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Announcement of New Design
Made by Firestone Fire
and Rubber Co.
"I've had men tell me time after time
that they couldn't sell pneumatic tires
♦or trucks," declared C. S. Bushey. Fire
stone representative yesterday. "The
argument—and it was a good one as far
as It went—was that it was altogether
Spring Aggravates
Your Catarrh
Sore and Irritated Membranes
Choke Up the Air
You cannot realize the full
benefit of the balmy spring
weather as long as the air pass
ages are stopped up, and the
delicate and tender membranes
are kept sore and irritated by
offensive Catarrh. And in so
many cases, the disease seems
aggravated with the change of
After using sprays, douches,
washes and lotions constantly
vou should be convinced by now
that only temporary relief can
come from these local remedies.
Many unfortunate victims of Ca
tarrh have used this method of
treatment season after season,
and each year finds them still af
flicted with the disease.
In fact, as long as you use
only such remedies as reach the
surface, you will find that the
disease continues to grow worse
tor while these sprays and inhal
ers and lotions may unstop the
air passages for the time being,
they have no effect whatever
upon the cause of your Catarrh.
And unless you treat the cause
of any disease, you will never
be rid of the disease itself.
For this reason it is important
that you realize that Catarrh is
"Hello, Bob- —
JML My, But You're
Surely Looking
Never Looked
WB(^• e^er * n our
What a difference it will
1 A make to have your friends
mk 11HSHEgg greet you in this sincere
wa y, when they see you in
your new, s nartly styled GLOBE SUIT.
When your friends say, "I see you've got a new suit," it
doesn't mean anything out of the ordinary.
But GLOBE CLOTHES will make 'em say, "You're looking
great-you're there."
And remember, too, that GLOBE CLOTHES cost you no
more than the ordinary kind of clothes.
< S2O $25 S3O $35 S4O
Why wait until the last minute to buy that new Decoration
1 Day Suit—buy it now—selections are at their best right NOW.
All Men's Clothing, Furnishings and Hats
At Special Reduced Prices to
Soldier Boys in Uniform
too difficult a task to make road chapges.
"And aa a matter of fact the 1/rger
sized pneumatics—say, 38x7, 40x8, and
44x10. are so heavy that they have been
considered beyond the capacity of one
man to handle when using the ordinary
type of wheel, where it is necessary to
detach the tire from the rim.
"Then you have the additional ex
penditure of time for Inflating the tire
—and that is often a difficult job in
"Recently the Firestone Steel Products
Company, "realizing what this obstacle
meant to the working efficiency of motor
trucks, developed an entirely new idea
in steel wheel design, to accommodate
Firestone demountable rims.
•'With this combination, it is possible
for one man to remove the largest tire
not a local irritation which stops
up the air passages and inter
feres with the breathing appar
atus. True, the effects of the
disease arc manifested in these
annoying and often painful
symptoms, but you must treat
the disease itself and not its
symptoms only.
Remember that there are mil
lions of catarrh germs, and
when these infest the blood, you
cannot hope to be rid of your
Catarrh until these germs are
absolutely eliminated from the
blood. And this is why S. S. S.,
the well-known old blood puri
fier, is such an excellent remedy
for Catarrh. S. S. S. is the most
thorough blood remedy known
to science. It thoroughly puri
ties the blood, and cleanses it of
every trace of disease germs.
So, if you wish to be relieved
of your Catarrh in a rational
way, you should begin taking
S. S. S. to-day, and you will
have the same satisfactory ex
perience as the thousands of
other Catarrh victims have had.
This remedy will remove from
the blood all disease germs, and
will so build up the general
health, that you will find your
svstem in splendid disease-re
sisting condition, your appetite
will improve, and you will again
enjoy the vigor of robust health.
S. S. S. is sold by druggists
everywhere. You should begin
taking it to-day. and if you wish
any medical advice without cost,
write about your case to Chief
Medical Adviser, 82 Swift La
boratorv, Atlanta. Ga.
and apply an inflated 'spare" in five
minutes even less time than that. And
it doesn't take an experienced man to
turn the trick, either,
"Why. the other day at Mncon, Oa.,
six society girls—members of the Red
Cross Motor Corps—none of whom had
ever laid a finger on a truck tire before
—participated in a tire changing con
test staged by the manager of our
"Ship by Truck" fleet. You should have
seen them manipulate these big giant
pneumatics 40x8. The winning team
made the change in less than five min
utes. Believe me, everybody sat up and
took notice!
"Here's the idea: After jacking up
your truck so that the weight is off
the tire, you turn the wheel so that the
slot in the felloe will be at the bottom.
After removing the clamps and wedge
ring, pull the tire away from the wheel.
Xo lifting is necessary.
"Now to apply inflated spare tire,
turn wheel so that slot in felloe will
be at the bottom. Roll the inflated tire
and rim to the wheel, engaging the valve
stem in the felloe slot. Then push
rim on wheel, turning the wheel slight
ly which will lift the rim and tire from
the ground. Push rim back on wheel
and apply wedge ring and clamps.
Again—no lifting necessary. Slot In
felloe is covered to prevent water and
mud from getting in around the valve
"This is not only one of the most
important developments in connection
with pneumatic tires for trucks, but a
matter of particular importance to the
'Ship by Truck' movement, and all
truck operators doing long-distance
"With pneumatic tires the average
running time of trucks can be increased
two-fold.—yes, three-fold; and speed,
vou know, will be a very considerable
factor in both the popularity and the
practical utility of the motor truck ex
press." .
According to Mr. Bushey, the Fire
stone Steel Products Company take Just
as much pride in this new steel wheel
design as in the case of their famous
demountable rim, which by the
was the first practical quick-detachable
demountable rim. a notable contribution
to the working efficiency of the automo-
However. he stated that the Firestone
Steel Products Company have no inten
tion of either manufacturing or * elli "S
wheels, simply having developed this
design to meet the needs of the situa
tion. They have passed information to
all wheel manufacturers which will en
able the wheel-maker to construct his
standard wheels so as to incorporate the
Firestone idea.
Six of the biggest steel wheel manu
facturers in the country, declared Mr.
Eushev, are using the design and are
ready to make deliveries now. A dozen
other Arms have signified a similar in
Stops Indigestion
In Five Minutes
or vou can have your money back for
the' asking. If you suffer from gas
tritis. indigestion, dyspepsia—if food
lies like lead in your stomach and you
cannot sleep at night because of the
awful distress— go at once to Geo. A.
Gorges or any other good driigKUt
and get a package of Hl-nela Tab
lets. Take two or three after each
meal or whenever pain is felt, and
vou will soon be telling your friends
how vou got rid of stomach trouble.
Be sure to ask for Bt-neala, every
grenuine package of which contains a
binding guarantee of satisfaction or
money back.
©JaltfoUoK CU*uj c&aiKj fauit
Only a bit of rich rolled dough fried to a golden hue
With a snowy dusting of sugar laid on top, as "she" used
to do!
Only a girl in a long loose coat, with eyes that were un
Cooking and serving. . But this is one of the reasons the red
Hun paid!
Round as the circle without an end. (God's love is endless,
Crisp and sweet and soft and warm as home hearts, staunchly
A bit of the simple when complex things held men's souls
j on the rack;
One of Yankeeland's own means of turning an enemy back!
Served by the army in navy blue to the army in khaki tan
I With never a question of race or creed just, "Are you a
fighting man ?"
Shoulder to shoulder they stood out there and the doughnut
link between
Shall never break. Its welded strength was forged in the
Fires unseen.
First Standards From France
Reach the Adjutant
General for State
■RBtMaaaß The first flags
\ \ • y/j of a Pennsylvania
SXVVVfA (f/ the campaign in
France have been
for deposit > n the
ipiflyuol state CaP'tol with
Frederick A. Sny
der, commanding the One Hundred
and Third Engineers, a part of the
Keystone Division. The National
Guard flags of the First Cavalry and
First Artillery, later merged in other
regiments, and of the Sixth and
Thirteenth Pennsylvania have been
received, but the Engineers' colors
are the first to come from France.
More are expected.
In acknowledging the receipt of
the Engineers' flags, General Beary
said that they included the regiment
al standard and the national colors
with , "proper autohrized streamers"
indicating that the regiment partici
pated in the following engagements:
Champagne-Marne defense. July 15
to 18; Aisne-Marne offensive, July
18 to August 6; Fismes sector, Au
gust 7 to September 3; Oise-Aisne
offensive, September 4 to 7; Meuse-
Argonne offensive, September 26 to
October 9; Thiancourt sector, Toul.
October 16 to November 11, all in
France last year.
The colors also Include two battal
ion national colors carried by the
First and Second Battalions.
The intention is to place these
flags in the fotunda at the Capitol
with due ceremony.
Capitol Visitors—Among visitors,
to the Capitol were Robert McAfee,
former secretary of the Common
wealth. and R. A. Huber, prominent
Wilkes-Barre coal operator.
Board to Moot-—The State Com
pensation Board will sit in Pitts
burgh the remainder of the week, j
Hearing Wednesday—The House
ways and means committee has fixed
Wednesday for a hearing on the bill
board tax bill.
Entertained Court—Highway Com
missioner Lewis S. Sadler entertained
the Supreme Court Judges at dinner
last night at his home near Carlisle.
Ex-Speaker Here Ex-Speaker
Charles A. Ambler visited the Capi
tol and met legislative friends.
Fish Bills Merged—Some nineteen
bills relative to changes in the fishj
laws were combined in one by the'
Senate game and fish committee and l
a general system provided whereby |
the Department of Fisheries will|
control special devices through per
mits which will be issued without |
charge. The bill requiring aliens to
show naturalization papers, when
applying for hunters' license, was
Dr. Finegan Praised—Governor
Sproul last night received this tele
gram from the head of Pittsburgh
schools, Dr. William Davidson:
"Warm congratulations on your se
lection of Dr. Finegan as State sup
erintendent of public instruction. 1
have known him intimately as an
associate in educational work for
years and I do not hesitate to say
he is without doubt one of the ablest
and finest school men in America,
and that he will be welcomed cord
ially by every forward looking school
man and schoot woman in Pennsyl
vania. Tou can count on the edu
cational forces of this city giving
him unreserved and hearty support.
You have been most happy and for
tunate in your choice of a man for
this important position."
Mount Wolf, Pa., May 21.—Noah
Gladfelter, a farmer near hers had his
right hand mangled in a corn planting
machine early Monday evening. While
cleaning the fertilizer the horse gave
a sudden start, his fingers being caught
in the machinery. Several of the fingers
had to be amputated.
Mount Wolf, Pa., May 21.—■
Memorial services for two of its mem
bres, Private Charles Kohr and Paul
Baker, who died within the past year,
will be conducted next Sunday after
noon at 2 o'clock by Mount Wolf Lodge,
No. 154, Knights of Golden Eagle. A spe->
cial program is now in course of prepa
Gettysburg, Pa., May 21.
The movement started sometime ago by
the Order of Independent Americans to
have Gettysburg's welcome to the re
turning soldiers on the Fourth of July
is being taken up by all the organiza
tions and other persons interested and
committees are being apponited.
Mount Wolf, Pa., May 21.—A suc
cessful festival was held on Saturday
night by the Mount Wolf band in the
K. G. E. hall. More than S4O was re
alized. Arrangements are now being
made by the band for its picnic to be
held at Cold Springs Park on Memorial
"Tom is going to ask father's con
sent this afternoon. I feel so ner
"Afraid your father won't con
"No; I'm afraid Tom may aoti
turn tip."-*PenB'i Weekly,
Mrs. Mary A. Day Dies
Suddenly at Mechanicsburg
Mechnnicftburg, Pa., May 21.—Mis.
Mary A. Day, widow of John A. Day,
died suddenly yesterday shortly be
fore noon, at the home of her daugh
ter, Mrs. A. L. McLane. 123 East Main
street, with whom she lived. She
had been in her usual godo health un
til a few minutes before her death,
when she complained of feeling ill.
Heart trouble is thought to have
been the cause.
She was 83 years old and was a
member of the Grace Evangelical
Church. She was born in Adams
county, and since the death of her
husband 23 years ago, has lived with
Mr. and Mrs. McLane. Surviving is
her daughter, Sirs. Emma McLane
and son, S. M. Day, of Carlisle; also
one brother, Reuben Little, of Mt.
Tabor, and eight grandchildren.
Funeral services will be held to
morrow afternoon, meeting at the
house at 2.30 o'clc-k and at Grace
Evangelical Church at 3 o'clock, the
Rev. D. L. Kepner officiating. Burial
will be made in the old graveyard at
8 IS
For the sake of the Babies, attend the Skylark at Willa-Villa, May 22
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Dog Gets a Gold Tooth;
Cheerful Dental Patient
New Castle, Pa., May 21. —Harry'
0. Riser has a valuable dog that now
sports n gold tooth.
One of the dog's teeth was in bad
shape, and Klser summoned a dentist
who put a gold tooth in Its mouth.
Riser's son, who held the dog while
the operation was being performed, says
the dog didn't mind It a bit. even though
a drill was used.
Dauphin, Pa., May 21.—Notwith
standing the inclement weather
there was a good attendance of the
different communities on the home
coming of the soldier boys a the
1. O. O. F. Hall last evening. Already
$113.75 has been contributed toward
the expenses.
Special committees were appointed
to approximately observe Memorial
Day. Committee on speakers and
program: Dr. William Clark, the
Rev. C. Shaffer and Miss Julia Klnt
er; music and flowers, Mrs. D. W.
Seiler, Miss Effle Zweizig and Miss
Jennie Rickcl. A meeting of the
commttfee is called for Tuesday eve
!ning, May 27.
Carlisle, Pa., May 21.—Announce
ment was made to-day that the an
nual commencement exercises of the
Dickinson School of Law will be
held on June 23 at the same time
as those of the college. Exercises will
be held in Trickett Hall, the new
law school building. Robert Hays
Smith, of California, has offered to
furnish the auditorium. There will
! be 400 seats.
| Active Men ij
wear the
Boston I
I Garter |
: i|| Because it gives sclid leg
ill comfort and long wear,
Sold Eoerywhoro
35 cents and upward
MAY 21, 1919.
WcUsville, Pa., May 21.—One hun
dred and twenty-flve persons attended
a reception tendered Private Paul ICln
nemen ,son of Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Kln-
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Neman, Harmony Orove, who rsoently
returned from overseas. Private Klnne
man served with the Twenty-eighth Di
vsiton. The reception was held on Sat
urday night