
The tisual ntglit cotleetlons will
I be made.
No city or rural delivery service
•on this day, except a delivery vf
i perishable panel post matter at $ i
ja. m. over the entire city delivery ]
• territory.
w s J
Standing of the Crews
I'hltmlolohln lIIVINIIIH, Tito 134
I'ICW to ft< < llt'Mt ttftof lift OYloi'lti
lOT, lOH, II, ma, ma, I so, ISS. 117
noil lIS.
Knglnoor* fot lon , I 2 I
VllotttOH for 1 o.i, toil, lot,
t'Ollttlll'tOfK fot' llllt, tll.'l
Klmrmott fot' toni\
iiinltpmcn lot iiti ttia, ton, (i) lot,
taa. iai tat.
Mnirlno*ri> tii> Aiiiimhum, MmUki Lo
fi-vot, HtmitTnl, WltonfT, ItlnUli'V, llrotl
hooker, Mi-liWilli*, A K, MifiTt, MMII
tlltlK. I'VI, kIIOIII.
Klrohtmi no \\ \V, Itlili'f, lilohoVff,
My or*, lin lliti.v i'i, Iti'Hlloy, Mill*, t'lmk,
\V It, Klitintloli, CtiplilHM' Htit'oliiy,
CoitdiiotoO* no Hovlo, \Vl|*oo,
I4t'krltt*tt o|i MvltrlVol', t'ltrlttl,
Mowofj, fit)**, l„itlv, llll'lltoll, Nil
mm, \V, N x'rnxor, I toey, lloitlil,
soltunflor, r I. i'to\>>r, \V*ll4trr, l.o*lt
or, 110 Koiiiii, llot'oor.
Mltlillo ltl\l*lnn, Tito IN , roxx to
no nr.i ttftot i.an o'oioou; aaa, aatt,
21!. 221, 227, 21 7, 2,10, 2t. It.
lino Ittoor* wontotl for St
Mlmttntt w.iotoii for is
Hrokotoen woolo,! for IS,
Ktiolttoot* 00 Mirk Is*, Wotlllt, Itttolv
>v(illor, Alitor, t'ontor
Klrottiorx ti|i llelsl, Uitrkor, Wx-oit*.
t'otoltuTor ti|t: l.ooittit'it,
itrukomoit tto Ktt*tv Artor, Mtirry,
i\ V\ Uoor*. t'lotttitt, tlolttotltturr,
i Itotirhr, tiro**,
A txrxl 44„*tsl. Kliitlltoor* xvottlfxt
| for SC, I, l*x\ 220,
| Mirotttott for |t\ <St\ I, 4*f\ a. tltx\
I 47x\ 2tit*, 2Sx\ Silt*
' Kitftlttoor* |t; Wall*
!l'*lrotttott tt(t: ttuixloy, x'oln, tl K,
Sttiiilt, Wltormakor, Itotlir, W|toltr, Urn
not. I*. W Smith, Itotloitlutfor, t*ltntl|*,
J ot*toi, Itr.xnn, Inxtx rroo*, wttoo.
i'i,iiiiotiM* uivi*tt. Tito sat
, oroxx* to tto llr*t fltr l.tft o'eloot,.
si,x. an. sat, sta, aa*. it, so*, sis,
211. "111, 22, X. 2I. Sat, Sat, Sin. 22*
I ixtol 202,
Knttlmwr* for S2I. 2,1*. Sia, 2*l, 4IT,
Mlrooxott for 21*. 2*4, "4a. 240
! xVtt.lxtoixxrs for 21, X, 214, 20*, 22*,
I 2IS, 2x12.
I Klitxrxtxotx for txooo.
i llrnkomotx for 241, 24a, 22*. 245, 224
i t'otxxltit tor* tto Sollxr*. Klxtxor, x*ttl
I leix.
Hrakottxotx O|X xlolt*, Mlllor, Too
txixot, Wttxrlisof, M„r5„o, **>* lt*.-ssler,
I'roovlottxtx, St*."im', |i*lo\vrr*, INosile
Mltlxllx> Ulxtslotx Tit* US orrw to
: tto llrsl alter I Itx oVlox'k I2tl, 2*2,
lit, S.XI. 221, 247, 114, sat, Sl*, 10,1,
i KtxiUOoor* for 117, ml,
Brakottton for US, lit, t24,
A nrxl lltxtxx-fl Komttoof* tto I*""IS,
Mttxkle, Koxtffmntx I'M token#or, xlollt,
I SllXtoy
| Mlrotxtott tt|x: Taylxxr, fn*hitx<xn,
Slttto>, llolOo", Wlttlo, Mo. k, V XX
W tßixot, S:xtt,l or*. M'lltkrtt, CftMSI
Morris, l.ttrltloot, ll*txx'l\ UoMtx'tt,
l\txt*lito*r* for oit,t 4xxto,l 1,01 t,0r
Kimxtetx lot I*4 Ixi2, wtnlMttlSvl
' lx*l|x*r,
M t,t,l to *A* * t*t*, Kottttxorr* xto F
f Sx'hls'x'k, .* It Bruxnvt, X x' Xllotx
A J. W*#4xer, .1, II DIUMft Vx ©
Ulnok, 14. M tltoottxtior, II .lolxtxsott,
,1, XV tlxtrxt, x" fv Hvxllrtxbnttkl,
Ktx*ltxo,r* \x,xtxtx,xl tor sti.x, 41
Mtmxtro or S II Wot,tor*, II I*
Thotuns, X' K |!Vxt*t, II XX |o|t,lxot,
II r I,ook, A 11. Ilxttxtlt, I , Wl\*x>*
I TOYS x\ XV. It. A, Oixtxx. Xl, II llo A
!II Wrttllxt. U 4' Molt'.or, xl 14 11xf..,
' 41 Vxxlor. 45 V Aroolxt. H V Wxlxtrxxxi
,lot, Xx l Uxt**x4X*
I 4'trxpoxtx xxixtxtoxl for *, *2* l, I*. 41,
I •, ,tt,t*l.tx4,,* 4Alxt*4o* \'o*t4toor*
tto 14 A. Koooo.lx ,t I\AXI. 44,
SiooUfcer, K. XV S4XOXX, M, UIXKXXXX, XV xv
! 44xt, k, V. Q, xlxlxl.otx*
K4xttl4xtxx-r* xx ,xtxto,l tor *22, I* **, 12,
04r4xxx>4\ xt|x, ,4 J4. I.otxta,
I M14V44X04X XVXX4X4X-,I fxxr M'S*. *22, as,
I 22,
, \ rKMTAtNB v 8 u
Mo., ,7vtly I xAxxttxx-lH
' txx.xtx *ox4 Mrs Hx txtv S, 4(l<*tt444x4
hold a |x|xfx**,xix4 x>olrr4<t44xitxoitt for
thx- txtooxlwi • xxf tlxo SOOxIcXX *, Ix.x.xl
oI ,x .*bx xxf Mrs 11 i,x*t<x Oxl ,41 Iho 44104
: *4X\ hoixxo. vixxxxixtt Ihxx *xtxx4* XX, XV
thfx oxiaritxNl sxtlxllxxr h.xx* ,xt 4ho
. Ins* xxhxx sorx-fxl 144 Iho xx.xr, S,xtxxxtx|
Kriirxx, xjtho t* Ix.-oxo otx * tAirlxxxsah
,v ns* ox otx * thxwo *4 thx, x4l4\4Xrt I'lxo
, 44t04,X4Xx4 40oxxlx lxv 4 * SO4X, ktUrx4
sh tho :x\i.x4totx sorxxoxy Mr 4\xx|ix-\x
1 **xyx xxXOX,' of ht* 44x,
j t*riX4tr4x* lixxHtr IsAxxix x'rx|x|x|rx4
StKHt 2AX44 14x14 N\XH |s
Vxxtrtx 14wwax .Ixxlv I Mots' xlx.xtt
' JSx'xX I'.ox Iw-ftx rnX*f ,1 4hxts 4"*r AAA 4h*
IOxNXI IKXX Sxsxxtl onrX'IVXXlitX X 4 X*„* X4t
I 4XxNX44XfSfsI Xfxlfxl.XX Ixx X 'lxo irtxx.XlX ,1
: K ShxNXXs'r, TxXf vNXtxvtvxAXv \\l44 .s'xx
U4XHO (Vxr SFN-xMrtSl V4,X\ s Ix'OXF'r, x t'.xs
4XXO4X WIXXSARVR *40454 4h04 Ixo *'VN> ,'XN
to >\Ax'h 4IXO 4 txxaxk. Xfth'.LX t*
; x(ir44h4x a srooll frx**'4x\x4x of 22 |s't
1 .'Atx-I A.
Three Start in the
City Junior League
of the Swat urn Team
i &
•• •vKifc*
IA V 1
K *>''•
; •' * ' ' ' V<*
Awk jx, y" *'*■ *
L?....ysftt-.r. .
| ■ <% r ?
i t* > --*
i \
: ' -v
' 4'%
K:f • ..*
; p/
Yh* *St* s*ww i* xlw****,
>>* lv* tlnti-lv-i* \v\ \**l*lx4 UtMt*
* *I*AH x-*,v *xtltx"- *-,yv ***.*ii**>x*ix It
Y'IIAH *l* *N* ,*** xl A-TAT-V L-M Kvx'iw
. I'lA* 11*4 *<*' *}H*t**x IM ** .1
U* yl**> v\Kt<y *'l (v> Mw. sv*,***
|X*l\>l*A*\ I*AV M- TH:-- M**Y
I vs*H*yS*l*\ |t- v'tUff* -fx'-- \x|x">v"* uy
v Hxm **?£** **<*<* I txt** Ax.l tf *1 IV *******
I *Att**x| >1 vvMI HIHII *X<,*v*\ * >i(A
I I'MvAv'*' W H'*' ItV-vX n-1 V v w.v
I MttVtVvx*' v Hw >'hNIW
, M*iHaw**Xl*X yxAvi-tH* IMMW t *t*x
! KV*4 ****! wlxwsxl W H*A vv V-XIA *Y*K,
. lt*vtH|c !*** AXA***** lit* *t*\ k,
Ax'-lx XV x'UvvV , HSV vx* * rt *xx
"i#* 11 wW *
jS**tt\w*'.vv |ml \VS*- Kxv !',>. * \• V
1 \svt x***> JNNXHXH **x*r Mxxt
f*." V *U!'H4 *H XMfWhM x xf ,x*txl Ivxv
: Wx't H*xl AH If *Hf\X" x'ltiyn
x> m Vmm x, >■
I I*** ItxxxxxU
\,*.v\x r V* xxH*x x'f *x-xx
hNX4Wx >s * Vsvv4 Hx''\K'* v AWvl IV *"vx
-*** >xV.vx*H4 A.'" J**\ -, X v>
( Km V,'*x| A *.XSVH *\XV „X 1 f>xx fx ') A>>>(
v>s XV w ii\vx M-v xv UK V*i>-
I ><><rtHK v AHHUMW XI 1 hiavKX KVH Ayx
VWVV>vVHyV,v AI>1 Vvy(Htv-> "NV? Ux \xX,v
xvvlN *VA v XX Xioyv v'.o Uvv v Ny
VHVsX A <VV> VVVvxKv AyJ,\v
tiermans Riga.
as the Letts Advance
VXxixhvNAVVW .> wlx I \ v>
| XX , \VH V Hx H>Kvv vvs K * V
AHS* <Y*Vi A>'.H4 <*XX
■ yV|\V v AXVXWXM** *XI * XV
vSxiVVvl Kx \ X-< 1 v*l V WXV V IvWH
■AWXH I'XxX VVV* XX vV, V x vx* vxx vxx,>A
I V*y>vv xKiWAXa V> \>* xM' y X<v
yiwvv Ax*X -xW X(V A VWX VI
Hws. i VVVA *H >XAVvt
fx> H\y yMVH>
V vyvvxxvxxyA*vw >v4 xHv Vvxxvv Kl.'
| Wvvvivy At VA xVtHxV*! x v xv M >v <H
yy*nVv X-h x <VX * >*A ny> Vvvv
,H tIIXA SIAvWHxVHt A* 9VvX *>Ai v!x* V
[ y *S*<mv < \vv* A<M vyviHHX >>>>
xv Ax'v W y> u XVXAXH aH xt Vx <VI vv '
' \\ XVH yx^
yn*** vv, I Ax 1 MV4MSX xxt (k
HxVV* X; • W xM-x VvVxHwy x- XAxx>V v-l
t vvmvvxXA y* <mhv W yi' i i yy*h>
I yuMM v s 4xxvxa a* yy aI. a
AT V A>-
! **VNXX f*>x* A % * * wtvt x
iv< atv*H yv
hWiiviiinutoii. .in!* i y win 11 int<
• I'UlllUI! nil 1111 •It I'll.. I lIIMI II i u 111 lli'x
••'III* I I lII* 111 111 ,1 l*Ml l< IX II 11 111 l 11111 111
II 111 I IN lIMIXIIIM 11l I'IIIIM lull! I llll' I ■null
try vv 1111 lil mil II 11 ix mt • I iii hIIIM Hi*'
hiilix iii iwii mill ilii'i'ii 11mi111-• •* I'l'i
i I'lli in'i'i
liii.. i<li* i'ii! Ii limn ill x 1.111 I'm •• ii I,
it Hiii icMimil ni nil in i'l iii 11111 ii II
111 lII' LL •' I'LL I I LLLL'L' I , 1*11" LL lII' 111 III"
J lII* '*'•' 1111111 V lIM In lIII** llll' I'l' ill lill
| lIX,I 11, I (<OU I'l "f Ni A V(I I'll 111 IM ll I
nil" 1111 II |II' in I HIM I >III I 111 !>> lIM> W•■ I*
I liii I I n'l' I' ll 1111 n 111 lIM I till I 111 lll'll 111
"iilitil x*n nut lull's li<n 1111 i
linn I'lulil "ll NMilvlil
Hill ** lill" llilv IIII"" 11 ii lit I v ix
IN! I'll lIS 111 l'"l i "I IIHI'I"! I* 11-lltlx || l>
in' ('"i'ii iII M" limit I tin I "lil Mi' in' • "ll*
ll", lllillll'l', fllll ** il I'll IMM WIN Ml* ""
Hull v* 111 i">i|iii"l in itltluliv 111111 nil
111 * I'l Htt I'M II" I" ** ll"" llllllVll 111111 M
(lll** I I'l llll'l I' *ll'l II" lllllll'l, I'* "I I
miis"init*l'lltiii mi"""* **""iii ii" mi
I" Willi* 111 II lil I"I lllllii'il I'tTnM til
|i|"*"lll III""' It 11l I* 11111 I'l 111 " "lit
I Mill"
Odest Rfsidrnt of Mifflin
County Died at Lewistown
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Kill Its' III'""' I" Mmli" '>'". I'"
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Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart 1
Women's and Misses' Sweaters
In Summer's Fetching Styles ,
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Inexpensive Summer Frocks
of Voile
For l $r ot Tornu Short and in tlk h Cnintrj
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YyTj* % AVf U>MHS| V\ sh \\v U\ XxXXWx V UvV xyv fVt'x |
* i' * Kv\s\* *v>vuhs'>
:j | f $3.75. s6.xio. $0.50 to
k UxH (Vl* 'l .VM V' lildfiKxXx XV ,4| VH Iv* vA A r*x
WvAxSv \l*,v x. V v<W ' *% 0 J kA
V hkxsK 'a, AVtxi A" V V vvvv.vi V M >VV " Wx"*vW\vK
kXxNltfc N'-,*XXXV . >x * A *>V.XMI %v
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JTTT.Y 1, 1010,
I y'uiiHH'Ms I l "li'i's I'm*
H"W In"" Hi" Mill" uf IW" 111111
II""" "1111 flits |"i III" lift i in IM '• I
XI .I* t lIIIII' ** "11 111 lll'l'lllll till 11 till ft I <
1 iiiuiii III" M|I""I| i■ F Hi" "iiitilN, Iml
1 I ""Ml I lIS till 1111 tt llll" Will llll'll 111 III"
fill"! "I Mil Ifllllt I" "lll|||llH" ill"
llll'll ll III" I" III" HIII III"" ill**
l'i mil ll* win" Hm<* im*" fir iiMcit
l|" t'l'l It I 111 I' I" ll", lU'llllltlll "111 llll'l"
I" i i uf II" llllUN" lIIIW will "Hi'liil'l
|ui*"iiM" fif II SHI"mII)I I I "ii i "ill
II 111 IM i "fi" "I'llii'lil "f Wllf lllii"
l'i i,Mi""","
I Win" ttiifil H t• • I'II • f Hull Hi" M
'imnit i "III"IIi, in iii i nil""' 11"'i
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ill "M 1" I I'lltlt llt "I l'|"'l 111 llll" llll""
""I'M of II" Hilllt'liil v "HilllitII!""
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ill "III" II "111 I lII* I WlMllll "ll'll III"
sill" "f 111 l III"" ('••!* 11l IMI lift lllflf"
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Camp Hill Service Flajiii
Demobilised Tomorrow
■■ ■
l'H4lt|l Mill, I'M,, tlllll I Moulin
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I i'iilll|i Mill Will I'o ilt titiiltllliM il tut
V\ 1,1 iiiwiln \ ■ \ <IIIIIM Tim out i t Iho*
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'lnil Mill I'o*in 'il V 111 Tlio I'l'n
! M I'M 111 IM lIM fllttliVVM! lllVliMHillllli I lliv
It, \ Mi'iilll \V Wllllniimi "\inoi
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1 I iim, lon'lot Mi' 11 "iv 'l ' 11 i oHoral
'loii itiitniiiv ii il,li 'OHM, llulioil |i, i'ii
lull io|'"ioo 11 ■ Ml'illoV Kill 101 l
111 lit 11 1 I'M of I'll 111 Hi II III! V Ml lIMIIIM I in
loon hooiimilm ill " lout 11*1 Iv ii 1 1* in Mm [
m< ii wini linvo rollout i|i ■ iii ii lit t imi
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,lii Hon, Mm iiti it \ KoioiiloiUm
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''won of Viol, mill Ml Mni'iim)
K'llnill" of Vitili MIIVOH VVOIO in HI ,
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11,,., Oli'nn, M'l lull I •'
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vviMll' t'tviiitl' I" * vvook
Min (Mary Cordon Alviy
Sponiw For " Anlietaia"
lliittt Vnk>WH, Mil,, <fti Iv -ITii
nntiAfil In* * nioii i< |*,| Mi< tin,fit*
Anllo niii" I i* on, ~f Mm n#v *lil|*
•olio Moll |, |i,o 'VIIIIOM' dor fin*l
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to Mo I'm,,Mi .It'i'i-ly j niii", H*J
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lIIHmIm of lII* liti
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Co n# Or In tho Water!
D Fin©
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MttMIVI l\v Monthly*, j
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