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Special Services to Mark St.
Matthew's Lutheran Fifth
Dedication Anniversary
Sunday. June 29, will be the occasion
of the fifth anniversary of the dedica
tion of St. Matthew s I.utheran Church,
and It will be observed throughout the
The speaker for the morning services
will be the Rtv. H. H. Weber. 15. 15..
of York. Dr. Weber is secretary of the
Board of Home Missions and Church
Extension of the United Lutheran
Church of America and has been pres
ent at each of the anniversary occa
sions of the dedication.
The evening services will be me
morial. In connection with these serv
ices two bronze memorial tablets will
be unveiled, and other memorials to be
put in place later will be announced.
The program for the day follows:
9.45 a. m., Sunday school; demobili
sation of Service Flag; solo, "A Song
of Liberty." Miss Esther Stenn.
II a. m., anniversary services; an
them. "Sing Unto the Lord;" morning
service; anniversary sermon, the Rev.
H. H. Weber. D. D.; anthem, "The Lord
Is My Strengthannouncements; of
fering ; hymn; benediction.
7.30 p. m., evening service ; hymn ; J
evening service; Shepherd Psalm; un-j
veiling of Zion memorial tablet; ad- j
dress, Dr. Croll Keller, of Zion Luth
eran Church; unveiling of memorial j
tablet; address, the Rev. H. C. Hollo-1
way, D. D.; anthem, "No Shadows
Yonder;" memorial tributes, the Rev. |
E. E. Snyder, pastor ; hymn ; announce- i
merits ; offering ; doxology ; benediction, i
M. S. Shotwell Had Been Mar- j
ket Square Presbyterian
Deacon Since 1887
The deacons of Market Square Pres
byterian Church met and reorganized
on Monday evening. John I?. Patrick
was made president and John R. Henry,
secretary-treasurer. The former presi
dent. M. S. Shotwell, has been a mem
ber of the board since its creation in
1S87; and has been the presiding offi
cer for a great many of these 32 years.
Last. Sabbath night a large congre
gation of people gathered "on the bank
of the river" to enjoy the opennir wor
ship. Weather permitting, a similar
service will be held to-morrow evening.
Chairs arc provided for several hun
dred people. Benches are available.
Then there is always "standing room"
out of doors.
On the Fourth of July at 7 o'clock;
a union prayer service will be held in I
Market Square Church. This custom I
runs back through many years. Nine ]
of the downtown churches will parti-!
cipate, and all of the remaining Pres-!
byterian congregations will send their
The gummeir communion will be held j
July 6. Services will be held Wednes
day and Friday evenings in preparation.'
New members will be received at the ]
time of the communion.
Dauphin Odd Fellows to
Hear Anniversary Sermon
The Odd Fellows Lodge of Dau- '
phin in celebration of the one hun- I
dredth anniversary of the organiza- J
tion will meet Sunday evening and '
attend religious service in a body i
in the Methodist Episcopal Church
when the sermon will be preached
by the pastor, the Rev. George L.
Schaffer. Special music will be
rendered by the choir.
That the church is being treed at the
judgment-seat of her own conscience
and that of the world many of her
enemies and friends freely concede. In
connection with this on Sunday at 10.45
a. m. in Park Street United Evangelical j
Church the pastor will preach on the
old text, "For the time is come that
judgment must begin at the house of
God." At 7.30 another timely topic
will be treated, "Becomingly Celebrat
ing a Two-Fold Deliverance."
The Holy Communion Will
Be Celebrated Tomorrow
Bethlehem Lutheran Church
Green and Cumberland Streets
Rev. J. Bradley Markward, D. D., Pastor
The Hours of Service are: 11 A. M. and 7.30 P. M.
After the morning service the Sacrament of Baptism
will be administered to Children.
————"The Church With The Chimes" ~
The Lord's
HOLY COMMUNION will be cele
brated at 10.45 tomorroAV morning.
Baptism of infants at 11.00 A. M.
Arrangements have been made to enter
tain the small children Avhile the parents
observe the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper.
Sunday School at 9.45 A. M.
Dr. Herman is preaching a series of
sermons each Sunday evening at 7.30
'. M., touching the spiritual and moral
"'fare of humanity.
Zion Lutheran Church
Sooth Fourth St., Near Mnrkct
S. W. Herman, D. D., Pastor.
Market Square—The Rev. George
Edward Hawes, D. D.; the Rev.
Howard Rodgers, assistant. 11, "The
Life Which Meets the Best Expec
tations." Evening service in River
Park, weather permitting, "An
Evening With Jesus."
Covenant The Rev. Harvey
Klaer, pastor, will preach at 11, the
Sacrament of the Lord's Supper,
! and at 7.30, "Playing With Fire";
j Sunday school at 9.45.
} Bethany—The Rev. John Martin
! Warden, pastor, will preach at 7.30,
I "The Crown of Life"; Sunday school
! at 9; C. E. at 6.30.
| Westminster The Rev. Henry
W. Miller, pastor, will preach at 11,
"Conscience, a True and False
Guide." and at 7.30, "An Empty
Reign"; Sunday school at 9.45; C.
E. at 6.30.
Calvary—The Rev. J. H. Gcli
man, pastor, will preach at 10.15,
"Lot's Wife," and at 7.30, "In the
Garden"; Sunday school at 9; C.
E. at 6.45.
Capital Street—The Rev. E. M.
Ward, D. D., pastor, will preach at
10.45, "A Name and Its Signifi
cance"; and at 8, "The Sources of
Power Discovered"; Sunday school
at 12.15; C. E. at 7.15.
Immanuel—The Rev. H. Everett
Morning, 10; Sabbath school, 11.15;
C. E., 6.30; evening, 7.30.
Redeemer —The Rev. M. E. Shaf
e<r, pastor, will preach at 10.30,
"The Severest Demands of Jesus."
and at 8, "The Story of tho Stars
and Stripes," illustrated.
Trinity, Camp Hill—The Rev. E.
D. Weigle, pastor, will preach at
10,30, "The Gospel a Banquet," and,
at 7.30, "An Era of Child Welfare"; j
Sunday school at 9.30; Luther
League at 6.30.
Messiah—The Rev. Henry W. A.
Hanson, D. D., pastor, will preach
at 11, "America's Greater Need," '
and at 7.30, "The Hand That Was |
Ineffective Because the Heart AVas
Wrong"; Sunday school at 10. i
Shiloh, Riverside—The Rev. E. |
E. Snyder, pastor, will preach at
3; Sunday school at 2.
Trinity—The Rev. R. L. Musen
helder, pastor, will preach at 11.15,
"Grieving the Holy Spirit," and at
7.30, Children's Day exercises; Sun
day school at 10.
Augsburg—The Rev. A. M. Stn
mets, pastor, will preach at 10.45, j
"When Baptism Was Instituted," \
and at 7.30, "Righteousness Exal- j
teth"; Sunday school at 9.45; Inter- |
mediate and Senior C. E. at 6.30.
St. Paul's—The Rev. William Moses, i
Preaching at 10.30 and 7.30; 9.45, Sun
day school.
Progress—The Rev. J. M. Wag- j
goner, pastor, will preach at 7.30; |
Sunday school at 9.30; Jr. C. E. at
6; Sr. C. E. at 6.30.
Linglestown—The Rev. J. M.
Waggoner, pastor, will preach *at
10.30, "Our Returned Soldier Boys";
Sunday school at 9.30.
Penbrook—The Rev. S. W. Good,
pastor, will preach at 10.30, "Walk- j
ing in Christ," and at. 7.30, "The •
Sacrifice of the Will"; Sunday school j
at 9.30; C. E. at 6.40.
Fourth Street —The Rev. William !
N". Yates, pastor, will preach at 11, I
"The Real Issue," and at 7.30, "The
Sins of the Saints"; Sunday school
at 10; C. E. at 6.30.
Maclay Street—The Rev. Dr. Wm.
S'. Houck, pastor, will preach at 11,
"A New Creature," and at 8, "The
Cost of a Lie"; Sunday school at
9.4 5; Jr. C. E. at 6; Sr. C. E. at 7.
Nagle Street —The Rev. Elmer E. I
Kauffman, pastor, will preach at j
11, subject, "The Importance of i
Child Conversion," and Sunday
School at 10; Junior C. E. at 6;
Senior C. E. at. 6.45; 7.30, Children's
College Day services.
Green Street —The Rev. H. S.
Hershey. 10.45, "Loyalty"; 7.30,
"Demobilization of t.he Service
Flag." Mrs. Ley will conduct a pa
triotic service. 9.45, Sunday school.
A. M. E.
Harris—The Rev. R. L. Briscoe,
pastor, will preach at 10.30, "Re
ligion," and at 7.30, "AVorship"';
Sunday school at 1.30. At 3 the
Rev. AA r . A. Flamer, of Middlctown,
will preach.
Bethel—The Rev. C. C. Dunlap, of
West Chester, will preach at 10.45 and
7.45. Dr. B. AV. Arnett, pastor.
i Zion—The Rev. S. Winfleld Her
man. 10.45, reception of members
i and Holy Communion; 7.30, "A Safe
Guide in Perilous Times"; 9.45,
Sunday School.
Christ—The Rev. Dr. Thomas
Reisch. Holy Sacrament of the
Lord's Supper; services, 6.30, 11, and
Saint Michael's—The Rev. Rein
hold Schmidt. Preaching, 10.00,
j 7.30; 11.15, Sunday School,
j St. Mark's, Mechanicsburg The
Rev. H. N. Fegley, D. D. 9, Bible
; School; 10.30, "The Nature of The
I Two Opposite States of Men"; 6.45,
' L. league; 7.30, Vespers.
| St. Peter's, Highspire—The Rev.
[Ernest L. Pee. 10.45, "The Great
: Supper"; 7.30, "The Call of Mat
ithew"; 9.30, Sunday School,
j Memorial—Rev 1.. C. Manges. Com
j munion ; 10, Sunday school; 9.15, men's
;11, Holy Communion; 7.45, Holy Cora
j pdayer meeting; 5.45, Luther League.
1 Holy Communion—The Rev. John
j Henry Miller, 10.45, "Men for the Min
; istry," by Dr. Bouslin ; 7.30, "Excess ;"
I 9.30, Sunday school.
Calvary—The Rev. Edward H. Paar.
11, "Come, for All Things Are Now
Ready;" 7.30, "The Believer's Blessed
ness; 10, Sunday school.
Epworth—The Rev. Homer Knox,
pastor, will preach at 11, "Prayer
Unites Human Energy and Divine
Potency," and at 7.30, Memorial and .
Patriotic service; Sunday school at
Fifth Street—The Rev. Edwin A.
Pyles. 10.50, "Hidden Springs";
| 7.30, "Demobilization of the Service
! Flag"; Sunday school at 10.
; Riverside—The Rev. George Mur
l ray Klenfor, pastor, will preach a*.
111, "The New Vision for the New
I Day," and at 8, "The Young Man's
I Patriotism," one of the series of
j Sunday night talks to young men;
! Sunday school at 10; Epworth Lea
! gue at 7.'
! Dauphin—The Rev. Geo. L. Sehaf
i fer, pastor. Sunday school at 2; j
| sermon to the Odd Fellows at 7.30.
!At Heckton, Sunday school at 2,
preaching at 10.30.
Harris Street—The Rev. A. G.
Flexer. 9.30, Sunday School; 10.30, |
"The Christian Way of Settling Diffi
culties"; 6.40, C. E.; 7.30, "The Ac
complishment of Christianity.
Penbrook —The Rev. W. E. Pot
; tieger, assistant, the Rev. W. S. Har-
I ris. 10.30, celebration of the Lord's
Supper; 9.30, Sunday School; 7.30,
I "The Great Mystery of Godliness";
6.45, Keystone League.
Sixth Street—The Rev. W. E. Pot-
I tieger. 11, sermon and celebration
of the Lord's Supper by Presiding
| Elder, the Rev. J. Willis Hoover; 10,
j Sunday School.
Park Street —The Rev. A .E. Han
! gen. 9.30, Sunday School; 10.45,
"Judgment Beginning at the House
of God": 7.30, "Celebrating a Two-
Fold Deliverance."
First—The Rev. William J. Lock
! hart. 10.30, 4th in series on "Expo
! sition of Epistle of Jame's"; 7.30,
j "Impossible With Men, Possible
With God"—illustration number;
1.1.45, Bible School.
Market Street—The Rev. W. S. ]
IDunlop. 10.30, , "The Growing'
! Church; 7.30, "The Message of the |
Bible"; 11.30, Sunday School.
Second —The Rev. Albert Josiah
Greene. 10.30, "The Christ of His
tory"; 7.30, "The Unconscious Loss";
12. Sunday School; 6.30, B. Y. P. U.
j Tabernacle The Rev. Garvin.
9.45, Sunday School; 11 and 7.30,
i preaching; 6.45, Young Peoples]
I Meeting.
Mt. Olive—The Rev. ,T. H. Garner. |
J0.30, preaching; ,2, Baptism; 8 j
Lord's Supper.
Otterbein—The Rev. S. Edwin Rupp.
11, "Our Divine Citizenship;* 7.30,
"Contentment;" 9.45, Sunday school.
First—The Rev. W. E. Daugherty.
11, "The Beautiful Deed;" 7.30, "Meet
ing Emergencies;" 10, Sunday school;
6.45, Christian Endeavor.
Derry Street —The Rev. J. A. Lyter. I
11, preaching; 7.30, preaching; 9.50,
Sunday school.
Sixth Street —The Rev. J. Owen
Jones. 10.30, "As Also I have Con
quered;" 7.30 cantanta, entitled "Heirs
of Libertyl.4s, Sunday school; 6.20,
Christian Endeavor.
State Street—The Rev. H. F. Rhoad.
10.45, "My Father's Business;" 7,30,
,"The Backslider;" 9.30, Sunday school;
6.30, Y. P. S. C. E.
St. Paul's Communion Service;
Thanksgiving for Peace; 9.45, Sun
day School; 10.30, Children's Litany;
11, Pesu Service and Parish Rally,
choir and orchestra, subject. "Cour
age;" 8, Popular musical service.
The Church of the Holy Cross—
The Rev. Willoughby M. Parchment.
Meeting at 10.30; Holy Communion
at 11; Sunday School after service
Evening Song at 8.
St. Andrew's—The Rev. Henry A.
Post. 8, Holy Communion; 9.45,
church school; 11, morning prayer,
"Remembering Heroes;" 7.30, evening
prayer, "St. Peter."
Second—The Rev. Alfred Nevin
Sayres. 11, "The Greater Independ
ence"; 7.30, "Reverence"; 9.45,
Sunday School; 1.30, C. E.
St. John's—The Rev. Clayton H.
Ranck. 11, quoted nature sermon,
"The Hills"; 7.30, "Lord Out of
Evil"; 9.45, Sunday School.
Fourth—The Rev. Homer Skyles May.
10.45, "The Church at Work and God
in Her Midst;" 7.30, "Our Fellow
ship;" 9.30, Sunday school; 6.30, Young
People's Service.
Lemoyne—The Rev. Ira P. Har
baugh. 9.30, Bible School; 10.30,
the Rev. C. W. Clark, engaged In
war Y. M. C. A. work In Harrlsburg, I
will preach; 7.45, "Ruing a Bad
First—The Rev. Ira Boyd Wenger.
11, "Meeting God Face to Face":
7.45, "No Other Gospel"; 10, Sunday
Gospel Ha 11—9.30, Sunday School;
10.30, "Breaking "of Bread:" 7.30,
Gospel preaching.
Christian and Missionary Alliance—
The Rev. W. H. Worrall. 9.30, Sunday
school; 10.30 and 7.45, evangelistic
The Rev. Wm. K. Conner. 10,
Children's Day services, address by
L. Elmer Lease, of York; C. W. M.
at 6.45; preaching at 7.30.
First Church of Christ. Scientist—
"Christian Science," morning at 11
and evening at 7.30; Sunday.School,
11. *
Many From Church Plan to
Attend Eaglesmcre Epworth
League Conference
Dr. Robert Bagnell, pastor of Grace
Methodist Episcopal Church, will
preach on "Der Tag," a Fourth of July
sermon, at 10.30 o'clock Sunday morn
ing, and in the evening at 7.30 o'clock
on "The Lure of the Unknown." The
Grace Church chorus choir, under the
leadership of Prof. John W. Phillips,
will repeat some anthems by request.
The various departments of the
graded Sunday school will meet at
12.10 and the Review Lesson will be
taught by specially selected persons in
each department.
The Epworth League held its last
service last Sunday evening before
closing for the summer months. It
will start again on the second Sunday
of September. The Epworth League
this year will send at least fourteen
delegates to the Epworth League Insti
tute of the Central Pennsylvania Con
ference, which will be held at Eagles
Mere., Pa., July 7, with headquarters
at the Forest Inn. Last year only two
delegates were sent
Through the strenuous efforts of
Charles W. 8011, president of the
Harrisburg District Epworth League,
and Miss Miriam Brown, president of
the Harrisburg Eagles Mere Booster
Club, the Harrisburg district this
year will send between sixty and sev
enty delegates, and Harrisburg city
will send more delegates this year than
the entire district sent last year.
The Fourteen Grace Church Epworth
ians who have registered to attend the
confero#ie this year are: Charles W.
8011, William Ray Chapman, Carl B.
Staner. Robert AV. Crist. Francis Paul,
Miss Martha A. Lawton, Mrs. Elmer
E. Lawton, Miss Adeline S. Paul, Miss
Marian H. Towsen, Miss Hazlebell
Brown, Miss Harriett Stoner, Miss
Emily Sites, Miss Dorothy A. Heck
man and Miss Elizabeth Heckman.
Others are expected to go as well.
Many Persons to Join Stevens
Memorial M. E. Church;
to Hold Reception
A large class of new members will
be received to-morrow morning at 11
o'clock, in .Stevens Memorial Metho
dist Episcopal Church. Following the
reception for new members, the Holy
Communion service will be conducted
by Dr. Clayton Albert Smucker. In
the evening at 6.30 o'clock the young
people of the church and congregation
will hold a special meeting in the
auditorium. This gathering is to be fol
lowed by the closing service of the day
with the minister in charge.
During the month of July the Rev.
Dr. George Edward Reed and Prof.
John W. Phillips will conduct the
Sunday morning and evening meetings.
Next AVednesday evening at 7.30
o'clock Dr. Smucker will meet the offi
cial board in special meeting.
Dr. and Mrs. Smucker and daughter,
Lucille, will leave Thursday morning
for Ohio and other points. During the
month of July they will travel by auto
mobile through northern New York
and the New England states.
Beginning with the first Sunday eve
ning in August and continuing through
out the month Dr. Smucker will con
duct openair meetings on the Allison
Hill Baseball League grounds, Chest
nut and Seventeenth streets. A choral
service under the direction of Prof
John AV. Phillips and the Stevens Me
morial Sunday school orchestra will be
held every Sunday night in connection
with the openair gathering. Early in
the month "baseball night" is sced
uled, when Dr. Smucker will address the
The young people of the church will
nold an interesting service to-morrow
evening at 6.30 o'clock in the church
auditorium. At this time Sergeant
Robert Storey, one of the service men
of the church, will be in charge. Ser
geant Storey took part in the engage
ments at Chateau-Thierry, St. Mihiel
and the Argonne Forest. He came out
of the big conflict with two wound
stripes. Captain H. M. Stine is to ad
dress the gathering.
Baptism of Children
in Zion Lutheran
The church service will begin prompt
ly at 10.45 in Zion Lutheran Church
to-morrow morning, with the baptism
of children at 11 o'clock, to be fol
lowed by the reception of the largest
group of new members ever received
at the midsummer communion. The
celebration of the Holy Communion will
follow. Parents can leave their chil
dren In the lower church in charge of
the newly installed church and Sunday
school visitor, Mrs. S. Matilda AVheeler
For the benefit of those who cannot
be present at the morning hour, the
communion will be administered in the
lower church at 7.15 p. m. At the eve
ning church service Dr. Herman will
preach upon the theme. "A Safe Guide
in Perilous Times." The Sunday school
has almost completed u special offering
for Tabitha Home for Aged and Or
phans. Zion will be the host of the
guests in this home for more than a
week. All departments of the school
will meet at 9.45.
Hereafter the Young People's Mis
sionary Society. Mrs. John K. Wheeler
president, will be named the lCugler
Women's Missionary Society in honor
of Dr. Kugler, one of the greatest mis
sonary doctors in the Lutheran mis
sionary history. The society will en
tertain Dr. Kugler in the early fall,
before she returns to her labors In the
hospital in Guntur, India, the best
equipped and most successful hospital
in the missionary field in India. On the
morning of July 4, Zlon will Join In
the patriotic service to be held by the
central churches in Market Square
20-Minute Sermons
in Messiah Lutheran
During the summer Sunday evenings
In Messiah Lutheran Church, the pas
tor, the Rev. Henry W. A. Hanson, is
preaching a series of twenty-minute
sermons. At 11 a. m. he will review
some of great movements at work in
our national life and will define "Amer
ica's Greatest Need." At the evening
Bervlce the sermon Will treat of life
lessons to be learned from one of least
known Bible characters under the
title. "The Hand That Was Rendered
Ineffective Because the Heart Was
Wrong "
Committee Does Not Favor
Hershey For Annual Sun
day School Picnic
At Olivet Presbyterian Church,
to-morrow morning, at 11 o'clock,
the pastor, the Rev. Dr. Samuel A.
Bower will use at his subject
"America's Day of Triumph" and
in the evening, at 7:30 o'clock, Doc
tor Bower will continue his series
of sermons on Nature, using "The
Mountain" as a subject. The closing
meeting of the Christian Endeavor
Society will be held on Sunday eve
ning at 6:30 o'clock.
On Sunday, after the usual open
ing exercises and period of business
in the school, all classes studying
the International Series of lessons,
will be assembled in the Senior De
partment rooms, where a half hour's
review of the lessons of the past
quarter will be conducted by the
Because of the impossibility of
making satisfactory arrangements
for transportation to and from Her
shey Park, tho committee in charge
will recommend, at a special meet
ing of the Sabbath School Associa
tion to be held immediately after
the church services to-morrow, that
the Sunday School's summer picnic
be held at Paxtang or Reservoir
Parte, on July 11th.
Last evening in the social rooms
of the church, with the assistance
of Executive Afirgin, a reorganiza
tion of By Scout Troop No. 6 was
effected, and plans were made to
have the Troop attend tho Scout
Summer Camp at Mt. Holly Springs.
The committee in charge of the
Scout movement in the church is
composed of Elder J. P>. McDonald,
Harry G. Kendall, teacher of a large
class of boys In the school and G.
L. Cullmerry, superintendent of the
school. . _, ,
The Olivet (Daisy) Troop of Girl
Scouts, under the leadership of Miss
Florence Hill, has completed ar
rangements for a cottage summer
camp at Wildcat. along the southern
Dr. L. S. Mudgc Will Speak
on "The Issue of the
At the Pine Street Presbyterian
Church on Sundny the pastor, the Jlov.
L. S. Mudge, D. D., will preach morn
ing and evening. In view of the near
approach of Independence Pay, the
sermons and services will be distinctly
patriotic. At the morning service the
| subject of the sermon will be "Liberty
| Bivine." The purpose of this sermon
will be to emphasize the fundamental
principle that liberty is God's gift and
must be used for God's glory. At the
evening service the sermon subject
will be "The Issue of the Hour." This
sermon will Ask the question whether
we, as Americans, are to be loyal to
our spiritual heritage, or whether we
are to be subservient to the wiles and
whims of partisan politics. The regular
Sunday evening preaching services at
Bethany Chapel and Division Street
Chapel will be held as usual. The
three Sunday schools of the parish will
hold their sessions as follows: Bethany
Chapel, 9 a. m. ; Division Street Chapel,
10.30 a. m., and the Church school at
1.40 p. m., as usual. The three Senior
Christian Endeavor Societies will have
their Sunday evening meetings at the
usual times and places.
On Wednesday evening a congrega
tional meeting will be held in the lec
ture room at 7.45 p. m. for the pur
pose of considering certain recommenda
tions concerning church improvements
to be submitted to the meeting by the
session and trustees. On Friday morn
ing, July 4, the Pine Street congrega
tion will unite with other congrega
tions in an Independence Day service
in the Markot Square Presbyterian
Church at the invitation of its pastor
! and session. The knitting department
■ of the Bed Cross Auxiliary will omit
its meeting this week, and will hold
| the final meeting of the season on
| Friday, July 11, when representatives of
. the knitting department will be at the
| Women and Girls' Building from 11 a.
|m. to 12.30 p. m. to receive finished
! work, and to furnish yarn for future
work during the summer to any who
may desire it. The meetings of this
department are discontinued for the
summer only because the quota as
signed the auxiliary has now been more
I than met.
The first of three camps for the boys
of the parish. is now being conducted
most successfully at Camp Boyd near
Losh's Kuns, and will be brought to a
happy conclusion on July 3. Until
July 16 the camp is available for mem
bers of the church and chapels who
may desire outings, and doubtless the
time will be well used. The older girls
and women will enjoy the camp from
July 18 to August 1; the younger
girls from August 2 to August 13. The
second camp for boys between the
ages of ten and twelve years will ex
tend from August 14 to August 26 ; and
the camp for boys over fourteen years
of age from August 26 to September 1.
It is a great pleasure to note a grow
ing and most healthy interest in these
helpful outings. j
The fourth annual Summer Bible
School, conducted at the church for
the benefit of all the children of the
parish between the ages of six and fif
teen years inclusive, will begin its ses
sions on Monday morning, July 7, at
9 a. m., and will continue for four
weeks. Already the enrollment exceeds
that of last year by at least twenty
five, showing the great esteem in which
this school is held by the members of
the congregation.
Special Subject For
Mrs. Boyd's Bible Class
"What the Bible Teaches Us About
the Devil," is the special subject for
the lesson study ut the meeting of the
Mrs. John Y. Boyd Men's Bible Class of
Pine Street Presbyterian Church, to
morrow afternoon. The class meets in
the gymnasium room in the Boyd
building in South street. Invitations
to each member and each visitor of
the class have been sent by the officers
and a large attendance is expected.
Says Most Soldiers Have
Jobs Open For Them
New York, June 28.—Seventy per
cent of the soldiers discharged since
the armistice have positions awaiting
them, Colonel Arthur Woods, assistant
to the Secretary of War. who is In
charge of obtaining employment for
discharged men, announced.
August 29 Selected as Date
for Christian Endeavor Picnic
Extensive Arrangements Are Now Under Way For Event
Which Will Be Held at Hershey Park President Frank
S. Montgomery Names Committee
Definite decision to hold the big
Christian Endeavor picnic at Her
shey Park on Friday, August 29,
has finally been made. Several dates
have been under consideration for
some time, but the final selection
has just been made. Preliminary
arrangements are now being made.
The following committees have
been appointed by the president of
the Harrisburg C. E. Union, Frank
S. Montgomery and a number of
additions will be made later: Com
mittee on entertaining soldiers, park
and baskets, AV. H. Hubley, Car
lisle. C. S. Urich, city; flying squad
ron and boosters, H. E. Eckert and
Elmer S. Schilling; entertainment
and games, N. B. Cassei, Penbrook,
E. L. Stiles, West Fairview; music
and program, J. Frank Palmer and
B. H. Saltzer; publicity, Elmer S.
Schilling and Paul A. Striekler;
transportation, W. S. Cass, city.
Thousands of Endeavorers belong
ing to the Mennonite, Moravian and
River Brethren denominations have
a large part in the work of the
Christian Endeavor society in Penn
The Rev. N. B. Grybb, of Phila
delphia. is one of the denomination
al trustees of the United Society of
Christian Endeavor, representing
the Mennonite denomination. The
Rev. A. D. Thaeler, of Bethlehem,
is a trustee of the United Society
of Christian Endeavor, from the
Moravian denomination.
Menno Simons, founder of the
Mennonite church, was born in
Holland in 1 492. He became a
Catholic priest, but was led by a
case of persecution to think for
himself, and renounced Catholicism
in 1536. He spent the rest of his
life traveling through northern Ger
many preaching and establishing
churches. There are sixteen Men
nonite denominations, containing
altogether 80,000 members in 838
churches. Of these 35,000 are
members of the parent body. The
general conference of Mennonites
has 15,400 members.
The Moravian church is an out
growth of the national church of
Bohemia founded by Huss. The
correct name of the church is Uni
tas Kratrum (Unity of Brethren).
The Brethren were persecuted in
Bohemia and Moravia, where they
established their churches as pro
test against the state church, and
fled to the estate of Count Zinzcr
dorf in Saxony. From Germany
the Brethren came to Georgia In
1735, and five yofirs later removed
lo Pennsylvania, where they found
ed Bethlehem, which is still the
center of the northern province of
the Moravians.
The River Brethren are close to
the Mennonites in belief and prac
tice. They camp to Pennsylvania
from Switzerland in 1750, and now
number (in three divisions) 112
churchefe and 5,389 members. Their
name has reference to the Susque
hanna river, near which they set
tled. Tho Plymouth Brethren are
so called because many of them
gathered in Plymouth, England, in
the first half of the last century.
Their real name is Brethren.
C. E. Notes
Hotel Lennox, headquarters of
the United Society of Christian En
deavor during the International
Christian Endeavor Conference,
Buffalo, N. Y., is booked up to lis
Park Street United Evangelical
Keystone League recently elected
the following officers for the en
suing term: President, Mrs. Ohas.
K. Curtis; first vice president, Ray
mond E. Wagner; second vice pres
ident. William C. Gramm; recording
secretary, Miss Epinia Ferree; cor
responding secretary, Miss Grace
McKelvey; treasurer, Paul Won
ders; pianist, Ressler Schultz; as
sistant pianist, Miss Miriam St.
Clair; chorister, Charles K. Curtis;
assistant chorister, Miss Leah Han
gen; chief usher, Luke Weirick; as
sistant usher, Edward Sunday; jun
ior superintendent, Mrs. W. E.
Rickert; assistant superintendent,
Mrs. J. H. Smith. The service on
Sunday evening will bo in charge
of Mr. and Mrs. E. L. A'ogel.
Things to sec in Buffalo are the
Albright Art Gallery, Historic Build
ing, McKlnley Monument, Fort
Porter, Larkin soap factories, Lack
awanna Steel Company, Tierce au
tomobile works, beautiful Lake
Road, beautiful River Road, Hum
bolt Park, Botanical Gardens, Park
Zoo, Stockyards and Delaware
Park. Thousands of Endeavorers
will meet there in August.
"What Does Loyalty to Our
Church and Country Call For?"
This will be the topic for study in
the Endeavor meetings on Sunday
Joseph Frantz will conduct the
Endeavor service at the AVestmin
ster Presbyterian C. E. Society to
morrow evening.
At the St. John's Lutheran En
deavor Society, Stcelton, Charles
Brunhouse, a prominent member of
the prayer meeting committee, will
have charge of the program.
Christ Lutheran Endeavorers will
hold a meeting on Sunday evening
*,t the interest of loyalty to the
church and country. Miss Getha
Crist, an active member of the
AA'elcome committee, will be the
leader and speaker during the ser
Bruce U. Wiley, president of the
Harris Street Keystone League of
Christian Endeavor, United Evan
gelical Church, corner Harris and
Susquehanna streets, will conduct
the meeting tomorrow evening at
6.40 o'clock.
At the Immanuel Presbyterian
Church a popular Endeavor meet
ing will be held on Sunday evening.
Dixon Speakman, a prominent mem
ber of the prayer meeting commit
tee, will have charge of the program.
George Marks, a live wire worker
on the social committee, will make
the program interesting at the En
deavor service to be held in the
Centenary United Brethren Church,
Steelton, to-morrow evening.
First Church of God Endeavorers,
C. C. Hogontogler OF THE HOLY COMMUNION J. A. Hamilton
Samuel Hoffman Incorporated Genera, Council W. M. Bailey
Services: 10.-15 A. M., I 17.80 P. M., "Excuses"
"Men for the Ministry" Sunday School, 9:30 —Herbert May, Supt.| _ ,
By Dr. C. Bausliii. \ J r I Pastor will preach.
L. . -^3..±Jksii''r %.■ e.-A' . t .id.u''K... ...3- MISBiSSM
JUNE 28, 19T9.
at New Cumberland, are holding
Interesting meetings on Sunday
evening. Tho service to-morrow
will be in charge of George Hamil
Attractive Endeavor services will
be held at the State Street United
Brethren Church on Sunday even
ing. The Rev. M. F. Rhoad, pastor,
has been appointed by the commit
tee on program, to speak and head
the meeting.
A "Loyalty Service" will be held
at the Zion Evangelical Lutheran
Church, to-morrow evening when
every member is urged to attend
and till tho front seats. Mrs. H.
Smiley, a member of the prayer
meeting committee, will be the
speaker and leader of the meeting.
Three prominent Endeavorers,
Miss Miriam Schaner, Ralph Bair
and Miss Afiolet Enders, will have
a program arranged for the big Fn
deavor service at the Fourth Street
Church of God Society that will at
tract many Endeavor workers. Sun
day evening is always a good time
to see many Endeavorers gather at
the Senior and Intermediate meet
•St. Matthew's Lutheran Endeavor
workers will have a "Loyalty Ser
vice" that will be worth while to
attend to-morrow evening. Harold
Martz, will be the leader during the
Mrs. Snydam, president of the
society, will conduct the last ser
vice for the month of .June at the
Market Street Baptist Society on
Sunday evening. Much interest is
manifested by the many workers of
the society in the work of the next
six months' term.
Cradle Roll Services
in Augsburg Lutheran
The annual cradle roll service will
be held to-morrow morning in the Augs
burg Lutheran Church. The following
program will be rendered: chorus,
"Little Children, Come to Jesus ;" reci
tation, Alice Rau; duet, Alice Einzig
and Katheryn Griffith ; prayer, the gen
eral superintendent, C. C. Groff; hymn ;
sacrament of infant baptism ; duet,
Evelyn Bennett and Miidren Shue; of
fering; solo, Julian Manning; sermon,
"When Baptism Was Instituted; hymn;
At the evening service tho choir will
sing special patriotic music and the
pastor will preach on "Righteousness
(Cliiircli Musk- on Page 5.)
W Third and Pine Streets |:
|p Preacher, Rev. L. S. Mudge, D. D., Pastor §
|if "Liberty—Divine" j|
i;; I An Independence Day Sermon
|| 7.30 P.M. fi§
"The Issue of The Hour"
't i A Plea For Christian Patriotism 3
||| TWO Patriotic Sermons £:%
51 | Planned To Stir You to Thought ] |
11 Also To Spur You To Action
"What the Bible Teaches
Us About the Devil"
The Mrs. John Y. Boyd Men's Bible Class
Sunday, June 29th, 1.30 O'clock
Pine Street Presbyterian Sunday School
South, near Third Street
A cordial invitation is extended to all men and friends
of the class to be with us. A subject of interest by a live
To Honor Memory of Georg<
Long; Veterans of Civil
War to Have Part
Combined memorial and patriotii
service at Epworth Methodist Episco
pal Church will draw the attention o
the East End on Sunday night.
An interesting program has been pre
pared, and the veterans of the Civl
War as well as the boys of the churcl
who have returned home during th<
past few months will be signally hon
ored. The Civil War veterans of courat
will be given special places of honoi
on the platform. The memorial serv
ice is held in memory of George Lo-<
who gave his life in his countr.,**.
Community singing will be led by
the chorister and the choir has beer
augmented for this occasion. Only
well known Civil War and present war
songs have been used.
The address of the evening will be
made by the Rev. Homer Knox on
"Above the Nations Is Humanity."
The program follows: Music, or
chestra; Centenary hymn, "Read On,
O King. Eternal," congregation; read
ing, "Declaration of Independence,"
John Wilver, U. S. Army; Introduction
of war veterans, the Rev. Homer
Knox; music, "Tramp, Tramp, Tramp,
the Roys Are Marching," congregation ;
reading of the honor roll, Mrs. H. P.
Motter; song, "Keep the Home Fires
Burning," congregation; prayer, Henry
Statnm, U. S. Army; music, "Till We
Meet Again," choir; Scriptural reading,
26th Psalm ; announcements; ofteratory,
orchestra; hymn, "Battle Hymn of the
Republic," congregation; address,
"Above the Nations Is Humanity," the
Rev. Homer Knox; hymn, "Red, White
and Blue," congregation.
Plan Sunday School
Session in Morning
Beginning with July 6 and continuing
until the lirst Sunday in September, the
Sunday school of the Sixth Street
United Brethren Church will be held
in the morning. The schedule for
services during the summer will be as
follows: Praise service, 9 a. m. ; Sun
day school, 9.45 a. m.; preaching, 11
a. m. The evening services will not be
subject to change.
In answer to the many requests, the
Sunday school will repeat the Children's
Day cantata. "Heirs of Liberty," on
Sunday evening at 7.45 p. m. There
will be special features including dem
onstrations by the Boy Scouts of Troop
15. The annual picnic of the Sunday
school will be held at Paxtang Park
on Thursday, July 10. Special cars
will be provided. They will leave at
9 a. m. from Sixth and Seneca streets