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Department of Agriculture
Learns Dates Have Been
Set For Many Shows
The war time ban on county fairs
and agricultural shows, which pre
vented dome of the best known ex
hibitions from being held last year,
has been raised and the Department
of Agriculture has received word
that a number of dates have been
set. Some of these fairs include
-si;ibitions which were prevented by
the influenza quarantine last fall.
The list announced for this year
so t"ar Included:
Fruit Growers' Association of
Adams County, Bendersville, Decem
ber 17 to 19.
.Allegheny County Agricultural
-*6v>fcri&tion. Imperial, September 24
to 26.
Dayton Agricultural and Mechani
cal Association, Dayton, September
23 to 26.
Kiskiminetas Valley Agricultural
and Driving Association, Appolo,
August 6 to 9.
Beaver County Agricultural Asso
ciation, New Brighton, September
24 to 27.
Bedford County Agricultural So
ciety, Bedford, September 30 to
October 3.
Agricultural and Horticultural
Association of Berks County, Read
ing, September 16 to 20.
Kutztown Fair Association, Kutz
town, August 19 to 22.
Blair County Road Drivers' Asso
ciation. Altoona. September 16 to 19.
Bradford County Agricultural So
ciety, Towanda, September 2 to 5.
Inter-State Fair Association,
Athens, September 15 to 20.
Troy Agricultural Society, Troy, |
September 9 to 12.
Farmers' picnic and exhibition,
Quakertown, September 5 and 6.
Chicora Fair Association, Chicora,
no date fixed.
North Washington Agricultural
Association, North Washington,
September 9 to 12.
Butler Driving Park and Fair
Association, Butler, September 2 to 5.
Cambria County Agricultural
Association, Carroltown, September
9 to 12.
Cameron County Agricultural
Association, Emporium, September
23 to 26.
Carbon County Industrial Society,
Use Cocoanut Oil
For Washing Hair
If you want to keep your hair in
good condition, be careful what you
wash it with.
Most soaps and prepared shampoos
contain too much alkali. This dries
the scalp, makes the hair brittle,
and is very harmful. Mulsified
cocoanut oil shampoo (which is pure
and entirely greaseless) is much
better than anything else you can
use for shampooing, as this can't
possibly injure the hair.
Simjly moisten your hair with
water and rub it in. One or two
teaspoonfuls will make an abun
dance of rich, creamy lather, and
cleanses the hair and scalp thor
®ughly. The lather rinses out eas
ily, and removes every particle of
dust, dirt, dandruff and excessive
oil. The hair dries quickly and
evenly, and it leaves it fine and silky,
bright, fluffy and easy to manage.
You can get Mulsified cocoanut oil
shampoo at most any drug store. It
is very cheap, and a few ounces is
enough to last everyone in the fam
ily for months.
Avoid Indigestion, Sour Acid Stomach,
Heartburn, Gas On Stomach, Etc*
Indigestion and practically all
forms of stomach trouble, say medi
cal authorities, are due nine times
out of ten to an excess of hydro
hloric acid in the stomach. Chronic
"acid stomach" is exceedingly danger
ous and sufferers should do either
one of two things.
Either they can go on a limited and
often disagreeable diet, avoiding
foods that disagree with them, that
irritate the stomach and lead to ex
cess acid secretion or they can eat
as they please in reason and make it
a practice to counteract the effect of
the harmful acid and prevent the for
mation of gas, sourness or premature
fermentation by the use of a little
Bisurated Magnesia at their meals.
• There is probably no better, safer
or more neiiable stomach antiacid
than Bisurated Magnesia and it is
widely used for this purpose. It has
no direct action on the stomach and
is not a digestant. But a teaspoonful
of the powder or a couple of five grain
tablets taken in a little water with
the food will neutralize the excess
acidity which may be present and
prevent its further formation. This
removes the whole cause of the
trouble and the meal digests natur
ally and healthfully without need of
pepsin, pills or artificial digesta'nts.
Get a few ounces of Bisurated Mag
nesia from any reliable druggist. Ask
for either powder or tablet. It
never comes as a liquid, milk or
citrate and in the bisurated form is j
Must Look to Their Blood if
They Wish to Regain Their
Health and Happiness
Many symptoms peculiar to women,
such as dizziness, fainting spells,
backache, headaches, Kidney and
Bladder troubles, languor and nerv
ousness are in a large part due to
impurities In the blood or worse
still, anaemia, which means that the
Blood is thin, watery and lacking in
If you are rundown. If your energy
or strength are below normal, if you
have to force yourself to do your
daily tasks, you should enrich your
blood supply at once.- In this way—
you start a sure foundation on which
to build your health and happiness.
You may easily and quickly renew
both the quantity and quality of
your Blood by taking a short course
of Novo San.
Novo San, the new Red Blood
Builder, has already won a place In
the hearts of scores of women by
restoring their youthful health and
vigor. It not only rids your blood
of poisonous impurities, but actually
makes new blood, in this way vitaliz
ing your whole body, charging you
with new powers of endurance and
energy, stimulating the action of the
kidneys, liver and bowels, promot
ing regularity, health and comfort.
Your jaded nerves are steadied and
your overworked, undermined, weak
ened system Is quickly nourished
back to health and strength.
Geo. A. Gorgas or H. C. Kennedy and
obtain a trial package of Novo San
(12 days' treatment). Take two tab
lets three limes a day after meals
regularly for 12 days and If you do
not feel at least 50 per cent, better,
return the empty package to the
druggist and yet your money.
Lehighton, September 30 to Octo
ber 3.
Grange Picnic and Fair Associa
tion. Centre Hall, September 6 to 13.
Chester County Agricultural Asso
ciation, West Chester, August 27
to 30.
Clarion County Fair Association.
Clarion, September 16 to 19.
Clearfield County Agricultural
Society, Clearfield, September 16
to 19.
Columbia County Agricultural.
Horticultural and Mechanical Asso
ciation, Bloomsburg, September 30
to October 3.
Conneaut Lake Agricultural Asso
ciation, Conneaut Lake, August 26
to 29.
<ll Creek Agricultural Fair Asso
ciation, Titusville, September 9 to 12.
Cumberland County Agricultural
Society, Carlisle, September 30 to
October 3.
Gratz Agricultural and Horticul
tural Association, Gratz, September
2 to 5.
j Delaware County Agricultural
i Society, Media, not fixed.
I Elk County Farmers' Agricultural
j Fair Association, St. Marys, Septem
ber 23 to 26.
Corry Fair and Driving Park
Association, Corry. August 26 to 29.
Erie Exposition Association, Erie,
August 18 to 23.
Wattsburg, Agricultural Society,
Wattsburg, September 2 to 5.
Waynesburg Fair and Agricultural
I Association, Waynesburg, August 19
! to 22.
I Greene County Agricultural and
Manufacturing Society, Carmichaels,
[September 16 to 19.
I Huntingdon County Agricultural
Association, Huntingdon, October 27
to 31.
Indiana County Agricultural So
ciety, Indiana, September 2 to 5.
Jefferson County Agricultural
Association, Brookville, September
9 to 12.
Punxsutawney Fair Association,
Punxsutawney, August 19 to 22.
Juniata County Agricultural Soci
ety, Port Royal, September 9 to 12.
Lancaster County Agricultural
Fair Association, Lancaster, Septem
[ ber 30 to October 4.
Lebanon Valley Fair Association,
Lebanon, August 26 to 29.
Lehigh County Agricultural Soci
ety. Allentown, September 22 to 27.
Dallas Union Agricultural Associ
ation. Dallas. September 16 to 19.
Lycoming County Fair Association,
Hughesville, October 21 to 24.
McKean County Fair Association,
Smethport, September 9 to 12.
Mercer County Agricultural Soci
ety, Stoneboro, September 22 to 25.
Mercer Central Agricultural Soci
ety. Mercer, September 17 to 19.
Mifflin County Horticultural and
Agricultural Association, Lewistown,
November 6 to 8.
Monroe County Agricultural Soci
ety, Stroudsburg, September 1 to 5.
Northampton County Agricultural
Society, Nazareth, September 9 to 13.
Great Milton Fair and Northum
berland County Agricultural Associ
ation, Milton, October 7 to 10.
Perry Agricultural Society,
Newport, September 30 to Octo
ber 3.
Philadelphia County Fair Associa
tion, Philadelphia. September 1 to 5.
Pennsylvania Horticultural Soci
jety, Philadelphia, November 5 to 8.
Somerset County Agricultural So
cioty, Somerset, September 30 to
October 3.
Myersdale Fair and Race Associa
tion, Myersdale. September 16 to 19.
Sullivan County Agricultural So
ciety, Forksville, October 1 to 3.
Susquehanna County Agricultural
Society, Montrose, September 9 to 12.
Smythe Park Association, Mans
field, September 16 to 19.
Cowanesque Valley Agricultural
Society, Westfield, September 9 to 12.
Union County Agricultural Society,
Lewisburg, October 14 to 17.
Venango County Farmers' and
Fruit Growers' Association, Oil City,
October 29 to 31.
Warren County Agricultural Asso
ciation. Warren, September 2 to 5.
The Great Washington fair, Arden,
August 26 to 29.
Union Agricultural Association,
Burgettstown, September 30 to Oc
tober 2.
Wayne County Agricultural Soci
ety, Honesdale, September 30 to
October 3.
Wyoming County Fair Association,
Tunkhannock, September 16 to 19.
York County Agricultural Society,
York, October 7 to 10.
Hanover Agricultural Society,
Hanover. September 23 to 26.
New Freedom Farmers' Improve
ment Association, New Freedom,
date not fixed.
Expert in Shipping
to Tell Commerce Body
of Express Companies
E. V. Conwell, of New York
City, will address the membership
of the Harrisburg Chamber of Com
merce on "Sidelights of the Express
Business, Humorous and Tragic," at
a luncheon meeting to be held in the
Penn-Harris ballroom next Tuesday
Mr. Conwell is general attorney
for the American Railway Express
Company. He was secured to ad
dress the Chamber members in view
of his wide experience in the express
business, which qualifies him to
speak with authority on matters
pertaining to express service. Ship
pers and manufacturers who belong
to the Chamber of Commerce are
especially interested in the forth
coming address as it will give them
a chance to air their grievances
against the express companies, and
learn some of the causes which
make for good and poor service in
the express business.
Veterans Plan For Big
Meeting in This City
Plans for a big time in Harris
burg on Thursday, June 19, are be
ing worked out by officials of the
Veteran Employes' Association of
the Middle Division of the Pennsyl
vania Railroad. This will be the
twenty-third annual session. The
Vets organized in Harrisburg and
have been meeting alternately in
Altoona and Harrisburg. Because
of the war last year's meeting was
held in Altoona.
The business session will open in
P. R. R. Y. M. C. A., Auditorium,
Reily street, at 2 o'clock. The pre
siding officer at the opening will be
JV'. W. Smith, general superintendent.
He will retire in favor of J. C.
Johnson, superintendent of the Mid
dle Division, who will be the new
head. At 6.30 p. m.. a banquet will
be held in Chestnut street Hall. Vets
will come to Harrisburg on regular
trains and will spend the morning in
s'ight seeing.
"Young man," said his sweet
heart's father, "do you smoke cig
"I should say not!" declared the
youth piously. "I would consider it
disgraceful to he seen with one of
those vile things in my mouth. I
think all clgaret smokers should be
imprisoned. Why do you ask, sir?"
"Thought perhaps you could let m<:
have one," said the old man. "r
smoke 'em myself."—Dallas Morning
News. i
Munsing Underwear
For Men
is a garment of fineness in make, fabrics and fit. Munsing
underwear is made to fit the man, which means ease and
The Munsing athletic nainsook union suit is the man's
comfort; made full and strong. A closed crotch garment,
BOWMAN'S—Main Floor.
Lawn Mowers
The continued recent rains have put the face of the earth in
such a condition as to need an application of the Agriculture
Safety Razor, the lawn mower.
Lawn Mower, 8-inch driving wheel, 3 knives of blade steel,
easy to operate, 12 to 16 inches, $6.75 to $7.75.
Ball Bearing Lawn Mower; 9-inch driving wheel and
knives of highest crucible steel, ball bearing cones made of
best quality tool steel; 12 to 18-inch, SIO.OO to $11.50.
Ball Bearing Lawn Mower; driving wheel, 4
tempered steel knives of best quality cutting steel, cones of
highest grade crucible steel; 14 to 18 inches, $12.50 to $13.50.
Yes, It's Getting Pretty Close
To The Bathing Season
4 Anticipate the joys of the
water sport and if you are bound
for the beach, you will find here
a beautiful assortment of stylish
Jersey in solid and fancy col
ors. with or without fancy bor
ders. V, round and square neck,
also striped trunk effect. Pure
worsted and cotton and wool
mixed, $3.75 to $8.50.
Children's Suits, in Jersey,
trimmed in plain and striped ef
fects, with V-neck, 89c to $2.50.
Combinations, for wearing un
der the suit, in pure worsted,
cotton and part wool, at 69c, 95c,
SI.OO, $1.39, $1.50, $1.98, $2.98,
Bathing Caps in all colors.
Shoes in black and white, tan and
white. Also water wings, $1.50.
BOWMAN'S—Third Floor.
All Preferred
Some gay and debonair with just enough dash and
color; others quite plain and white and still others with
dainty embroidery or the identifying initial are at hand
for both vacationists and stay-at-homes.
Women's finest Maderia handkerchiefs. Wonderful
work and something that any one will appreciate, 50c to
$2.50 each.
BOWMAN'S—Main Floor.
For Decoration Day Outings
White Paper Napkins, fine grade, 100 for 30c.
Wood Ice Cream Plates, doz., 3c.
Paper, 7-inch Plates, pkg. of 12 for sc; pkg of 20 for Bc.
Ice Cream Plates, 100 for 20c.
Wax Sandwich Paper, 36 ft. for sc.
Wax Sandwich Paper, large roll, 25c.
Paper Table Covers, 36x36, 10c.
Paper Patriotic Table Covers, 25c.
Paper Table Covers. 63x108, 39c.
Today's Special .
300 handkerchiefs. Nice, soft, ready to use. Full size ;
*4-in. hem, cut perfect; 6c each or 65c doz.
BOWMAN'S—Main Floor.
Did You Get Yours At $5.00?
If Not, Choose At
" This Special Sale \
Of 1000 Blouses \
Tomorrow is the third day of this great sale of charming {jr —wr^\
Flowered Georgette Blouses—one of the most popular blouse yp • I
styles of the season. Many models to choose from. Original Wjx. / '
in lines; rich in colorings; smart collars and cuflfs; skillful - - j
needlework; short kimono sleeves and attractively ribbon Jwklspl
trimmed. A remarkable special value at $5.00.
Other Blouses in plain shades in various pretty effects re
duced to sell for this occasion at $5.00.
BOWMAN'S—Third Floor.
Correct Footwear For Ckildren
A child delights in "pretty" shoes. Our children's models not
only please the little ones with their style, but also satisfy the
particular mother who realizes the importance of correct scien
tific shapes that will preserve the health and beauty of the child's
foot through the years of growth. gf
Our Children's Department is ready with every style of season
able footwear for dress and play, at moderate prices that will in- jnfflj
Good children's shoes made by one of Massachusetts best man- ■
ufacturers of children's high grade shoes. ™
Besides carrying good shoes we see to it that children Oxfords in gun metal calfskin, tan calfskin, patent coltskift,
brought here are properly fitted. We carry the narrow widths anc j w hit e canvas $3 50 to $4 75
as well as the wider ones.
Children's pumps in patent leather and white canvas, $3.00 Shoes in white canvas, genuine white buckskin, patent colt
to $4.00. skin, gun metal calfskin, tan calfskin, $4.00 to $6.25.
Our Women's Shoe
Complete with a full line of pumps, oxfords and shoes with either T§|' WtdßpP^'\
hand turned or welted soles and heels, suitable for dress or walking. X )
Prices to suit all —$6.45 to $12.00.
Buckles in metal and cut steel, $1.50 to $4.00. /
BOWMAN'S—Main Floor.
Women's White Hosiery
Our holiday special in women's hosiery is an all white
silk stocking with a colored top. A strong, medium
weight stocking with silk top and a lisle foot; full fash
ioned ; assuring perfect fit. Adaptable for outing and
dress wear, $2.00.
Children's Lisle Socks
A large assortment of plain with white tops and col
ors; white with fancy tops. 35c and 50c.
BOWMAN'S—Main Floor.
Corsets For Decoration Day
Flesh colored elastic top corsets made of fine quality cou
til, medium free hip; strong hose supporters, good values,
$1.50 and $2.00.
Elastic top corsets in dainty novelty cloth; flesh and white
combination; sizes 20 to 25; good value, $2.50.
Girdles made of all over elastic and elastic inserts in flesh.
Closed or open back; 12. 14 and 16 inches length. All sizes
from 23 to 32, $2.00 to $5.00.
Good quality guaranteed washable satin bandeau brassieres
in flesh; back closing only; sizes 32 to 40, SI.OO.
BOWMAN'S—Second Floor.
For Girls And Little Boys
Girls' Middy Blouses; 6 to 14 years. White Galatea and
twill; all white or white with colored collar, $1.50, $1.95, $2.25,
$2.50 to $4.50.
Girls' middy skirts; white and colors; with and without
bodies. Skirts pleated, white galatea, poplin, chambray and
pique, $1.25, $1.95, $2.50 to $4.50.
Children's pique wash hats. Poke, roll and droop brim;
colored ficings in pink and blue, scalloped and hand em
broidered, SI.OO, $1.25 and $1.50.
Boys' wash hats, sailor, roll and droop brim in white and
colored, 50c, 60c, 75c, 85c and $1.25.
BOWMAN'S—Second Floor.
MAY 28, 1919.
Wash Goods
Many new arrivals in fine cotton fabrics are to be found
here. Our policy is not to duplicate former styles. Result,
new stock comes in most every day which adds charm and
great pleasure for the customer that wishes to add just another
pretty Summer dress, soon appreciates our methods.
40-inch Fine Roubaix voiles, foreign yarn woven in America,
$1.25 yard.
36-inch Half Silk Printed Georgette. Neat patterns on light
grounds, $1.25 yard.
36-inch Printed English Voiles; fine checks on semi-dark
tones, SI.OO yard.
36-inch Habutine. Half silk, good weight for under clothes,
dress or waist, 79c, yard.
36-inch Plain and Fancy Organdies, 59c to $1.25 yard.
30-inch Costume Crepe; Dolly Varden figures, white
grounds, 45c yard.
44-inch Plain Voiles; all best colors; quality unmatchablc,
50c yard.
32-inch Gingham Zephyrs; Foreign and Domestic in best
makes, 50c, 75c and 85c yard.
BOWMAN'S—Main Floor.
Children's Parasols db
And Umbrellas /
A large assortment of para- KjxDflV
sols in every new shade and §
style. One that every child will /At
enjoy carrying. J 5
Priced, 65c to $3.00. f
BOWMAN'S—Main Floor. /df
Flags For Memorial Day
We have a complete assortment of cotton and wool flags in
all sizes: 12xl8-inch flags oh sticks, 10c and 15c; 16x24-inch
flags on sticks, 20c; 24x36-inch flags on sticks, 35c; 30x48-inch
flags on sticks, 65c.
Printed all over flags with canvas headings: ft., 50c;
3x5 ft., 75c; 4x6 ft., SI.OO.
Sewed stripes with painted union, heavy canvas headings:
3x5 ft., $1.00; 4x6 ft., $1.50.
Bull Dog Flags: 3x5 ft.. $3.00: 4x6 ft.. $4.00: sxß ft., $6.00;
6x9 ft., $7.00; Bxl2 ft., $11.25 ; 9x15 ft., $18.00; 12x20 ft., $27.50.
Standard wool bunting flags: 3x5 ft.. $5.25; 4x6 ft., $7.50;
sxß ft., $12.00; 6x9 ft., $12.50; Bxl2 ft., $21.00.
Flag Poles with ropes: 1 in. x 6 ft., 35c; 1 in. x 8 ft., 50c;
1-H in. x 8 ft., 75c; 1H * lO { t., $1.00; 1# xl 2 ft., $1.25;
2x12 ft., $2.00; 2x16 ft., $3.00.
Holders at 20c, 35c, SI.OO and $3.00.
BOWMAN'S—Fourth Floor.
Banded Sailors
All Colors
Plain And Mixed \\ri
Braids \ /
V ery Special $2 A
BOWMAN'S—Third Floor.