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i Riding Comfort
Fire Talk No. 6
By George G. McFarland
"The matter of inflation," says
I aome one. "is very simple; just pump
'er up and let 'er rip." And frequently,
! all too frequently, that is -what some
f body does, and very often "she" does
l*lp. But the- thing that rips is the
t Inner tube.
The riding comfort of a machine de
j ponds largely upon two factors, the
; cushioning property, of air and the elaa-
Jttc quality of steel. In addition to
j, these elements, ithere are of course a
[fewimtnor parts' l that help to the same
lend, .such as the upholstering of the
Meats ;\but If you are reasonably careful
sof your tires and give the springs of
f thd< car half chance, the comforts of
irldmg will be fairly well provided for.
> —' jj ' -- - -
\ \ that gets you out of tight places; an instant get- S
J away is essential to safety. Probably you would 3
!3 \ not have had that accident if you had installed 'i § 1
| ;|i
;g \ If your motor lacks the power and pep it used to i 3
SSaji 5 have, install a Rayfield. It will knock that sluggish- S:
Pv| ness out of your motor, create a mightier power and , s| !
b| \ cut your gas bills at least 15 to 30 per cent, ; ig ;
■gß-fffi, Drive around and see us about it. We can tell !S i
gTj V s you in detail just what a Rayfield will do for you. ; §
Jj Federick's Garage ij j
Distributors 3 1
§r General Automobile Repairing j be j
gt Hupmobile* Service Station
a JP• S. There are special models for the Buicki Dodge & Ford, i 5
V - > ' Kissel Models ||S
7-Passenger Touring
.. '■ ?, .{. T Passenger Tourster
1 $ )jf 2-Passenger Speedster HK><
As You Would Build It
WERE yon to build your ideal car you would first inspect the cream
of Europe's designs at the salons—view the best efforts of leading
, coach makers—^visit the nation's exclusive automobile showrooms,
looking for an automobile that possesses the best features of all the custom
made motor cars.
|; ' " , •
With thirteen years of advanced engineering progress, construction
standards and body-building innovations back of him, Kissel set about to
produce a strictly custom-built car, combining in one model all the chassis
j and body features which the motor connoisseur would demand if he himself
were designing a car for his own use.
The result —the new Kissel custom-built models—now awaiting your
inspection at our salesrooms.
Literature on request.
Third and Hamilton Streets
I i
I ' t
IK - 5
k &
It is hard to lay down an absolute
i rule respecting the air pressure to
which a tire may be subjected. As a
general statement, both front and rear
i tires may be given at least 15 pounds
to each inch of section, the front wheel
being capable of withstanding as much
as 18 poundß and the rear, 20. Thus
i a 34x4 tire in the front will carry from
60 to 72 pounds and on the rear wheel
1 will carry 50 to 80. These figures may
be influenced by the style of automo
• bile construction, the condition of the
road, the weight and distribution of
the load, and the experience or igno
rance and the care or carelessness of
the cheauffeur.
Inflation has more or less to do with
resiliency, though the latter is finally
depended upon construction and Innate
quality. Other things being equal. It Is
better for the strain of the load to fall
upon the tire than upon the springs;
for If air was ever intended to do any
thing In this world outside of being
the medium that people breathe, it was
surely intended to furnish a cushion on
which automobiles might the more eas
ily ride. If you inflate a tire to 70
pounds pressure and put a load of 800
pounds on your machine, you will find
that it runs more smoothly than if
e you reduce this load to 700 pounds,
a since up to a certain limit a heavier
i load promotes comfort, just as the
r modern lowslung, close-to-the-street
3 trolley car is very superior to the
1 older high-built, loose-sounding rattle
g f trap. The heavier burden causes
g greater deflection of the tires against
, j the ground and increases the action of
1 : the side walls, both of which allow
y ; the increased vibrations to be absorbed
. by (lie tire rather than by the spring.
e But in order to epjoy the maximum
;of pleasure, in order to g ei the big,
. fluffy feeling that comes from over
[ stuffed furniture or from the old-fash
toned feather bed that our ancestors
j used to enjoy in the country, order an
oversize tire. Be careful, however, that
it is an oversize, and not just a tire
that Is a little larger. The following
table may be used byway of consulta
Rim. Tire. Oversize.
! 28x3 28x3 29x3%
j 30x3 30x3 31x3%
30x3% 30x3% 31x4
J 32x3 % 32x3% 33x4
| 32x4 32x4 33x4%
1 34x4 34x4 35x4%
32x4% 32x4% 33x5
34x4% 34x4% 35x5
36x4% 36x4% 37x5
(To be Continued next Saturday.)
' Jersey City, N. J., has a claim to
I fame, rules the Automobile Blue Book,
j The great Colgate soap and soforth
| factory within its bounds Is surmount
-1 ed by an electric clock of such gigantic
j size that it may be seen for miles in
the surrounding country. It Is larger
j than Big Ben at Westminster in Ixm
doy, larger even than the great clock
1 In, the Metropolitan Life Tower in New
j Irork City. Its dial measures 38 feet
in diameter and the minute hand, which
! weighs almost one-third of a ton, must
I move 23 inches every minute.
1 "Calamity Jane," whose fame is sung
j by a popular cartoonist (we have our |
i doubts about his vocal talent, but, as j
| the saying says), selected Rawlins, j
I Wyoming, as her weeping grounds for a I
! number of years. "Big Nose George,"
| noted holdup and train robber, was i
| lynched here after killing a Sheriff
; and his deputy. "Opium Bob" and Bob
I.acey, two more holdups, were shown
no partiality and paid the same pen
alty one night at the stock yards.
This dimmed Rawlins' popularity In
"stage struck' circles, philosophizes the
Automobile Blue Book.
According to the Automobile Blue
Book, Buffalo Bill claimed that in 1*72
the country in the North Platte vicin
ity was the greatest big game hunting
ground lu America. It was from North
Plate that he. Grand Duke Alexis of
Russia and. General p. H. ' Shetidan
went" on thhtr memorable 'buffalo hunt
In January 14, 1872.
The new Chandler touring car, which
has Just been Introduced to Harrlsburg
by Andrew Redmond, local distributor,
surpasses its immediate forerunner in
beauty of line. In bigness, in the com
fort of Its cushioning, in the nicety
of its custom-like workmanship and its
lustrous finish.
The new Chandler touring car is a
big car. Its high hood and radiator.
| Cautions Owners About Condition of Car Before Start
ing; Allows 23 Days to Span Continent; Average
Cost sllO Per Passenger; Condemns Speeding
Road Engineer, Maxwell Motor Co.
Some of the reasons why Ray Me-
Namara la qualified to advise motor
He has driven. 825,000 miles since
1003 farther than any man in
Has never had an accident.
Has never been arrested for speed
Has driven a car from ocean to
ocean 11 times.
Holds worlds one day touring rec
ord of 802 miles.
The following story of great sea
sonal interest to motorists, especially
those contemplating long trips, was
secured from the Maxwell factory
ut the special request of The Miller
Auto Co., Inc., local Maxwell deal
ers. • •
The .advice and directions given by
Ray McNamara are by a man that
knows every inch of territory be
tween the Atlantic and Pacific.
While the starting point is New York j
and San Francisco the terminus, the
figures quoted are equally applicable
on the trip going in reverse direc
"In comparing the costs of a trip
from New York to San Francisco by
rail with a similar trip by automo
bile I believe it would be a fair esti- I
mate to say that it would bo 33 per j
cent cheaper to travel by motor car. j
Railroad fare including berths and
meals for four persons would am
ount to about 1650. The average ex- I
ponse per person would approximate
$162.50. These figures would apply
to four men going direct from coast
to coast without stopovers. A
sample expense account follows:
Garage bills '$ 14.00
Hotel for four persons 138.00
Meals for four persons 207.00
Gasoline figured at 30 cents
per gallon 67.00
Oil figured at 1 gal. for every
200 miles, 18.60
Total cost for 23 days of
touring, $440.40
Average per person about ..SIIO.OO
If a drummer had to make the
same schedule by rail it would cost
about double this amount. By
travelling direct without stopovers
the trip can bo made easily at 200
miles per day in the summer time.
This would reduce motoring costs
on hotel garage and meals to a very
small amount But it Is advisable to
take your time. It is always better
to give the roads a chance to dry up
before starting unless you are ac
customed to driving over wet dirt
road. This applies particularly west
of Chicago.
Before starting on a Journey of
this kind the car should be put in
faultless condition. This will elimin
ate considerable trouble and will
make the driving easier. Take along
the right kind of tools as they may
come In handy In some out-of-the
way-place. The Maxwell Touring
bureau can furn.sh you with a list
of the proper equipment. One more
precaution—drive carefully! Never i
exceed twenty-five miles per hour
and it will pay in the long run. It !
will keep your tires out of the shop
and you out of Jail.
Choice of Routes Offered
The destination that the tourist
desires to first reach on the Pacific !
coast and the season of the yearl
which the trip is made has more to |
do with the selection of the route |
than the quality of the roads along
any particular trail.
The Sunset and Yellowstone trails
through the Northwest are good
routes, however, the heavy snows on
the Cascade Mountains renders Sho
qualamie Pass impossible until after
June. This handicap can be over
come by touring via Walla Walla,
Wash., from Spokane through Pen
dleton, Oregon then along the
Columbia River Highway Into Port
The El Paso Yuma, and Sante Fe
trails are the most desirable winter
and spring routes in as much as they
cross the continental divide and I
coast ranges at lower elevations. I
consider these routes the most In
teresting as more Indian and Mex
ican life is seen and more primitive
methods of living prevail. This is
its broad cowl and Its wide and deep
doors give it a distinctive appearance.
The back curtain window is beveled
plateglass. The clear-vision side cur
tains fit snugly and open with the
doors. There are detachable rear
quarterbow curtains. There are out
side door handles.
The new series Chandler four-pas-
more true of the Santa Fe trail than
of the others.
The Lincoln highway or central
route Is undoubtedly the most popu
lar and the more travelled trail of
all, as It follows a more densely
populated section of the country.
Starting from the Atlantic coast
there are three well travelled routes.
The New York and Boston routes
come together at Albany then via
Utica and Syracuse to Buffalo. An
other very desirable route from New
York goes byway of Blnghamton
and Elmira and Joins the above
route at Buffalo then via Erie and
Cleveland to Chicago. The Lincoln
Highway from New York Is in ex
cellent shape. The only poor roads
are from Pittsburgh to Canton, Ohio.
The roads through Illinois are
mostly dirt. From Clinton, la. to
Omaha there are a few short stretch- |
es of brick and gravel but mostly ;
dirt. Through the western part of i
Nebraska there is a little sand. In I
j Wyoming there are natural dirt and
gravel roads. Passing through Utah I
it is mostly natural dirt and rock |
roads with a stretch of concrete
pavement out of Salt Lake City.
The route leads around the south
end of Salt lake where almost 100
j miles of dirt fiats are crossed.
| Through Nevada many mountain j
I ranges are crossed at very high altl- i
| tudes and the trails are very rough |
land rocky. From Ely Nevada to San j
Francisco you will find the road well ;
marked thanks to the California j
State Automobile Association. From
Ely and "Goldfield, to Los Angles the
trail is superbly marked to your des- j
tination. The Southern California j
Automobile club deserves much
credit for thousands of enamel guide
If further information is desired in
the form of road logs, equipment to
be carried, advice as to the best
stopping off places etc., The Miller
Auto Co., Inc., local dealer spill as
sist you in securing additional data.
Ever hear that noise ai
an automobile is passing?
Yes? Well, that's caused
by the tread being loose on
one of the tires and evi
dently the owner doesn't
know that by having that
same tire
he can save himself the
] price of a new tire. Hav
ing a tire retreaded is the
one sure way to get many
more miles of service from
it and to save a good many
We are fully equipped to
do all kinds of
Satisfaction Guaranteed
205 S. Seventeenth Street
i jS
senger roadster.- with Its striking new
design of high hood and radiator, bids
fair to surpass even its own previous
record of popularity. Public demand
for this model has increased steadily;
evidencing so keen an approval of Its
commodious and graceful body design
that no alteration of seating arrange
ment has been made.
' Brigham, Utah, is noted for Its
peaches. (Fruit, interprets the Auto
mobile Blue Book). In summer peach
trees almost completely hide the town
from aloft. Their growth is luxurious j
because irrigating ditches run the en
tire length of every street. Since 1907,
Brigham has celebrated Peach Day
early in September, when free peaches,
i plums and melons are given to the j
thousands of visitors to the town.
In the geographical center of the Bad
Lands in Medora, 'N. D. Every turn in
the rail brings to the eye another
phantasmagoria of buttes, covered with
burned clay, other buttea oovered with
green trailing cedar, others with petri
fied wood and others with grass on j
which stock feed during the winter.
These strange formations have been
caused by the burning of coal. Changes
in the formations are taking place to
day as they have been for thousands
of years.
Ask an Owner
A MOTOR TRUCK represents an investment in hauling equip
ment. The truck that does the work year in and year out at
the lowest cost proves to be the best investment. Ask any owner
of an International Motor Truck and he will tell you the Inter
national .cuts the cost of hauling down to the lowest practical
International first cost is low because of quantity production. Quality
is maintained at a high standard because every important part of the truck is
manufactured and each truck assembled in one great factory under centralized
supervision. Every lot of material of every kind is subjected to the most
rigid tests, and unless it passes those tests it is discarded. No inferior ma
terial or workmanship gets into
These things are done because the International Harvester organization
is building not alone for the present but for the future. We want every
International Motor Truck owner to feel that he has the best truck he can
buy and to be able to prove it at any time by any fair test that can be sug
gested or proposed.
Some day you will buy a motor truck. If you are the kind of a man that .
is not satisified with anything but the most economical truck for hauling and
delivery work, drop us a line, call up, or come in and see us. The more you
know about motor trucks, the quicker we can convince you that the Interna
tional is a mighty good truck to own. There is a style and size to meet al
most every hauling requirement.
Crispen Motor Car Co.
Salesroom / Service Station
103 Market St. * 27 N. Cameron St.
JUNE 28,1919.
A complete equipment for all kinds of
retreading: and vulcanizing work, to
gether with first class mechanics and ma
terials, enable us to assure you the utmost in these lines. We
guarantee perfect work. Let us show you.
We Sell
Every kind of tire equipment
Goodyear Firestone Goodrich Tires
Dauphin Tire Service Co.
206 N. Second St. Phones. Harrisburg
| Satisfaction in the ownership of an anto-
I 1 1 , mobile depends upon the riding qualities,
IBP 1116 aPPearancc and the economy In operw
flwm aon '
All three of three qualities are to be
Every Ameri- found in a large number of can cm the
can bears the market to-day, but none to such a mark
personal O. K. Ed degree as in the American Six.
of Louis Chev
rolet on the in- The American Six is the last word In
side of the dash motordom, its looks are instantly appeal
—it is your ing, its riding quality is superb, and its
guarantee of no- economy will satisfy anyone. It is truly %
pre mo quality. balanced six.
American Auto Company
Sales and Service
Rear Second and Forster St., Hamsbnrg
DeD 2550-J. a A. Slough, Dial MK.