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Jligh-Oluss Vaudeville—Reny and
Lorraine Bisters Hinging and
dunning —'"Pon" Word In "His. Hon
or, the Judge —Ed. Blondell & Co.,
In n comedy sketch, "The Box From
Home" —Harr and Grace Kile/worth
in a comedy skit with specialties—
Also one other Keith act.
(To-day, To-morrow and Wednesday
—Harold Lockwood in a Metro spe
cial, "Shadows of Suspicion" - -
(Thursday. Friday and Saturday
Alice Brady in "ltedhead."
.All This Week—Public Health Film,
"The End of the Koad."
fTo-day, To-morrow and Wednesday—
Klsie Ferguson in "Kyes of the
'Thursday. Friday and Saturday
William S. Hart, in "The Poppy
Girl's Husband," also a Drew Com-
tiTjater so cool in summer
Ed Blondell Co.
The Box From Home
a Other Keith Acts A
"His Honor the Judge"
and all This Week
A Tremendous Drama
of Human Life
; Ohited States Public Health Service
Featun'n# CLAffZF ADAMS
An absorbing love story that
tears the veil from a phase
of life that affects every man
and woman in the world.
It May be Brutal; It
May be Startling; But
It Tells a Great Truth
Idren under 16 not
' v lg continuous, 10 a. m.
to 11.30 p. m.
Price, 30c and war tax
Today, Tomorrow and Wednesday Only
In His Greatest Photoplay Success
The story of a young mnii who meets many difficulties but in the
end manages to win a girl's confidence.
The picture every HarrLsburgcr is waiting for
Delightful ALICE BRADY
In her daintiest release of the current year
11 ft A 11 Ai\ to HEATER
America's Premier Ragtime Xyloplionisl
"Topics of the Day" "The Wonder Act"
Harry and Jane Piatt, "Traveling in Harmony"
Spectacular Revolving Glolm- Equilibrists
D I'm!
Doort Open at land If. M. Performance! t 2 and 8 P. IK.
mJuUM one ticket admits to all irrav.wvuv?! {{J|W , .WHWn
ody, "Stranded."
Vaudeville —Two shows every even
The bill for the first half of this
week at the Majestic Theater prom
ises to be even better
llradllnVrs on than the bills present-
Mnjcstlc Bill cd last week. The
opening act is Peggy
and Lorraine Sisters, two clever girls
in a rather novel singing and danc
ing act. They keep the audience in
good humor by their witty comnfents
between songs and dunce numbers.
"Pop" Ward, the affable comedian
who has also received a warm recep
tion at the hands of Harrisburg
vaudeville devotees, will give his lat
est comedy monolog, "Ills Honor,
the Judge."' This act is suld to oe u
riot of laughter.
Other feature acts on the bill Is
"The Box From Home," presented by
Kd. Blondell & Co. This uct occu
pies the third place on the bill nnd
Is considered one of the best nml fun
niest sketches in vaudeville. Harry
and Grace Ellesworth aro also horn
with a comedy skit and dun.dug nut.
The fifth act Is being Withhold for
the present. Come and see what It
Is. Wo promise you It will bo good.
The must Interesting end widely
discussed llltii story of the post de
cade Is one entitled
••'l'll c I'lnti of "The Id nit of the Itoad"
the ttuftdt" and which will be pre
pented at the Victoria
Theater all thlp week.
Tho T!lilted Hiatus Public Health
Service sponsors this timely and In
teresting picture, which l produced
by Public Health Films,
Tho story was written by Dr. Kuth
orlne Dnvls. It grips, thrills and
holds you, and you realise ut the fin
ish that "The Knd of tho Road" Is a
vital message, engagingly conveyed.
The far go oust of players Is head
ed by beautiful Claire Adams, and
the celebrated Richard Bennet, star
of "Damaged Goods," which played
at tho OrphOUtn Thentor.
Harold Lockwood, famous as a
stage and screen actor. Is presented
'•Shadows of by the Colonial mm-
Suspicion." agemont In his best re
lease, "Shadows of
Suspicion," as the feature attraction
for to-day, to-morrow and Wednes-
Monday, Thursday and
Saturday Evenings
Admission: Ladies, 40c
Tax Paid Gents, 60c
A , j
The Coolest Spot In Town
To-day, To-morrow and
, Wednesday,
FIIIIIOIIM Artrrnft St nr. Han Splen
did Ncw Homnntic Photoplay,
l'ortrayn Hole of Cabaret Dancer
Who HefiiNON Wealthy Jurist For
Itlind .Soldier. \
\ddcd Attraction
Strand Comedy
Thursday, Friday and
Extraordinary Double Attraction
ThoiniiN 11. Incc Presents
William S. Hart
In An Entirely New Kind of Hole
in New Release
"The Poppy Girl's Husband"
day of this week. This picture shows I
the difficulties that surround a young
man, but In the end'tae triumphs and
manages to win the confidence of his
girl's father. It's a wonderful story
well told by this Inimitable actor.
Thursday. Friday and Saturday of
tills week charming Alice Brady will
be shown In the picture all Harris
burg has been wanting to see ever
since the first announcement ap
peared in the dally papers that she
would be here In "Redhead."
Klsie Ferguson's new picture, "Eyes
of the Soul." which is the bill at the
Regent Theater for
Elsie Ferguson three clays, is a de
nt the Regent. lightful photoplay
and one of the best
in which she hus appeared this sea
son. Gloria Swann iKlsie Ferguson!,
while in Judge Malvin's auto, nearly
runs down Larry K. Gibson, a blind
soldier, in his wheel chair. The two
meet frequently thereafter and Gloria
falls in love with him. Judge Malvin,
loving Gloria, alludes to her soldier
as "t.he blind wreck," but the girl
lis not to be won over. When Larry's
finances get low, Gloria takes some
; songs he has written to a music pub
' iisher. and later, being herself a
cabaret singer, gets a hearing for
(them at the Palm Garden. The songs
j make a hit, and Larry signs a con
[ tract with the publisher, instead of
starting life with Judge Malvin in a
: mansion, Gloria begins it with Larry
:in a boardinghouse. Both are happy.
: Larry is reconciled to the loss of his
sight, for he sees through "the eyes
of the soul."
The hill at the Faxtang Park the
ater for this week contains a pro
gram of vaudeville fa-
The mil nt vorites that should make
I'lixtang. a great show. Chief
among them is George H.
Bock, who is announced as America's
premier ragtime xylophonist and mu
sical entertainer. Mr. llock plays all
the real vaudeville houses and never
has any trouble in booking a return
engagement with the best of them.
If you like plenty of "jar./," and rag
time he is the boy you want to hear.
Who are the world's greatest
"limbers? It is a common fallacy ihp.t
the most daring and ex
| Barnum A pert of aerial workers
' Bailey and to-day arc sailors, and
■tingling the jolly tars have al
i Circus. ways been more or less
proud of their achieve
| ment in this line 01 endeavor. Re
i The Bosini Troupe, spectacular re
! volving glohc equilibrists, and one of
] the sensational headllners of the
I vaudeville stage, will also be at Pax
| tang this week, while Hart and Wag
ner, in their famous comedy talking
stunt called, "Topics of the Day," are
! guaranteed to bring the smile of
I merriment to the face of the most
I confirmed pessimist.
| Other worthwhile acts that will be
seen at the park theater this week
are Fred Andrews In what is known
as "The Winder Act." and Harry and
I Jane Piatt in "Traveling in Har
| mony."
cently, however, jome base landlub
bers have managed to wedge them
selves into a position before the pub
lic eye and rob the main who sails
the raging main of his laurels. These
latter belong to a new class of aerial
, gymnasts, known as perch perform
A number of these daring perch
: P"rfo> mers ape to be seen In tills ctiy
for the first time when the great,
new Ringling Brothers and. Barnum
Bailey Combined Shows exhibit here
Friday. July 4.
The perch act number is one of tho
highest salaried features of the
mammoth program. It includes such
famous artists as the Mlrano Broth
ers and the Weise troupe. The per
formers, all of whom have been
brought from European countries,
perform their difficult feats from tho
tips of slender poles of great length
and which ure supported In a per
pendicular position by tho strength
of one man who stands upon the
ground. These remarkable men but
suggest the nowness and the novelty
of the entire program. Tho consoli
dation of America's two greatest
amusement Institutions has made
possible the formation of a circus
that is far bigger than has ever be
fore been attempted. On its program
are centralized all of the world's
foremost arenic stars. A magnificent
pageant, which opens the program is
a stupendous feature. Tho super
menugerie is made up of the finest
animals of both circuses.
Klein Chocolate Lads Beat
Altoona by Heavy Hitting
A large crowd witnessed the bat
fest of the Klein team which secured
17 hits. Wrightstone and Walsh led
with three and four.
Glenn Killinge r received another
box of Klein's almond bars for malt
ins a Ijoine run in the last same, he
was in. George Hunter also made
the circuit swat, for which ho will
receive a box of Klein's almond bars
on Wednesday, when Klin* lines up
against the strong Quarryville team.
'1 seems to be suicide for tno vis
iting team to try to steal bases on
Catcher Trout, for he sure has a
ri'le arm. Saturday's game, June 21,
with Cressona. is canceled, and there
will'be no game at the home grounds
on that date, but Manager Hracken
ridge ia authority for telling the
public what will happen on that day
at Newark, where the candy makers
hold their annual convention: "Is
Klizabethtown going to be repre
sented in baseball there? Well, I
should say so. The undisputed
champs of the Klein Chocolate Com
pany baseball team is going to be
the one club. The other one the
committee will not mention, but they
got this far, that Manager Bracken
ridge of the Klein Chocolate Com
pany team has a letter from the
chairman of the committee stating
the team that is to face the strong
Klein team can be beaten only by
the N. Y. Giants, but Manager Brack
enridge says ho will put his club
against the New York giants any
time, so according to that, the Klein
Chocolate Company team will have
a good chance to win.
"The Kiein Chocolate Company
team has won 7 games, lost o—this
season, and the attendance at the
games is extra large, larger than
some of our larger* neighbor towns,
which have 30,000 to 40,000 popula
The dossy club spurns ordinary
railway travel and will make the
trip in six-cylinder motor cars, stop
ping oft at Philadelphia, June 21, to
wrangle with the strong Strawbridge
and Clothier nine. Saturday's score:
AB. R. H. O. A. 15.
Hunter, e.f . 4 2 2 3 0 0
Killinger, s.s 3 3 1 5 1 0
Wrightstone, 3b. .. 5 4 3 1 2 0
Walshi, lb t 2 4 8 0 0
Cranston, 2b 5 0 2 2 2 2
Haines, r.f 5 0 0 0 0 0
Brown, l.f 5 1 2 1 0 0
Trout, c 4 1 2 7 2 0
Bitter, p 5 1 1 01 0
Totals 40 14 17 27 8 2
Gleason, r.f. • 3 1 1 0 0 0
Carles, 3b 3 1 1 0 1 0
Yingling, s.s 3 1 1 2 1 0
Morrison, 2b 4 0 1 1 4 0
C. Brown, r. f 4 1 0 3.0 0
Bashore, lb 4 0 0 13 1 0
Hrnnen, r.f.,p 4 0 1 0 2 0
Hlldebrand. c 4 0 0 5 2 0
Bowser, p.. r.f. ... 3 0 0 0 1 1
Totals 32 4 5 24 12 1
Klein 43500110 x— l 4
Altoona 1 0000300 0— 4
Three-base hits,Killinger, Wright
stone, Walsh; home runs. Hunter:
sacrifice hits, Charles. Walsh; struck
out, by Rltter, 2; by Brown, 3; by
Hennen. 2; base on balls, oft Rltter,
2; oft Bowser, 2; off Hennen. 0; left
on base, Kline Chocolate Co.. 6; Al
toona, 4; hit by pitcher. Hunter,
Trout, Gleason; stolen bases, Hunter,
Brown, Walsh, Cranston, Wrlpht
stone. Trout; first base on errors,
Klein Co., 1; Altoona, 2. Time, 1.60.
Unuura. Rlousb. Attendance. 1200.
Up-to-Date Peek at
Jess Willard Training
"* ll %#• jj
This photograph, just received from Toledo, shows Jess Willard
training for his bout with Jack Dempsey. He is seen here boxing with
Jack llcnipel, one of his sparring partners. The camera caught the
heavyweight champion in one of his characteristic attitudes leaning
far back with his guard high.
Sad news for thousands of fans,
who intended reaching Toledo for
the big light in Pullman cars, and!
to-day an army of citizens were busy
trying to arrange transportation via
motor, for Walker D. Hines, director
of railways for Uncle Sam, canceled
the plan for 70 special trains to
carry the -crowds, giving as the rea
son, the necessity of having all |
trains for the handling of 375,000
troops returning from abroad. It is
believed that the Federal decision
will also interfere with about 100
other fight excursions, planned from
all part of the country. The 70 Pull
man outfits were to tap exclusively
New York and Philadelphia.
The picture printed here to-day
shows that Willard still has plenty
of weight in the midsection, and the
casual observer would certainly say
that If the big fellow ever exposed
as much opening as he does here
Dempsey will l>e in there with a
third fall. latest word from the
training quarters says that Willard
is beginning to get a little tired of!
Joe Barrett, the Steelton boxing
promoter, says he is surely in -the
hands of the jinx, and is wondering
whether luck will change. Several
weeks ago he billed a ten-round
bout here with Low Tendler and
Tendler pulled one over on the vet
eran, but not being a quitter, Joe
engaged the Quartet Hall in Steelton
and had a show booked that was a
hummer from a local point of view,
as four of Harrisburg's best boxers
were, on the card, against a like num
ber of the best in this section. The
card included Sammy Schiff, in the
feature bout of ten rounds against
Young Mahoney, the fast Baltimor
ean; Young (Bull Dog) .Silar in the
semiwindup with Nate Isaacman, a
local favorite; Billy Morton, the
hard-hitting lightweight of this city,
with Paul Wagner, of York, and
Billy Allicks of this city and Young
Wampler, of York, in- the first bout.
Joe thought and had reasons to
think, that every thing would be
clear sailing to-night. The first jolt
he got was while at Union Station,
Saturday, mailing transportation- to
the outside boxers. Crossing the
plaza between two teams Barrett
was kicked on the calf of his right
leg by a horse of huge dimensions
which partly put him out of business.
Following this, when Joe returned to
Steelton an hour later, ho received a
telegram notifying him that Ma
honey wrenched his arm in a bat
tle Friday night in Baltimore in his
fight with Joe Marks, and was com
pelled to quit and, of course, the Bal
timorean could not fulfill his con
tract to box Schiff. Manager Max
Waxman stated he would send
Young Gilly, the southern light
weight champion to take Mahoney's
place or,- the card. Barrett then
lost no time getting in touch with
Schiff and tried to persuade the lo
cal boy to meet Gilly. Schiff re
Barrett says he will now put in
two other boxers, and to show just
how good the man is that Schiff re
fused to meet, he arranged to have
Gilly make his home in Steelton in
the future, and has matched him
with Tim Droney, the Lancaster
lighter, to meet the southerner in
his show next Monday night in a
"You certainly liavc n wonderful
medicine in Natonex. I liavc had
better results from it by far tlum
from any of the many medicines I
have taken. In fact, this is the first
time I have ever gotten entirely
satisfactory results from a medi
This was the statement of Charles
IJ. Peck. of 870 South Main Street,
To those who do not fully under
stand how Nutoncx is designed to
purify tli'e entire system—stomach,
liver, kidneys, nnd intestines—by
combining the twelve best proved
Nature remedies, all having special
curative value for one of the vital
organs, Mr. Peck's statement will
seem remarkable.
"My system was all out of order,"
this Wilkes-liarre. man said. "In the
first place, I was subject to Indiges
tion. Besides, my liver wns sluggish
and my bowels inactive. I also had
kidney trouble, and my system was
full of uric acid which caused rheu
matism in my back, arms and legs.
"I was pale and had little energy.
My blood circulation was poor and
my condition kept me from resting
like I should.
Natonex is specially introduced and explained by the Natonex Represen
tative at the Gorgas Drug Store, 16 North Third Street. To meet
the great demand, Natonex is now sold by these,
leading druggists.
Green castle—Chas. B. Carl. | Mt. Union—J. liMlnick.
Hanover—H. C. Haughman. NnrtliumhcrlaudAfl^Mrtw^
.Vlillnii—E. li. Kriser-
I the grind. He loses his temper eas
ily. This does not seem to alarm
Tex Rickard, who says:
"The old boy is getting ripe. He's
drying out nicely. His nerves are
raw and he is pretty near ready. Let
him go along slowly now and he
will be at concert pitch when he
steps into the ring.
"A boxer just before $. fight for
] which he has trained faithfully Is
1 ( always irritable. I have never
i; known one with a better disposition
| ordinarily than Jess Willard, but
I even he, as you see. must pay the
penalty for strlpptng his nerves of
the protection afforded by nature,
"When llesh is reduced In weight
until it has the consistency of leath
er, when long-continued exercises
that dry the body so that perspira
tion Is no longer profuse, when put
i to the test of heat and hard work,
' the boxer becomes sensitive beyond
II his ordinary condition. His nerves
; Jangle at a touch. He (Ilea Into un
' | accountable ragea. That ia the way
I with Jess now. Dempsoy has been
lon edge for ante time."
| ten-round bout. To-night's show
J was called off but the same pre
! liminaries will compete In next
j week's show, provided Nate Isaac
' man will box Your.-g Silar that night,
j If not then Frankio Erne, of Lan
caster, will be Silar's opponent, as
j Droney and Erne both train at
I Erne's school of physical culture,
j This feature event, Gilly and
) Droney, Barrett says, without doubt
j is the best arranged between light
j weights ever held in this section,
j Gilly has had 107 bouts, and lost
| seven decisions and has never been
\on the floor In all his career. Jimmy
j McCabe, who rccen-tly beat Jack
j Britton, Danny Ridge, who held
j Benny Leonard down for ten rounds,
I Pete Hartley, the durable Dane, and
many other top notchers are among
| Gilly's victims. Dror.-ey, like Gilly,
! is a seasoned boxer; In the past two
j months he boxed Allentown Dun
l dee a draw, and beat Whitey Fitz
! Gerald, in Philadelphia and also gave
a sound thrashing to Eddie McAn
rews. Gilly went the rounds of the
paper offices last r.-lght and- was not
under the collar before he left for
Baltimore, where ho will pack up
his belongings, and come back to
Steelton, where he will moke his fu
ture home, and get into condition
under Barrett's care to meet any
man in the world who can make 133
I pounds.
The Hummelstown Fire Company
| leant, with Hassler pitching, took a
j fall out of the fast Highsipre A. C.
: team Saturday, 9-5, as follows:
AB. R. H. O. A. E.
| Knrdner, 2b .. . 2 1 0 0 3 0
i Killer, ss 4 2 1 2 3 1
I Corty, lb 5 2 1 8 0 0
Weaver, 3b ... 3 1 1 5 3 0
! Hassler, p ~. . 5 J tr 1 1 0
Khly. Cf 5 2 1 2 0 0
I MoKissiek, rf . 5 0 1 0 0 0
I Burridgc, If .. . 4 0 1 2 0 0
! Zimmerman, c . 4 0 1 7 0 1
Total 37 9 10 27 10 2
AB. R. H. O. A. E.
Hahn, rf 3 o l n 0 0
L. Leedy, p... 4 0 0 0 0 0
Zerancc. 3b... 4 0 0 3 3 0
"I was interested in Natonex be
cause every Nature remedy in it was
told alxtiit and I knew wlint cacll
remedy was good for. Natonex went
fight to work regulating my system.
"First the indigestion began to
disappear and my appetite got good.
Then I could feel this Nature medi
cine working on my liver and bow
els. I found it was splendid for the
kidneys too. The uric acid is being
eliminated from my system. I
changed to a healti.y color and be
gan to sleep well and that con
vinced me my blood was being en
riched and the circulation improved.
"Having found such satisfactory
relief, I do not liesltate to advise
anyone suffering from my old com
plaints to get Natonex. I am sure
they will be glad they tried it."
•Inst give Natonex a ehanoe even
if all other medicines have failed. If
you need better digestion, purer
blood, real nerve vigor or bodily
strength, just let the Natonex repre
sentative nt the Gorgas drug store,
IB North Third street, explain this
Natnre medicine. You can even
test it free.
J. Leedy, 1f.... 4 1 1 4 0 0-
Gluntz, ss 4 2 2 2 6 1
F. Etter, lb ... 4 1 2 9 0 0
Shaffer, c 4 0 1 6 2 1
C.Etter, Zb ... 4 1 0 2 0 0
Bnoddy, rf 4 0 1 2 0 0
Total 61 5 K 27 12 2
Hnmmctetown .. 2020401 0 o—9
Highspire A. C. .01001300 o— s
Two-base hits—Keller. Gluntz.
Three base hit—Weaver. Home run
100% Pure
Tobacco \H
PURE Turkish tobacco is what
makes Helmar cigarettes so
delightful. There is no substitute
no "nearly as good."
Compare 100% pure Turkish Helmar with " bundle"
cigarettes—you won't need any argument—Helmar does
the talking!
Like thousands ot others—you will be glad to pay the
slight additional cost for Helmar "Quality Superb."
JUNE 16, 1915.
—F. Etter. Sacrifice hits—McKi9-
sick, Corty. Double plays—Keller
to Corty, Weaver to Corty. Struck
out—Hassler. 7 L. Leedy, 3. Base
on balls—Off Hassler, 1 Leedy, 6.
Left on base—Hummelstown, 7
Highspire, 10. Stolen bases—Bord
ner, 3 Corty, Etter. Time 2 hours.
Columbia, Pa., June 16.—Five
members of the Bruner family, all
graduates, will hold a reunion at
Wcslcyan College. Middletown.
Conn., the coming week, where they
will witness the graduation of a
nephew, W. Clark Bruner. Thoso of
the family are Alfred C. Bruner and
wife, Harry M. Bruner, Alfred C.
Bruner, of Ardmore, and Lieutenant
A. B. Bruner, of the United States
Army Medical Corps.