Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, June 05, 1919, Page 8, Image 8

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If Commissions Appoint
Clifford M. Holland for
Interstate Job
By Associated Proas.
New York, June s.—The New
York State Bridge and Tunnel Com
mission and the New Jersey lnter
' , state Bridge and Tunnel Commission
i announce the appointment of Clif
| ford M. Holland, builder of the Bast
River tunnels, as chief engineer, to
have charge of construction of the
proposed interstate tunnel. Mr.
Holland's appointment is effective
j June 15 and he will receive a salary
j of SIO,OOO a year.
S The commissions also named a
' board of consulting engineers con
sisting of J. Vipend Davies. Colonel
Henry W. Hodge. Col. William J.
Wilgus, Major John A. Bensel and
Prof. William H. Rarr. General
George W. Goethals was offered a
position on the consulting board,
but declined.
For Baby's
Itchy Skin
AO droegtots; Sw Ui. O.nt
grfjb- flwrt 8 and 10. T*y.jm 2t
">/ A nek fna of "Citt-
I nr, Dn. E.
"I was Just about able to get
through the day and that was all.
Indigestion and a clogged-up system
had brought on rheumatism. I have
sought relief and doctored for
years and Natonex is the only medi
cine I have ever taken that gave me
sure, satisfactory results.
This is what G. M. Hettinger, car
penter, of IS2 Dana street. Wilkes-
Barre, says about Natonex, the Na
ture medicine that is bringing long
delayed relief to so many hundreds
here who do not hesitate to tell the
remarkable results.
"I feel better than I have for
years and I have Natonex to thank
for it," Mr. Hettinger declared, and
then he told the full story of his
severe case.
"Stomach trouble started years
ago," he explained. "I haven't been
able to eat what I wanted in all that
time on account of the way 1 would
suffer. My food would lie like a
stone in my stomach. Gas would
form so it would be hard for me to
breathe. This gas would center
around my heart and cause pain like
a knife. I had a burning sensation
and would get sick headaches.
"My other organs got affected and
I was bothered with my liver and
bowels. The result was I began to
get rheumatism, with pains in my
.arms and legs. I hadn't been able to
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Fireman Prevents Her From
Carrying Out Suicide
s™ Vurk, Juno 8. —'Tying a ropo
around hla waist Fireman Timothy
Fitzgerald leaped Into tho air from
the tenth floor of a fashionable
Brooklyn hotel yesterday, swung
through a window on the ninth floor
knocking down Mrs. M. M. Canda,
and frustrating her thrcatenod at
tempted to hurl herself to death. The
womau had locked herself Into the
room after announcing her Intention
to commit suicide.
Policemen and hotel clerks argued
with her through the locked door,
but were afraid to force an entrance
as she announced that she would
throw herself out of the window if
anyone entered the room.
They succeeded in keeping the
woman in parley while Fitzgerald
prepared for his Jump. He measured
the distance between the windows—
twelve and a half feet—fastened a
rcpe of that length about a life belt
and. while theree policemen held the
loose end, he took his perilous leap.
Fitzgerald was recently discharged
from the army, having served as a
second lieutenant in the quarter
master's corps.
After Mrs. Canda was overpowered
she was taken to a hospital in a hys
terical condition. 11l health was
given by her family as the reason
for her actions.
do any chorea around the house for
months, but now I do.
"I eat anything I want and don't
regret it, as I have no bad after
effects and my food does me good.
It shows in my color and increase in
weight. I sleep soundly the night
through, something I had not done
for years before. I have sought re
lief and doctored for years and spent
much money and I know there must
be hundreds of people here who are
doing the same thing. So I advise
them all to try Natonex and I am
sure they will stop the drain on
their pocketbooks as well as get the
relief they need.
"Not one of 1 hundreds of endorse
ments given here for Natonex shows
better what this safe Nature remedy
will do than does this statement by
Mr. Hettinger," said the Natonex
representative. "He could just
about get through the day. Now ho
is up and about, his food is digest
ing and he is gaining strength and
weight. The same chance is open
to others who will learn about Na
Natonex is fully explained by the
special representative at the Gorgas
drug store. 16 North Third street.
Druggists everywhere now sell Na
tonex. If your druggist cannot sup
ply you, don't wait, address Gorgas*
Drug Store, Harrisburg.
Adopts House Measure by
Vote of 56 to 25; Now
Goes to States
Washington, Juno 6.—Action by
Congress on equal suffrage—subject
of u light of forty years' duration —
ended late yesterday In adoption by
the Senate by a vote of 66 to 26 of
tho historic Susan B. Anthony con
stitutional amendment resolution.
Tho proposed amendment, adopted
by the House by a vote of 304 to 89
May 21, as the first act of the new
Congress, now goes to the states,
ratification by Legislatures of three
fourths of which is required.
The rollcall showed two votes
more than the necessary two-thirds
for the resolution, which was draft
ed by Susan B. Anthony in 1875, and
Introduced by Senator Sargent, of
California, in 1878. Counting paired
and absent members, the Senate
actually stood 66 to 30 for the meas
Immediately after the Senate's ac
tion, the resolution was taken to
Speaker Gillett's office and signed.
It was rushed back to the Senate for
its presiding officer's signature but
arrived after the Senate had ad
journed, and will be approved to
day. President Wilson's signature, Jt
was stated, is not necessary, al
though tho resolution will be sent
to the White House as usual and
may be signed by the Executive.
Bill Proposes
Early Wire Return
to Private Owners
Washington, Jane S.—The bill of
Senator Kellogg, of Minnesota, pro
posing immediate return to private
ownership of telephone, telegraph
and cable lines was reported to the
Senate late yesterday and placed on
the calendar with a view to early
Labor Leader Denounces
Throwing of Bombs
By Associated Press.
Atlantic City, N. J.. June s.—Ad
dressing the annual meeting here of
the International Building Trades
Federation, John Doliu, of Chicago,
president, denounced bomb throwers
and Bolshevism. The meeting is pre
liminary to the opening of the an
nual convention of the American
Federation of Labor here next Mon
day. Officials of the Federation of
Labor already here. Intimated that
strong action would be taken by the
Federation on the question of prohi
bition. "Labor's resentment." they
said, "is not based so much upon the
prohibition of alcohol as on the In
vasion of constitutional rights of
Requa Resigns From
Fuel Administration
By Associated Press.
New York, June s.—Announce
ment of the resignation of M. L.
Requa as general director of the oil
division of the United States Fuel
Administration was made here on
behalf of Sir. Requa. He will become
associated with the Sinclair Oil in
Declares It "Reeks With Moral
Filth and Sensual
1 : 3
By Associated Press. 1 "
Atlantic City, N. J., June s.—The
Rev. William Burgess, Chicago, di
rector of the Illinois Vigilance As
sociation, in an address before the
annual meeting of the National Con
ference of Social Workers here yes
terday, severely criticised the mod
ern stage.
"With a few worthy and notable
'exceptions of legiUmate drama," he
said, "the stage now reeks with
moral filth and sensual exhibits. Art.
music, beauty, gross and grotesque
ugliness are all woven into scan
dalous revels of diabolic move
ments, libels upon the very name of
dance or ballet.
"Institutional schools have failed
because the public school system is
a failure," was a declaration of Cal
vin Derrick, of the State Department
of Institutions and Agencies. "Insti
tutional schools are going to continue
to fail as long as they persist in fol
lowing the footpaths of the public
school as now organized, as long as
they engage low grade teachers and
as long as the ranks of institution
teachers are filled with people of
weak personality."
Yaqui Indians
Terrorize Mining
District of Sonora
By Associated Press.
Wogalea, Ariz., June s.—Paqui In
dians in the La Colorado mining
district of Sonora, Mexico, are ter
rorizing the community, according
to advices received here. Another
murder was reported to-day, that of
Charles W. P. Tervote, mining en
gineer, employed by the American
Mining and Smelting Company.
Airplane Motor
Froze 30,000 Feet in
Air; Lands Safe
By Associated Press.
Issy Lea Moulineaux, France. June
s.—Captain Rene Fonck, the fa
mous French ace, attempted yes
terday morning to break the alti
tude record in an airplane of 31,000
feet made by Adjutant Casale May
28. The aviator rapidly ascended
until he had attained a height of
30,000 feet. Here, however, his mo
tor froze, and he was forced to
make a thrilling volplane with his
engine stopped. He finally landed in
safety at the airdrome at Toussus
Le Xoble.
French Peasants Use
U. S. Army Horses
With the American Army of Oc
cupation, June s.—American Army
horses, some of which last year
hauled artillery over the battle
fie'do of France, will this summer
be urcd by French peasants in va
rious districts as aids in tilling the
soil of hundreds of acres of de
vastated regions.
Details for the sale of ten thou
sand American Army horses and
mules to the FTench government
were completed recently at the
headqn&rters of the American Army
cf Occupation. These animals are
to be shipped from the occupied
area of the Rhinelands to France
by rail and sold by the French
government direct to the peasants.
The first batch of one thousand
horsee sold to the French under
this arrangement bronght about
?200 each.
Paris, June 5. Sacha Guitrya
play, "Pasteur," in which no wo
man's character appeared, has had
a run of 107 performances, which,
for a play entirely devoid of fem
inine Interest, is considered in Paris
to have been a great success. The
piece, however, hardly had claims
to be a play. It was rather a series
of unconnected scenes in the life of
a great scientist, beginning with one
showing him with his pupils at the
outbreak of the war of 1870, continu
ing with scenos introducing his first
application of his vaccination aginst
hydrophobia and ending with his re
ception at the French Academy.
The absence of any woman's role
was not the only remarkable feature
of the piece. The "hero" has not
been dead twenty-five years yet, so
that many who saw the play remem
bered him personally. The author
found his materials in the life of
M. Pasteur, written by M. Pasteur's
son-in-law, M. Vallery-Radot, whose
wife, M. Pasteur's daughter, on see
ing Lucien Guitry, the author's fath
er, who played the title role with
a marvelous make-up, could not help
exclaiming "Papa!" The boy who
played the part of the first victim of
a mad dog's bite to be treated by M.
Pasteur was a young brother of the
boy who really was so treated.
By Associated Press.
Trenton. N. J„ June s.—The Su
preme Court has affirmed the con
viction of Harry W. Snook, a Tren
ton taxicab driver sentenced to two
years for manslaughter In running
over and killing Albert Dearden* Jr.,
and Miss Nellie Boss, of this city,
while they were walking along a
country road at night. Snook has
been at liberty under SIO,OOO bail
pending the decision of the Supreme
Court. The case may be carried to
the Court of Errors.
Reran ton. Pa., June s.—While
swimming in a pool at the outlet of
No. 7 dam near the city yesterday
afternoon. Dennis J. Gallagher, aged
14, and Michael J. Flax, aged It.
were drowned. The youngsters had
played hookey from school and were
alone when drowned.
Paris, June B.—France with a
population of about 4 5,000.00, mob
ilized nearly 8,250.000 men during
the war. Two weeks after the great
war began 98.832 officers and 5.751,-
000 Frenchmen had been caned to
the colors. By February t, 1918, th#
total was 5.000,000. From that time
on to the end of the war less than
200.000 officers and men were added
to the army, although many morr
acre mobilised which rqalaecd cas-
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