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Big Time Is Scheduled to Be
Held at the Monn
"Hail, hail, the gang's all here" is
• what the Harrisburg Motor Dealers
will be singing next Thursday, June
' the 19th, when the whole shubang
i gets together in a real old time out
> ing at the Monn Cottage along the
i Conodoguinet Creek. And a real
itime it is promised to be according
Ito the committee in charge of ar
rangements, but what these real
times are to be—ah, therein lies the
secret —to a certain extent.
To start in with, we are told,
I there will be u secret time run from
Harrisburg to the cottage In which a
splendid prize will bo awarded to
the dealer coming nearest to that
• certain time. And then when they
. get there—oh, boy. Good time
galore. There will be athletic
; events, stunts, sports, baseball an'
everything, And eats, oh, lady, lady,
! They say that is to be the best part
' of it, oodles of everything delicious.
The picnic is being staged by the
Harrisburg Motor Dealers Associa-;
itiqn, No stone has been left un- 1
lturned by the committee to make it,
! a huge suecess, There are about j
i sixty members in the association and j
when these boys get togethor there 1
is 'Something doing every minute.
•fhe route to the Monn Cottage is j
out over the Carlisle Pike to the j
second road from Ousters Point I
where you turn to the right and go i
down to the creek, following the j
road along the creek to - first j
house above Good Hope Mill. There j
is plenty of room for everybody and j
a good sized crowd is expected.
"Battery manufacturers ;
that the average car owner gels |
about two-thirds of the service and
life of which his battery is capable,"l
says Mr. Kent, manager of the local;
Willard Service Station.
One of the reasons for this, ac-!
cording to Mr. Kent, is that the I
owner does not form regular habits j
with regard- to battery care. He
will, for instance, add water every.
week just as directions say as long;
as his car is new. But after he j
ha* been driving his car a while,
he,begins to slip and adds it only
every two weeks or every three
weeks, or perhaps even lets the bat
tery go a month without attention.;
Fortunately a battery will stand
an enormous amount of this neglect
before the effects begin to show, but
they are sure to become apparent
after a while.
The only way th keep any hattery
in shape to give all the service it
is capable of. is to add water at reg
ular intervals just as long as you own
your car. Then if you make hydro
meter tests regularly, be sure that
you are keeping the charge up
where it ought to be. If you go to
the battery service station the min
ute anything seems to be wrong,
you can be fairly sure that your bat
tery won't do the unexpected thing
and go baclc on you just when you
need it most. Moreover you can be
certain that you are giving it the
sort of treatment necessary to pro
long its life.
Sterling Goodyear
Perfection Monford
United States Goodrich
and other makes of tires in stand-
A Complete nine of Accessories.
"Service and Courtesy"' Our Motto.
Made, Repaired, Etc. Bevel Plate Glass and
All Kinds of Trimming by Real
Expert Mechanics.
Prompt Service and Satisfaction Guaranteed
Carriage and Auto Works
East End Mulberry St. Bridge, Harrisburg, Pa.
The Handling of Inner Tubes
Local Firestone Dealer
What the air container i*f the has- l
ketball or the football is to the whole '
toy, that, the inner tube is to the j
tue. Be careful of it and you ride
on a first class cushion of air, be I
careless and you are going to ride
all the sooner on the rim and the
i i.i ks.
If tire users better understood the
construction of inner tubes,and what
is more to the point,'would put in ,
practice what they know, the com- j
fort of riding would be greatly en
hanced. Let me emphasize several I
points in this article:
The trouble sometimes starts
when the tubes are bought. They
come in cardboard boxes to be sure, j
but that is no reason why they j
should be kept in such containers ;
ar.y longer than is necessary. There ;
lis danger that the gum, and the |
danger is all the greater if the gum
is of the pure Para variety, will be.
chafed, and eventually cracked and
ruined. It is a matter of economy '
to purchase a tube hag, which soon ;
pays for itself.
The value of fresh air may be em
; phasized to advantage in relation to 1
tires as it has been in respect to
lungs. If your machine is to be i
"laid on the shelf" for a few weeks, !
remove the stale air, pump in i
enough fresh air to "round out" the !
tubes, cover them against the light j
and jack up your car. On general 1
principles, tubes should bo filled two 1
or three times a year with fresh air, ;
since the effect of stale air is in it- j
' self deleterious.
Reverting to the subject of pre- j
j serving in cases, a given size ■
! of tube should always be placed in •
the same size of case. Just as it is ;
inadvisable to wear shoes either too j
large or small for one's feet, so is 1
i W. H. Mohney and Son have se
| cured the agency for eighteen Cen
t tral and Eastern Pennsylvania coun
i ties' for the Esta Water Auxiliator
1 and have established headquarters
'at 810 North Third street this city.
The Esta Water Auxiliator is a
new device for the prevention and:
j elimination of carbon in the motor, j
] It has been tested and accredited!
I by the American Automobile Asso- j
! ciation and the Pratt Institute, of i
] Brooklyn. It Is claimed that it j
i gives increased power and that less
fuel is used in the operation of the
car when it has this device attached.
A Galveston motorist whose busi
i ness takes him ou long trips has
I something to explain on his return
| from a present sojourn in Louisiana.
] "Bum town," he postcarded the '
! wife, "bum cats, bum business, bum ]
j weather —lots of love." —Motor Life, j
} Far be it from us to give Mr. j
I Ford any free advertising, but the ;
i Bronx, N. Y„ Home News calls his .
! proposed $3OO car a "Car to Fit All :
: Pockets." j
A small car obviously.—Motor :
They had been very careful to |
conceal from Young Ralph, aged 9,
the fact ihut mother's birthday had
been copiously celebrated. "We gut |
borne about three," conclude! j
Daddy, "v'a taxicab," and g-imaced
to indidcaie Big Head. !
"Yes," added Ralph, "and Daddy ;
was intaxic ileii." —Motor Life.
The Renaud tank was well sob- I
rickaved* "Baby." A most natural •
pet name foir a creeper type of me !
chanical war wager.—Motor Life.
| it imprudent to keep a tube in the
I wrong sized container. It should bo
j obvious that a 4 %-inch tube, if
stored in a 4-inch case is sure to be
come wrinkled and creased, and it
should be equally obvious that a 4-
inch tube in a 4H-inch case is
Sound to strfctch and get flabby, as
well as to suffer the ill etlects of
heat and action due to displacement
!of air; and yet people who are
i aware that shoes which are too
•small and shoes which are too large
I are similarly harmful to their feet,
will thoughtlessly or persistently
ruin their tire equipment by tho
1 kind of performance which I have
j just suggested.
I alluded in the last article to the
; importance of lubrication. Before
, leaving the question of handling in
; ner tubes as they should be handled,
let me emphasize the value of lubri
cation. Care should be exercised
that the lubricant is distributed
! evenly. If the eoapstones or mica,
j or talc is "dumped" at one spot, sur
plus heat is generated, which dries
the rubber locally and promotes
; cracking. The same undesirable re
i suit comes from using the lubricat
i ing agent too freely; for some peo
ple, acting upon the mistaken prin
[ ciple that if a little of anything is
i-good. more is better, are inclined to
j overdo the lubricating expedient.
| They overdo it just as they injure
the lining of their nostrils by em
; ploying a salt solution that is too
strong for those tender membranes.
Do not minimize the importance of
lubrication, but be certain that the ]
right amount is distributed often
enough in the right way and in the
right places.
i (To Be Continued Next Saturday) •
Troy B. Wildermuth, president of
the Front-Market Motor Supply Com
pany, has just returned from Hot
Springs. Va., where he has been at
tending a convention of the Auto
motive Equipment Association.
Mr. Wildermuth reports that much
was accomplished toward the bet
terment of this great industry. This
association which has Mr. Wilder
muth on several of its important
committees, consists of the larger
jobbers and manufacturers of auto
motive equipment throughout the
United States and Canada.
Instead of going by rail Mr. Wil
dermuth motored to Hot Springs and
says that the roads are good the en
tire distance except for about sixty
five miles through the mountains
between Staunton and Hot Springs.
There is Fischer's restaurant in
New York, whose specialty is the
cooking of (vegetables by steam, "all
of the mineral properties being re
Joe Pione inquires if this refers
to sand in the spinach.—Motor Life.
When buying a tire, an essential feature is to consider how much mile
age it will give you. The first cost of a tire is nojt always the last cost.
Many tires only last a couple of thousand miles and then come trouble and
expense. The wise tire buyer is the fellow who buys a real tire first and
saves himself trouble and expense later. The INDIA Tire has proven itself
to be one of the best tire buys on the market, because it gives exceptional mile
age and stands up to the last minute with the least trouble. Study the fol
lowing tables and see which fellow you are. If you have been having more
than your share of tire trouble, let us tell you how to eliminate it and, bet
ter still, prove to you that it can be done. Get in touch with us to-day.
Tbr panying
2500 K. Illustrations
Show the
5000 h Re,ult
of Imprudent . // 20
and Prudent REPLA^p^"~
00"1 Tire Buying
V. kj ""-ES // 20
X, N T
I -| HOW
Rm Sh i Good KPT i i
ji iii- BUY' ToUPKIM !
/TfJ >5 ' anrfTJr.a. , #75 /0
This Fellow Use? India Tires , This Fellow Doesn't
18th & Chestnut Sts. DISTRIBUTORS Bell 3750-J
The Seat of Selden Activity in This City—The Large Salesrooms and
Service Station of the Selden Track Distributors, 1019-21 Market St.
V : \
• ' . _ "
mWrnBL ' $ ifift&H
s, - " ""W'**" " .-•
The above illustration shows the 1 ocal salesrooms and service station of the Selden Truck d'stributors,
1019-21 Market street. This building was acquired last fall by the Sol den Truck Distributors and was com
pletely remodeled and outfitted as a n up-to-the-minute salesroom and m achine shop. The business grew to
such proportions in a short time that the two smaller buildings to the west of the main building were also
acquired and turned in to storage rooms and repair shops.
Selden coming into H arrisburg by the carload. In the big "Ship-by-Truck" parade it was ex
pected that there would be twelve or fourteen Seldens represented. D urlng the past few months several
large local concerns added Seldens t c their equipment and several large orders are now booked for imme
diate deliveries.
National Movement Celebrated Here For the First Time;
Dealers Work Hard to Make It a Success
The first "Ship-by-Truck" day, the
big national movement fostered by
the Firestone Tire and Rubber Com
pany and In which practically every
truck and lire manufacturer and
dealer all over the country is co
operating. opened lip here to-day
w'th a big parade in which it is es
timated there will be at least two ;
hundred trucks representing every j
dealer and many lines of business. I
Following the parade which was I
started from Front and Market j
streets around 12 o'clock, a mass j
meeting was held in the Chestnut |
street auditorium in which several |
prominent speakers gave their views ;
on the "Ship-by-Truck" movement j
That the movement is well placed
and suhe to he of benefit to evjery
community has been tried and
proven during the recent war time
when the railroads were overtaxed
and it was necessary to bring the
truck into play in inter-city hauling.
Several of the large concerns in the
east established regular routes and
riany concerns sprang into being
whose business was that of hauling
long distances. It is not an uncom
mon sight to see trucks here from
Philadelphia, New York, Baltimore
and the other large cities of the east,
and there are several concerns in
Harrisburg that does the long dis
tance hauling plying between here
and Philadelphia and New York and
other large points.
One factor that stands out in the
ship-by-truck movement is that
the farmer is enabled to bring bis
produce to the markets in much less
time than heretofore and at a much
decreased price, thereby making the
price of his products to the con
sumer cheaper. Another is the good
loads that are sure to result, for this
movement. Taken in all, while it is
yet in its infancy, "Ship-by-Truck"
will soon be one of the big realities.
Ton WORM Drive'
Meets the Hauling Needs of To-day
To meet the present-day need for a moder- an extent that we can sell the SELDEN
ate-priced ton truck of the same rugged SPECIAL at a price far below its value,
construction, the same great powers of en- 1
durance, of the same design and built on the Wherever there exists a need for haulage of
same sound engineering principles as the tons capacity, the SELDEN SPECIAL
other models in the Line of SELDEN wiU render hi g hl Y efficient and profitable
TRUCKS, we offer the SELDEN SPECIAL service.
Model at $2185. The specifications of this remarkable achieve-
Manufacturing facilities, greatly enlarged ment in motor truck manufacture are proof
during the war to meet the demands of the that only the highest quality units obtain-
United States and allied governments for able enter into its construction—which is
Selden Trucks, enable our factory to stan- your assurance of long, uninterrupted set*
dardize production of this model to such vice at low operating cost.
Ask us-for complete specifications of the Selden Special.
1017-25 Market St. # Harrisburg.
Wc Have a Fully Equipped Machine Shop and Can Give You Immediate Service on All Repair Ujork.
JUNE 14, 1919.
/ __
Boiling Springs Park Will Be;
the Scene of Unheard-of
Washday, Monday, June 23, has J
been declared off by every member]
of the Motor Club of Harrisburg. |
Why? Simply because that is thel
day of the big basket picnic of the j
club at that well known picnic
grounds, Boiling Springs And some j
day that is to bo. Tho big park and j
athletic grounds have been re- j
served, along with every amusement
there, for tho benefit of the Motor ]
club members.
The picnic has been arranged by j_
j a special picnid committee and uj
rousing time is sure Jp result for i
j these arrangements are being for- j
mulatcd by three of the best picnic|
| arrangers in this community Frank ;
| Davenport. Boyd Ogelsby and J. S. j
I Lowcngard. Right off the bat, be-
J tween 12 and 2 o'clock Monday,
things will start. A secret time run
| to the park will be held, with the;
ears checking out at Front, and )
• State streets and checking In at
| Boi'lng Springs. To the lucHy fel- |
low that gets there on schedule time
— what it is we don't know, but
we'll bet it isn't twenty minutes I
(the motor club doesn't believe in ;
speed) will get one of the swcllest
| prizes he ever laid his eyes on.
I And then—Oi. oi, oi, things will j
Ibo doing every minute —baseball,
boating, track meets, quoits, run- ]
ning, jumping, swimming, dancing, j
swinging, fishing, oh, just every- •
thing to amuse the grown-ups and j
the little ones. And just think, there I
will be an honest-to-gosh prize to (
the best performer in every event.
Everything is being worked out to j
tho queen's taste, and oh, boy, ain't!
it a grand and g'orious feeiin' to'
think that you are a member of the I
motor club. Why the picnic alone ]
is worth tlie measly little old five |
spot it costs to join. Say, gentle
reader, if you aren't a member, get
down to the club rooms before June
the 19tli and tell Clyde Myton thnt
you have had a change of heart and
8.4 Dauphin 90.3
10.0 New Buffalo 79.1
29. Liverpool ......69.4
40.0 Millerstown .....68,7
84. Miffllntown 43.9
66.8' Lewistown ......31.8
72.6 Reedsville . .26.0
76. Milroy ........22.2
84. rotter's Mills 13.8
89. Center Hall ..... 8.7
93.4 Pleasant Gap ..... 5.2
96.4....... Axeman 2.J
95.6 BELLEFONTE .... 0.0
that you think It's time you are &
member. **
Added features are to be band
eoneerts and dancing to the melo
dious tune of an orchestra. It ia
expected that, there will be at least
six hundred people there, so "pack
your troubles in your old kit bag
and come along."
C. E. Dennis Opens Agency
For Lexington Car Here
During the past week another
agency for a popular ear has been
i established in this city, that of C.
' E. Dennis, representing the
i ton Motor Company of Oonnersville,
j Ind., in the sale of the well known
| Lexington cars. A salesroom and
i seryice station has been opened at
121 Houth Third street and ship-
I ments of cars have already been re
| ceived.
i Mr. Dennis is well known is na
[tional automobile circles and was
I formerly a Harrisburg man. He has
! been connected with several large
j concerns and is capable judge or real
I car service.
! The Lexington is a well known
| car with a national reputation. It
j is decidedly modern in every respect
I and is in the line with other popular
medium priced cars. One of the
! features of the Lexington is the ex-
I elusive Moore Multiple Exhaust Sys
| tern which, it is claimed, produces
more horsepower with less fuel.
Mr. Dennis will establish agents
Jin adjoining counties and is in a
j position to make immediate deliv
-1 cries of the new models.