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Earl Berkheimer Honored at
New Cumberland Home
on Return From Service
Mr. atid Mrs. W. H. Berkheimer, of
New Cumberland, entertaiped at
dinner Saturday evening In honor of
their son, Earl A. Berkheimer, who
Is home after eleven months' service
The guests who enjoyed an even
ing of social diversions following the
feasting included: Mr. and Mrs. Ray
Berkheimer, Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Berkheimer, Mr. and Mrs. Norman
Berkheimer, Mr. and Mrs. Ervil
Berkheimer, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence
Berkheimer, Mr. and Mrs. John
Warren, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Ryder,
Roy Ryder, Mrs. Fetrow, Miss Pearl
Fetrow, George Berkheimer, George
Burgett, Miss Agnes Burgett, Miss
Sue Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. James
Meily, Mr. and Mrs. Houck, the Rev.
and Mrs. Robinson, the Misses Tillie
Westenheffer, Mary Yengst, Grace
Porter, Grace Berkheimer, Russell
Berkheimer, George Berkheimer,
Herbert Berkheimer, Miss Delia
Berkheimer, Pauline, Lillie and Sara
Berkheimer, Monroe Thomas, Virgil
Miller, Viola Warren, the "Rev. A.
R. Ayres, Miss Thelma Penigo.
George Bates, Charles Bates and
Mr. Myles.
I Plant Decorations j
I* i
If it has to do with I
Mowers or any tiling that |
"grows," consult us—
i Locust Street at Second I
Covering^^^^^j l
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i_l\i linens. They are inexpensive, /
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' flßv ions and screen cpverings. M j
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HE summer days call for separate skirts
' I ' and shirt waists and require more
than one skirt. By having us dry
clean your skirt with our modern process,
which leaves absolutely no odor in the gar
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fabric, you will have a skirt as good and
fresh as new.
Dyer and Cleaner
Both Phones Three Stores
Harrisburg Steelton
■ - -
Camp Hill Carnival
Continued Tonight
Since the weather man spoiled the
plans for Saturday evening's festiv
ities at the Camp Hill Civic Club
Community Day Carnival, the stunts
arranged for that time will be given
this evening. The midway, cno of
the most popular features of the
event, will be in charge of Carl K.
Di!en, who has on hand sonto beauti
ful and useful prir.es, donated by
Harrisburg busir# ssmen. There will
be the dance, which no one can afford
to miss, and for the thirsty there will
be—but why tell about it here? The
beat plan by i'ar. is to go find out
for yourself what will happen.
Col. and Mrs W. S. Thomas, of New
York City, former residents, will ar
rive here to-morrow for a little visit
with their daughter, Mrs. Helen T.
Forrer at 218 Locust street. They
will attend the commencement exer
cises of the Central High School,
where their granddaughter, Miss Vir
ginia T. Forrer is one of the gradu
ates. Miss Forrer will accompany
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas home to New
York for a fortnight's visit.
The Hebrew Ladies' Aid Society
has been l forced to postpone its
outing this afternoon and evening
at Summerdale because of the heavy
rain and dampness. It will be held
next Monday with a dance
following the afternoon's picnic di
versions. The officers in charge are
Mrs. David Cooper, president; Mrs.
Herbert, vice-president; Mrs. E.
Goldstein, secretary; and Mrs. L.
Cohn, treasurer.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Cluster, the
Misses Clarissa Jeanette and Adele
Cluster and Joseph Claster of Third
and Peffer streets, went to New York
to-day by automobile to attend the
marriage ceremonies of Miss Dora
Silberman, of Lebanon, and Attorney
Joel Claster of this city, taking place
to-morrow at the Hotel Astor.
Miss Dorothy Pentz, of Lemoyne,
was badly huit Saturday when hit
by v an automobile truck said to be
owned by Lawrence Fettrow, a con
tractor. Miss Pentz was alighting
lum a trolley car when hit.
Philadelphia Delegation Host
esses Tomorrow at Lunch
eon in the Penn-Harris
The Philadelphia delegation of
suffragists lobbying in ihe Legisla
ture for some time past, will enter
tain a hundred members of the Cen
tral Pennsylvania Suffrage Associa
tion at luncheon to-morrow after
noon at 1 o'clock in Parlor C at the
This is a return compliment for
the luncheon last week given by the
local folks to the Philadelphians,
headed by Mrs. Lawrence Lewis, Miss
Mary Ingham and others. At that
time the Central Pennsylvania W. S.
A. presented Mrs. Lewis with a check
for SIOO for the work.
When ratification of the suffrage
amendment comes as it is promised,
the suffragists of the city and vicin
ity will hold an impromptu automo
bile parade to celebrate and all in
terested are asked to have their cars
ready for calls by phone or through
the newspapers as to the hour of pa
rade. They will assemble on Locust
street heading in Front street. .
The first car will be that of Bishop
Darlington, who has always stood
at the front of the moement, even
when it was most unpopular, and
will carry the Philadelphia leaders.
Next will come the officers of the
Central Pennsylvania Society, bear
ing their banners, fbjlowed by cars
of all the men and wqgien of the city
who have strongly enTOreed suffrage,
the cars falling in as they have op
Former Harrisburg Girl
Marries in Lebanon
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel M. Gingrich,
238 South Second street, Lebanon,
announce the marriage of their only
daughter, Miss Marion Louise Ging
rich, to George F. Ely, of that place,
Saturday, June 14, at 7 o'clock in tho
morning. Only the immediate fam
ilies attended and after the service
a wedding breakfast was served.
Roses, daisies and ferns made love
ly decoraUons for the house.
Following the honeymoon, spent in
New York, Philadelphia, AtlanUc
City and other resorts, Mr. and Mrs.
Ely will be at home to their friends
at 1107 Walnut street, Lebanon.
The bride wore a traveling costume
of dark brown with hat to harmonize
and a corsage bouquet of bride
roses. She was attendd by Miss Irene
Ely, the bridegroom's sister, who
wore dark blue and carried pink
roses. Charles A. Cavenaugh was
best man. Beautiful china, cut glass
and silver were showered on the
popular couple. Mrs. Ely is a form
er Harrisburger, well known in
musical circles and by a host of
friends, Mr. Ely was graduated with
class of 1917 Lebanon High school
where he made an enviable record
in athletics.
Tell Ghost Stories in
Witching Moonlight
Mrs. Charles Householder enter
tained members of the Crescent
Club of Harrisburg, at a porch party
in celebration of her birthday. The
guests spent a delightful evening,
playing games and telling ghost
stories in Che moonlight.
Mrs. Householder's home is es
pecially noted for its beautiful roses.
The decorations both in- livingroom
and dining room were entirely of
roses and ferns. Supper was served
to the following guests: Mrs. L.
Galbraith, Mrs. R. L. Yapel, Mrs.
Ben Olewine, Mrs. Raymond Eisen
burg, Mrs. B. B. Beistel, Mrs. Wal
ton Romig, Mrs. James Eastright,
Miss Eleanor Eastright, Mrs. Maud
Cooper, Mrs. L. Rhinehart, Mrs. C.
E. Hall, Mrs. Wilson Ebersole, Mas
ter Edwin Householder and Master
Richard Householder.
Mrs. Walter B. Jackson, of Market
street, entertained at a luncheon of
eight covers to-day at her home,
honoring Miss Edith Mae Watson, of
Baltimore, who is her. house guest.
Pink roses and marguerites formed
the attractive decorations with a
basket of the same dowers as a ta
ble center piece.
Satisfactory glassi . ard tho result
of our painstaking examinations
We can please you with high
grade work.
If You Need Glasses
N0.22 N.AI2ST.
"Where Glasses Are Made Right"
Register Your
If your glasses we;e made in an
other city, or by an optometrist
who is out of business, I would I
suggest that you call at my of
fice and let me register them. I
will make a careful and correct
record of the prescription, and if
you should happen to lose or
break your glasses I will be in
position to make others exactly
like them in a few hours.
By taking advantage of this offer
you may save yourself a great I
deal of Inconvenience, trouble and
expense. I make no charge for
the service. I shall be very glad
to have you take advantage of
this offer.
12 N. Market Sq. Second Floor. 1
The Roshon Studio
This picture of Mrs. Ralph Stanley Hesser, form<yly Miss Romayne
Boyer, was taken just after the wedding ceremony Saturday morning in
the Zion Lutheran church. The Rev. Dr. Stewart Winfield Herman offi
ciated in the presence of a large gathering of friends of the youn-g
couple and the services were follow ed by a breakfast of fifty covers at
the Penn-Harris. Mr. and Mrs. Hesser are taking a honeymoon trip to
various seaside resorts. S
Girl Scouts on Hike to
Orr's Bridge Saturday
Thistle Troop. No. 7, Girl Scouts,
of Bethlehem Lutheran Church,
took a hike Saturday afternoon to
Orfs Bridge. Among their out-door
diversions were bird study, hunting
wild flowers and boating. Many
snapshot photos of the country and
merry party were taken and a pic
nic luncheon enjoyed.
In attendance were Mrs. George
Spangler, captain; Mrs. J. E. Hal
deman, lieutenant; the Misses May
belle Meckley, Evelyn Long, Mildred
Bogar, Elizabeth Haldeman, Mabelle
Davies, Anna Schampan, Esther
Pond. Pauline McKissick, Mildred
Yingling. Katherine Schell, Margaret
Goodman, Helen Keet, Anna Aiar
garet Moog, Sara Moog, Leonore
Sourbier, Dorothy Zeibler, Eliza
beth Halbert, Clara Baum, Vera
Walters, Edith Bell, Ruth Weeber
and Katherine M. Mallan.
Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Soult, 1844
Chestnut street, announce the mar
riage of their daughter, Janet Marie
Soult, to Thomas R. Crawford, of
Pittsburgh, at Wheeling, W. Va„
Monday, June 9. Mr. Crawford was
recently discharged from the Army.
Miss Marjori.e Hause. a Smith Col
lego student is at her home in Belle
vue Park for the summer holidays.
Frank L. Cook is home after an
outing with the Ramblers Club at
their house at TVatehapreague, Cedar
Island, Va.
Mr. and Mrs. Emmons Irving went
heme to Detroit. Michigan, this morn
ing after a pleasant little visit among
relatives in the West End.
Miss Esther Arthur, of Pittsburgh,
is visiting her cousin. Miss Elsie D.
Wright, of Penn street, for ten days.
Mrs. S. Joseph Levinson and son, of
Uniontown, were recent guests of her
parents. Mr. and Mrs. Max Schein at
1200 North Seventh street.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Jones and Frank
E. Jones, of Philadelphia, are in the
city for the Jones-Mumma Vedding.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. AVurster
with Luther, Virginia and Edward
Wurster, Jr., of 1807 Market street,
are home after a three days' automo
bile trip to Chester county. They
visited the old Brandywine Cemetery
where many of theiit Revolutionary
ancestors are buried.
Miss Sara J. Mosser, of 227 Emerald
street, is home after visiting in At
lantic City, Cynwyd and Philadelphia.
James Howells Rogers, of Chicago,
is looking up old friends while dn a
business trip to this city.
Mrs. Annie Wagner, of Maple Shade,
N. J., is spending several days with
the Misses Elsie and Edith Clendenin,
47 North Thirteenth street.
Miss Helen Barley and Miss Isabella
Smith, of the Howard Hospital, at
Philadelphia were entertained at din
ner yesterday by Mrs. Samuel B. Cur
ran, Bowman avenue, Camp Hill.
Berne H. Evans, of Riverside, has
gone to New Haven, to attend a re
union of his class of Yale University.
Walter M. Barclay, of Indianapolis,
Ind„ is stopping for a few days with
his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Ed
gar B. Thomas, of State, street.
Mrs. Joanna Scott. Miss Emma Scott
and Mis. Charles Gale, of Philadel
phia, are In the city for the Jones-
Mumma wedding to-morrow.
Miss Eliza Bailey, a student at the
Abbott Academy, Andover, Mass., has
returned to her 'Third and
Maclay streets, for the summer va
John C. Herman and Captain E. J.
Stackpole, Jr., motored to New Ha
ven to-day to attend _>he after-war
reunion of their class at Yale Uni
W. S. Bailey, a member of the Yale
Glee Club and who will sing a solo
at the commencement exercises this
week, returned to Yale yegterday.
Captain John B. Warden, son of
the Rev. and Mrs. John M. Warden,
2235 North Second street, came
home on Saturday for a fifteen days'
furlough. Cgptain Warden, who has
been regimental supply officer of the
Three Hundred and Twelfth Field
Artillery, Seventy-ninth Division, re
turned after a year's service over
; seas, reporting at Camp Meade, on
['Ted" Olmsted Is Rowing
With the Harvard Crew
Marlin E. (Ted) Olmsted is
No. 4 on the Harvard varsity crew.
He is the youngest man on the crew,
but while he is the same height as
Captain Witman, 6 feet one-half
inch, he weighs 18 pounds more
188. The annual regatta in which
Yale and Harvard will participate
takes place at New London on Fri
day of this week. These old rivals
heid their first race in 1852 and will
revive four-mile racing in this year's
regatta. Both Harvard and
expect record-breaking Crowds' of
alumni at their commencements.
Graduates of the universities the
world over are coming back for
the first commencement after the
war's close to draw in once more
the free breath of campus life, to
enjoy the Yale-Harvard baseball
game and the Harvard-Yale boat
races which have been the athletic
features of the annual .graduating
Dinner to Bride-Elect
Tonight in Penn-Harris
Miss Rose B. Mumma is enter
taining at dinner at the Penn-Harris
this evening in honor of her sister.
Miss Mary Katherine Mumma.
whose marriage to Norman Cheston
Jones, of Washington, D. C., will
take pjace to-morrow afternoon in
Christ Lutheran Church.
Covers were laid for 12 guests.
? Come On In the Water \
' Is Fine
I Look at These Summer j
I Prices J
j A swim in the pool and a show-I
t er, 50c; Ladies Day, Mondays un-t
J til 10 P. M.; Boys from 10 A. M.t
! o 12 M. every morning; Men!
from 9 A. M. until 12 P. M.
■ If you an :->t av im, we will!
l teach you. t
| Russ Building j
Don't delay having them exam
ined. It will only exaggerate
the trouble. Take care of
your eyes now; have an ex
amination made by a com
petent eyesight specialist.
Rubin & Rubin make no
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use no drops. You won't get
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ed by fifteen years of honest
Good Glasses as Low
as $1.50
Over The Hub) Hell Phone 42A-J
Open Wed. nnd Snt. Kvea.
The Leahy-McLanachan
Early Morning Wedding
Mr. and Mrs. S. J. McLanachan
of 409 South 17th street announce
the marriage of their daughter. Miss
Katharine McLanachan to P. H.
Leahy, this morning at 6 o'clock in
St. Francis' Roman Catholic church.
Following a wedding trip to Wash
ington and rrearby resorts, Mr and
Mrs. Leahy will make their home
for the present with the bride's
The bride wore a blue crepe de
chine costume with hat to harmonize
and a corsage of orchid sweetpeas.
There were no attendants. Mr. Leahy
is conected with the Pennsylvania
Railroad on the Philadelphia Divi
sion. running between Harrisburg
and Philadelphia.
Miss Caroline Lynch, of 13 South
Front street, and Miss Dorcas West,
of Colorado Sprinigs, left Saturday
for Madison, Wis., where they will
be guests of Miss Ruth Johnson.
Miss Lynch will later accompany
Miss West to hep home, returning to
this city some time in August.
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar F. Gohl and
family motored here Saturday from
Atlantic City, where they spent the
past two months. They are visiting
Mr. and Mrs. Christian F. Gohl, at
1003 North Second street. Mr.
Gohl. a civiil engineer for the Mc-
Clintic-Marshall Construction Com
pany, located in Washington, for
the past year, has been transferred
to Boston where they will go July 1
for their future residence.
Sunflower Troop, No. 1, Girl
Scouts, will meet this evening at
Market Square Presbyterian Church.
Every Scout expecting to accompany
the troop on the camping trip is
requested to attend this meetnig,
bringing money for her expenses.
Camp will open on Thursday at
Bellaire, near Carlisle.
The entertainment given recently
on Girls' Stunt Night at Island
Park will be repeated on Friday
evenirfig at the United Sates General
Hospital, No. 31, Carlisle, tinder
the direction of the War Camp
Community Service. The wand drill,
by the Girl Scouts, will be the only
part of the program to be omitted.
Miss Pearl Yahn and Miss Eliza -
beht Willinger, of South 13th street
are spending several days in Wash
ington, D. C.
Mrs. Herman P. Miller"of Cottage
Ridge is home after attending the
commencement exercises at Welles
ley college where her daughter, Miss
Lillian P. Miller was of the
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gault Golds
borough and children of Front and
Forster street's, are guests of the Mal
horough-Rlenheim during a stay in
Atlar/tic City.
srot TS MEET
Oak Troop, No. 4, Girl Scouts will
hold its regular meeting this evening
at Reservoir Park, at 7 o'clock. All
members of the troop are requested
to meet at the Elks' Monument.
Harrisburg physicians who were
at Atlantic City attenidng the meet
tings of the American Medical As
sociation have returned home. They
are Dr. Harvey F. Smith. Dr. J. B.
McAlister, Dr. David S. Funk, and
Dr. Charles S. Rebuck.
/ -
Dinner Monday Ere, June 10
Stouffer's Restaurant
4 N. Court St. 5 to 7.30
Creamed Tomato Soup
Chicken An Grntln lloast Veal
Hamburg Steak, tomatocd—- Roast
Marked or Browned Potatoes*
Creamed Onlona Stewed Pent*
Ice Cream, Pie or Pudding
Coffee, Tea or Cocoa
w. *
Whoever heard of vacai
tion planning without the
thought of "Dependable
And who is it that does
not appreciate the value of
good, sound, faithful lug
gage to add to the pleasures
of traveling?
He travels in Regal pomp
who travels with Regal
Overnight Bags
Wardrobe Trunks
Traveler's Outfitters
and Umbrellas
Si 8© ® @ng
We employ the same ad
vanced methods for exam
ining the eyes and fitting
glasses that are used by
leading specialists in the
profession. By operating
our factory, we are in posi
tion to give you the very
best service at moderate
Eyesight Specialist
-26 N. THIRD ST.
Over Schleisner's Store. ,
JUNE 16, 1919.
Prizes Awarded at Close
of Religious Class at
Ohev Sholem Temple
The closing exercises of Ohev
Sholom religious school ivere held
yesterday morning in the vestry
rooms of the temple. The exercises
were in the form of a flower service,
each pupil making a floral offering
which later was taken to the Har
risburg hospital and distributed
among the wounded soldiers hurt in
Saturday's trolley car accident.
Prizes were awarded to the honor
pupils by Mrs. M. Jacobson in honor
of the memory of her brother-in-law,
Abram S. Jacobson. The prize win
ners were Arthur Kades, Robert
Kades, Ruth Gross, Charles Selig
man and Elizabeth Siegemur.-d. Ju
lius Sagi won honorable mention.
Short talks were given by Mrs. Al.
Sims, Mrs. Al. Seligrnar.-, members of
the committee, David Kaufman,
president of the congregation, and
TEN different KINDS
21 South Second Street
Have You Been Disappointed
by not being able to get the style of Victrola you wanted?
Perhaps we have the style and finish you desire. Stop in,
we'll gladly talk it over with you.
The following styles and finishes now in stock:
IV-A—Golden Oak X-A Mahogany
$25.00 anc * Fumed Oak,
VI_ A 590.00
$55.00 XI-A —Golden Oak,
$ 5 °.00 $115.00
1 Golden 0' ™- Mahogany
Fumed Oak, § 1 and Fn S llsh Brown,
$60.00 ' $175.00
Ask to Hear Victor Record No. 45162:
"After All," by Werrenrath Price SI.OO
"Lonesome—That's All," by Murphy. Size, 10-inch
P. M. Oyler
MUSIC STORE 14 So. Fourth St.
A New York ?
Maker's Estimate 11
of My Clientele |j
It was in a manufacturer s showroom dur• ] Q
ing my last trip to New York. The pro
prietor was busy on the long distance j •
when I entered and a new salesman who | 0
ij •
didn't know me from Adam undertook to J 0
display the line. ! q
I found nothing which pleased me and I •
- was getting ready to leave. The proprie- } 0
tor suddenly appeared. He grasped the } Q
situation at a glance. ! q
"This is Miss Sachs, of Harrisburghe •
exclaimed impatiently. "She has one of [ .
the smartest and most fashionable clien- ? 0
teles in the country. Of course, she's not Q
interested in this grade of goods." And, £
leading me into another room, he began f •
to display some really charming frocks. 1 "
"The fellow didn't understand," he re- , 0
marked apologetically. "He was show- 0
ing you the kind of thing you find in de- 1
partment stores and ordinary shops. This I .
is what we make for a few customers with 1 0
clienteles who demand the latest and Q
best." i J
And I bought an assortment of beautiful •
dresses, which have just now been un- 0,
packed. They are ready now for your Q
' inspection.
Rabbi Louis J. Haas. On th teach
ing staff are the Misses Helen Mayer.
Rhedna Mayer, Lillian Kamsky and
Dorothy Strouse.
Announcement was made that the
annual picnic wilr be held Thursday
in Hershey park.
Under personal supervision of
Fred B. Aldinger, furnishes a
most excellent
Table d'Hote Luncheon
Daily 11.30 to 2.30
—At 75 Cents—
Also a la Carte bill of everything
in the market deliciously prepared
ClUckcn and Waffle Dinner
Every Thursday
You Wash Jour
Why Not Your
Wnshe* your motor, given It
more pep. Increase gasoline
mileage. Write for booklet.
W. R. Mohney
& Son
Eastern Pa. Diatributora
810 N. 3rd St., Hbg. Pa.
Dealers and Agents Wanted