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To-day, matinee and night Mar
garet Anglin in "Billeted."
High Class Vaudeville Five Keith
acts headed by McWaters and Ty
son in "Their Revue of Reviews."
Also the second episode of "The
Tiger's Trail."
To-day only Norma Talmadge in
"Children in the House."
Monday and Tuesday Constance
Talmadge in "The Veiled Adven
Wednesday and Thursday Karle
Williams in "The Usurper."
To-day Anita Stewart in "A Mid-
Dight Romance."
Monday and Tuesday House Peters
in "The Forfeit."
Wednesday and Thursday George
Walsh in "Help! Help! Police."
Friday and Saturday Theda Bara
in "Cleopatra."
Of ajl our younger actors, there is
no one better fitted both by natural
endowments and
Margaret Anglin training for "lead
ing business" than
Fred Eric, who will be seen here in
support, of Margaret Anglin in her
delightful love-comedy "Billeted,"
which will be the attraction at the
Orpheuni to-day, matineo and night.
Mr. Eric did his earliest acting with
Julia Marlowe, beginning as a boy
and remaining with her for six years,
eventually reaching the position of
her leading man in "The Countess
Vaieska." He then quit acting for
a while to try his hand as a produc
ing director, staging "Much Ado" and
"Rosemersliolm" for the Century
Players. He also staged "The La.iy
Shore" for Virginia Harned. He
then resumed acting, joining the
Hohtren-Marlowe Company playing
Juvenile leads in this country and
in England. On his return to America
lie originated the part of Alcaus in
Percy Mackays' poetic tragedy
"Sappho and Phaon." He was then
engaged us leading man with Maude
Adams In "Quality Street" and in
he! Harvard University performance
of "Twelfth Night." He has also
acted important roles In "Kismet."
"The Nigger," "The Wolfe," "Omar the
Tentmaker," "Androcles and the
Lion," and "The Man Who Maj-ried a
Dumb Wife." He was a prominent
member of John Drew's company in
that actor's revival of "Much Ado
About Nothing.' He was specially
engaged by the late Sir Herbert Tree
for tho part of the Duke of Norfolk
in that lamented actor's American
tour of "Henry VIII." Mr. Eric joined
Miss Angltn's forces in December last
to play tho leading part in her com
edy "Billeted" in which he received
the highest econiums of praise dur
ing tho three months run of the
play In New York. He also played
"Orestes" and "Jason" to the "Elec
tra" and "Medea" of Miss Anglin
during her memorable representa- ]
tions of classic Greek tragedies in
Carnegie Hall, New York. Mr. Eric
possesses all the essential require
ments necessary to the skillful actor,
lie has romantic fervor, a keen sense
of humor, a true power of characteri
zation, combined with a tine presence,
a splendid voice, all trained in the
methods of the old as well as the
modern school. He will be seen to
most excellent advantage in the role
of "Captain Rymill," one of the lonely
soldiers in "Billeted."
Perhaps you have never had the
In lier Merry Comedy
Matinee 25c to $1.50
livening 50c to $2.00
The Scuson's Closing Attraction.
■ ———■
The Picture That linn Set
IlnrrlKburger* Talking
Summerdale Park Dances
Open Saturday Evening,
May 17
Tucs., Tlmi's. and Sat. Evenings
Cars leave Market Square 7.4 5,
8.00, 8.15, 8.30 and 9.00. Saturday
evenings also 9.15 and 9.30.
Admission 10c and 80c
A Paramount Picture
lie mnken a million mlMtakea to n
mile, hut they land him n Meat in
< ongrrMfi! A laugh to every foot of
Itoneoe <Putty) Arbuckle in
* "(mod Night Kurue"
Another 100 Per Cent l<uugh Tonle!
I Fifth Annual May Hop
Hershey Park
Wednenday Eve* May 21, 1010
BanjoMaxo OreheMtra of llbg.
Don't Mlmm Thin Splendid Affair
PI 1 —? IX.TTH Monday, Tuesday,
L-i vJ lZj< 1 Wednesday, May 19, 20, 21
Another Artcraft Picture
Thin Girl Married for Money, nnd Kxpected to "Pay tlie Prior" with
Its Utter 1- nhappiness; She wan Convinced Her Millionaire llunband
Didn't Love Her, BUT —— Did She Play the Gamef Would YOU see
It Throuichf This Girl *Well, Come See What She Did!
What All Harrisburg Has Been Waiting For
Hoc YOUR own boy as 110 "Comes Mni-ehlng Homo": Maybe
You're in tlie Picture, too! An Historic Film of one of the City's
Most Historic Events—Taken at the Personal Expense of the Regent
chance to hear the well known stars
of the musical com
\t the Mujeittlc edy stage, Jack Nor
worth and Nora
Bayes, sing, and if not then go to
the Majestic where Chappelle and
Stinette are giving a very clever
imitation of these stars singing their
greatest song hit. McWaters and
Tyson please witli their variety offer
ing. Both possess an abundance of
talent, and put over an act that af
fords the highest kind of entertain
ment. A roller skating novelty, a
Stanley's popular comedy and sing
ing act, round out the bill.
The big feature of the bill the .early
half of next week will be Una Clay
ton, Harrisburg's favorite, sur
rounded by a competent company, in
the character sketch, "Keep Smilin' '.
A strong bill has been booked around
this attraction.
To-day Norma Talmadge, Harris
burg's favorite motion picture star
will be shown in
Normn Tnlmndgc one of her daint
at Colonial iest productions
"Children in the
House." This picture will undoubt
edly draw unusual cvrowds to the
Colonial for various reasons sev
eral of which are they like the
star they'll like the play and best
of all they like the Colonial because
its such a "homey" theater.
Monday and Tuesday of next week
Constance Tamadge, younger sister of
Norma is to be shown in "The Veiled
Adventure." This play like so many
of the others this clever actress has
appeared in is brim full of comedy
as well as melodrama.
She becomes engaged to Reggie
Reggie is one of the kind of fellows
who wears turquoise rimmed glasses
—a wrist watch and all that, but he
finds times enough to carry another
woman's veil around in his pocket.
This starts the story, which is hound
to keep you in an uproar owing to
the ridiculous situations
Harrrisburg movie fans liave one
more chance to go through "A Mid
night Romance" with Anita Stewart.
This picture has played to thousands
of Harrisburgers and many more will
want to see this dainty actress to
day. The story starts when an item
appears in a newspaper that tlhe
Sloan residence burned to the ground.
Three blackmailers read this notice
and decide to secure some money
from young Roger Sloan, the son of
the financier through Blondie Mazie
a good looking girl blackmailer.
Their plans ure thwarted by the
actions of Marie Alexander, a refugee,
who has landed on the eastern coast
and obtained a position at the Sea
side, a famous summer resort. The
story is unique • the scenery superb
and th<! actors splendid. Another un
usual thing about this picture is the
fact that it was written by a woman
—the star is a woman and the
director is not a director but a di
rectoress. But if you have ever seen
a better man made play you've gone
Monday and Tuesday, tho Victoria
Management has booked House
Peters in "The Forfeit." House
Peters is an actor of the silver
screen who is always enthusiastic
lily welcomed in this city.
*"'* •' J* K <- - "\
In "The Marriage Price," an Art
craft picture, of "the better class of
pictures" which are run at the Re
gent theater, one of America's pre
mier stage and screen stars, beauti
ful Elsie Ferguson, is cast in a role
which affords unusual opportunity for
all her remarkable dramatic talents
The picture, which will be shown
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of
next week, is an altogether unusual
and highly satisfactory treatment of
At Hershey Park
This is an annual event always
looked forward to by the Dancing
society of Dauphin, Lebanon, Lan
caster and Cumberland counties.
The Banjo Saxo Orchestra of this
city, which has been engaged for
the Summer Season, will lie aug
mented for this special occasion.—
Norma Talmadge
"Children in the House"
A savory play that will Just lit
your play appetite
The Star of "Experimental
Constance Talmadge
"Veiled Adventure"
Are Here Today In
An act including popular songs,
recitations and best of nil im
personation of how two movie
sturs would probably sing a song.
A Mimical Comedy
one of society's most puzzling prob
lems Born with all that wealth could
provide; cast adrift without a cent,
pretty Helen Tremaine is reduced to
rags and poverty She marries for
money and expects the usual accom
panying unliappiness. The chances
were all against her, you say? Well,
what actually happened is told in in
tensely dramatic scenes you'll want
to see.
Bryant Washburn, popular young
Paramount star, has the leading role
in "Poor Boob," the wholesome, rol
licking, joyous screen story which
is playing at the Regent theater to
day only. It is by far one of the
best laugh-tonics ever seen in this
city, and is decidedly away from the
ordinary, its comedy scenes are rich,
and even the celebrated Sphinx would
have to grin at the laughuble scenes
of this picture. The "Poor Boob"
makes mistakes by the dozen, but
they never bother him; why, they
eventually get him a seat in Con
gress! How? Better stop in at the
Regent and see how; maybe you can
get to Congress, too
Fatty Arbuckle is also on the bill
as an added attraction, in "Good
Night Nurse." It's good for a lot of
more laughs!
The motion pictures you've been
anxiously awaiting, the screen story
of Harrisburg's glorious welcome to
her heroes of the Iron Division, will
be shown at the Regent theater next
week. You'll want to see this picture.
It was taken at the personal expense
of the ltegent management and js an
important historic document of a
mighty historic event. YOUR boy
and maybe yourself, is in this pic
Irene Castle, who was recently mar
ried in New York to .Lieutenant Tru
man, announced yesterday she would
not dance any more for the pictures.
She is quoted as saying "There never
was a dancing partner like Vernon."
The Victoria recently
signed a Government contract to the
eliect that it would show to Harris
burg audiences the series of pictures
the Government is making under the
Department of Public information of
which Gorge Creel is chairman. In
cluded in these films will be
"America's Answer" "Under Four
Flags" and numerous others.
A copy of this contract has been
framed and placed in tile lobby of
the theater.
Have you heard the latest about
Wanda Hawley? You know her real
name in Wanda Petit but folks be
gan to make puns about the name so
she decided to take the name of Haw
ley. Wanda is considered one of the
coining stars. Her hits in "Old Wives
for New" and "We Can't Have Every
thing We Want" have gained her
considerable fame.
Hinkle and Kohlman
Bunch Their Triples
Beating West End
W. J,. Pet.
West End 3 1 .7 50
Commonwealth . 2 2 .500
E. and F. 2 2 .500
Motive Power ... 1 3 .250
With only three hits against him,
Pitcher Tim Euker had the hard
luck to lose the first game for West
End, the swift Commonwealth bunch
winning 2-0. Eisenberger just home
from service abroad, was a vacuum
cleaner, scattering his three hits so
no runs could tally. A couple wallops
marked triples bunched by Hinkle
and Kohlman in the fifth did the
trick. Score:
R. H. O. A. E.
Kline, 3b 0 0 1 1 0
W. Euker, ss 0 1' 1 2 21
Embick, rf 0 1 1 0 0
Matter, lb 0 0 8 0 0
Knight, 2b 0 0 1 1 0
McKeever, rf 0 1 1 0 0
Hylan, cf 0 0 1 0 0
Cochlin, c 0 0 3 1 0
T. Euker, p 0 0 4 3 0
Totals 0 3 21 8 2
R. H. O. A. E.
Gerdes, 3b 0 0 1 0 0
Stewart, ss 0 1 1 0 0
Wrig'e, lb 0 0 3 0 0
Klugh, rf 0 0 1 0 0
Fields, c 0 0 9 1 1
Smith, cf 1 0 2 0 0
Hinkle, 2b 1 1 2 1 0
Kohlman, If 0 1 0 0 0
Eisen'r, p 0 0 1 0 0
Totals 2 3 20 2 1
Commonwealth 000020 o—2
West End .. .• 000 0 0 0 o—o
Three-base hits, Kohlman, Hinkle;
sacrifice fly, Kohlman: double plays,
T. Euker and Matter; Knight and W.
Euker; struck out, by Eisenberger,
10; by T. Euker. 2; base on balls,
off Eisenberger, 2; off T. Euker, 1;
hit by pitcher, Stewart, Wrightstone,
Kline and Matter: stolen base, Ger
des; umpires, Baxter and William
Lemoyne Juniors, With
Witmer Pitching, Beat
New Cumberland
Witmer had steam and control
yesterday, holding New Cumberland
to four hits, he also fanned 13 vic
tims and made victory easy for his
team. The score:
AB. R. H. O. A. E.
Thomas, lb ..., 4 0 0 7 1 0
Zimmerman, 3b 3 2 0 1 1 0
Moul, 2b 3 0 0 0 0 0
Witmer, p.... 4 3 2 0 1 0
Fair, c 4 1 113 0 1
Beislline, cf ... 3 0 0 0 0 0
Enswiler, ss ... 3 1 1 o 4 o
Spangler, If .. . 3 0 0 0 0 0
Berger, rf 3 1 1 o 0 0
Totals 30 8 7 21 7 1
AB. R. H. O. A. E.
Hoover, c 3 1 0 8 0 0
Fisher, p 4 1 0 0 1 0
M. Landis, lb .. 3 1 2 7 0 0
C. Landis, 2b .. 4 0 0 1 l i
Morgan, ss .. . . 2 0 1 0 0 1
Fell, 3b 3 0 0 3 2 1
Cline, rf 2 0 0 o 0 0
Holt, cf 2 0 0 1 o 0
Martin. If 3 0 0 1 0 0
Totals 26 3 4 21 4 3
Lemoyne 311021 o—B
New Cumberland ...0 020 00 1 3
Two-base hits, Fair, M. Landts;
home runs, Enswiler; struck out,
Witmer, 13; Fisher, 8; base on balls]
Lemoyne, 2; New Cumberland, 7;
'eft on base, Lemoyne. 5; New Cum
berland, 9; hit by pitcher. Fisher, 1.
Sunbury, Pa., May 17. lsaac
Messner. aged 78, of Dalmatia, 14
miles west of here, was instantly
killed when a gun he was carrying
was struck by a swinging gate, the
charge entering the body in the re
gion of the heart. Relatives found
the body a short time afterwards.
Windsor. Pa., May 17.—A special
election will he held in this borough
| on June 17 for the purpose of obtain
ing the consent of the electors of the
town to increase the borough's in
debtedness $4,000 for the purpose of
making; Otorovements to the bor
ough'# ' thoroughfare.
The Scarecrow Appeals to Glinda the Good
"Hooray!" shouted the Scarecrow,
gaily. "We can now leave this mis
erable Jackdaws' nest whenever we
"But it is nearly dark," said the
Tin Woodman; "and unless we wait
unil morning to make our flight we
may get into more trouble. 1 don't
like these night trips, for one never
knows what will happen."
So it was decided to wait until
daylight, and the adenturers amused
themselves in the twilight by search
ing the Jackdaw's nest for treasures.
The Woggle-Bug found two hand
some bracelets of gold, which fitted
his slender arms very well. The
Scarecrow took a fancy for rings, of
which there were many in the nest.
Before long he had fitted a ring to
each finger of his padded gloves, and
not being content with that display
ho added one more to each thumb.
As he carefully chose those rings
set with sparkling stones, such as
rubies, amethysts and sapphires, the
Scarecrow's hands now presented a
most brilliant appearance.
"This nest would be a picnic for
Queen Jinjur," said he musingly;
"for as nearly as I can make out she
and her girls conquered me merely
to rob my city of its emeralds."
The Tin Woodman was content
with his diamond necklace and re
fused to accept any additional dec
orations; but Tip secured a fine gold
watch, which was attached to a
heavy fob, and placed it in his pocket
with much pride. He also pinned
several jeweled brooches to Jack
Pumpkinhead's red waistcoat, and
attached a lorgnette, by means of a
fine chain, to the neck of the Saw-
"It's very pretty," said the creat
ure, regarding the lorgnette approv
ingly; "but what is it for?"
Kone of them could answer that
question, ho sever; so the Saw-Horse
decided it was some rare decoration
and became very fond of it.
That none of the party might be
slighted, they ended by placing sev
eral large seal rings upon the points
of the Gump's antlers, although that
odd personage seemed by no means
gratified by the attention.
Darkness soon fell upon them, and
Tip and the Woggle-Bug went to
sleep while the others sat down to
wait patiently for the day.
Next morning they had cause to
congratulate themselves themselves
upon the useful condition of the
Gump; for with daylight a great
llock of Jackdaws approached to en
gage in one more battle for the pos
session of the nest.
But our adventurers did no wait
for the assault. They tumbled into
the cushioned seats of the sofas as
quickly as possible, and Tip gave the
word to the Gump to start.
At once it rose into the air, the
great wings flopping strongly and
with regular motions, and in a few
moments they were so far from the
nest that the chattering Jackdaws
took possession without any attempt
at pursuit.
The Thing flew due North, going
In the same direction from whence
it had come. A least, that was the
Scarecrow's opinion, and the others
agreed that the Scarecrow was the
best judge of direction. After pass
ing over several cities and villages
the Gump carried them high above
a broad plain where houses became'
more and more scattered until they
dis .pr.cared altogether. Next came
the wide, sandy desert separating the
rest of the world from the Land of
Oz, and before noon they saw the
dome-shaped houses that proved
they were once more within the bor
ders of their native land.
"But the houses and fences are
blue," said the Tin Woodman, "and
that indicates we are in the land of
the Munchkins, and therefore a long
distance from Glinda the Good."
"What shall we do?" asked the
boy, turning to their guide.
"I don't know," replied the Scare
crow, frankly. "If we w •.. at
Emerald City we could then move
directly southward, and :;o reach our
destination. But we dare not go to
the Emerald City, and the Gump is
probably carrying us further in the
wrong direction with every flop of
its wings."
"Then the Woggle-Bug must
swallow another pill," said Tip, de
cidedly "and wish us headed in the
right direction."
"Very well," returned the Highly
Magnified one; "I'm willing."
But when the Scarecrow searched
in his pocket for the pepper-box con
taing the two silver Wishing Pills, it
was not to be found. Filled with
anxiety, the voyagers hunted
throughout every inch of the Thing
for the precious box; but it had dis
appeared entirely.
And still the Gump flew onward,
carrying them they knew not where.
"I must have left the pepper-box
in the Jackdaws' nest," said the
Scarecrow, at length.
"It is a great misfortune," the
Tin Woodman declared. "But we
are no worse off than before we dis
covered the Wishing Pills:*
"We are better off," replied Tip;
"for the one pill we used has en
abled us to escape from that hor
rible nest."
"Yet the loss of the other two is
serious, and I deserve a good scold
ing for my carelessness," the Scare
crow rejoined penitently. "For in
Farmer Kicked by Horse
Dies at Sunbury Hospital
Lewlstown, Pa., May 17. —Uriah
Kline, a well-known farmer of near
Kratzerville .died in the Mary
Packer Hospital at Sunbury from in
juries received when a horse kicked
him on the head. The accident hap
pened while he was working about
the stable on his farm, his wife
missing htm, found him in the sta
ble in a semiconscious condltoin.
He was removed to Sunbury for
treatment. Mr. Kline was well
known in this place. He was about
32 years of age and leaves a wife
and two children.
Uewlstown, Pa., May 17. Al
though every effort possible has been
made to get the bodies of the men
drowned in the Juniata river near
Hawstone on Saturday, May 10, no
bodies had been discovered up until
last night. Many boatmen are scour
ing the river with grab hooks, etc.
Several motorboats are also at work
dragging the river and a big net has
been stretched across the stream at
MtfQlntown. Six State policemen
and an expert diver from Harrlsburg
are at work.
New Cumberland, Pa., May 17.
The High school alumni will hold a
meeting at the home of Miss Carrie
Oarver in Third street on Monday
evening, when there will be an elec
tion of officers.
such an unusual party as this acci
dents are liable to happen any mo
ment, and even now we may be ap
proaching a new danger."
No one dared contradict this, and
a dismal silence ensued.
The Gump flew st\adily on.
Suddenly Tip utter.ui an exclama
tion of surprise.
"We must have reached the South
Country," he cried, "for below us
everything is red!"
Immediately they all leaned over
the backs of the sofas to look— all
except Jack, who was too careful of
his pumpkin head to risk its slip
ping oft his neck. Sure enough; the
fed houses and fenees and trees in
dicated they were within the domain
of Glinda the Good; and presently,
as they glided rapidly on, the Tin
Woodman recognized the roads and
Glinda Searches the Records.
buildings they passed, an altered
slightly the flight of the Gump so
that they might reach the palace of
the celebrated Sorceress.
"Good!" cried the Scarecrow, de
lightedly, "We do not need the lost
Wishing Pills now, for we have ar
ried at our destination.
Gradually the Thing sank lower
and nearer to the ground until at
length it came to rest within the
beautiful gardens of Glinda, settling
upon a velvety green lawn close by
a fountain which sent sprays of
flashing gems, instead of water
high into the air, whence they fell
with a soft, tinkling sound into the
carved marble basin placed to re
ceive them.
Everything was very gorgeous in
Giinda's gardens, and while our voy
agers gazed about v. ith admiring
eyes, a company of soldiers silently
appeared and surrounded them.
But these soldiers of the great Sor
ceress were entirely different from
those of Jtnjur's Army of Revolt, al
though they were likewise girls. For
Giinda's soidiers were neat uniforms
and bore swords and spears; and
they marched with a skill and pre
cision that proved them well trained
in the arts of war.
The Captain commanding this
troop—which was Giinda's private
Body Guard —recognized the Scare
crow and the Tin Woodman at once,
and greeted them with respectful
"Good day!" said the Scarecrow,
gallantly removing his hat, while
the Woodman gave a soldierly sa
lute' "we have come to request an
audience with your fair Ruler."
"Glinda is now within her palace,
awaiting you," returned the Cap
tain; "for she saw you coming long
before you arrived.
"That is strange! ' said Tip won-
C "Not at all," answered the Scare
crow; "for Glinda the Good is a
miehtv Sorceress, and nothing that
goes on in the Land of Oz escapes
her notice. I suppose she knows
why we came as well as we do our-
Sel "Then what was the use of our
coming? asked Jack, stupidly.
"To prove you are a Pumpkin
head'" retorted the Scarecrow. "But
If the Sorceress expects us, wo must
lrppn her wftitinf?.
So thev all Clambered out of the
sofas and followed the Captain to-
"Germany" Schaefer Is
Called by Great Umpire
New York, May 16. —The great
est comedian in baseball died to-day at
Sarnnac Lake, N. Y. The news of his
unexpected end will bring a pang of re
gret to every baseball fan. in the coun
Herman "Germany" Schafer has been
In poor health for several months but
not even his closest friends knew he
was so close to death.
Schaefer's amusing antics on the
baseball field the past few years made
him an international character. For
many years with the Detroit Tigers and
the Washington team as a second base
man, ho was gradually sidetracked as
a player by younger men. But his
withdrawal from active service in the
field did not banish him from the game,
his acrobatic stunts and playful, clown
ish tricks on the coaching lines befoae
and during games served to keep fans
in gales of laughter. Wherever his
club played, his amusing performances
proved a drawing card.
On leaving the Washington team,
where he and Nick Altrock, the old
time pitcher, comprised a team of fun
makers unique in baseball, Schaefer
joined the Yankees as a coacher and
later Manager McGraw made him a
member of the Giants to keep his team
and spectators in good humor.
Schaefer made the tour around the
world with the Giants and White Sox
some years ago. He was not only the
I life of the party, but his fun-making
i tricks in the games played abroad
ward the palace—even the Saw-
Horse taking his place in the queer
procession. ■
Upon her throne of finely wrought
gold sat Glinda, and she could
scarcely repress a smile as her pe
culiar visitors entered and bowed be
fore her. Both the Scarecrow and
the Tin Woodman she knew and
liked; but the awkward Pumpkin
head and Highly Magnified Woggle-
Bug were creatures she had never
seen before, and they seemed even
more curious than the others. As
for the Saw-Horse, he looked to be
nothing more than an animated
chunk of wood; and he bowed so
stiffly that his head bumped against
the floor, causing a ripple of laughter
among the soldiers, in which Glinda
frankly joined.
"I beg to announce to your glori
ous highness," began the Scarecrow,
City has been o •
of impudent girls with knitting need
les, who have enslaved ail ui*j men,
robbed the streets and public build
ings of all their emerald jewels, and
usurped my throne.
"I know it," said Glinda.
"They alsii-threaten to destroy
me, as well as all the good friends
and allies you see before you," con
tinued the Scarecrow; "and had we
not managed to escape their clutches
our days would long since have
"I know it," repeated Glinda.
"Therefore I have come to beg
your assistance," resumed the Scare
crow, "for I believe you are always
glad to succor the unfortunate and
"That is true," replied the Sor
ceress, slowly. "But the Emerald
City is now ruled by General Jinjur,
who has caused herself to be pro
claimed Queen. What right have I
to oppose her?"
"Why, she stole the throne from
me," said the Scarecrow.
"And how came you to possess
the throne?" asked Glinda.
"I got it from the Wizard of Oz,
and by the choice of the people," re
turned the Scarecrow, uneasy at such
"And where did the Wizard get
it?" she continued, gravely.
"I am told he took it from Pas
toria, the former King," said the
Scarecrow, becoming confused under
the intent look of the Sorceress.
"Then," declared Glinda, the
throne of the Emerald City belongs
neither to you nor to Jinjur, but to
this Pastoria from whom the Wizard
usurped it."
"That is true," acknowledged the
Scarecrow, humbly; "but Pastoria is
now dead and gone, and some one
must rule In his place."
"Pastoria had a daughter, who is
the rightful heir to the throne of the
Emerald City. Did you know that?"
questioned the Sorceress.
"No," replied the Scarecrow.
"But if the girl still lives I will not
stand in her way. It will satisfy
me as well to have Jinjur turned out
as an impostcr, as to regain the
throne myself. In fact it isn't much
fun to be King, especially if one has
gave him a reputation almost as ex
tensive as any of the baseball stars
who made the trip.
Schaefer's fun was of the kind that
hurt, nobody. It was always sponta
neous and kindly.
MAY 17, 1919.
good brains. I have known for some
time that I am fitted to occupy a far
more exalted position. But where
is this girl who owns the throne,
and what is her name?
"Her name is Ozrna," answered
Glinda. "But where she is I have
tried in vain to discover. For the
Wizard of Oz, when he stole the
throne from Ozma's father, hid the
girl in some secret place; and by
means of a magical trick with which
I am not familiar he also managed
to prevent her being discovered —
even by so experienced a Sorceress
as myself."
"That is strange," interrupted the
Woggle-Bug, pompously. "I have
been informed that the Wonderful
Wizard of Oz was nothing more than
a humbug!"
"Nonsense!" exclaimed the Scare
crow, much provoked by this speech.
"Didn't he give me a wonderful set
of brains?"
I "There's no humbug, about my
heart," announced the Tin Wood
man, glaring " indignantly at the
"Perhaps I was misinformed,"
stammered the Insect, shrinking
back; "I never knew the Wizard per
"Well, we did," retorted the Scare
crow, I assure you. It is true he was
guilty of some slight Impostures, but
unless he was a great Wizard how
—let me ask —could he have hidden
this girl Ozma so securely that no
one can find her?"
"I —i give it up!" replied the Wog
gle-Bug, meekly.
"That is the most sensible speech
you've made," said the Tin Wood
man. . .. -
"I must really make another ef
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The .foremost thought in the minds of most
people when they make their wills is to save
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management of their estate in the family—or
name a friend.
Burdening a friend with unaccustomed re
sponsibilities which he may not wish may
prove injurious to your interests, and im
proper handling of trust funds by inexperi
enced individuals has proved this to be a
doubtful policy.
We believe that the Trust Company Executor,
through long experience and expert knowl
edge, will ordinarily save more than the cost of
fort to discover where this girl Is
hidden," resumed the Sorceress
thoughtfully. "I have in my library
a book in which is inscribed every
action of the Wizard while he was
in our Band of Oz—or, at least,
every action that could be observed
by my spies. This book I will read
carefully to-night, and try to single
out the acts that may guide us in
discovering the lost Ozmo. In the
meantine pray amuse yourselves in
my palace and command my ser
vants as if they were your own. I
will grant you another audience to
With this gracious speech Gllnda
dismissed the adventurers, and they
wandered away through the beauti
ful gardens, where they passed sev
eral hours enjoying all the delight
ful things with which the Queen of
the Southland had surrounded her
royal palace.
Our next story, "The Tin Wood
man Plucks A Rose" is filled with
adventure. Read about the march
on Emerald City, the Capture of
Mombl, the witch, and the secret of
the Rose, Don't miss it.
Mayor Thanks Scouts
For Splendid Work
Boy Scouts of Harrisburg are the re
cipients of warm praise from Mayor
Daniel D. Keister, who, in a letter ad
dressed to Scout Commissioner W. H.
German, tells of the splendid service
they have rendered upon various occa
The Mayor writes:
I take this means of conveying
to you my thanks and appreciation
of the faithful services rendered our
police bureau by the Boy Scouts,
not only during the recent celebra
tion held in honor of the return
ing heroes of Companies D and I of
the Twenty-eighth Division, but on
previous occasions as well. I have
heard words of commendation from
a great many of our citizens who
witnessed the recent parade on the
manner in which these boys assist
ed in handling the vast crowds, and
on behalf of our people I extend
to them, through you, the thanks
of an appreciative community.
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