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'John R. Henry and Rudolph
K. Spicer to Take Of-
fice Soon
At the Market Square Presbyterian
Church election for deacons on Wed
nesday evening, John R. Henry and
Rudolph K. Spicer were chosen to
succeed them. They will succeed
Henderson Gilbert and Ross A. Hick
ok, who declined re-election.
To-morrow's services will be mark
ed by fine musical programs. Miss
Middaugh sings a solo at the morn
ing service. The choir will render
an anthem at the evening service.
"What is Your Credit at God's
Bank?" Have you any, and how
much? Do you know? will be the
subject of the morning sermon by
the pastor, Dr. George Edward
Preparations are being perfected
for the annual Sunday school pic
nic at Boiling Springs park. For
two years, on account of the war,
this picnic was not held.
Plans are being put into shape for
the summer Bible school. The last
one held brought together more than
100 boys and girls who studied the
Bible for a month.
To Install All Epworth League
Officers at Evening
Dr. Robert Bagnell, pastor of
Grace Methodist Episcopal Church,
will preach to-morrow morning at
'10.30 o'clock on "What the Centen
ary Means to Me." The canvassers
will start the financial drive of the
Centenary for Grace Church at 1.30
At the close of the preaching ser
vice. a short session of the Sunday
school will be held, and at one
o'clock the canvassers will meet in
the Social Room of the church for
a light lunch, and promptly at 1.30
they will start out in pairs to can
vass the entire church membership,
to raise the church's apportionment
of $15,268.
The Grace Church membership is
divided into twenty districts, with
one steward at the head of each dis
trict, and six helpers on each team.
As these workers complete their
canvass, they will report to their
captain or to Charles H. Kinter,
drive manager, in the Lecture Room
of the church, and it is anticipated
that all reports will be in by 7
o'clock, as the church membership
has been requested to remain at
home on Sunday afternoon until
seen by the canvassers. Reports will
be given at the evening service,
which will start at 8 o'clock, Instead
of 7.30.
The Hpworth League will meet at
7.30 o'clock. Instead of 6.30, for a
half hour's preparatory prayer ser
vice. Promptly at 8 o'clock they
•will march tn a body to reserved
seats In the church, with the newly
elected officers occupying the front
section of the reservation, and the
retiring officers occupying the sec
ond section.
The newly elected officers, who
will take over the work of the league
on June 1. are: William Ray Chap
man, president: Harriet Stoner, first
vice president; Emily Sites, second
vice president; Miriam Towsen, third
vice president. Adeline Paul, fourth
vice president; Frances Paul, secre
tary, and Charles Crist, treasurer.
These officers will be installed by
Charles W. 8011, president of the
Harrlsburg District Epworth League.
Dr. Bagnqjl will give a short ad
dress on "A Young People's Age."
"It Touches The Spot"
■ Beats Mnaay Flnatern
and Liniments For
M Hhenmntlc Pnlns,
,M Swollen Joints,
'• Aching Mnscles,
■L I Neuralgia, Nenrltls,
111 Tired, Sore Feet,
Colds In Head, (W)
Throat and Chest fiu
Rub a little "Joint-Ease" into the
skin where trouble is, then watch
pain, inflammation, swelling, conges
tion and stiffness quickly disappear.
It's the new, clean, scientific treat
ment in tubes.
No wonder women like it—Has a
delightful odor and leaves skin soft
and smooth! Use any time, anywhere,
without humiliation!
Also put it up nostrils for colds.
Prevents grip, pneumonia and serious
illness. Get a email tube now from
Geo. A. Gorges, Kennedy's Drug Store
or other good druggists in Harris
Star Carpet Cleaning Works
Let Us Clean Your Carpets Now
General Upholstering
Awning Making
Give Us s Trial
Joseph Coplinky
Eleventh and Walnut Streets
Ben S9B-R Dial 6961
A plate without a root whleh dees
at la turner* with taut* or mpoook.
Plates ltusalrud While Tn Walt
Committees Appointed to Arrange For Sports and Other
Program Events
Plans for the big Lutheran Union
Picnic, under the auspices of the
Lutheran Brotherhood Central of
Harris'burg and vicinity, which, will
be held in Hershey. Park, Thursday
June 26, are well under way. The
arrangements for this picnic are
under the direction of the following
committees which' have been ap
pointed by the President of the
General Program Committee:
Musser D. White, chairman; A. Sut
clife, W. H. Jacobs. J. E. Whorley,
R. S. Culler, Geo. I. Lebo, and E.
Sports: R. S. Culler, chairman; C.
S. Heckert, C. E. Miller and H. J.
Transportation: Geo. I. Lebo,
chairman, G. W. Nestor, W. I. Esh
enour, M. G. Gingrich, E. Lauben
stein, G. Minnig, S. W. Shuey, J. E.
Whorley, C. N. Mumma, Jolin Ben
nett,, G. A. Hoover, D. C. Sickel, A.
Sutcliffe, J. A. Kunkle, C. 13. Walmer
and E. S. Gerberich.
Finance: W. H. Jacobs, chairman;
H. J. Moyer, M. D. White, C. 13.
Miller, E. Ijaubenstein, R. S. Culler,
C. R. Short, Geo. I. Lebo, Edw.
Final Reports in Grace M. E.
Church on Wed
Grace Methodist Episcopal Church
will be the scene of three extraordi
nary meetings on Monday, Tuesday
and Wednesday. The financial drive
of the Methodist Centenary move
ment starts on Sunday, Juno 1, and
the canvassers of the eight Metho
dist churches of Harrisburg will
come together in Grace Church to
report. The first two meetings will
be held Monday and Tuesday even
ings at 9 o'clock.
It is anticipated that the quota for
Harrisburg will be raised by Wed
nesday evening, and all the Prayer
Meetings of the Methodist churches
will be adjourned to hold a Union
Victory and Jubilee meeting in the
spacious auditorium of Grace
Church. The final reports of the fi
nancial canvas will be mado at this
meeting, and the special feature
will be a World War and Recon
struction Lecture Drama by Bishop
W. F. Anderson, of Cincinnati, O.
Bishop Anderson has been to Eu
rope several times during the past
year, and has just returned from a
trip as a member of a commission
to study the reconstruction work
that the Methodist Church Bhould
do in devastated and war-torn Eu
rope. A recommendation that twen
ty-live millions be raised to meet this
contingency was adopted, which
ratsed the Centenary askings from
eighty millions to one hundred and
five millions.
Music in the Churches
Morning: Prelude, "Larghetto,"
Brasig; anthem, "Hallelujah Peace,
offertory, "Berceuse" —Faulkes; bari
tone solo, "One Sweetly Solemn
Thought"—Ambrose; postlude, Goth
ic March —Fochini.
Evening: Under the direction of
D. N. Zorzer, Sr., the following num
bers will be given: Chorus. "The Son
of God goes forth to War," Robin
son: tenor solo, "There's a Beautiful
Land on High"—Taylor, Mr. Paul J.
Hoover; chorus, "Pilot Me Home"—
Leech; quartet, "In That Beautiful
Land"—Jones, Messrs. Lane, Groff,
Hollenbaugh and Rean; chorus, "Go
and See"—Hall. Organ—Prelude,
"Cantilena" Custard; offertory,
"Wiegenlled" Harker; postlude,
"Sortie Festivo" —Ludwig Baslet.
Morning: Prelude. "Fiat Lux"
Dubois; anthem, "Unfold Ye Portals"
Ch. Gounod (The Redemption); of
fertory. "Meditation" Lemaigre;
postlude. "Allegro from First So
Evening: Prelude, "Fantasia"
Sjogren; anthem, "Ponder My Words"
—F. Flaxington Harker; offertory,
"Romanca" Baldwin; postlude,
"Postlude in D"—Batiste.
Morning: prologue, Monologues, (a)
Prelude, (b) Meditation Harvey
Grace; solo, He That Dwelleth—Hos
nier, Miss Belle P. Mlddaugh; offer
tory, Cantilenc—Rogers; postlude.
Festal March —Hemingway,
Evening: Prelude, Impromptu and
Pastorale Scene—Dethier; anthem,
Jesus, Word of God Incarnate —Mo-
zart; offertory. Intermezzo, Dethier;
postlude, Postlude in A flat Major—
Costa. •
Morning: Prelude, Adagio in E
Flat —Wermann; offertory, Andante
Moderato —Chambers; anthem, I Will
Lift Up Mine Eyes Galbraith: post
lude, Fantasle in C Major—Arm
Evening: Prelude, Andante Graz
ioso—Frlcker; anthem, O paradise,
O paradise—F. F. Harker; offertory,
Grazioso Molta Expressiro—Foster;
duet, Forever With the Lord—Gou
nod, Mrs. Lee S. Izer, Miss Nina Ruth;
postlude. Grand March Triumphale—
Grey. J. R. Swartz. organist and
Morning: Prelude, Romance—'Wat
ling; anthem, O Praise the Lord—
Barnby: anthem, The Lord is Great—
Reghinl; postlude, Postlude in C
Evening: Prelude, Grand Chorus—
Renand; anthem, O Gladsome Light
—Sullivan; anthem. Awake and Sing
—Brown; postlude, March—Clarke.
First Presbyterian, Steelton
Morning: Prelude, "Andante In C"
—Silas; anthem, "I Am Alpha and
flttega"—Stainer; offertory, "Ave
Maria"—Verdi: anthem—"O Praise
the Mighty God"—Emerson; post
lude, "Torchlight March"—Gullmant
Evening: Prelude, "Ave Maria"—
Richmond: anthem, "Nearer to Thee"
—Emerson: offertory, Pastorale in
G"—Donohue: postlude, "Break of
Stoudt, P. K. Bigler, C. S. Heckert,
Wm. Simmons, A. Sutcliffe, F. E.
Kennedy, E. Aungst. I. E. Bowman.
Publicity: J. E. Whorley, chair
man, E. Laubenstein, Geo. W. Nes
tor, W. X. Eshenour, M. D. White.
Practically all of the Lutheran
churches of Harrisburg and vicinity
will hold their annual picnics at
Hershey in connection with this re
union. The transportation commit
tee is negotiating with the local
railroad representatives in regard
to special excursion rates and ex
pect to have something definite to
announce within the next few days.
Owing to the fact that the railroads
were not running excursions during
the war, there are no excursion
rates in effect to ITershey and the
matter of establishing these rates
has now been put up to the Admin
The sports committee is arrang
ing a program of races, and there
will bo a baseball game in the after
noon. Christ, Memorial and Re
deemer have gotten together and are
organizing a baseball team to play
a team representing a group of three
other churches taking part in the
Y. M. C. A. MAN
To Tell of Methodist Church
Bishop William F. Anderson, of
Cincinnati, official Y. M. C. A. rep
resentative in France during the war,
will speak in the Stevens Memorial
Methodist Episcopal Church, Thir
teenth and Vernon streets, tomor
row morning and evening, at 11 a.
m. and 7.30 p. m. Bishop Anderson
will sail about July 1 for France and
Italy with the Methodist Centenary
Relief Ship.
To-morrow, both morning and
evening, Bishop Anderson will tell
how the Methodist Church has se
lected twelve towns in the European
war zone for reconstruction work.
The towns are in a district bordered
on the north by the Belleau Wood,
changed by the valor of the sea
fighters of the United States Second
Division to Bois de la Brigade de
Marines (Marine Bridage Wood).
Subscriptions for the Methodist
Centenary will not be taken in any
of the services to-morrow morning
or evening. All members of Stev
ens Memorial Church will be seen
in their homes before June 4. The
total askings for the Centenary from
this Church is $50,175. The leaders
of the campaign in the local church
feel confident that this amount will
be subscribed by the East Harris
burg congregation before June 4.
Monday and Tuesday evenings the
men and workers of Stevens Me
morial Church will meet in the So
cial Hall for six o'clock dinner.
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
evenings at nine o'clock all workers
of all Harrisburg Methodist churches
will gather in the Graco Church for
Morning: Prelude, Adagio in G
Minor Volckmar; soprano solo,
"Peace T Leave With You"—Tinney,
Mrs. Decevee; offertory, Andante in
P—Thome; anthem, "King All Glori
ous"—Barnby: memorial postlude,
Evening: Prelude, Adagio in B
Flat Major Volckmar; quartet,
"Our Land O Lord" —Schnecker, Mrs.
Decevee, Miss Bennett, Mr. Shantz
and Mr. Smith; offertory, Interlude,
Blatch; tenor solo, "Open the Gates
of the Temple"—Knapp, (by request)
Mr. Shantz; postlude. Triumphal
March—Morrison. Mrs. E. J. Decevee,
chorister; William E. Bretz, organist;
E. A. Kepner, chimes.
Morning: Prelude, "Andante In F"
—Geiger; offertory, "Eligie"—Kram
er; anthem, "He Is Blessed" (Bene
dictus) Biedermann; postlude,
"Grand Chorus"—Harwood.
Evening: Prelude (a) "Meditation
in E"—Breckner; (b) "Prayer in A
Flat"—Steiner; soprano solo, "Gloria"
(Mrs. Elmer H. Ley)—Buzzi-Peccia;
offertory, "Cradle Song"—Mandel;
anthem, "Bonura Est in B Flat"—
Buck; postlude, "Postlude in C"—
Tombelle. Mrs. Emma Hoffman, or
ganist; A. W. Hartman, director.
Morning: Prelude, "Romance in E
Flat"—Williams: offertory, "Cara
ar.etta"—Fry singer: anthem, "Lead
Me, Lord"—Wesley; postlude, 'Tost
lude in G," Hosmer.
Evening: Prelude, "Idyl"—Roth
leder; baritone solo, "Crosing tho
Bar"—Cowles, Claude Tt. Engle; of
fertory, "Offertoire"—Grey; anthem.
"Come Unto Me"—Gilbert; postlude,
"March in G"—Waghorne. Frances
B. Gelwicks, organist; Claude R.
Engle, director.
Morning: "Grand Chorus In D"—
Deshayes; anthem, "Sing Allelui-
Forth"—Dudley Pack, (with inci
dental solo, soprano, tenor and bass):
"June" (Barcarolle) Tscharkowsky;
"March in F Major"—Wallis.
Evening: "Spring Song"—Wallis;
anthem for three solo voices, "Now
the Shades of Evening Fall," adapt
ed from Mendelssohn, by J. H. Cor
nell, Mrs. Myers, Mrs. Altwaier and
Mr. White.
Philadelphia, May 31.—James Al
len, colored, 2 5 years old, was shot
through the heart and instantly
killed In the areaway at No. 2242
Oak ford street, yesterday afternoon.
William Runribert, colored, 30 years
old, of the same address, is said to
have done the shooting. Humbert
escaped. There was an all-day party
at the house. A quarrel started be
tween the two men and they went
outside to settle it.
The annual sermon to the Secret
Order of Galilean Fishermen will be
delivered In the Second Baptist
Church, Sunday night at 7.30 o'clock.
Owing to the illness of the pastor,
the Rev. Albert J. Greene, tho ser
mon will be delivered by the Rev.
W. O. Flamer, of the A. M. E.
Church, of Mlddletown.
sxßiusßfma TEnxncsra
Augsburg—The Rev. A. M. Sta-'
mets, pastor, will preach at 10.30,
"Our Ascended Christ," and at 7.30,
"An Heroic Christ"; Sunday school
at 2; C. E. at 6.30.
Bethlehem—The Rev. J. Bradley
Markward, D. D., pastor, will preach
at 10.30, "Our Ascended Lord," and
at 7.30, "An Important Function of
Christians"; Sunday school at 1.45.
Messiah—The Rev. W. A. Hanson,
D. D.. pastor, will preach at 10.30,
"A Study From Life," and at 7.30,
"The Memoirs of Two Pilgrims; Sun
day school at 2.
Zlon—The Rev. S. Winfield Her
man, pastor, will preach at 11, "The
Home-Going of Our Lord," and at
7.30, "Our Home-Going"; Sunday
school at 9.45.
Olivet— The Rev. S. A. Bower, pas
tor. 10.30, "Seeing the Invisible";
7.30, "Prisoners of Hope"; Sunday
school at 2; C., E. at 6.30.
Covenant— The Rev. Harvey Klaer,
pastor, will preach at 10.30, "Eter
nal Salvation," and at 8 "The Failure
of Money"; Sunday school at 2.
First, Steelton—The Rev. C. B.
Segelken, pastor. 11, Annual Bac
calaureato sermon to graduating
class of the High School, subject,
"The Quest for the Best," and at
7.30, "Is the Young Man Safe"; Sab
bath school at 9.45.
Market Square—The Rev. George
Edward Hawes, D. D., pastor; the
Rev. Howard Rodgers, assistant.
Sunday school at 9.45; 11, "Your
Credit at God's Bank"; 6.30, C. E.;
7.30, "Holding Fast the Best One
Westminster—The Rev. Henry W.
Miller, pastor, will preach at 10.30,
"Enthusiasm," and at 7.30, "My
Brother's Keeper"; Sunday school at
1.45; C. E. at 6.30.
Immanuel—The Rev. Everett Hall
man, pastor. 10, morning worship;
11.15, Sabbath school; Y. P. S. C. E.
at 6.30; evening worship at 7.30.
Fourth—The Rev. William N.
Yates, til, "Where We Dare Not
Fail; 7.30, "Building Men;" 10,
Sunday School; 6.30, C. E.
Penbrook—The Rev. S. N. Good.
10.30, "Watchfulness;" 7.30, "The
Christian Race;" 9.30, Sunday
School. 6.40, C. E.
Highspire—The Rev. J. C. Forn
crook. 10.30 and 7.30, preaching;
9.30, Sunday School; 6.30, C. E.
Progress—The Rev. J. M. Wag
goner. 7.30, "Faith, Hope and Char
ity;" 9.30, Sunday School; 6.00, C.
E.; 6.30, Senior Christian Endeavor.
Linglestown—The Rev. J. M. Wag
goner. 10.30, "Faith, Hope and
Charity;" 9.30, Sunday School.
Nagle—The Rev. Elmer E. Kauff-
I man. 11, "A Command to Look For
ward." 7.30, "Recognizing the
Spirit;" 10, Sunday School; 6, Jr.
C. E.; 6.4 5, Sr. C. E.
Pleasant View—The Rev. George
W. Harper. 9.4 5, Sunday School;
10.45, "Ixyve and Obedience;" 7.30,
First Church of Christ, Scientist —
"Ancient and Modern Necromancy,
Alias Mesmerism and Hypnotism,
denounced." at 11 and 7.30, Sun-day
school at 11.
St. Andrew's —Rev. Henry A. Post,
pastor: 8 a. m., Holy Communion,
11 a. m. Holy communion and ser
mon, 7.30 p. m., evening prayer and
St. Paul's The Rev. Floyd Ap
pletorr, rector, 8, Holy communion,
preaching at 11, "Fervent Charity,"
and at 8, Popular talk on Christ's
Ascension;" Sunday school at 2.30.
St. Michael's, Middletown The
Rev. Floyd Appleton. rector, will
preach at 4.30, Patriotic service for
[Order of the Moose.
Sixth Street The Rev. W. E.
Pottieger, pastor, will preach at 11,
"Your Every Need Supplied;" Sun
day school at 10.
Penbrook Preaching at 10.30
by the Rev. B. H. Niebel, D. D., cor
responding secretory of Home and
Foreign Missions of the United
Evangelical church. "The Depth of
his Riches," and at 7.30 by pastor,
W. E. Pottieger; Sunday school at
9.30, Keystone league at 6.45.
Salem—The Rev. Ellis N. Kremer,
pastor, will preach at 11, "The As
cension. and at 7.30, "Immortality as
revealed in the old Testament;" Sun
day school at 9.45.
Fourth Tho Rev. Homer Skyles
May, pastor, will preach at 10.45,
"Their Memory is Blessed," (Memo
rial services), and at 7.30, "Faith
that Overcomes and is Triumphant;"
Sunday school at 9.30.
Second The Rev. Alfred Nevin
Sayr, pastor, will preach at 11, "A
Man's Conception of God," and at
7.30, "Fellowship with God;' Sunday
school at 9.45.
Tabernacle —11 and 7.30, preach
ing; 9.45, Sunday School; 6.45,
Young People's meeting.
Second—The Rev. Albert Josiah
Greene. 10, "Old Fashion Coven
ant meeting; 6.30, B. Y. P. U.; 7.30,
Galilean Fishermen's Annual Ser
mon by the Rev. W. A. Flames, of
St. Paul.—lo.3o, "Our Redeemer's
Crowns. 8, Covenant meeting; 12.30,
Sunday School; 6.30, B. Y. P. U.
With Choir and Organist
Second Reformed choir will sing
as one of its evening anthems to
morrow Shelly's "Saviour, When
Night Involves the Sies," with solo
for baritone voice. This is one of
the few choir selections reproduced
by the Victrola record people who
secured the record from a rendition
of the famous composition by Trin
ity Church choir of New York. Mrs.
Ada Cuip Bowman, soprano, is to
sing a solo at the morning service.
In several churches to-morrow
the choir numbers will be of a pa
triotic character, following closely
the observance of Memorial Day.
Thomas F. Kirk, Sr., of Pitts
burgh, has been singing in church
choirs since he was eight years old,
except during the Civil War, when
he was chief musician of the Ninety
sixth Ohio Volunteers. Mr. Kirk
still sings in the Church of the
Kplphany. He organized and direct
ed the Philharmonic Society of
Pittsburgh, the Pittsburgh Musical
Club, the Cathedral choir of fifty
voices and the Pittsburgh Opera
Company. In the Civil War he
fought under Grant, Sherman, Mc-
Clellan and others. Though born in
Pittsburgh In 1842, he went to Ohio
before lha Civil .War, .which, ex
Epworth The Rev. Homer C.
Knox, pastor, Sunday school at 10,
preaching at 11 and 7.30; Epworth
league, 6.30.
Camp Curtin —The Rev. John H.
Mortimer, pastor, will preach at
10.45, "All Members Day at Church,
and at 7.45, "Reports from Canvass;"
Sunday school at 9.45.
St. Paul's The Rev. William
Moses, pastor, will preach at 10.30
and at 7.30; Sunday school at 9.45.
Ridge Avenue The Rev. H. R.
Bender, pastor, will preach at 10.30,
"Our Rejoicing an Ir.-dex of our
Character," and at 7.30, "Study of
the First Psalm;" Sunday school at
10 a. m.
Riverside—The Rev. George Mur
ray Klepfer, pastor, will preach at
11, and at 8, the Rev. Edgar R.
Heckman, Epworth league at 7, and
Sunday school at 10.
Fifth Street The Rev. Edwin A.
Pyles, pastor, will preach at 10.30,
"The Need of Revelation," and at
7.30, "Conflicting Duties;" Sunday
school at 2.
Dauphin The Rev. George L.
Schaffer, will preach at Dauphin at
10.30, Sun-day school at 2, Epworth
league at 6.45. lleckton, Sunday
school at 2, and preaching at 7.30.
Otterbein U. B.—The Rev. S. Ed
win Rupp, pastor. At 11, memorial
service, and at 7.30, "Demobilization
of Service Flag; Sunday school at
Derry Street—The Rev. J. A. Lyter,
pastor, will preach at 11, "The As
cension," and at 7.30, "God's Perfect
Way''; Sunday at 9.50.
Sixth Street—The Rev. J. Owen
Jones, pastor, will preach at 10.30
and 7.30, Holy Communion; Sunday
school at 1.45; C. E. at 6.20.
First—The Rev. W. E. Daugherty,
D. D., pastor, will preach at 11, "A
Charming Asset to Mail," and at
7.30, Confession; Sunday school at 10;
C. E. at 6.45.
Trinity, New Cumberland The
Rev. A. R. Ayres, pastor, will preach
at 10.30, "Husbands and Fathers,"
and at 7.30, "Opportunities."
State Street—The Rev. H. F.
Rhoad, pastor. Communion service
at 10.45 and 7.30; Sunday school at
9.30; Y. P. S. C. E. at 6.30.
Cathedral —The Rev. D. J. Carey,
rector, low masses at 7 and 9, high
mass at 10.30. At this mass Rt.
Rev. Bishop P. R. McDevitt will
preach the sermon; evening at 7.30
vespers and Benediction.
St. Francis The Rev. Joseph
R. Murphy, rector, low masses at
7.30 and 9, high mass at 10.30 ,at
9 o'clock mass about 35 children will
receive their first Holy Communion?;
at 7, Holy hour services.
St. Mary's The Rev. William
V. Dailey, rector, low masses at 7
and 9.30. At 7.15,' recitation of the
office of the sodality of the Blessed
Virgin Mary. Sermon by the Rev.
William V. Daily and Benediction.
St. Lawrence The Rev. P. O.
Huegel, rector, low mass at 8, high
mass at 10; holy hour at 3.
Church of Sacred Heart The
Rev. J. J. Smyth, rector, low mass
at 8, high mass at 10; Holy hour in
the evening at 7.
Lemoyne—The Rev. Ira P. Har
baugh. 9.30, Bible School; 10.30, "A
Weakness That Became Strength."
7.45, "The Peril of An Empty
Bethel—The Rev. W. B. Arnett.
10 and 7.30, preaching; 1.30, Sunday
Rio Janeiro, May 31.—Unfavor
able weather here prevented com
plete observation of the total eclipse
of the sun. The eclipse was first
seen in Rio Janeiro at 7.51 a. m.
Thursday, the darkness increasing
progressively until 8.45 a. m„ when
it began to fade away.
Offer Services in Poland
to Save Homeless Jews
By Associated Press.
Atlantic City, N. J., May 31. —Ad-
dressing the National Conference of
Jewish Charities here, Felix H. War
burg, New York, made a plea for
volunteers to join the field forces of
the organization to save over 800,000
homeless and orphaned Jewish chil
dren in the devastated zones of Po
land and Rumania. As a'result of
his plea, scores of members en
rolled to go abroad and work under
the direction of Dr. Boris Boganj
executive secretary of the organi
zation, who is now in Poland.
Has Two Wives Living;
Not Bigamist Jury Says
Greensboro, N. C., May 31.—Sam
uel P. Benner, with a wife in Penn
sylvania, and another in North Caro
lina, is not guilty of bigamy, a jury
declared here. • J
The defense, by establishing the I
fact that the second marriage did
not occur in North Carlina, was
able to bring the law to show big
amy could not apply. The judge
instructed the jury that it should
find him not guilty, if it found the
fact that the second wedding occur
red in any other state than North
! plains his enlistment in a Buckeye
Regiment. He has li fine library of
Shakespeare's works and an inval
uable collection of books on the Civil
War. He was a schoolmate of Bart
ley Campbell and Roger O'Mara.
Gounod's "Unfold Ye Portals," an
Ascension Day anthem, taken from
"The Redemption," will be sung at
Derry Street United Brethren
Church to-morrow morning. In the
evening the choir will sing Harker's
"Ponder My Words."
Eugene Cowles' "Crossing the
Bar," one of the many settings of
the Tennyson poem, will be sung at
Olivet Presbyterian Church to-mor
row evening by the choir leader,
Claude R. Engle.
Dudley Buck's "Sing Alleluia
Forth" will be the morning anthem
at Salem Reformed Church. The
number contains solos for Hoprano,
tenor and bass, and it has been es
tablished that no more tuneful com
position has been written by one of
the most prolific of anthem writers.
"Forever With the Lord." alto
gether too seldom sung, will be giv
en as a duet by Mrs. Lee S. lzer and.
Miss Nina Ruth at the Fourth Street
Church of God io-morrow; evening.
Dig Business Houses Have Employes Sing Half Hour Each
Day Before Starting Work
Christian Endeavorers are doing
excellent work in the new morning
sing movement. The Quiet Hour
department has promoted interests
in the cultivation of the devotional
life through a definite time given
each day to prayer, Bible reading
and meditation, and in addition to
that singing has been a great help
to the personal life.
At all the great conventions the
music and singing has been an im
portant feature on the program.
Many souls have been lifted to a
higher and nobler life through the
singing of hymns and helpful songs
at hospitals, jails, in other institu
tions and among tho many soldier
boys, at camps and at the front, on
the battle field.
Two years ago many services were
held for the boys prior to their going
to war, and they took many hymn
books with them. The books not
only con-tained hymns, but also por
tions of scripture which gave the
boys encouragement. Endeavorers
received many words of commenda
tion for tho interest shown in the
boys, especially in sending them
words of cheer, and also sending
them presents.
A Kansas City dry-goods store has i
started a "sing" for its employes
every morning, half an hour before
the business of the day begins. The
interesting thing about the experi
ment is that the workers come glad
ly. and en-joy themselves. A writer
has said: "It means a good deal to
us whether we start the day with
music or with a grouch. Perhaps
it would be a good thing if all busi
nesses that employ a large number
of men and women, organize sings
of this kind; and it might not be
the worst idea to organize into'
morning choirs, all the employes in
the offices of a business block. It
might make for friendliness and the
community spirit. What this sing
does for the workers, the Quiet Hour
can do for us, and more.
"If it pays to give an hour a day
to singing, it pays yet more to give
that time to Christ in the Quiet Hour.
Have we really ever tried it?"
C. E. Notes
B-U-F-F-A-L-O —
Yell —Yell —Yell Again,
We're from the Land of William
Endeavor delegates are urged to
sing the above cheer song, on the
way to Buffalo, and should plan to
attend the International Christian-
Endeavor Conference, to bo held in
Buffalo, August 5 to 10. Send ad
vance registrations, two dollars, to
the president or secretary of the
Harrisburg C. E. Union.
The Rev. W. H. Fouke, of this city,
associate editor of "The Evangeli
cal," and a prominent Endeavorer,
is spending several weeks in the
west. He will visit a number of
places during his absence, incjuding
Naperville, 111., where he formerly
resided while he was bishop.
Harrisburg Christian Endeavor
Union and the Harrisburg Alumn-i
Association will hold an interesting
in-door gathering at the Fourth
Street Church of God, Fourth street,
between Market and Walnut streets,
on Monday evening, at 7.45 o'clock.
Arrangements will be made for the
big C. E. picnic to be held about
September 12.
The New York City C. E. Union
is planning its annual excursion up
the Hudson River this year, for June
14. In former years the excursion
has been taken by more than 4.000
Er.-deavorers; this year the "Victory
Excursion" is expected to draw a
larger number than that.
Harris Street Keystone Leaguers
will hold their regular business meet
ing and social at the home of War
ren Landermilch, 1901 N. Second
street, on Tuesday evening. The
semiannual election of officers ar.-d
other important business will be
transacted. Paul Schwartz will con
duct the prayer service at the church
on Sunday evenir.-g.
The Philadelphia C. E. Union gives
reports of the nine different branch
es, as well as reports of the Look
out, Missionary, Social, Quiet. Hour,
Floating, Efficiency, Introduction,
and War-Work Committees, ar.-d of
the Junior and Intermediate Union.
Nine new Junior societies are report
ed in different branches, and the so
cieties throughout the city are wide
awake and prospering.
John- E. MeCullough, of Washing
ton, D. C., formerly president of the
Dauphin County C. E. Union, spent
several days in this city, visiting
friends and relatives at the week
Endeavorers will study the topic,
"Our Relation to God. VI. Reverence
and Public Worship." Psalms 33:1-
II; John 4:19-26. Many societies
will hold their consecration services
to-morrow evening.
Misses Emma Sunday, Frances
Weidenhammer ar.-d Frances Craw
ford will have charge of the program
at the C. E. service, to be held at
the Fourth Street Church of God, on
Sunday evening.
Any Endeavoror desiring to re
ceive their membership card of the
Alumni Association can meet Charles
R. Hartley, treasurer, at the Fourth
Street Church of God on Monday
At the Christ Lutheran Endeavor
society to-morrow evening, Mrs.
Gettle will lead the meeting. The
program will be attractive and many
Endeavorers are urged to attend.
Westminster Presbyterian Endeav
orers are busy with C. E. activities.
Misses Addie Mowery and Eleanor
Nessinger will conduct the service
on Sunday evening.
Miss Ruth Macey, chairlady of
the Flower Committee of the Market
Street Baptist society, will speak at
We anticipate n large number
of bookings for picnics at
Beautiful Hershey Park
Hershey, Pa., thla season anil
recommend that picnic commlttcea
make application for much privi
leges n* early an possible In order
to aecare ilenlrable datea.
Hershey, Pa.
MAY 31, '1919.!
the Endeavor meeting on Sunday
evening. A consecration service will
be part of the evening's program.
St. John's Lutheran Endeavorers, j
Steelton, are holding Interesting i
meetings on Sunday evenings. I
Everybody is welcome to atteml tho
servTeo to-morrow evening. Richard
Foirich will have charge of program.
Miss Alice S. Lewis, a member
of the Missionary Committee of the
Emmanuel Presbyterian society, will i
be the speaker and leader of the i
Endeavor service in the C. E. room,
on Sunday evening.
WANTED —One hundred livewire'
workers, including boosters, presi
dents, Alumni Association members,
and pastors, to meet at 7.45 o'clock,
Monday evening, Fourth Street
Church of God,
Will Hold Services in
Memory in Otterbein U. B.
I Two services of interest will be
j conducted at the Otterbein Un-ited
I Rrcthren Church on Sunday. Di
rectly after the Sunday School ser
vice in the morning, the annual
Memorial Service will be held. A
tribute of respect and honor will be
paid, at this time, to the late Alfred
Lilly, who died on the field of
France. He was one of thirty men
from Otterbein who served during
the war. Some of them will be pres
ent in uniform.
In the evening tho Service Flag
| will be demobilized. Members of
the families of the returned soldiers
| will be present and take part In
| tho program. A representative of
j the War Community Camp will
I speak and patriotic hymns will be
i a feature of_ the service.
Memorial Services in
Fourth Reformed Church
Special Memorial Services will be
held at the Fourth Reformed Church
on Sunday morning. The pastor, the
Rev. Homer Skyles May will be In
charge. Many memorial baskets of
flowers will grace the altar and
chancel. Ten girls, bearing ten
white roses, will form the memorial
bouquet for the ten members who
died during tho year, two of them
were soldiers, and one a veteran of
I the Civil War. A basket of pink
I rose 3 will be placed in honor of the
] men who have received honorable
discharge, an-d for those who are
soon to return home. Special music
will be rendered by the choir and
I the pastor will preach a memorial
I sermon.
Bible Class to Entertain
Class of Sister Church
The Mens' Bible Class of the Camp
Hill Presbyterian Sunday School will
entertain the R. E. Irwin Bible Class
of the Methodist Church, Saturday
evening at 8 o'clock, in the Fire
House. An attractive program has
been prepared.
Pittsburgh, Pa., May 31.—Within
view of thousands of men, women
and children an automobile con
taining six persons, beyond control
of the driver, after plowing through
the stretch of flower beds, plunged
headlong into six feet of water in
Westview Park Lake, yesterday. As
the machine disappeared beneath
the surface, three women standing
near the bank fainted. The screams
of spectators attracted several po
licemen who leaped into tho water
and rescued George Sell, his wife,
Frank Zuengis, Mrs. Zuengis and
I their two children.
•Mp Third and Pine Streets >||yfc
|| p Preacher, Rev. L. S. Mudge, D. D., Pastor
| | The Sacrament of the Lord's Supper >ll
&j | g All Not Kcg-nlai-ly Communing Elsewhere fl |
$r | Are Cordially Invited to Participate in This Service 1-j
| | "Behind the Battle Lines" jf |
§j I;j Baccalaureate Sermon To The Graduating: Class -J% |
8 | jjj Ilarrisburg: Academy. 51 £
iorel The Public is Cordially Invited—Especially £j §
Patro'is and Friends. |j jj
Our Own Home Going
THREE periods in the life of Christ are
given prominence in our calendar.
Is Christmas or Easter of more impor
tance than the Ascension?
At 7.30 to-morrow evening Dr. Herman
will tell how vital to man's redemption was
the Ascension of Jesus Christ.
Zion Lutheran Church
South Fourth St., Below Market.
S. W. Herman, D. D., Pastor.
Sermon to flarrisburg' Aca
demy Graduates on Sun
day Evening
Although the summer season
fast coming on, there is no apparent]
lessening of interest and attendance (
in connection with the services nd I
activities of the Pine Street Presbjr-H
terian Church and Chapels.
Sunday will be a notable day. In I
the morning the Sacrament of the
Lord's Supper will be administered
and a largo mimber of new members
will be received. The pastor, the
ltev. Dr. L. S. Mudge will preach.
At the evening service the pastor
will preach the baccalaureate ser
mon to the graduating class of the'
Harrisburg Academy. His subject!
will be "Behind the Battle Line."
In the evening, also, the Sacramentl
of the Lord's Supper will be ad-<
ministered l>y the Rev. M. S. Pales, i
and the usual evening service Willi
be held at Division Street ChapeL i
On Monday evening the Woman's!
Missionary Society will hold its [
monthly meeting in the church par-1
lor, and an interesting program Willi
be presented in which Mrs. Barber, i
Miss Met'lure and Mrs. Warden will'
take part. On Tuesday evening the
Woman's Missionary Guild will hold
its monthly meeting. Miss Helen
Stockton, of China, will be the
speaker. In view of the special in
terest of this occasion the Guild in
vites all the women of the churchi
to participate.
On Wednesday evening the usual 1
mid-week service will be conducted
in the lecture room by the pastor.
The subject of meditation and prayer
will be "The Scriptures Profitable."
On Thursday evening the regular
monthly meeting of the Session will
be held in the church parlor. On
Friday evening the Knitting Depart
ment of the Red Cross Auxiliary will
have representatives at the women
and girls' building, from 11:00 to
12:30 P. M,, to receive finished wo\k
and to give out materials. This ar
rangement will be continued until
the quota of the Auxiliary ir con
nection with this department is com
pleted. At the Boyd Memorial
Building the Fife and Drum Corps
, will hold its weekly rehearsal on
I Friday evening, and the Boy Scouts
will have their weekly meeting.
In connection with the women and
girls' work, the matter of immediate
interest is the summer camps, the
time for which is now rapidly ap
proaching, and for places in which
the women and girls of the church
and chapels should make application
to, Miss Whiteman.
Special attention is called to the
summer hours for the Boyd Mem
orial Building which go into effect
or? Monday, June 2nd. Until Oc
tober Ist, the building will be open
from Monday to Friday, inclusive
from 1:00 P. M. to 9:30 P. M.: Sat
urdays from 12:00 M. to 9:30 P.
M.: Sundays from 12.00 M. to 3:00
P. M.
On Sunday morning, June 8, the
Children's Day service will be held
in the church. Children will bo
Nw York, May 31.—Funeral serv
ices for Colonel Rober Bacon, for
mer Secretary of State and Ambas
sador to Fracne, who died Thurs
day night, will be held at Grace
Church hebe Monday. Burial will
be in Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Cam
bridge, Mass. Robert Bacon, his son,
said yesterday it was expected that
Bishop Brent, senior chaplain of the
American Expeditionary Forces and
a lifelong friend of Colonel Bacon,
would officiate at the services here.
Bethlehem, Pa., May 31. —While
in a tit of melancholia, David
Knouss tied a noose around his
neck with suicidal intent. The rope
broke, and ho hit his head against
a concrete wall in the cellar, be
coming unconscious. Five hours aft
erwards he was revived.