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Add 20 Per Cent., However,
to the Total of the Bill
For Service
Rome, June 26..—Rome waiters
refuse to accept tips from patrons.
Tips are rigorously suppressed and
nothing ean Induce the waiters to
violate the practice, Their Insist
ence on keeping to the regulations,
, however, is not motivated by any
altruistic tendencies, for one of the
! Rome waiters' "fourteen points" is
that twenty per cent, must be add
! Ed to the total of the bill for aery
An American, one of tbe latest ar
rivals in Rome, who is attached to
the American embassy here, was
paying his bill recently when, on
leaving a tip of thirty cents for the
waiter, he was astonished to find
the waiter handing the money back
to him. The American immediately
concluded that the tip was not con
sidered sufficient and that It was
therefore scorned. He was reaching
into his pocket to reinforce his
graulty when some one speaking
English told him of the Rome rule.
Therewith he pocketed the tip
and walked out.
Large posters have been placed in
the restaurants and tea rooms here
announcing the action of the wait
ers. On the whole, the practice
seems to have satisfied the patrons
who feel that they have, at last,
been spared the annoyance of the
Inevitably disgruntled waiter.
To arouse a sluggish liver,
to relieve a distressed
stomach, to fortify your-
LtffMt Sale ef Any Medicine In the World.
Sold everywhere. In Boia, 100.. 25c.
When any itching skin disease af
fects or when any slight eruptional
spot begins to itch and burn, apply
Foslam. You may be confident that
the trouble is having the right treat
ment. for you have called to your
aid a healing power highly concen
trated. active and persistent. Itching
stops and tile skin feels immeasure
ably grateful. In the treatment of
virulent eczema, acne, pimples and
all surface affections, Poslani's re
sults are quickly felt and seen.
Sold everywhere. For free sample
write to Emergency Laboratories, 243
West 47th St., New York City.
Poslam Soap, medicated with Pos
rtm should be used if skin is tender
and sensitive.
Try Krumbles—
Your Money Back
If Not Pleased
Here is the way to test a most de
licious cereal food at our risk. Buy a
15-cent package of Krumbles from
your grocer this week. Try them—
Use the whole package If you wish. If
you do not think that Krumbles are
everything we claim them to be —If
you are not thoroughly pleased and
satisfied witli their flavor and with
their healthful qualities, your grocer
will refund your money without ques
tion and we will reimburse him.
The war taught us how to make
Krumbles a hundred per cent, better
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appetizing blend of choice cereals.
Remember, that Krumlilra are made
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duce Kellogg's Toasted Corn Flakes.
Get. your trial package today at our
risk, Kellogg Toasted Corn Flake
Co., Battle Creek, Mich,
"Old Soldier" writes: "I would like
to know what to do for rheumatism,
.as I am so crippled that I cannot
walk. Please answer at once."
Answer; Mere Is the best remedy
for rheumatism that is known, , and
if taken according to directions you
will soon be out agnln and be strong
and well, Get 2 drams of iodide of
potassium; 4 drams sodium salicylate;
Vt oz. wine of colehteum; 1 oz. romp,
essence cardiolj 1 oz. comp. fluid
balmwort and 5 o*s, of syrup sarsa
pparilla comp. Mix and take a tea
parilla comp. Mix and take a tea
fore going to bed,
• • •
"Poorly" writes: "Being past middle
age snd observing that my nervous
system is in bad shape, I write for
a prescription, 1 do not gain strength
from my food, am weak, listless, for
getful, sleepless at times, tired, and
unable to act that part of a strong
man of health, such as I was at one
Answer: Get from a well-stocked
pharmacy a sealed tube of three-grain
Cadomene Tablets, which are espe
cially made for those needing a
strong, harmless, rejuvenating tonic.
Astonishing and pleasing results
follow and life and hope are renewed.
• • •
Miss Beatrice asks: "Will you
please prescribe for one who is too
fleshy so that about 30 pounds can
be taken off?"
Answer: Obtain of any well
stocked druggist a tube of 5-grain
Arbolone Tablets and take regularly
as per directions accompanying same.
Many of my patients have reduced at
the rate of a pound a day without any
111 results.
"Unhappy May" writes: "I suffer
constantly with constipation, head
. aches. Indigestion and kidney trouble.
(J4y skin is pimply and oily."
,! American Doughboy Gets a
Medal For Bagging 80
I By Associated Press.
Camp Ulz, N. J., June 26.—Another
1 humble American doughboy toi.k his
> place in the hall of fame yesterday
in the person of Prlvute Frank C-aff
'■ I ney. Company G, One Hundred Eighth
! Infantry, the Twenty-seventh Divls
-1 ion (New York National Guard.)
Sergeant Alvin York, of Pall Mall,
Tenn., Is the only man In the Ameri
can Army credited with a larger bag
| of prisoners than Gaffney. The lanky
i Tennessean brought in 132 Germans.
' but he had a few men to help him
! round them up, while the New York
er, oil ale no and suffering from a
wound which cost him one of din
, arms, piloted 80 Into the American
■ lines.
j "You're the second bravest inan
• the war produce 1." declared Major
' General McHale when he plnne 1 the
i Congressional Medal of Honor on
the breast of the blusing Gaffney.
Here, is the official citation which
! won the highest military honor the
nation can bestow:
i J "on September 29 at Ransart, when
his lieutenant and sergeant had been
| killed. Private Gaffney assumed
I command of the platoon and coutinj
| ed on the objective, a German tna
-1 chine gun nest. OafTney was the
onlv man to reacn the objective.
Bravely and skillfully handling a
niatli'.ne gun and hand grenades lie
1;! lied several of the enemy and
b- night back SO of them to the A-ner
| lean lines."
| Says Rent Profiteer
Will Go Down When
Home Demand Is Met
Atlantic City, N. J., June 26.
Thomas Sliallcross, Jr., of Philadel
phia, reporting for the committee on
national legislation at the opening
I session of the National Real Estate
.' Boards here yesterday, said rent
profiteering would never be sup
pressed through legislation.
"The remedy as we see it, is to
make the supply of houses meet the
demand," he declared. "When that
occurs the rent profiteer landlord i
will get what is coming to him. He
| will be shunned as an enemy of the
[people. This committee believes that
the government should advance
money to responsible parties for the
building of houses just as it makes
loans to the farmers for the promo
| tion of agriculture. People must
| have homes-
I Wiinam M. Garland, of Eos Ange
jles. the president, in his annual ad
j dress, advanced a Federal depart
ment of real estate.
| Pittsburgh. June 26.—Trim as a
' racing yacht, her slight figured at
j tired in a natty blue traveling suit,
i wearing a chic little blue hat to
j match, Helen Mc.Dermott Boyle, fa
: mous kidnaper of Willie Whitla, son
i of Attorney Whitla, of Mercer, ten
j years ago, yesterday was released
I from the Western Penitentiary on
| parole. She was accompanied by
[ an attorney and her brother, William
j McDermott, of Chicago. They were
' taken to the Baltimore & Ohio Rail
' road station and took a train for
j Akron, Ohio, where they will spend
a few days, and then go on to her
J home In Chicago, where her mother
| an-xlously awaits her. Her father
; died while she was serY'lng her sen
j tence.
One Treatment
with Cuticura
Clears Dandruff
ATI rirnroUti • Soan 25. Ointment 25 A BV
Stirhle fro* of Dpt *, Ronton."
The questions answered below are
general in character; the symptoms
or diseases are given and the answers
should apply to any case of similar
Those wishing further advice, free,
may address Dr. Lewis Baker, Ool
[ lege Building, College-Ell wood
streets, Dayton, 0., enclosing self
i addressed stamped envelope for
! reply., Full name and address must
be given, but only initials or fictitious
j name will be used in any answers.
. The remedies can be obtained at any
well-storked drug store. Any drug-
I gist can order of wholesaler.
Answer: Three grain Sulpherb
Tablets (not sulphur tablets) is the
best known remedy for the -blood.
They are made from sulphur, cream
of tartar and herb medicines which
act directly on the blood purifying
it, thus causing the pimples to dis
appear and the skin to become fresh
, and healthy looking.
• •
"Essex" writes: "What should I do
to relieve a severe case of kidnev and
■ bladder disease? Urine is dark! foul
1 of odor, and passage is Irregular,
1 painful, etc. Have depression, fever,
: chills, pains like rheumatism, and
soreness in region of bladder."
Answer: For such symptoms as
I you describe, I prescribe my favorite
formula under the name of Balmwort
Tablets. This is a splendid eltlcacious
remedy for such abnormal conditions.
Begin their use as per directions on
each sealed tube.
• • •
i "Sorrowful" says: "My scalp Is
. covered with dandruff, my hair is oily
i and straggling. Please help me so
that 1 may look like other girls."
| Answer: You can very easily "look
like other girls" if you will get at
the drug store a 4 oz. jar of plain
yellow Minyol and use it regularly
I according to the directions given. It
i will stop your dandruff and make
your hair soft and fluffy and make
. it grow. This treatment differs from
all others and I have actually seen
i the most wonderful transformations
when people have used this only two
or three times.
• • •
, "Ann" writes: "Could you prescribe
something to increase my weight?
I am tall and thin to such an em
barrassing degree that I am fre
quently subjected to alighting re
Answer: Hypo-Nuclane Tablets
have been prescribed with great suc
cess as indicated by gratifying letters
from hundreds of girls who suffer
as you do. These tablets can be
purchased in sealed packages from
' any well-stocked drug store and full
■ directions are given Inside. These
. should. be taken regularly for about
two months.
War Department Will With
draw Its Offer of
By Associated Press.
Washington, June 26.—Offer of
service In Kurope to recruits ob
tained under volunteer enlistment
will be withdrawn under orders pro-
I pared by the War Department. The
! policy of sending regular officers
| overseas to relieve those in the
1 American Expeditionary Forces also
! will be abandoned.
This action was said to have re
j suited from the improved situation
I in Kurope growing out of the iin-
I minenl signing of the Peace Treaty.
1 In the orders officers here foresaw
; an early return of all troops now
; abroad excepting the comparative
| ly small American contribution to
1 the army of occupation.
Council May Move More
Offices to Fager üßilding
If Quarters Are Found
City commissioners may call a
special meeting to consider plana for
remodeling the Fager building,
which the school board decided yes
terday to lease to the city for po
lice headquarters. While nothing
definite has been decided it is under
stood the councilmen will inspect
the building and determine upon
Mayor Keister's suggestion whether
all of it will he needed for the police
In case sufficient room is avail
able it may be decided to move the
city health bureau, or some other
city department to the building and
save additional rent, commissioners
said at the meeting of council on
Mayor Keister said he will begin
at once to complete arrangements
for moving the department's furni
ture and other equipment including
the police records and flies. An
architect may be secured to draw
plans for the alterations which will
be necessary to tbe school building,
and Oitv Electrician ("lark E. Diehl
said he will lose no time in arrang
ing for the removal of the police and
fire alarm systems to the new loca
tion. This will require at least six
weeks to do he said.
The school board yesterday agreed
to rent the bpilding to the city for
a five-year term, at $2,500 a year,
the lease to be terminated upon six
months notice: tbe city to furnish its |
light and heat, exonerate the prop
erty from city tax. pay for any al
terations to the school building, and
not be required to remodel the prop
erties at Fifth nni? M'nlvut streets,
to be used for a continuation scnool.
The board had planned to have the
citv pay this expense also, but after
a conference with council decided
not to require the city to paw for the
Only five directors were present at
the session yesterday. They were A.
Carson Stamm, Oeorge W. Reilv, W.
Frank Witman, TTarry A. Boyer and
President Robert A. Enders. The
members also decided not to take
definite action aborrdining the teach
ers' training school but passed a
resolution that no new pupils are to
be admitted to It this fall.
Plans For Labor Party
to Be Considered Later
Plans for a T-iabor party ticket in
Pennsylvania will be considered def
initely at a meeting to be held In
Harrisburg in the near future. This
meeting will be under the jurisdic
tion of the State Federation of La
bor and will be a state-wide gather
In the meantime an auxiliary com
mittee to be named by James Maurer
president of the State Federatidn will
take up plans with the State Exec
utive Committee. These plans will
be presented to the convention for
approval. It is probable that the big
meeting will be held here during
July or August.
The proposed new political party
was outlined at the meeting yester
day of the Executive Committe of the
State Federation of Labor. There
were a number of speakers at the
afternoon meeting, Including Miss
Margaret Bonfield, National Repre
sentative of the British Trades
Union. She came here from Atlantic
City, where Miss Bonfield was a del
egate to the Trades Union conven
tion representing England. Another
speaker was T. N. Daley, of New
York, president of the eMtal Work
ers Union.
There were,43 representatives pres
ent yesterday covering many
branches of labor in Pennsylvania.
Following the discussions, President
Maurer was authorized to appoint
an auxiliary committee to act in con-
Junction with the Executive Com
mittee in formulating plans. As
soon as the plans are ready President
Maurer will call the State meeting.
Germany Is Facing
Nation-Wide R.R. Strike
Berlin, June 26. —Germany is faced
with a nation-wide railroad strike
for higher wages. At the Gorlitz
station. Berlin, service has been
stopped in both directions. The
Breslau service has been badly in
The government is negotiating In
an endeavor to halt the strikes
which are largely the outcome of
communistic propaganda.
. New York, June 26.—While hun
dreds of persons were passing, three
unidentified bandits made a bold at
temp to rob the jewelry store of Cas
perfeld and Cleveland, at Broadway
and Thirty-ninth street, by smash
ing the plate-glass window contain
ing jewels said to be worth $200,000,
The robbers were foiled by the fact
that the hole in the window was be
yond their reach.
Cincinnati, June 26.—When Clara
Q. Agnes, 24. wife of Thomas C. Ag
nes, aged 34, refused to become a
snake charmer at her husband's bid
ding so that he could utilize her for
sideshow purposes, Agnes brought
suit for divorce, but Mrs. Agnes
cross-petitioned and was granted the
divorce yesterday by Judge C. W.
Hoffman. In the Domestic Relations
Court she testified that her husband
said he was going to shave their
young son's head when he was old
enough and by placing a wig on him
utilize the child as a wild man.
York, Pa., June 26.—When a thief
entered the henhouse owned by Wil
liam Fisher, of Halam, last night, he
'used an anesthetic to quiet the fowls,
while he stole 18 choice ones. The
remaining chickens staggered about
the hennery in a state of semicoma.
Said to Be the Most Drastic
Liquor Measure Ever
Washington, June 26.—A straight, I
clear cut bill for enforcement of )
war-time prohibition was to be re
ported out to-duy by the House Ju
diciary committee.
Decision to separate the war-time
from the constitutional prohibition
enforcement measure —said to be
the most drastic liquor bill ever
presented to Congress—was reached
after an all-day session, which was
much like marching ftp the hill and
then down again. A proposal that
two distinct bills be drafted was
rejected yesterday, but it was
brought up aguin yesterday by Rep
resentative Walsh. Republican, of
Massachusetts, and was pending
when a motion to adjourn abruptly
: ended the discussion.
There was no indication as to
how the committee would have
voted, but several of the leading
j prohibition members agreed last
night that in view of the manifest
I differences between the two issues
and the possibility that the sale of
beer and light wines might be per
mitted until January by Presidential
proclamation, the wisest thing to do
was to report out the war-time bill
the first thing to-day, and the con
stitutional bill later In the day. In
this way there is every assurance,
they said, that the war-time bill
would he passed probably by both
houses before the end of the month,
at which time the "dry" act becomes
German Monument's
Destruction Demanded
Paris, June 26.—Deputy Peyroux,
of the federated republican groups
in the Chamber of Deputies, and
several of his colleagues Introduced
a resolution In the Chamber yester
day calling for the destruction of
the German national monument on
the Niederwald so as to punish Ger
man pride and to answer the de
struction of the fleet at Scapa Flow
and the burning of the French bat
tleflags of 1870. The Deputy re
quested an immediate discussion.
The German national monument
on the Niederwald is opposite Bing
en-on-the-Rhine, in the French
area of occupation. It was erected
to commemorate the founding of the
German empire in 1870-71.
Townndn, Pa., June 26.—Miss Mar
garite Cotter, 70, was Instantly killed
when she was hit by express train
No. 19, westbound, at the Madill
crossing She was deaf and did not
hear the train approaching. The
engine missed her. but she was so
scared that she ran directly in to the
Williamsport. Pa., June 2 6. —The
Rev. James Robinson Baker, for
nearly twenty-three years pastor of
the Lycoming Presbyterian Church,
has tendered his resignation, effec
tive July 1. He is in poor health
and will retire from the active work
of the minristry. During his twenty
nine years of service he has served
only two churches.
Ocean End Kentucky Ave.
All conveniences. Elevator to street
level. Terms reasonable. Capacity 300.
32nd season under same management.
$2.50 up daily. Special weekly.
CvoleNt and Moat Attractive Locution
Directly on the Boardwalk. Boston
to Sovereign ave., in exclusive Chelsea
section. Capacity, 500. Fresh and sea
water baths, private and public and
every appointment. Modern hydro
therapeutic department.
Orchestra Dancing.
Auto bus meets trains. Booklet.
Ownership direction. W. F. SHAW.
Kentucky av, A Beach. Heart of At
lantic City. Cap. 500; modern through
out. $3 up daily; sl6 up weekly;
American plan. A. C. KKHOLM.
0 S. Mt. Vernon Ave.
Centrally located. American & Euro
pean Plans. Fine rms. Excel, table.
Mod. rates. Bathing from hotel.
\ If pleven dories of real
(o\"7Vi~) A-Jcomfortwithanaiwi
ronmont of distinct rrfljve
tUOLppy mentwitfout extruvaoaive.
V /• \ J Wm.A.L-rrh AJy/-.
AMERICAN PLAN (with meals)
$3.00 up Daily, $15.00 up Weekly
Best Located Popular Price Hotel
New York Ave. 50 Yds, from B'dwalk
Overlooking lawn and ocean. Cap. too
Elevator; private baths; hot and cold
running water In rooms; table
and service a feature
Booklet with Points of Interest mailed
15 & 17 S. Georgia Ave., nr. Beach.
Two sqs. from Reading Sta. $1.60 to
2 dly; $9 to 10 wky. Mrs. T. Dlckerson
Scrupulously clean, electric lighted
throughout. While service. Hot and
cold water baths. $2.00 up daily. sl2
up weekly. Estab. to years. Emerson
Crouthamel, Mgr.
.BO np Pally. H4.QO op Wkly. Am. Plan
£ Fireproof A uuex. Tennessee Av. nr. tjeffh.
Csp. too. Central;open mirroundinßs: opp. Catho
lic and Protertant Churches. Private Baths.
Virginia ave. and Beach. Ocean
view. Capacity 350. Private baths,
running water in rooms, elevator, etc.
Amer. plan, special weekly rates.
Booklet* SAMUEL FT J <IS.
Racial Enmity and Hatred
Have Not Been Eli mi
natcd, He Says
By Associated, Press.
IPliilmleJphia, June 26. —Brigadier
(f ' =*
Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart
Many Needed Summer Things
Specially Priced for Friday
f \ r ——— \
No Friday Specials Sent c. o. D., or Basement Specials for Friday
Mail Or Phone Orders Filled Fiber sweeping brooms. Regularly 98c, Special Friday
V ; J only 6l)<
Folding ironing boards. Regular $2.25. Special Friday
( \ only $1.98
Hosiery and Underwear Specials 69c irWescent glass ,ruit bow,s ' Spec,al Fri,lay
$3.50 Wallace adjustable desk or reading lamps. Spe-
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V s v
i i =sy
General W, W. Atterbury, vice-p reel-!
dent of the Pennsylvania railroad,
who recently returned from France,
In an address before the Union
league here last night, urged the
businessmen of the country to de
vote some of their energy nnd genius
of organization toward "the develop
ment of an efficient method of na
tional defense." National prepared
ness, he said, necessitated the co
ordination of army, navy and Indus
try, and to bring this about he sug
gested the organization of a national
defense board and a complete na
tional policy which would permit
I each to proceed along its own lines.
W . . - i - "V
JUNK 26, \9\&
| "The situation of the world to-
I day," declared General Atterbury,
j "is so Involved that only a real opti
' mist sees anything but turmoil .for
; many years to come. Of all the great
nations, only America has come
through financially, economically and
otherwise unimpaired, and to Ameri
ca the world looks for rulvation,
"Whether we have a league of
Nations or not; whether we agree
: with England to safeguard Fiance
I against Germany or continue our
traditional policy In relation to in
ternational affairs, the Fame situa
j tion confronts us. Nor will tnterna
i tional recognition of tlie Monroe doc
trine relieve ub of our sacred dot
to Its defense to the limit of oar is
and strength.
"Continental, national and xmcli
emnity and hatred have noi be*
eliminated. On the contrary. th<
have been intensified and we, wt
prior to the war at peace with tl
world, are now drawn Into the mae
strom of world politics. It is a pos
tlon thut has been forced upon ua
"The world's conflagration is it
the moment under control, but ur
derneath are still the same seethtn
I masses of fire liable to break tnt
I llame at any moment."