Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, May 09, 1919, Page 19, Image 19

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The International Sunday School Lesson For May 11 Is "Sin and
Its Consequences"—Gen. 3:11
Adam, in the other world, may
have grinned at Paris peace pro
ceedings which amazed the world.
He knew the reason. Civilization
stood aghast at the failure of war
taught nations to learn and practice
the lessons of simple sincerity and
true brotherhood. The clash of in
ternational rivalries, the outcrop
pings of deep and designing selfish
ness, the ruthless scheming to at
tain individual ambitions, seemed a
scandal to the year in which we
live. Straightforward lovers of hu
manity were incredulous of the re
ports of jealousy and intrigue and
strife at Paris; they would have
collapsed into black despair had
they known the full, unpublished
Even so elaborate and modern a
creation as the Paris Conference
resolves itself into the old elements
of human nature, which first made
trouble in the Garden of Eden.
Statesmen may look wise and talk
behind closed doors, but after all
their problems and plans rest upon
what is fundamental in people.
They cannot get far away from hu
man nature. Sin in the individual,
aggregate, becomes sin in the state.
Altruism in the citizens is what pro
duces unselfishness in the nation.
What ailed the Paris Conference
was simply what ailed the Garden
How You May Reduce
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Orer-Indulgence in Tobacco or
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Bio-Feren ii What You Kced
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How Every Woman Can Quick
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SENRECO. It's a most delightful
>rd refreshing tooth paste.
of Eden—SlN. There has not been
that change of heart which makes
whole peoples desire first the wel
fare of all men. The law of God is
still displaced by the attempt to
supersede it and gratify selfish de
sires. The devil continues to do
business with the vanity and pride
and desires of men and women.
Critics of the League of Nations are
right in saying that there will have
to be a changed heart in humanity
before there can be the ideal world:
though in the meantime we should
set up as much of the machinery of
a truly Christian civilization as is
possible and workable. Let us have
the League of Nations, and then
consider whether it is not the mis
sion of this favored western conti
nent to fill it and thrill it with the
fires of benevolence and altruism.
Tlic World's Blackest Fact
It was none other than the Grand
Vizier of Turkey who himself told
me, a few days ago, that the black
est deed in ull history was the Ar
menian atrocities, lie was wrong;
for one bit of fruit from a flourish
ing tree is less important than the
tree itself. Central to all the woes
of the world, and the producer of
them every one, is the black and
ugly fact of sin. Any philosophy
which does not recognize the real
ity of sin, does not adequately ap
prehend the conditions of the world
in which we live. It is the presence
of sin that mars all our Edens.
New-fashioned preachers do not
j talk much about sin; wherein they
I differ from every one of the proph
ets, preachers and teachers in the
Bible. There is a power within us
and about us which makes us choose
the worse rather than the better,
the hurtful rather than the helpful.
That power is sin: and they best
know it who have been most affect
ed by it. Theological seminaries
may have doubts about sin, but pen
itentiaries and hospitals and asy
lums do not. The consequences of
sin clank like ball and chain at the
feet of the onmarching world.
We are less concerned with the
origin and nature of sin than with
the fact of its existence, and with
the havoc it is working in the life
of our own day. We read with in
terest the story of the first tempta
tion and fall; and if we are intro
spective we may trace a similar
course in our own experience—de-
sire for what wo should not have,
doubt that God really means what
he suys, and determination to have
our own way, regardlcßS of conse
The laws of the Jungle
Casting aside all the phrases that
the preachers use, we ask ourselves,
what is the nature of sin? Where
in exactly lies Its distinctive qual
ity? At root, and running out
through every twig and branch of
its life; sin is refusing to believe
that what God says is really true.
This takes for granted that we may
know what God wants of us; which
is another subject not to be taken
up here. Underlying all sin is un
belief. That is how Grandmother
Evo fell: that Is how the latest of
her descendants stumbled.
An alluring trap of the tempter's
—and It is having an amazing
vogue to-day—was that Efve would
'become as wise as God himself; that
she would be emancipated for all
restrictions, and free to follow her
desires. It was a religion of the ex
altedness of human nature that the
devil preached In the Garden. His
arguments made God little and man
big. "God is only fooling you; the
fact Ist, he is a bit jealous "lest you
should eat of this tree and become
as wise as he is. For all experience
is sacred and permitted; the fact
that you desire this fruit is suffi
cient reason why you should have
it. See how beautiful it is to look
upon, and how pleasant to taste.
Come, cast aside your fogy, narrow
notions and be free and divine—like
unto God himself." So ran the fa
miliar seduction.
Cutting directly across this
sophistry is the stern truth that
nothing in the universe, not even
the becoming tike God himself, is
so important as obeying the clear
will of God. "Behold, to obey is
better than sacrifice," cried God's
prophet to Saul. The greatest voice
in modern literature writes, in those
peerless parables called "Jungle
"These are the taws of the jungle;
many and mighty are they;
But the head and the hoof, the
haunch and the hump is—
To find out what God wants to do,
and to do that thing despite hell
and all its devils, is the one su
preme duty and happiness of man.
A revival of obedience to God would
do nroa-e for the world than all the
Peace Conferences that can be con
The Price We Pay
Bitter as never morning after has
been in all the ages since was the
awakening of Eve. She learned, too
late, that she had lost that which
she could never have back again;
and that she had gained nothing
worth the price. She had paid
dearly for that which was not worth
buying at all. Out of her Eden —
what a parable of many a person's
experience to-day!—out of inno
cence. out of favor with her hus
band, and out of joyful relation
ship with God, Eve learned, what
few of us are willing to believe at
second hand, that the devil is a
liar and the father of lies.
When a child does not welcome
it 3 returning father home, because
of its own misdeeds, it is repeating
the experience of the race. Loss of
innocence is the well-spring of un
happiness. Lfke the jaded appetite
which requires ever stronger and
stronger stimulant, so the spirit
from which innocence has fled goes
from worse to worse. Has any
novelist ever portrayed the real
horror of the lack of spiritual sus
ceptibility? "To the impure, all
things are impure" is a horrible
characterization of a not uncom
mon mental state. The plight of the
pit is that of the man who has no
innocent thoughts, no simple and
pure pleasures, no delight in what
so ever is lovely and of good re
port. What a price to pay for dis
Tlic Voice That Strikes Terror
Some cynic has invented the
story that every man has a hidden
secret that haunts him; and that a
telegram "All is known: look out,"
would send the best of men into
panic. Of course it is not true.
Thank God there are myriads of
men and womqp whose lives are an
open book—though the evil-minded
cannot believe this, which is one of
the punishments of loss of inno
As Adam and Eve shrank from
the voice of God in the garden, con
victed by the knowledge of their
own guilt, so guilt of soul fint}s ac
cusation In every glance, betrayal j
In harmless incidents, and remorse
by night and by day. Already,
when our first purents kuew thm. I
[ selvs out of fellowship with God,
they had begun to taste death. No
■ excuses could palliate or atone for
j their offense. Theirs, and ours, is
[ the suffering.
What says the Golden Text of the
Lesson, summing it all up? "For
the wages of sin is death; but the
gift of God is eternal life through
Jesus Christ our Lord."
"Shell Shock" Might
Be Termed "Shell Shy"
London, May 9. According to
j speakers at a recent meeting of the
i British Medical Association, "shell
shock" is an "unfortunate and un-
I scientific term" for which "shell shy"
might better be used.
Sir J. Purves Stewart, senior
j physician of Westminster hospital,
| said it really was "molecular abnor
mality of the nervous system char
acterized by abnormal reactions to
ordinary stimuli."
Dr. F. W. Mott said the war had
j produced no new nervous disease,
and that the varied hysterical mani
| Testations improperly called "shell
i shock" were emotional disorders and
| were curable by counter suggestion.
Newport, Pa., May 9. —A show
j for the benefit of the Newport
I Free Public Library will be pro
| duced here on the evening of May
!20 in the Photoplay Theater.
| I<ough & Morrow, proprietors, have
| offered the establishment free of
! charge and the entire proceeds will
I he used for the ptirchase of new
I books.
Waynesboro. Pa., May 9.—An
other Waynesboro soldier boy is
back from overseas. This is Charles
E. Benehoff, mustered out of serv
ice at Camp Sherman, Chillicothe,
O. Private Benehoff is the only sol
dier from this section of Franklin
county who served with the Ameri
can forces operating in Italy against
the Austro-Hungarlans. |
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Manufacture Great Variety of
Articles Far From
Needs of War
Paris, May 9, —The war manu
factories of France, many of which
have already been diverted again to
peaceful pursuits, are turning out a
great variety of articles that are a
far reach from the implements of
destruction which were being fa
bricated on armistice day. So far
as possible the war machinery has
been kept and is beiilg employed to
make the things of peace to which
it is best adapted.
Grenade foundries are now mak
ing iron water piping, parts for agri
cultural machinery and non-rusting
casseroles. One important estab
lishment which was working on
shells is now manufacturing lock
smith's tools. In other shell works
iron window shutters, pick-axs, por-
Hot water.
Id ™ c 15m Sure Relief
table anvils, safes and washing ma
chines are being constructed. One
plant which mado parts for fight
ing-tanks is, strange as it may seem,
constructing machines for tho man
ufacture of paper and of chocolate.
Queer Turn-Overs
Some of the aviation works have
been diverted to strange productions.
One is turning out threshing -ma
chines. Others which made airplane
wings are making furniture. A plant
which repaired air machines is
building farm tractors. Another
shop which made special parts for
airplanes is Installing loornM for the
manufacture of braid such as Is used
in upholstering furniture. Carburet
ors and plumber's lamps are being
made by an aviation works which
formerly mado taps used in the ma
chanism of the Hying machine. The
reservoirs for petrol and oil made by
cne plant have given way to kitchen
utensils. A plant which manufac
tured special articles for aviation
and telegraphy has found that it
can continue the same line profit
A plant which during the war made
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DEFT DEVICES CO., Inc., 28 South Fourth St.
powder machines is now making im
plements for the production of ben
zine and dye-stuffs. Another Is
turning out crockery. Some plants
which were using part of their
equipment for the nitration of cot
ton have turned to tho production of
paper without finding it necessary
to cut down their number of em
Works which were devoted to the
manufacture of such thlngß as fuses
havo made some changes in their
equipment and are about to embark
in tho business of making thimbles,
hooks, paper-clips and kitchen uten
sils such as casseroles, sieves, plates
and spoons. One plant which made
torpedoes and delicate instruments
for the accentuation of sound waves,
is employed in making sheet iron.
Even Flrelcss Cookers
Automobile lamps, farm Imple
ments and tireless cookers nrc being
made by a large firm which con
structed winged-bombs for air work.
Another, which made incendiary
bombs, is producing copper ware and
A marine boiler plant is now work
ing on utensils for distillation and
rectification. Portable houses are
being constructed for the liberated
regions by a manufactory which
made soldiers' barracks during the
war. A plant which made boxes
for munitions Is constructing artistic
chairs. Some of the works which
made water bottles, cups and spoons
for the army are constructing tin
boxes for the preservation of food
One plant which made overshoes
and wooden shoes for the army is
constructing wooden backs for
brushes, llarrels for the fishing in
dustry are being made by an estab
lishment which formerly turned out
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barrels for the army. Woodwork
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