Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, May 09, 1919, Page 17, Image 17

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    Liquor Dealers Plan to
Mobilize Against Dry Bill
Atlantic City, X. J., May 9.—G00.
Carroll, of Elizabeth, N. J„ head
of the New Jersey Liquor Dealers'
Association, was elected president of
the National Liquor Dealers' Associ
ation In annual convention here. J.
J. Doherty, Boston, was chosen vice
president. Robert J. Halle, of Chi
cago, was re-elected secretary and
Thomas Hayes, Newark, was re
elected treasurer.
The convention decided to mobi
nf==ipn 'ni -inr==im I — IBT-;
I The Hardman Welte j
| Mignon Reproducing Piano j
| playing of the greatest |j|
Electrically operated; can be installed any- |
a where. Can be used for hand playing the same □
| as any other piano,
at in. ini inrrr —ini uni irr. ini inr=atnr i tr-
Gee—lt Feels Good To Be Home Again
1 lie handshaking will soon be over and Soldiers and civilians alike are unani
the O. D. cast aside. Our Boys who ,llous in tlleir P raise of THE GLOBE.
helped to make history will he back on 011 " ' N "'DIFFERENT—you'II
■ . , . , ... find them BETTER—you'll find them
the job again. Our Soldier Boys are now CHEAPER because ECONOMY
Waistline Form Fitting Youthful Conservative
Flannels, Serges and Fancy 1 , Pl , ain Coats—Flannels in all Worsteds, Serges, Flannels
shades—Blue Serges and neat and Cheviots—exceptional fab-
Cheviots. Special at, mixtures. rics.
$28.50, 30, $35 $25, $3O to $4O $25, $3O, $35
All Clothing, Furnishings and Hats
At Special Reduced Prices
To Soldier Boys
We're making SPECIAL REDUCED PRICES to Soldier Boys to show our appreciation, in a
substantial way, of what they did "over there." 1 ' |
lize the 85,000 license-holders In the |
I country in the battle against the en- I
| forcement of the constitutional "dry" I
| amendment.
I'enbrook borough councilmen
I have petitioned the county commis
| sioners to join in an appeal for State
aid to make permanent repairs and
'improvements to Main street in that
I borough, the principal highway in
! the town, and part of the State road
■' from this city to Pottsville. The
I stretch which is to be improved is
3,248 feet in length.
I Virtually the Whole Twcnty
j Eighth Division Will Pa
rade in Philadelphia
j By Associated Press.
I I'hiladelphia, May 9.—Further de
| tails for the reception next Thurs
day to the Twenty-eighth division
are arranged to-day. With the ex-
I ception of the 56th infantry brigade,
which has been demobilized, but
many of whose members will parti
cipate, virtually the whole division
will parade under the commund of
Major General Charles H. Muir.
The parade will start at 10 a. m.
and will be reviewed at Indepen
dence Hall by Governor Sproul and
I Mayor Smith. The members of the
j Legislature, heads of State depart
ments and members of councils will
II also be on stands in front of the his
lltoric hall. The Liberty Bell will be
j on the sidewalk and the Iron Divi
! Don't Spoil a Good Meal
With a Bad Stomach
If a physician, a specialist In stom-
I acli diseases, came to you and said: "I
will fix up that miserable, worn out
stomach for you or money back I
"I will maze it as good as new so
you will not suffer from finy distress
II and can eat what you want without
f"ar or suffering, or money back
would you turn down his otter?"
And when you are offered Mi-o-na
. stomach tablets, made from a pre
scription better than many of the
stomach specialists know how to
i write, ate you going to be narrow
| minded and continue to suffer from
j indigestion, or are you going to be
i fair to yourself and try Ali-o-na on
the money back agreement.
Mt-o-na stomach tablets are offered
to you on this basis, that if they do
I not put your stomach into sucli good
I shape that there is no dizziness, sour
stomach, biliousness, sick headache,
and stomach distress, your money
will be returned. For sale by H. C.
!' Kennedy and all leading druggists.
sion soldiers will "'eyes right" as
they pass the ancient relic.
Across Broad street at South
street will be stretched floral gates
which will be opened by Mayor
Smith and the division welcomed
when it reaches them.
The entertaiments arranged for
tho officers and men are elaborate
and will last two days. There will
be a dinner in honor of General
Muir Wednesday night at which
Governor Sproul will present him
with a gold medal. All theaters and
moving picture houses will be
thrown open free to the soldiers
and special boxing bouts will be put]
on at two of the athletic clubs. ]
Plans For Second Annual
Rose Show to Be Held in
June Now Are Complete
.Plans for the second annual rose
show have been Anally completed at
the regular monthly meeting of the
Woman's Advisory Board of the Y.
M. C. A. The members of the board
are very enthusiastic at the outlook
for the coining show and the various
committees have all their arrange
ments well in hand.
All nearby towns were urged to
send roses for competition, there
being no limit as to distance, so long
as flowers arrive in good candition.
Already there are indications of
a large display from Carlisle, Mid
dletown, Mechanicsburg and Camp
Hill, and no doubt there will be
many other towns that will be well
represented at the show.
The fact that only amateurs are
allowed to compete has been an in
centive to every owner of a rose
bush to send at least one bloom to
the show. First, second and third
awards will be given for the best in
dividual pink, white, yellow and red
bloom of either the tea, hybrid tea,
or hybrid perpetual classes. This
there will be fourteen classes
of roses that can be entered for com
petition, four more than last year,
and varying from a single bloom in
a vase to a basketful, and each
class will receive three awards —
first, second and third.
While the date of the show can
not be definitely set until tho week
previous to the event, it is likely
that it will occur about the second
or third week in June, depending
on weather conditions.
Adjutant General Prepares
For Display of Standards
of the German War
of the battle flags
vania regiments ;
1 1 HulislWivtW Germany and the j
standards carried ,
Guard regiments,
VMU iiSSlSmmmUlt | n Mexican bor- '
j tier service and when they went to j
Camp Hancock in the rotunda of the i
Cases similar to those which en- j
close the Civil and Spanish wars'
flags have been ordered and at the!
next meeting of the State Board of
Public Grounds and Buildings the
niches will be designated. They will
j probably be on the second floor as
j the first floor niches are taken up
I with flags of earlier wars.
It is the plan of the Adjutant
I General to have an elaborate cere
j mony when the flags are turned over
| to the State in accordance with the
i orders of the War Department,
j Named to Place —J. K. Stear, of
New Brighton, who is just out of
the United States Army, has been
named to take charge of the ex
periment station of the Department
of Agriculture at Ohambersburg. He
was formerly in the Ohio station at
Columbus. Zoologist J. K. Sanders
I has named him to specialize in fruit.
Governor Away —Governor Sproul
is in Washington, but will spend the
weekend in Philadelphwia.
Must Make KcpaiKtinn —The Pub
lic Service Commission has ordered
the Pennsylvania Railroad to make
reparation to the Thatcher Manufac
turing company for overcharges for
hauling glass sand from Mapleton to
Will Open Bids— The bids for fur
nishing supplies to the State gov
ernment for two years will be open
ed at the Governor's ofHce next
Tuesday. The letting is to be one
of the largest ever known.
Board to Meet—The State Com
pensation Board will sit here Tues-
I day of next week.
Visited University —The Senate ap
propriations committee visited the
University of Pennsylvan'a yester
day on the biennial inspection tour.
Slay Act Tuesday —lt is possible
that the House municipal corpora
j Don committee will act on the Phila-
I delphia charter bills on Tuesday.
Wheat Crop Fine —The early May
, reports on the wheat crop are still
excellent. The crop will run over
34.000,000 bushels it is believed.
Judge Johnson Judge Isaac
Johnson, of Media, was here in re
gard to Board of Charities legisla
Three Sessions—There will be
sessions on three days next week,
i The Legislature will go 1o Phlladel
i pliia on lhe morning of Thursday.
Arrests For Violations State
j game protectors have caused several
I arrests for violation of game laws
'in the vicinity of West Chester.
I Those arrests followed disregard of
many warnings.
Annual ''May Fair" Is
| Drawing Many to St. Paul's
The annual May fair now in prog
ress at St. Paul's Baptist Church is
largely attended and bids fair to
surpass that of last year in interest
and receipts.
The concert of the opening night
was all that could be desired. No
stranger was on the program, it be
ing "home-talent night," and the
reputation of the musical ability of
Harrisburg was easily sustained.
' Miss Mary Lewis, of Zion Baptist
Church; Miss Jennie Cooper, of
| Bethel A. M. E. Church; Mrs. H. B.
! Hall. Mrs. Bertha Baker and Mrs.
i Martha Will'ams, of St. Paul's
i Baptist Chinch, were the star per-
I formers. The choir of St. Paul's
] Baptist under the direction of Prof.
; B. H. Baker was in excellent form
] and maintained its reputation of be
ing one of the best choirs in the
I city. A most pleasant social even
-1 ing was spent.
To-night the children of all col
| orod churches will he the attrac-
I tion. Children's night is always re
| garded as the most popular night
at ihe fair.
The fair continues next week,
j opening with "Living Pictures" ou
j Monday evening.
Camp Hill to Celebrate
With Victory Auto Run
I Camp Hill, May 3. —Camp Hill has
I gone over the top so handsomely in
jthe Victory fa>an drive that Camp
j Hill automobiligts are going to have
a Victory automobile run. The route
j will be to Bedford the first day and
i then will swing across the country
|to Lewistown and home byway of
| the William Pepn highway. The
dates will be May 24 and 25. Al
ready 20 cars have been listed.
) Iliiupliin, Pa., May 9.—Mothers'
I Day will be observed in the different
] churches on Sunday.
At the United Evangelical preach
ing in the morning at 10.30, and in
j the evening at Zion's, Zionville at
] 7.30. the Rev. J. N. Shoop. pastor,
i Services will be held in the Metho
!dist Espiseopal church in the even
i ing at 7.30; Heckton in the morn
] ing at 10.30, the Rev. Shaffer, pastor.
| Zion's Lutheran services, both
| morning and evening, the Rev.
I Joseph Robb, pastor.
| The Presbyterian services only in
jthe morning at 10.15, the Rev. Robt.
| Ramsey, pastor.
Lehigh Grads Plan
For Big Reunion
1 Lehigh graduates are making big
] plans for the Victory Reunion of the
[Central Pennsylvania Lehigh Club,
j which will be held next Friday even
ing, May 16, at the University Club at
'6-30 o'clock. Men who have been in
| the military service will be guests
'of honor at the time. The banquet
] will be the first number on the pro
jgram after which the annual election
•of officers will take place.
I Dr. Henry S. Drinker, president of
■ Lehigh University, will be the prin
• clpal speaker at this time. Walter
jokeson, secretary of the Lehigh
lAllumni Assocfation and Raymond
Walters, registrar of the university,
will be the other speakers of the
I evening 1 .
| The East End A. A. will open Its
: season to-morrow with a big celebrn
tlon prior to its game with the Mid
dletown Independents on the Nine
teenth and Greenwood grounds In the
afternoon, at 2:30 o'clock. The players
will wear newly-purchased uniforms
for the first time, and will participate
in a parade over the principal streets
of the Allison Hiy district. The or
ganization still has a few open dales
on its schedule.
Rifle Club Will Open
Season With Big Shoot
The Harrisburg Rifle Club will be
gin to-morrow the first lap of the
biggest shooting program arranged
since its organization in 1916. The
big range of the club is rapidly be
ing put in shape for the summer
events, and this year promises to be
a banner one in the annals of the
local club as well as in all the other
clubs of the State.
The closing of the war has en
abled the War Department to de
vote more attention to the civilian
rifleman, such as releasing for his
| use, arms, ammunition and other
shooting supplies and this fact, coup
| led with the return of many of the
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312 Market St. I
boys of the Iron Division, promises
to bring the rifle clubs again into
Out of a membership of 130, the
Harrisburg Rifle Club furnished a
total of 44 marksmen, the majority
of whom were members of the 112 th,
while a few others were gunners on
transports and destroyers. Many of
these boys have already returned
with wound stripes on their sleeves
and a Croix de Guerre pinned on
their blouses. They know the value
of rifle practice, and have already
j expressed their desire to get on the
A special program has bofcn ar
ranged by the executive officer for
to-morrow, and the general public
is invited to try its luck with the scr-
vice rifle. A schedule for the entire
season has been prepared.
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Give Him Nicotol
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