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\Jlome Folks Entertain Bogs With Dinner and Reception;
Dance Follows Splendid Program; Honor Roll Un
veiled in Cheslnut Street Auditorium
More than 200 men of the Key
rstone division were given a banquet
•*nd reception last night by mothers
and fathers banded together in the
Home Folks Victory Association. en-
Joying a night of festivities and en
tertainment provided in their honor.
A dinner was served at the Penn-
Harris Hotel shortly after 6 o'clock
and afterward the boys went to the
Chestnut Street Auditorium, where
an entertainment and dance was
Rabbi Louis J. Haas, of the Ohev
Sholom synagogue, opened the pro
gram with prayer. H. W. Long,
•chairman of the general committee
of the Home Folks Victory Associ
ation, welcomed home the boys for
their mothers and fathers, praising
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them for the part they played in the
Stlne Is Toostniaster
Captain Henry M. Stlne, formerly
in charge of Company C, of the old
Eighth Regiment, was the toastmas
ter. He complimented the men for
their bravery in action, and then
paid a tribute to the many heroes
who gave their lives in France and
are buried there.
Mayor Daniel L. Keister spoke of
the sacrifices and the bravery of the.
mothers, wives and other relatives
of the men. during the long months
of the war, and commended the Red
Cross work. He concluded his ad
dress with a welcome to all the boys
of the Twenty-eighth.
When Major George W. H. Roberts
| of Steelton, of the One Hundred and 1
' Eighth Field Artillery, formerly First
I Pennsylvania Cavalry, was intro-
I duced applause which lasted for sev
eral minutes was his greeting from
the audience.
Home Folks Thanked
In Ills address Major Roberts
thanked the city for the rousing I
sendoff given the men. He told of |
the impression it made upon them. >
and how it wa B carried with them I
throughout the entire war. Other I
speakers were Major J. R. Wright,
of Division Headquarters; Sergeant
Philip T. Meredith. Sergeant William
Miller and Captain James Dong. Miss
Esther Laubenstein. who served as
a Red Cross nurse in France, and H.
D. Myers, of the Veterans of Foreign
j Wars, who invited the men to join
| that organization.
After the dinner the men formed I
j into line in front of the hotel and !
. marched to the Chestnut Street Au- I
: ditorium. The program there in- I
' eluded the unveiling of a Roll of
Honor, bearing the names of the j
! Harrisburgers who gave their lives (
|in service. Mrs. John W. German I
j recited "In Flanders Field," while |
i the Honor Roll was being unveiled.
I This was followed by community
singing, conducted by Elmer H. Ley,
addresses by Lieutenant Governor
Edward E. Beidleman and Captain
Nellson; solos by Mr. Ley and Mrs.
Wilbur F. Harris, and vaudeville
sketches, followed by dancing.
Lieut. Edward A. Selway
Dies Serving in Germany
Lieutenant Edward A. Selway, son
of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Selway, 2220
Logan street, postal officer with the
Fourth Division, died in Germany of
meningitis at Mayen, Germany, May
19, according to advices received
here from Washington. Lieutenant
Selway. who was 26 years old. was
formerly foreman in the baggage
room at the Pennsylvania Railroad
passenger station.
He entered the service with the
old Pennsylvania National Guard,
rising to the rank of a sergeant, and
then being made a second lieutenant,
shortly before the signing of the
armistice. Since then he gained a
promotion to the rank of first lieu
tenant. He saw active service at
Chateau-Thierry and in the Argonne,
being wounded severely in the fight
ing in the latter district. His pa
rents survive together with two
"One of my dinner guests raved
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"And it keeps all winter in that
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"Yes," put in Bobby, "if we don't
have too much company.'—Boston
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West End Poorly Supports Its
Slab Artist and Is Set Back
by the Commonwealths
Ditchers Eisenberger and Strieker
were the box opponents in a hot
battle last evening at Fourth and
Seneca streets where Commonwealth
swung on West End's jaw for a 3-1
knock-out. Spectators who intend
to take in the Dauphin-Perry League
opening at Marysvllle to-day were
surprised to see Eisenberger working
last night as he is supposed to work
for Marysville this morning.
He put in seven innings of irre
proachable twirling, holding West
End to 4 hits, but ho had de luxe
support while "Kid" Strieker was
handicapped by some tough blund
ers, one of his own making when
he overthrew to first base.
West End made her one and only I
run in the third. Tim Euker launch
ed things with a long fly to left cen
ter which Anderson, the Common
wealth left fielder, allowed to fall
out of his hands. Euker went to 1
second on a fumble, and was ad
vanced to third on an infield out by
his brother. W. Euker. Embick
turned the trick with a single, T.
Euker scoring.
Commonvfoalth could not score
until the fifth but there was plenty
of time, for West End was well
warmed up to throw a monkey
wrench in the machinery, and it was
good-by for Strieker. W. Euker
passed up a short jab from Fields'
bat and Fields went to center a
minute later when Matter fumbeld
a throw made to first in an effort
to catch Fields napping off the bag.
Johnny Smith came through with a
timely single. Fields getting home
safe, although the play at the plate
was close. On the throw-in Smith
went to second, and he got to third
on a passed ball. A single by An
derson sent Smith across.
W. Smith was the player who
tallied the third tun for the Com
monwealth. it being sent over in the
sixth. Smith singled and went to
second when Gerdes worker Strieker
for a base on balls. Fields fanned,
but on the next play W. Euker threw
to Kline at third after fielding an
infield grounder. Smith got to third
at nearly the same time and con
tinued on toward home, reaching the
plate safely, and being awarded the
run by the decision of the umpire.
It lias been decided to name next
Monday as Hippensteel Day in the
West End Dengue, and during that
contest a collection is to be taken
for the benefit of A. J. Hippensteel,
a West End Deague player, who is
now in the Harrisburg Hospital re
covering from an operation for ap
The score:
AB. R. H. O. A. E.
T. Euker, cf. .. 4 1 0 1 0 0
W. Euker, ss. . . 2 0 0 0 2 1
Embick, rf. ... 3 0 1 1 0 0
Matter, lb 2 0 0 11 0 1
Knight, 2b 3 0 0 0 1 1
McKeever, If. .. 3 0 1 0 0 1
Kline. 3b 3 0 1 1 2 0
Cocklin, c 3 0 '1 5 - 1
Strieker, p. .. 3 0 0 2 J)
Totals 26 1 4 21 11 5
Steward, ss 4 0 0 1 3 0
Hinkle, 2b 3 0 0 1 1 0
Klugh. lb 3 0 1 9 0 Ol
W. Smith, cf. .. 4 1 2 0 0 0
Gerdes, 3b 0 0 0 1 1 0
Fields, c 3 1 0 5 0 0
G. Smith, rf. .. 3 1 1 2 0 0
Anderson, If. .. 3 0 1 2 0 1 I
Eiscnberger, p. . 2 0 0 0
Totals 25 3 5 21 7 •!
Commonwealth 0000-10 3
West End .... 001 00 0 o—l0 —1 j
Three base hit. Cocklin. Sacrifice
hits. Gerdes. 2. Double plays, Striek
er and Matter. Struck out, Striek
er, 4: Eisenberger, 5. Base on balls,
Strieker, 2: Eisenberegr, Deft on
base. Commonwealth. 7. West End,
6. Hit by pitcher, Matter. Hinxle,
Klugh. Stolen bases, Embick. Hin
kle. 2; Klugh. Time. 1:25. Umpire,
Jackson and Wilsbach. Scorer Mc-
Dr. William Bitterer, who devised
the remarkable poison gas used by
the Americans in France, is a mem
ber of the faculty of Vanderbilt
University. He is credited with be
ing quick to meet any new situa
tion. If a new disease strikes the
country, he is at work immediately
on a remedy.
When the Teutonic plague of de
struction and slaughter hroke out in
Belgium and France in 1914. Dr.
T.itterer went to his laboratory. The
German gases were first to Interest
bim. In them he saw one of the
great problems of the war. He ana
lyzed the gases then in use and
worked on hundreds of new formu
las. but got nothing that he thought
Then he remembered a chemical
experiment of his college days, a
narrow escape he had hack in 1902
at the University of Chicago while
be was working on high explosives.
One of his experiments brought
something more than an explosive.
It produced a gas so poisonous that
voung Bitterer had to he carried out
on a stretcher. —Detroit News.
Baseball Games Today
In HnrrlNburit
Technical High School vs. Read
ing High School, Island Park, 3
p. m.
West End A. C. vs. P. & R„ West
End grounds. Fourth and Seneca
streets, 6 p. m.
In District
Harrisburg Methodist Club vs
Palmyra, at Palmyra, two games.
Harrisburg Motive Power vs
Elizabethtown, at Elizabethtown!
two games.
St Mary's. of Steelton. vs
KaufTman's, of Reading, at Read
Belmont A. C., of Harrisburg, vs
Bykens, at Bykens, two games
Harrisburg East End vs. Hum
tnelstown, at Hummelstown two
Harrisburg Swatara vs. Middle
town Independents, at Middletown
two games.
Dickinson College vs. Gettys
burg College, at Gettysburg.
Churchtown A. C. vs. Highspire
at Hißhspire. two games.
Epworth M. E. vs. Rutherford
Heights, at Rutherford Heights
Iwo games.
Harrisburg Speece A. C vs
Rolling Springs A. C., at Boiling
Daophln-Perry I.engne
Morning, Mlllersburg at New
port, and Duncannon at Marys
Afternoon. Newport at Millers
burg, and Marysvllle at Duncan
High-class Vaudeville-Bruce DulTett
sketVh' 'n, u co, ? e <iy-dramuUc
sitetth, Through the Keyhole"-
Newhoff and Phelps in exclusive
songs; Murphy and White in lia--
mony and fun; Dotson. singing and
as? sssfr
io-day and to-morrow— Harold Ixick-
V t T a e Great Romance."
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
Moon" a 'mudge in "The New
n .. a ? to-morrow—"The Junglo
featuring William Farnum.
Monday and 1 uesday—Mitchell Lewis
in Children of Banishment."
To-day and to-morrow —William S.
rtJML* ' n "The Money Corral," and
\\ hen Love is Blind"—Sennett
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
"Tor Better, For Worse" DeMlllc
The most exacting vaudeville de
votee will find something to please
„ _ him at the Majestic the
Good Bill last half of this week,
nt Majestic, where ii program of
choice Keith acts are
meeting with popular approval. Mur
phy and White inject a lot of harmonv
and fun into the bill and also plav
the piano. Newhoff and Phelps with
their repertoire of exclusive songs
are scoring a big hit; also Dotson. col
ored comedian and dancer. The Three
Melfords in a clever acrobatic novel
ty. and Bruce Duffett Co. presenting
an entertaining comedy-dramatic
sketch entitled "Through the Kev
liole," complete the bill.
The fiist installment of a new and
thrilling serial. "The Perils of Thun
der Mountain," wMI be shown next
Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday.
Carol Halloway and Antonio Moreno
are co-starred in this picture.
To-day and to-morrow Harrisburg
ers have their last chance of seeing
versatile Harold
Free Tickets to Lockwood in his
the Majestic to latest release
Be Given nt Snt- "The Great Rc
urday Matinee. mance" at the
Colonial Theater
—the theater that has the best ven
tilating system of any theater in Har
Saturday afternoon as a special fea
ture the Colonial management will
give each patron who purchases i
ticket between the hours of 11 A. M.
and 5 I". M. an invitation to attend the
Majestic Theater on Monday. Tues
day or Wednesday of next week. This
invitation if taken to the box office of
the Majestic Theater and. war tax of
thiee cents paid will admit the bearer
entrance to the theater.
On Monday, Tuesday and Wednes
day of next week Norma Talmadge
will be shown in her latest release,
"The New Moon."
A society romance that leads to the
jungles of Africa and follows a lover
through a scries
Society Bomnnre of thrilling "es-
I.earth to Jungles. capes from death
is the theme of
the wonderful William Fox produc
tion. "The. Junkie Trail." which plays
at the Victoria Theater to-day and
to-morrow only. This picture played
to laige audiences yesterday and
there is no doubt to-day will lie enor
mous crowds flocking to this ever
popular theater.
One of the dramatic incidents is
where Farnum gets into a. fight with
a whole tribe of Africans. For those
people who like to see a real man
mix tilings up with the odds against
him here is the chance.
As a special attraction for the Sat
urday afternoon matinee an invitation
which is good for a free admittance
to the Majestic Theater on Monday.
Tuesday or Wednesday of next week
will be given to each person purchas
ing a ticket.
William S. Hart, who has delighted
millions with his characterisations of
the real West is now
Hart Draws appearing at the Regent
Crowd* to Theater in "The Monev
Regent. Corral." which fairly
bristles with excite-
Kentucky Ave. Fourth hotel from
| Beach. Amer. plan $2.50 up daily; $l4
up weekly. European. $1 up daily.
132 St. James Place. Fifth house from
beach. European Plan. Terms attrac
tive. 16th season.
McNamara & Hughes—Owners.
Ufll ijutjyjtuiun y T'C
WlLnuii V W miulNl J
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
Just to prove to you this theater is the coolest place in
town to spend your Summer vacation we will have snow here
for these three days Come and see the snow There's
plenty of it.
The Misses Wise will open [iii
v Friday, May 30 |
At Balfour
14 miles froni Harrisburg
along the Carlisle Pike. X
Afternoon Tea Cakes Lunches
Suppers Served to Order i'i
11 Ice Cream Sundaes Soft Drinks
A Bargain
1917 Packard Twin Six
Good as new —run less than 5,000 miles
—never off paved streets —good reasons for
selling. Aduress, telephone or call at
Business Office—Harrisburg Telegraph
Bell Telephone 4100 TDial 2135
ment and heart Interest. Big Bill does
some fancy shooting that will make
most expert marksmen look on with
envy, and demonstrates that he can
shoot the date out of a dime as easily,
as he can ride a broncho. But Hill
doesn't ride bronchos in "The Money
Corral." Instead he helps to uncover
a gang of crooks bent on robbing a
Chicago railroad president's vault.
Largo audiences were delighted
with this production yesterday and
lecord-breaking crowds were expect
ed to-day. "The Money Corral" will
also be shown to-morrow.
The first three days of next week
Cecil U. DeMlllo presents his great
est production "For Better, For
Worse," with an all-star cast includ
ing Elliott Dexter, Gloria Swanson.
Tneodore Roberts and Wanda Hawley.
Judging from the opening perform
ances tht change of policy from a
matinee and night to
I'axtnnc two performances •in
I'nrk Open. the evening at the Pax
tang Park theater is
going to be an unqualified success.
The attendance was good nt both
shows, and the bill pleased the park
patrons immensely. The Sylvester
Family with their comedy songs and
nances easily won unlimited ap
plause from HH enthusiastic audience,
<3us Rrhn, a magician with several
credible stunts in magic and a decid
edly humorous monologue was also a
pleasing feature of the park bill,
while McCarlon and Marone, two sen
sational dancers direct from Shanley s
got their share of appreciation in the
wav cf applause from the park audi
ences. Constance Claxton, a classy
singer, and Tom Fooleny and Pal in
a knockabout comedy stunt completed
the bill. , ,
A special matinee will be given at
the park theater this afternoon in
addition to the two usual evening per
Mr. Futboy puffed into the butch
er's shop and stood scowling till
the w.elder ol' 'he chopper was free
to attend to him. I hen he broke
ol; fretfully;
"Those -.us's feet I bought of you
didn't taste right."
"What was wrong with 'em?
"Don't know exactly, but they had
a flat taste."
"Well you see, sir," said the but
cher, who was tired of complaints,
"there's been quite an epidemic of
flat feet in town lately."—London
Rich Bachelor Wants Wife
"Many people have blamed me
for not getting married. Since
childhood I have suffered from
stomach and liver trouble, never
being able to get any medicine or
doctor to help me. Now that
Mayr's Wonderful Remedy has en
tirely cured me, I am anxious to
get a wife.". It is a simple, harm
less preparation, that removes the
catarrhal mucus from the intestinal
tract and allays the inflammation
which causes practical',., all stom
ach, liver and intestinal ailments, in
cluding appendicitis. One dose will
convince or money refunded. H. C.
Kennedy, Geo. A. Gorgas, Clark's 2
drug stores and druggists every
The Sylvester Family
In an Orlginnl Comedy Singing
and Dancing Novelty
M'Carton & Marone
Sen*ntional Dancer* Direct from
Slinnley"* New York Cafe
Three Other
High Class Acts
at 2.30
Evening Performances
New York—ln un old house in
West Twenty-Second street every
night us the dial in the cut's eye
points to midnight, a little white
haired woman descends the two
long llights of stuirs, opens the door,
goes out into the street and feeds
all the homeless cats of the neigh
borhood, not to mention any struy
friends they may have picked up in
their wanderings.
No mutter how cold the night,
how wild, how stormy, Miss Anne
Hutler never forgets her cats. Her
neighbors say she has not missed a
single night in twenty-two years.
It's all a service of love. Nobody
pays Miss Hutler to feed the cuts
and to look out for the baby cats
that will keep on coming to a world
nlready too full of felines. Some
times another tenant of the old
house will contribute bits left from
the table, but there contributions
are irregular and not always sub
stantial. for all who make their
home at 44 West Twenty-Second
' " N
SPKCI AI, lfOl.ll> \ Y 1111,1,
Also SATURDAY nil,l.
Who entertains ninny millions
will appear | n
I.arte audience* wltneMMcd tlie
initial allowing yfNtfrdny. Itecord
brcnklnj? crowd* expected today.
a SENNETT Comedy
"When Love Is Blind"
Vs ■ _ ... J
A William Fox production fea
turing a real man—
In liis best photoplay
Special Saturday afternoon
matinee. Read the details in the
larger Victoria advertisement on
this page.
Mill tyMMiiUlftfUTY
Today and Tomorrow Only
A Man's Play A Woman's Play
Tills Is considered Miss Tulmadpro's best. It will draw enormous
crowds—come early and get a good seat.
To every person attending Saturday afternoon's matinee between
the hours of 11 a. in. anil 5 p. in. an invitation to the Majestic
Theater—good on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday only will bo
given. Tills invitation is good for one admission provided it is ex
changed at the box-office Majestic Theater, ami war tax is piad.
Stanley's Stanley's
Need a Tonic? Feelin' Blue? Seem as if everything's gone
wrong? Well, maybe seeing another chap's troubles will
kinda knock the edge off your own.
Surely gets into tough luck in his latest picture—
This is a super-picture which everyone will delight in seeing.
Come early and get a seat.
SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT Every person buying
a ticket to this theater between the hours of 11 a. m. and 5
p. m-, Saturday, will receive an invitation to the Majestic
Theater, good Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday of next
week. This invitation is good for one admittance provided
war tax is paid at box office.
An Artcraft Picture
Elliott Dexter, Gloria Swanson, Theodore
Roberts, Wanda Hawley and
Tom Forman
Theme deals with Surgeon who is deemed a slacker by
the woman he loves, an absorbing triangular love affair and
of a soldier's noble sacrifice.
(To women on the lookout for the latest Parisian frocks
and gowns, Cecil B. DeMille's pictures have a powerful fas
We cannot say enough about a Cecil B. DeMille pro
This one will be the greatest treat of the month.
street are artists of one kind or an
other, who cat when they think
about it. Hostdcs, while all of them
love Miss Hutler, they don't all love
Miss Hutler's cats.
Wright's Orchestra (Colored)
of ColumbuM, Ohio
I'"rl. mid Sal. Even., May 30 A Slat
IIAI.I/S, of i'oltinibtiN, every
evening next week.
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
The Best of Them All,
The most wonderful picture
of the year, featuring Harris
burg's favorite screen' star.
the singing comedians who were
largely responsible for the Intro
duction of "Jada" on the vaude
ville stage arc here with a new
line of songs.
4 Other Feature Acts 4
Also First Kpisode of
Introducing the coming serial
star, Miss Carol Hoiloway. This
serial is said to be the best ever