Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, June 18, 1919, Page 7, Image 7

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Why Guarding* the Flag* Is the World's Finest Business '/
Unequalled Opportunities for Red-Blooded Men in the UNITED STATES ARMY / !
y°u think your opportunity to become a soldier ment troops are therefore necessary. Uncle Sam will / J, I
passed with the signing of the Armistice, or that maintain a ready, efficient, patriotic army to guard the ' y
Uncle Sam no longer needed soldiers ? Flag, which flies in many parts of the world. !
men are returning from the big victory are This must be a volunteer army, made up of men who \
y entitled to immediate discharge. Many are eager to re- believe with all their hearts that being a soldier qf the
enlist, others are going back home and to work. Replace- United States is the finest business in the world. /
for Immediate Service in France /
and on the Rhine
Replacement troops are now being recruited for immediate kind of chap, Uncle Sam wants you. Thousands of Americans
overseas service. Do you want to go along as an active would gladly pa# for this experience. You will get paid for it.
, \ ■ participant in the interesting events during the period of what meant (<the ri ht kjnd of chap " ? Qne in good
occupation? Do you want to see battle-scarred France and condit ; with a clean mind ambition) a l er tness,
the great River Rhine which the Germans thought no intelH . That's you, isn't it? You have the stuff of a
enemy wou d ever cross. good citizen in you, of course. Then you have the stuff of
Or would you prefer to go to Panama, ths Phil - a good soldier . And, when you have served out your jC ,
ippines, China or Alaska? Well, if you're the right enlistment, you should be twice as good a citizen I V
i i
1 ( - -
j | Good Pay—Enjoyable, Inspiring Work—Recreation
I and Man-Building
,i >- -
YOU are the Sort of Chap Uncle Sam Vocational Training in the Army Now, Men, What Do You Want? Name It ''
Wants: Read What He Offers Fits You for Success and the Chances Are You Can Have It!
IFood, clothing, living quarters, medical and dental attention Suppose you are a young man looking about you for a trade Where do you want to go ?Do you want to see foreign lands?
—all of the very best quality—absolutely FREE. The pay as a stepping stone to success in Itfe. To learn such a trade France and the Rhine (50,000 going right away) /'
starts at $30.00 a month. This seems small until you stop you must either work for very low wages during your appren- Haw a Han Island" f hilippine Inlands Ala^ka na
, to think that you get pretty nearly everything FREE. ticeship, or else go to a trade school; and in both these cases a . <
In other words, with the exception of tobacco, if you use it, you have to find yourself while learning. Uncle Sam gives Men are wanted for certain branches of the Service in each
and such extras as you may choose to buy, you have a net you your living, gives you the opportunity to learn a trade above places. You can go anywhere you choose,
profit of about a dollar a day. and pays you real money at the same time. And when you provide t e ranc o service you se ect is open ort a pace. x
„ . . complete your enlistment and obtain your discharge, if you What branch of the Service do you like best? /
Can yon pay all your frvm yow present tncome and hare made UK of your opportunity you find youreelf „ MedidD.pt Air Seme. /
have a dollar a day left over ? Probably not. . . , , . , , , Cavalry (including Veteri- (Balloon Corps)
i ' trained man, and your services will be .n demand wherever Held Artfflerj nerp Corp.) Qu.rt.ne.eter Ceip.
The -work Is of two kinds : Military and educational. skilled men are employed. Among these skilled trades are: Ordnance Dept. Motor Transport Corps of Engineer
The military work comprises your duties as a soldier. This Land Surveying Switchboard Install*- Lithography Coast Artillery Corps Tank Corps Construction Divi
is mainly out-of-door work. Some of it is almost athletic Auto Repairing tion Bricklaying Signal Corps sion
in character. It is usually interesting, ofttimes inspiring. Telephone Repairing , Motor Mechanics Blacksmitbing You can select the branch of the Service you like. You can
It is sufficient to give your body ,nd mind useful, con- *££■•££s* t&fJSA f °' Fo Service if you wish This me™ extr.p.y
| structive discipline. It inculcates self-control, quick-think- Drafting " Carpentry (AcetyleneandElectric) What sort of education do you want. What useful skilled
ing, alertness, regularity, exactness, bodily fitness. It makes Telegraphy Photography Airplane Mechanics trade would you like to learn ?
you hard as nails; a trained, co-ordinated unit of clean bone Steamfitting Electrical Work Plumbing Well, n, in the Air Service alone there are Forty-one Skilled
and muscle. If you're plump, it turns your fat into brawn; ' ual a gr~t other.. TW. S , in m. of the other br.nehe, there .re rtill mora
, "V i i j You can learn almost any trade you wish, and quit at the end
if you re thin, it fills out the spaces between your ribs and Liberty and Recreation of your enlistment with money in the bank and an absolutely
builds muscle in chest and arm. Most men gain weight as a . ... , ... „ , , certain livelihood in your brain and at your finger-tips,
result qf army life 1 ' The army 1S run hke a bus,ness ' hours for work and provided you really want to do these things.
hours of freedom. The soldier off duty writes letters, Do y(>u WMlt t0 stjck ; R the Army ,
Bow Uncle Sam Makes His Soldiers smoes.pays se , poo , 001 ormos any ot ergame Very well. There are vacancies for Corporals, Sergeants and
I * IT f1 fj i|< he likes; goes to the movies, or theatres; calls on his girl, the Non-Commissioned Staff grades with increased pay, op
inio useful UlVUians if h e one in f ac t f does about as he likes. Being in portunity and experience. Appointments of qualified en-
Uncle Sam offers his soldiers absolutely free many opportuni- f iform, his self-respect as well as the rules of the Service listed men to West Point are frequently made. The regula.
ti for ed rational training demands that he conduct himself as a soldier and a gentle- tions provide that at all times there shall be men so appointed,
man. He has no difficulty in obtaining permission to leave *° a number not exceeding ninety. Many men also receive
In the Army, a man who wants a common school education the camp or post at proper times, and he may obtain leave commissions direct from the ranks.
can have it. A man who wants to learn a technical trade can when his turn comes. He meets agreeable people, including .. a * * e n ®f recruiting station and ask all the
........ , . , , . TT W TT , 8 questions you wish. You incur not the slightest obligation bv
obtain both instruction and practice, if he takes advantage lots of nice girls, at Hostess Houses, etc. He goes to dances. doing so Courteous non-commissioned officers on duty will
of this possibility. Uncle Sam pays you while you study. if he wants to. In fact, he usually has a better time than a* cheerfully tell you whatever you want to know and give
EARN WHILE YOU LEARN 1 civilian.. you printed matter that you can look over at your home.
What else do you want to know? This advertisement tells only a part of the story. Get the rest today, Don't delay. Act now!
United States Army Recruiting Offices in fiarrisburg District
Main Station 325 MARKET STREET, Harrisburd, Pa. Auxiliary Stations at
523-525 Hamilton St. Memorial Square 48 N. Queen St. S. E. Cor. Norwegian and Center St. 39 S. Main St.
1305 Eleventh
JUNE 18, 1919.