Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, June 16, 1919, Page 11, Image 11

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Spanish War Veterans Close
Annual Convention at
By Associated Press.
Allcntown, Pa., June 16.—York
was chosen as the place for the next
annual encampment of the Depart
ment of Pennsylvania United Span
ish War Veterans, at the closing
session of the fifteenth annual en
campment here late Saturday after,
Officers elected and installed at
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the session of the Grand Lair of
Pennsylvania, Military Order of the
Serpents, follow:
Gu Gu Grandississlmo, William O.
Gibson, Scranton; Grand Datto,
Austin C. Rowell, Crafton; Grand
Stfck and Slimy Keepers of the
Orphidiant, Rotjert E. Sennett, Phil
adelphia; William R. Kingwell, Al
lentown; Hans C. Brown, Wtlkes-
Barre; Fred Ginsberg. Pottsville:
Delegate-at-Lnrge to the National
Lair meeting at San . Francisco,
George R. Kropo, Philadelphia.
Calls Oft Strike of
Telephone Operators
on the Pacific Coast
By Associated Press.
Atlantic City, N. J., June 16.
Miss Julia O'Connor, president of
the Telephone Operators of Amer
ica, announced yesterday that she
had sent telegrams calling off the
strike of telephone operators on the
Pacific coast scheduled for Wednes
day. This action was brought about
by the decision of Postmaster Gen
eral Burleson at Washington in
granting the requests made of him
by the telephone operators.
Miss O'Connor, who is attending
the labor convention here, said that
she did not look for a strike of
phone operators anywhere, at least
not for the present.
Liberal, Kan., Juno 16.—Frorrj a
snowdrift delaying trains to heat
buckling the rails in a matter of two
weeks is some record. Nevertheless
the Rock Island claims it. Rock Is
land No. 12, was delayed at Hooker,
Okla., several hours early in April
because of a Meep snowdrift which
filled a cut. Next day after Easter the
same train was delayed tw ohours
at Hooker because' th cheat caused
the rails to buckle.
Busy Men
can't afford the petty
annoyances caused by
uncomfortable, unreliable
garters. They demand
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Question Whether Compensa
tion Can Be Claimed
For Diseases
In opinions
V \\ ® //J granting a series
\\ ttT/y °' new hearings
\\\W If/ the State Com pen-
sation Board has
made some inter
raised will have important bearing
on future decisions. One of the
most far-reaching is in the case of
McNulty vs Lackawanna Railroad,
Scranton, in which the opinion in
ordering a new hearing says: The
claimant "has also attempted to
draw an analogy between the in
vasion of the human system by the
germ of pneumonia and that of
anthrax and claims compensation
on the principle that her husband
having contracted pneumonia upon
the premises of the defendant Be
cause of the condition thereof, that
Mils disease, if there contracted,
is that unexpected and untoward
event which the courts have Baid
constitute an accident under r.he
workmen's compensation act of
1915. • • • The immediate patho
logical and physiological must be
found as facts, together with other
necessary and material findings.
New hearings arc ordered to de,
tcrmine questions of dependency la
Wilde vs. Pennsylvania Railroad
Philadelphia, and Cacti vs. Cambria
Steel Co., Johnstown, in which the
earnings of a deceased son enter:
and for further information in
Reilley vs. Erie Railroad, Susque
hanna: Gringee vs. Rutherford &
Mlgnatti, Philadelphia: Thomas vs.
Lackawanna Railroad, Scranton:
Moran vs. Pittsburgh Terminal Rail
road, Pittsburgh.
In Artley vs. Indiania county, it is
held that the county must pay com
pensation to the widow of Constable
Artley, of Blairsville, because he was
shot and killed while trying to
make an arrest. It is held that the
constable had been duly elected by
the people, had given bond and was
acting under control of authorities.
The manner of his selection to the
office docs not enter into the case.
In Turner vs. Rainey, Unionrfown,
compensation is given a widow for
death of her sixteen-year-old son
who died from bone disease caused
by a bale of hay falling against his
Many at Funeral —Senate and
House, State government and the
bench were represented at the fu
neral of Senator James M. Camp
hell, at Mercer, on Saturday. It was
the largest funeral ever held in the
county and the Senators marched
with the mace of the upper cham
ber at their head.
Action On Auto Rills—The final
amendments to the Dithrich and Cox
automobile bills are in hand and
it is expected they will reach the
Governor by the end of the week.
Increases Filed—The Public Serv
ice Commission has given notice
that the following certificates of
notification for increases of capital
stock and debt have been filed:
Pennsylvania Utilities Co., Easton,
bonds 1471,000 and $110,000; Citi
zens Light, Heat and Power Co.,
Johnstown, bonds $74,000; Penn
Public Service Co., Philadelphia,
bonds $261,000; Steubenyille, East
Liverpool and Beaver Valley Trac
tion Co., Midland, bonds $1,600,-
000; Buffalo, Rochester and Pitts
burgh Railway, Ridgway, bonds
$205,000, $204,000. $142,000, $1,700,-
000 and $1,647,000; Eastern Penn
sylvania Railways Co., Pottsville,
bonds $42,000.
Bridges Approved—The State
Water Supply Commission has ap
proved plans for county bridges for
Lackawanna, Schuylkill and Susque
hanna counties and for' various
changes in public drainage sys
tem at Erie.
Army Plans— -Plans of the State
Armory Board for construction ot
additional armories for the reor
ganized National Guard .will have to
be curtail'ed in view of the fact that
less than $200,000 for construction
has been reported to the House of
Representatives. The State has re
oejved offers of free sites for build
ings which would cost twice the
size of the appropriation reported.
Case to Go Higher— Judge James
McF. Carpenter, at Pittsburgh, dis
missed an injunction proceeding
brought by the Public Service Com
mission against Peter C. Jabe, of
McKeesport, for operating a jitney
between McKeesport and Elizabeth
without securing a license. The case
will be appealed to the Supreme
Court and will tept the right of the
Commission to bring suits in other
courts than that of Dauphin county.
The contention was that the defend
ant in the case is not within the
jurisdiction of Dauphin 'county
court, and unless a suit can be main
tained in Allegheny counts' by the
Commission is not within the juris
diction of the Commission.
Cresswell Pleased— Brigadier Gen
eral Charles T. Cresswell, the bri-
I gade commander, is frankly and un
qualifiedly pleased with the results
of the week's worJe at Mount
Gretna camp. "We started out to
emulate the former National Guard
In the Reserve Militia," he said.
"We po longer do so. We have
surpassed them. The results of this
week's work will show up best when
we have the brigade in camp in July,
and these officers have their com
panies and platoons to handle."
Case Dismissed —The Supreme
Court has ordered dismissed the pe
tition of applicants for hotel, brew
ers' and distillers' licenses in West
moreland county, the lower court
having acted as directed by the Su
preme Court writ of mandamus.
Claims Settled.—The elnimsvof the
families of the men killed in the
Wilkes-Barre mine explosion have
been virtually setled. The State
Compensation Board has announced
that most of the contracts have been
approved. This sets a record for the
State compensation authorities.
Attended Meeting Adjutant Gen
eral Frank D. Beary spent the week
end in New York in company with
Major General W. G. Price, discuss
ing the .National Guard reorganiza
Moyer a Speaker Gabriel H.
Moyer. pf the Auditor General's De
partment, was the speaker at the
Lebanon Odd Fellows' memorial yes
Again Change in Uw—A. C. Bigc
low, active In the more sheep move
ment, is circulating pictures and,cir
culars against any change in the dog
law. He contends that any modifica
tion of the law would' menace the
sheep industry.
Collins Made Address Deputy
Attorney General Emerson Collins
was Flag Day speaker at the Potts
vllle exercises.
Republican Congress Doing
Things Without Delay
Washington, June 16.—Congress
la going at the business of the extra
H3LRmsßmcG raazEGTOSprr
session with a rush which has no
precedent in recent years.
Although handicapped by the fact
tho session did not open until May
19, there is reason to believe that
House and Senate will be able to
accomplish the huge task of getting
tho appropriation bills passed by
July 1, the date when the new fiscal
year begins.
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Working in conjunction with the
Senate leaders, the decision of the
Ho>use leaders was to dispose of
these vast appropriation measures
with this extrarodinary speed In or
der to give the Senatfe time to deal
with them, send them to conference,
and pass them finally before July 1.
In order to carry out the pro
gram, the House will for some days
pass supply bills at the rate of $300,-
000,000 a day. The Senate will pro
vide for expenditures in the closing
days of June even more rapidly. It
is recognized by House members and
Senators that more time ought to be
given to the close and critical exam
ination of the great money bills on
the floor but in the present condition
of things It is Imperative the meas-
JUNE 16, 1919.
ures be passed with the least prac- / -
ticabic delay.
What has been done on the floor TCB
of both houses, however, represents fll CORKS
only a part of the work thus far ac- BUNIONS
complished. In the leading commit- CALLUSES I
tees of the two houses there has __ _ ______
been steady activity. The results of GORGAS DRUG STORES
it will be apparent as the session wtwiiuu
develops. v . V