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rry Miles, Once
Coachman For the Late
CoL James Young, Dies
'erry Miles, an aged negro who
ved for many years as coachman
the late Colonel James Young,
d yesterday morning after a long
less. He had been a familiar
iracter about town, virtually
iry person knowing him as
irry." For the past ilfteeli years
was employed by S. Cameron
ung, a son of the late Colonel
ung. Plans for tho funeral were
npleted late to-day. He died at
i home of Hampton Fuyman, In
rket street.
iiddletown will have another in
itry added to the borough by J:
Boyce, of Philadelphia, who pur
ised four lots from J: R. Geyer
1 A. L. Etter, at Mill and Poplar
eets, opposite the Pennsylvania
ilroad station, having a frontage
Mill street of eighty feet and
) feet in Poplar street. Mi-. Boyer
1 erect a knitting ruill. The new
lding to be put up will be 80x
) feet, constructed of brick and
ss, and will be three stories high,
h a basement. The faetory will
ploy about 200 hands Mr. Royee
s sales manager for H-. A. Roiii;
•ger, who conducts it chain of
lis throughout the Stat£,
ieventy-five members of Pwatara
uneil No. 858. Jr. O. U. A. M., met
the hall tn Emaus street Sunday
rnlng, from where the lodge pro
ded in a body to the PresbyteHan
urch to hear the Rev. T-. C-.
rrell preach a special sermon-.
Charles Myers, who recently pur
ised the ferryboat outfit front A.
Mansberger and will rurt to York
inty shore to meet trains-, started
s morning, making his first trip,
■he second band concert was giv
by the Liberty band in the ber
th park Sunday afternoon,
ohn Kendig, who spent the past
ir overseas, but returned to thO
tee about a week ago and was
t to Camp Dix, N. Jo "was mus
ed out of service and returned to
i home of his parents-. Mr. and
s. John Kendig-, RoyaJton.
""la/rence Henry, of Ohambere
-g, spent tfie weekend in town
the guest of his Bister, Mrs.
orge Carr-, South Wood street,
diss Florence Brooks, of Erie, Is
nding some time in town as the
>st of Miss Corinne Brandt-,
irlin Rudy, William Rwartz. j
Lemon and Jacob Shelly, Jf-i
ir of Mlddletown's young men
0 spent the past eighteen months
irseas and had been stationed at
mp Dix, N-. J„ were mustered out
service and returned home on
Jeorge Boynton, of Wilmlugton,
laware, spent the weekend in
vn as the guest of Mr, and Mrs.
J, Kinnard, North Catherine
lira William Feldlcr, son William,
, and daughter, Porothy, who
snt the past month in town as
1 guests of Pr, C, E, Bowers and
e, left yesterday for Hpeecevllle,
ere they will spend some time as
i guests of Fred Bowers. They
re accompanied by Mr. Fcldlef,
o spent the weekend in town.
Eighty members of the Rescue
so Company took part tn the
imen's parade at Harrlsburg Sat
lay afternoon and were the guests
the Reily Fire Company.
The Children's Pay exercises held
the Methodist Sunday school
iterday morning and last even
were largely attended at the
iday school session. Miss Har
t Swartz, Miss Louise Hanna and
mund Yost were presented with
iles. Thev were graduates of the
ddletown High school. This cus
n has been followed up hy the
nday 6chool for the past several
rife Missionary Society of the St
ter Lutheran CJiurch will meet at
s parsonage. North Spring street,
ursdav evening.
The Woman's Bible class of the
rst United Brethren Church will ■
Id its annual picnic at Paxtang
rk, Thursday.
The Ladies' Aid Society of the
rst United Brethren Church will
Id their regular monthly meet
* at the home of Mrs. Jennie Pet
tier, Nissley street. Friday even
redict Flying Ships
Will Evolve From
the Navy Seaplane
Washington- June 16- Flying
ips instead of flying boats will be
e logical evolution of navy sea
mes,- navy experts believe, as a
suit of the first air trip across
3 Atlantic. First impressions of
E lessons taught hy that trip had
•eady taken definite shape in the
nds of the men who conceived
d created the NC machines be
■e Lieutenant Commander A. C.
sad had manoeuvred the NC-4 to
safe mooring at Plymouth, Eng
Strangely enough, it was to the
perience o4 the NC-1. lost off the
ores, and the NC-3, battered out
usefulness hy heavy seas before
e made port at Ponta Pelgada,
at the inventive genisu of the de
j-tment turned for inspiration: not
the NC-4 that battled her way
iumphantly through the ristoric
As far as they have yet gone and
eking detailed reports and cont
ents from the seventeen men who
t out from Rockaway on the great
venture, the experts apparently
tve reached certain definite pre
ninary conclusions to guide them
future seaplane designing. They
e convinced that to play its full
irt In naval strategy, the seaplane
ust become as independent a unit
a modern submarine or destroyer,
must be able to keep the seas in
savy weather, riding it out on the
rface. It must he able to lift it
lf into air or to plane down to a
fe landing even when tall seas are
inning and it must provide for its
ew safety, shelter and reasonable
rmfort under very adverse circum
antces for the efficiency c.f the
ane depends upon the efficiency of
B men.
peak of American
and British Friendship
/lUmdon. June 16.—American and
Wtish friendship was the theme of
adlng Americans and Britons who
iturday night sang the requiem of
le Americn Officers' Club in Ohes
•rfle'd Gardens. There were
leeches hy the American Amhassa
ir. John W. T>avi-, Secretary of
'ate Lansing. Lord Reading and
r Harry Brfttaln, chairmen of the
tecutive committee of the Pilgrims,
rid a note from the king, who ex
ressed his pleasure that the "en
eavors of the committee have sne
leded In thel- ob.Wt by affording
> our comrades of the Amer'c.ir
rmv and navv a club which. It Is
ened thev have recorded In the
ght of their hor.r, d"Hng their iPv
i London." The toasts of
'nr" and "the President" were
ledged with enthusiasm.
Secretary Lansing declared tn his
address that the spirit of the Club
was the spirit which, he. believed. In
spired both the United States and
Great Britain —"a spirit of friend
ship and cordiality, a new knowledge
of one another, a knowledge which
I hope .Increase and a friendship
whl.ch i know will Increase as the
years go "by:
\• f *
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Cuba's Sugar Income
Small but Very Little
Money Remains There
New York, June 16.—1n spite of
her tenormous sugar Industry, Cuba
does not repelve a great sum of
money for her sugar production.
In proportion to the total annual
yield from that crop, her returns are
meagre. J
The sugar Income of the Island
republic is ten times as great as .her
tobacco Income, yet tobacco brings
much more money Into Cuba than
does sugar. This statement, which
Is contrary to the generally accepted
belief, was made by the Right Rev.
Hiram Richard Hulse, D. D., Pro
testant .Episcopal Missionary bishop
of Cuba, now In New York to raise
money for establishing more schools
In Cuba.
Absentee ownership of Cuba's
sugar mills is the reason.
"Amerllkns own one-third of the
Cuhan. sugar mills and produce one
half of the yield," said Bishop Hnlse.
"The sugar crop this year, will bring
a return of about $700,000,000 which
Is $200,000,000 more than the 1918
yield, but most of the profits will
go into the pockets of the American
owiners and stockholders.
"The tobacco plantations, on the
other hand, are mostly owned by
the Cubans and the money which
comes In from that source remains
tn Cuba."
JUNE 16, 1919:
Miners in France to
Strike Today Despite
Offers From Labor Head
By Associated Press.
Paris, June 16.—The officers of
the National Federation of Miners
received a letter from M. ColHsrd**
the minister of labor, offering tot
continue the negotiations for * set—
tlement of the miners' claims. The*
executives of the federation, how
ever, declined the offer. The min
ers' strike, therefore, will be/begun
to-day, as had been planned.
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