Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, June 17, 1919, Image 10

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Leader 1B House of Commons
Hopes Germans Will
Ay Ae't4mH4 Prata,
London, June IT,- —The pence
terns presented to Germany ere
the final reply ef the Allies, Andrew
Bonar Law, government spokesman
in the House at Commons, declared
in opening the Victory loan cam-
Malted Milk
For Intents and Inrsllds
, AtokJ Imitetiees and fiehslitotes
Time Worn
Wood Work
- \ EPLACE all pieces that show signs of
\ decay qr rot.
The job may appear unimportant
today but serious trouble will be had if you
neglect repairs until next year.
Repair work ia not expensive if started
when the job is a small one.
, Don't let your property depreciate to the
extent of hundreds of dollars for the want
of a little attention.
No difference about the size of your lum
ber order •—• we will send you one board as
promptly and as cheerfully as one wagon
!The Gift
. I
I For the June Bride 1
|j June is here—the month of weddings.
Time to be thinking about gifts for the new 19.
The one supreme gift—the always-to- S
Ik be-remembered gift —is a beautiful Piano. ||
Nothing will bring so much immediate ||
and lasting happiness to the June bride, and . ®
I satisfaction to the giver, as a Piano. M
We'll help you to make the proper se
lection. Our display of quality Pianos Up- jp
rights, Grands and Player-Pianos includes
instruments at every price level consistent with f|
high quality.
Come to our music rooms and inspect
the many artistic models. Nowhere will yoa
find a finer showing. fg
Convenient terms if you like |j|
I J. H. Troup Music House 9
gjj|| Troup Building (Est. 1881) 15 S. Market Sq. ||jgg
Sp 4 Pianos, Players, Victrolas, Edisons, ill
Vocations, Sonoras, Records, Music Rolls
palm at the Guildhall yesterday.
The apeaker said he hoped earnestly
the Germans would sign the terms.
"It la for them to choose within
fire days," Mr. Bonar Law added,
"They must sign or the armistice is
at an end. There must be a Just
peace, but a just peace must be a
stern peace."
The speaker said that the chief of
the British staff had declared twen
ty-three different wars were now go
ing on, and added:
"It is not all over. It Is quite pos
slblo by want of wisdom, by absence
of restraint, by disunion among the
Allies and by want of unity at home,
to lose, not the victory, but the full
force of tho victory, which has been
bought so dearly."
Hackenaark, X. J. Mrs. George
Vantlgan of Bogota became angry
because lier husband kept fifteen
cents out of his wages. Her wrath
was so strenuous that Georgo had
hr arrested on a peace warrant and
she was put under SIOO bond.
Use McNeil's Tain Estermlnator—Ad
Reading: from left to right are the following class officers: Top row—Paul Shank, William S. Hoerner, Jay
Gehrett; bottom row—Lester Bell, F. J. Fellows and Victor Blhl.
Athletic Stars Honored by
Classmates With Honorary
Positions; Football and
Baseball Teams Represent
ed With Boys Who Kept the
Ball Rolling During Winter
When the graduating class of the
Technical High school entered that
institution four years ago, It fad an
enrollment of 177, divided into seven
sections. Now only about 74 pupils
remain to compose the class. Dur
ing the junior and senior years offi
cers were elected to have charge of
the meetings and direct the affairs
of the organization.
Those who preside now are: Pres
ident William Strohm Hoerner; vice
president, Victor John Augustin
Bihl; secretary', Frank Joseph Fel
lows, Jr.; treasurer, Lester Roland
Bell; historian, Peter Paul Weimer
Shank, and prophet. Jay Dee Geh
rett. These boys are active In all
phases of school life, and have
literally kept the ball rolling during
the winter months at Tech.
President Hoerner Is also presi
dent of the Athletic Association, a
member of the Social Dance Club;
has played end on the football team
for three years; and was captain of
the varsity team this past season.
"Bill" recently had an offer to man
age the "Borax Bill" outfit, but he is
of a more serious turn of mind and
will likely enter the P?nn Dental
School in the fall.
Vice-President Bihl, the boy with
the big name, has been one of Tech's
stellar athletes during his career at
Tech. "Vic" Is also a member of the
Terpsichorean organization. He was
a "T" for two years on the football
team, playing center rush. He was
an all-around performer on the bas
ketball team, and It was his great
V . ■ _ ;, .
work In one of the Reading games
that clinched the Central Penn pen
nant for Tech.
Frank Joseph Fellows, Jr., the
class secretary. Is a follower of Or
pheus. Ever since his advent to
Tech he has been singing in the Glee
Clubs of the school. Any quartet
or glee club is incomplete without
Frankie In it. He is one of the
most popular lads in the institu
The class treasurer Is none other
than Lester Roland Bell, who ca
vorts around shortstop, or in fact
the entire intield of the baseball
team. He is also a tenor singer, and
has been singing his way through
Tech ever since his entrance.
Peter Paul Weimer Shank, class
historian, is known as "Pete,"
"Chief" or "Shankie." He has be
come famous as a contortionist dur- '
Ing the past winter leading the Tech |
rooters at the various athletic con- ]
tests. Much of the credit for the |
wonderful victories of the Tech ;
teams can be given to his jazzing j
razzes which he injected into the |
Tech throngs. It is he who records j
as history the wonderful doings of i
the class members.
Jay Dee Gehrett, class prophet, is j
also one of the honor students of the I
class. Jay finished eighth in the
class, and is one of the most modest j
and unassuming lads in the school, j
Benny Leonard Shades
Johnny Dundee in Fast |
and Furious Bout
Philadelphia, June 17. —Benny
Leonard, lightweight champion, and
' Johnny Dundee, of New York,
fought six hard rounds to a draw at
the National League baseball park
here last night. Dundee carried the
fight to the champion in every
round. Leonard's punches were
cleaner and carried more weight,
bue he was unable to check Dundee's
It was a wonderful fight from
start to finish. The Italian cham
pion set a pace In almost every
round that at times nearly carried
Leonard off his feet. However, it
was Leonard's splendid generalship
and more direct punching that fi
nally landed him the winner. Dun
dee showed all the speed in the
world. He was in and out all the
time. He had Leonard worried sov
eral times, but the champion kept
punching away in that cool and di
rect manner of his, and when he
landed he landed hard. Both men
looked fit fo rthe fight. They both
held a pace for six rounds that only
first-class athletes can maintain.
It was not until the fifth round
that Leonard's superiority as a fight
er began to show itself. When
Benny really got into action he de
livered his punches with piston-like
force, especially in the sixth round,
Leonard cut loose and showed what
he could do when forced to fight
his hardest. He drove his right and
left to Dundee's face, but it must
be said that Dundee never flinched
under the punishment meted out to
him. He was always jumping into
Benny and landed often if not as
hard as did Leonard. Try as he
would, he could not stop the Italian
battler, who was always willing and
ready to take more.
Leonard was forced to take many
punches during the fight. Once a
straight left from Dundee staggered
him, but the fight went on and be
came more furious than ever.
Archbishop Hits Rum
in Talk to Graduates
Philadelphia, June 17.—At least
"75 per cent, of success" is guaran
teed to any man with right edu
cational equipment in his struggle
with the problems of life if he shuns
liquor, Archbishop Dougherty told
the graduating class at Villanova
College yesterday.
The archbishop's address, an un
expected feature of the program, was
a vigorous attack on the use of
intoxicating liquors. He presided at
the commencement exercises, and
was asked to make a few remarks
by the Rev. James J. Dean, O. S. A.,
president of the college.
Army Truck Train
to Cross Continent
Washington, June 17. Plans
were completed to-day by the Motor
Transport Corps for the first trans
continental trip of an Army motor
truck train. It will start from
Washington July 7 and end at San
Francisco from 47 to 60 days later.
Before the machines get away Pres
ident Wilson is expected to dedi
cate & milestone in front of the
White House to represent the start
ing point for highways radiating
out of Washington.
President Will Leave
For Belgium Tonight
By Aeaociated Press.
Paris, June 17.—President Wil
son will leave Paris for his vist to
Belgium at 10 o'clock to-night, It is
Nets $2,300 on Berries
From Acre and Quarter
Baltimore, Md., June 17. —To-day
Lewis M. Milbourne, chief deputy
collector of intornal revenue, after
a few days at his old home in Som
erset, reported that nothing likic
the present prosperity of the straw
berry growers had ever been known
in that section.
Mr. Milbourne said that at Marion
Station, which is the principal
strawberry shipping point and mar
ket in Somerset, there were shipped
this season 206 cars of berries, not
withstanding the short crop due to
light planting last year. The cars
brought an average of *2,100 each.
I u l "', Milbourne told of one man
| who from one acre and a quarter
——————— _____ 1
®ljr (Elnns (En. n I
"tiarrlsburg's Smartest Specialty Shop" 1
A Delightful Showing .
Mid-Summer *
iJnl T SilfiwK new creations of
Um ' // l|j]\ unsurpassed elegance and
I foi aS ih:'iNk charm, distinguished by their ex- />f7 ll Tulll
Aif I v treme grace and exceptional beau- ' ' ...!.!-<•••• fj
vAr °* l' ne ' The fabrics are cool and fT : f$ L Vj r
| \ summery, the designs are rare and f H,u\ jj ijj /
' U] J^ j ) at tractive an d the assortments re- Tft\i It 11/,'/
rfl maf k a bly varied, affording splendid y| \v| m\l
selection for women of all prefer- \
Prices are very modest an'd E^P^PS| :
New Organdie Frocks Smart Voile Dresses |
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19.75 to 29.75 10.75 to 27.50 11
A fascinating new frock of distinguished elegance, Cool, summery and extremely smart is this cute
true to the spirit of youth. Beautifully fashioned little frock of hair-line checked Voile, in delightful
of imported Organdie, revealing smart broad sur- tunic effect. Three inserts of white Organdie in
plice collar and multitudes of small ruffles on the skirt and sleeve, in horizontal effect, lend a con
skirt and sleeves. Narrow girdle of contrasting trasting note. Smart square neck is finished with
color ribbon lends additional charm. Obtainable smart embroidered Organdie collar. Softly crushed
in delicate pastel shadings. girdle terminates in flowing sash in back.
New Georgette Crepe Dresses .
ENCHANTING new models of irresistible smart ness, revealing fashion's most exquisite conceits. There
are models of engaging simplicity, devoid of ornamentation, also those elaborated with beading, hem
stitching ruffles, tucks and folds, affording splendid selection for those of conservative as well as fastidious
37.50 to 125.00
planted In strawberries cleared $2,-
300. The average profit from an
acre was 31,000, and he knew of
farmers who had cleared SIO,OOO
and even $20,000 from their crops.
Student Shoots Sister
in Night For Burglar
Philadelphia, June 17.—Firing in
the darkness down the stairs of his
home at a form he thought was that
of a burglar, Otto Borngesser, a 117-
year-old student at the University
of Pennsylvania, shot ind seriously
wounded his sister, Marie, 23 years
old, about 1 o'clock yesterday morn
ing. Although the weapon was only
a 22-caliber rifle, the wound is se
rious. the bullet piercing the left
- -r
JUNE 17, T&V9. 1
aide. She la In the PreabyterUn
Hoaplt&l where It la aaild her condi
tion la aertoua. The lad, a alight,
nervous boy, la tremendoualy broken
Special Midweek Sale of \
Women's White Canvas /y
Pumps and Strap Sandals// // })
Some styles like cut, Mili- Sy // Jf}
tary, Leather Louis, Covered // / /
French Heels. Excellent qual- // // SZj r/
ity canvas. Good Summer ft\ rf y/ V
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They Grow Better—They Yield Better
Both Phones
up over the tragedy. He was ar
rested and released on $1,600 ball
to await the result of his sister's
injuries by a magistrate.