Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, June 28, 1919, Image 16

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    ■■ """ *L■ ■ ■■"■■ ——in iiiii iiin— i*■ i ggg
Ten of the Many Reasons Why the
is YOUR Opportunity
1 Good Pay and Money In the Bank of (see list below). Thus, when your enlistment } ll a ' >aiiailla ' Hawaii? and the
Because you get food, clothing, living quarters, expires, you have laid the foundation for hllippiiies.
medical and dental attention FREE. The SUCCESS in life. ft ?> *• j a j
present rate of pay starts at S3O a month— Cj Character Building romotion and Advancement
mostly profit. Can your present job show *1:1 rr x Because there is ample opportunity for pro
youthisprofit? It means money in the bank, , . nothing like:army life tostiffen motion with increased pay to grades of Corporal
if you are thrifty. 5 backb °"*' hl ™ ">" Sergeant and in the Non-Commissioned Staff
. .. _ _ power, and respect for himself, his fellow-men o i" r * j • \
2 Life in the Open Air and his country. The good soldier develops mi^Mheri 1 ? men are sent to West Pomt, j!
Because you spend most of your time out-of- qualities of leadership. re commisslone rom the ranks.
' doors, becoming toughened and strong, browned fi Rndv anrl
by the sun, as fit as a fiddle and sound as a nut. ? DUllding Ymir huddle E • A + i. j ! :
You sleep well, eat well, and feel well every Because m the Army you get a wonderful Your buddies become your friends, staunch and ; ,
minute. physical trammg. The outdpor work builds true, fellows who stick to you through any-
I O C R J strong bodies. Athletic sports are encouraged. thing. You will form no finer friendships all
3 Free Education Skilful doctors look after your health, keep your life than those you form in the Army. The
| Because, while Uncle Sam gives you your living your teeth in conditi n and protect you against soldier's profession is honorable and respected.
and pays you well, he aiso provides schools in disease. 1A T *l% . J d *.•
which you can learn nearly anything, if you 7 s r nrtx ; ark nrt J e 1U Llbert y and Kecreation
take advantage of your opportunity. ® . Because you have ample freedom and many
4p . . • • Qi Irn ■ H nc l e Sam ™ aintains an army in many parts special privileges. You have club rooms to
Free Training in a Skilled Trade of the world and YOU CAN CHOOSE rest in, play athletic games go to shows
Because in the Army you are given opportunity WHERE YOU WOULD RATHER GO. meet agreeable people, including lots of nice
to learn almost any skilled trade you can think 50,000 now going to France; others to Alaska, girls. Men, it's a great life!
1 £ rwri
■ Fifty Thousand Wanted Right Now
for France and the Rhine
If the ba " lef j el <k of France. nd the wonderful Rhine valley,' low wages during your apprenticeship, or else go to a trade school • and in
I enlist TODAi, because Uncle Sam is sending 50,000 replacement troops to both these cases have to find yourself while learning. Uncle Sam gives
Europe at once. The boys are coming home, and although many are re- you your living, gives you the opportunity to learn a trade and pays you
enlisting because they like army life and WANT TO GO BACK, there is real money at the same time. And when you complete your enlistment and
vr°rT™ y Dc r A cr U ;u' f J?u waste no time to "get across" and HELP obtain your discharge, you find yourself a trained man if you have made use of
KEEr IHE FEALE that the great A. E. r. has helped to win. Or, if your opportunity, and your services will be in demand wherever skilled men
you prefer, you can enlist for service with the flag m Hawaii, Philippines,' are employed. Among these skilled trades are the following:
Lnoose Your Branch or the Service telephone repairing baking and cooking masonry
The United States Army is made up of thirteen distinct branches, as follows: WIRELESS TELEGRAPHY PHOTOGRAPHY (Acetylene and Electric! 1
Infantry, Cavalry, Field Artillery, Ordnance Dept., Medical Dept. (including DRAFTING ELECTRICAL WORK AIRPLANE MECHANICS
Veterinary Corps), Coast Artillery Corps, Signal Corps, Tank Corps, mfrrn NC LITHOGRAPHY PLUMBING
Air Service (including Balloon Corps), Motor Transport Corps, And ■ other*
Quartermaster Corps, Corps of Engineers, and Construction Division. Liberty and Recreation
Find out wliat each of these branches offers you in pay and experience, then • n u • „
suit your own taste. Men of skilled trades are wanted. Men who have not TH* C IJ- , /R^ 1 ? 1 E A . USIN " S WLT K hours for work and hours of freedom,
yet learned trades are also wanted, and selected men will be given thorough C ° ri C eFS ' smo^ es ' P^ a Y s baseball, pool, football or
instruction in trades of their own choosing. Earn while you learn. • 1 ? 0F arr^ e e1 s ' £°f s *he movies, or theatres; calls on his
it ne has one—m fact, does about as he likes. Being in uniform his self-
Vocational Training in the* Armv resp as w^n as the , rules of Service deman <*s that he conduct himself as
V ocauonai I raining m ine Army a soldier and a gentleman. He has no difficulty in obtaining permission to
Fits YOU for Success leave the camp or post at proper times, and he may obtain leave when his turn
.... . . comes. He meets agreeable people, including lots of nice girls, at Hostess -
Oppose you are a young man looking about you for a trade as a stepping Houses, etc. He goes to dances, if he wants to. In fact, he usually has a
stone to success in life. To learn such a trade you must either work for very better time then a civilian, i
Call the nearest recruiting station and ask all the questions you wish. You incur not the
slightest obligation by doing so. Courteous non-commissioned officers will cheerfully tell you
wha t you want to know and give you printed matter that you can look over at your home.
e^se do you want to know? This advertisement tells only
a PaT * S *° reS * toda y- Don't delay. Act now! ill
/ United States Army Recruiting Offices In Harrisburg District
I Main .Station 325 MARKET STREET, Harrisburg, Pa., Auxiliary Stations at 'I
623-525 Hamilton St. Memorial Square. 48 N. Queen St t - or ' Norwegian and 30 s Main St
IB'. 1306 Eleventh Ave. 300 Main St. 725 Cumberland St. 510 Penn St."' 9 W. Market St.
m • v
JUNE 28, 1919.