Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, June 14, 1919, Page 9, Image 9

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    - Th , e I Three Products I EVERY OWNER
Purchased $37,000,000 1 o aj j f (AftV^Pk\\ I Awn nocDATAD
Worth of Nash Products I Best Adapted In (1I AND OPERATOR
Last Year S Their Line! OF THE FAMOUS
THE NASH "iEfg &F0 F "ST.° NE Vim Delivery
Has Won Its Way to Fame SALES & SERVICE JL m. JL Ji \J WE APPLY THEM I Know What Economy Is In Shipping T
One and Two-Ton and Quad Models I By Truck vr
Myers Motor Sales Co. Harrisburg Auto Co. | Andrew Redmond
1210 Penn St. Harrisburg, Pa. 4th & KELKER STS. BOTH PHONES HARRISBURG, PA. E Third anJ Ham ., ton Harrisburg, Pa.
1 * _ "" .
S* \ Pioneers of the Internal Gear Drive 0 fil S
(ffl) DENBY I gll 1|
"A Better Truck" IL.J IS B 11/ J! JP | M 8 ILJL mm. % 1 Watch the Exhaust I
1,2, 2 2 and 5 Ton, I JUNE slh A 5 TON
A Model for Every Trucking Need I # J- TT 1
I The Denby Is the Truck of Superior Performance, | I|1f) 13 I* llfllf* If
3 Satisfaction, Service and Economical Operation. Jr •• * * vl, 11
I The Denby Internal Gear Drive divides the strain n p r*
8 of load carrying and power transmission to all parts M 9 Drove From Pittsburgh to Harrisburg Using B
J of the axle—and delivers over 96 per cent, of engine , j&W One-Half Kerosene the Entire Trip
j power to rear wheels—a big feature Irrespective of / JT MMJSUf \ 20 Giants Sold in Harrisburg and Vicinity in 1
| road conditions or heaviness of loads, Denby Power \ Last 3 Months 1
J is maintained. And this power is maintained because Til 1
! there is practically no loss due to friction and heat. I / / \ 1 1 IF* TY AI? F
|H. W. AITKK.V, Mgr. " Both Phones. I \ v. J J J I 211 Chestnut St. and 17th & Chestnut Sts. E
I Truck Tonnage ' j y X |
|Of America h Carried On WHAT IT MEAMS TO EVERY COMMUNITY toIk T j
i ¥?• i T* Better Roads More Work Lower Prices I Economize Your Delivery with j
rirestone 1 ires rL pv „ n i af Tb-h^Lc
In every progressive community in the United States "Ship by Truck" is the coming by-word. This ! vIICV I UlCl I FULKS
movement is the means toward many civic improvements and lower prices. The farmer, the merchant, the busi-
R. M. PEFFER ness man and the consumer all are boosting "Ship by Truck." I One-Ton Worm-Drive Model
Choosing the right truck, the right equipment and the right tires, all mean real service and real economy. I TYR TfYI T A I TTfY #TY
Lemovne There is a special truck made for your particular business. Any dealer here will gladly tell you about the truck I IXIOv* vy 1 VJ
| °r equipment you can use best.
Be Sure to I J. L. n 4-Ur> /a£" a\ 1 Whether Your Business is i
S 1 f . .l I \ OCJUJTT IfICJTI OTL TlMs I Inter-city or city delivering b 5
§ 1 J Investigate the I I ) , g fJJ . y ( Jj ) you owe it to yourself to in- ( \rY\o) v\ j |
Superior Qualities of I streets OT Harrisburg vestigate the wonderful
| I / stamina and economy of the y B
: ROWF TRUCKS ] Nnrwalk !
I IV V/ Tf Ll I Bethlehem IIUI W (UK
4 and 6 Cylinder Models I Gcilfforcl I an j j 1 y Qn ]y^ oc | e j s
Built for Use 1 ov6rla.lld Will Gladly Show You Anything About This g
j Sunshine Garage The Overland-Harrisburg Co. BROWN MOTOR rn I
i2B.uS R WMt R Mrket s. o i p io"h , iMr"n"" oppo^J t RO i R I hTh. v staVion I 810 N. Third St. Harrisburg, Pa. |
| Motor Truck Of Wk) Buy A Selden INTERNATIONALS
I Proven Ability It's All Truck I jj,- g y ery j ce
I No matter where you want to haul you get INTER
JSanford Day-Elder
a ,|5 ervic^ is n °t confined t°
S They are the leaders in their toMy """
a test yon can give them in any line of business. A Model For FttfTV filMfVtt t^SS^SSTJAJSOSI
9 ... ... - „ .. , ■** irivUvl AVI l/UutllCOO going North, Factory Branch Hou.srs at Klmira, Auburn and Buffalo:
We Will gladly tell you now. going South, Factory Branch Houses at Baltimore and Richmond.
, FACTORY (not an assembly Plant) at AKRON. OHIO, Surrounded
| p | V § g | by Factory Branch Houses at CINCINNATI, CI/EVEIiAXD, COLCSI
- RROS Spldpn 1 itiick ,iS Ix>if:do 'thisis NOT TH FONLY SK RVIC E
It JL 1 ill JL#l\Vy D* ki/V/AML wAI AJL AK/ W& C 9 B At nil the principal tonus and cities along these routes you will lint!
I INTERNATIONAL Motor Truck dealers with adequate Service Sta- ,
mCRRLBH u Rli I ' 'rFhuLtl RgCPg
junte 14, rgre.