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Effort May Be Made in the
House to Reconsider
Revival of the Powell bill reor
ganizing the State Police Department
and adding one troop may be under
taken in the House to-night by State
Administration forces. Ever since
the bill was defeated last Monday the
administration officials have been
busy in an effort to assemble
enough strength to have the bill
put back on the calendar and passed
by the House, feeling sure of the
Senate. The members from third
class cities who voted against the
bill and some of the men from rural
districts who got mixed up in the
battles in the House last Monday
have heard from home and have
sent word that they now favor pass- j
ing the bill.
This will be a most important J
week for the Legislature and it may I
see a date for final adjournment j
agreed upon if not actually fixed
by the two Houses. Revenue leg- ;
isiation and the appropriations to;
be made bv the Legislature will di
vble attention with the Philadelphia
charter revision bills, and confer
ences will be held by legislative
leaders with Governor Sproul and
the fiscal officers regarding the esti
mates of the income of the State for |
the two-vear period for which ihe j
Legislature will appropriate ana it j
is likely that an agreement as to |
tne anion at will he reached and the j
general appropriation, college, edit- j
rational and charitable bills will bo
trimmed accordingly. Some of the
appropriation bills may be reported
out in the next ten days.
Important action in regard to
bills which have been holding much
interest will he taken (luring the
week. The quest'on of amendments
to the compensation code will be
discussed by legislators with State
officials and labor leaders will urge
an increase in rates. Attorney Gen
eral Schaffor will complete the
amendments proposed to the anti
sedition biji which will be considered
by the House Judiciary Special Com
mittee and likely be reported out
again to the House for action.
Amendments will also be made in
committee to the bill to create the.
Department cf Conservation which
is in the hands of the Senate Com
Among hearings scheduled for the
week will be on the mine cave and
English advertisement bills in Sen
ate committees and on the House
side on the bills to tax capital invest
ed in manufacturing which is now
exempt. The grade crossings and
minor labor bills by the Committee
on Manufactures and on the Dith
rich Liability bill.
Chairmen of House Committee
expect to begin "house cleaning" as •
the time for presenting new bills i
expires on Wednesday. There arc
over 2,000 bills before the Lcgisla- ;
Plans Tor the llotisc this week ;
ciall for sessions to begin Monday
night and for two to be held on :
Tuesday and Wednesday with pos
sibly one to advance bills on Thurs
day morning. Committee meetings !
will bo held in the afternoons. j
Tne bulk of the bills on the Senate !
calendar are on third reading. ;
Among them are the bills requiring
lights on all vehicles at night, estab
lishing military training, the Phila- j
delphia election bills, creating the j
Slate township highway bureau, re- i
organizing the Department of Public j
Grounds and Buildings and estab
lishing children's homes in each
county. ' i
In the House an attempt will be i
made to reconsider the defeat of i
the Poweli bill reorganizing the j
State Police Department and to have I
the House act again on the bill to
repeal the non-partisan clause of the
third class city code. The House
has twenty bills on first reading,
fifty-six on second reading and more
than forty on the third reading
stage. There are also a number of
bills on the postponed calendar.
t'nited States Senator Boies Pen
rose will spend his third week in
Harrisburg in the interest of the
Philadel Charter Revision bills.
New Scholarships For
Americans in the
Schools of Sweden
New York, May 5. The Amcr-|
iian-Scanilinunvian Foundation an- j
nounced to-day the establishment of |
ten new scholarships, beginning with
the academic year 1919-1920, for]
young American scientific students
•to complete their general study and
research in Sweden, in the universi
ties and technological schools there
and under the direction of scientific
specialties in industry.
This plan, carrying out the avow
ed purpose of the foundation _' to
draw the American and Scandina
vian peoples closer in bonds of in
tellectttal kinship," was initiated by
Axel Robert Nordvall, Swedish Com
missioner to the United States, and
Dr. Henry Goddard Leach, secre
tary of the foundation. Funds nec
essary to maintain the scholarships
have been pledged by Americans
who desire to promote the inter
change of scientific knowledge be
tween the two countries and wish
Sweden better to understand Amer
ican ideals. Similarly, funds are be
ing raised in Sweden to send two
Swedish students to the United
States. Each scholarship will pro
vide SI,OOO for one year's study.
Memorial Service For
Aviators Who Died in War
By AsHOciatcd Press.
Atlantic City, N. J., May s.—Au
gustus Post, of New York, presided
lit a memorial service held on the
steel pier in honor of the aerial
heroes who paid the supreme sac
rifice in the world war. The cere
mony was held in conjunction with
the second Pan-American aeronau
tic convention now in session here.
During the services an airplane
driven by Eddie Stinson and carry
ing his sister, Miss Catherine Stin
son, dropped roses in the ocean at
Is circled around the pier.
Dr. W. P. Dailey has removed his
office from 714 South Second street
'to 19 Walnut street, Steelton.
Atlantic City's Popular Hotel.
American Plan, $4 and $5
per day.
Enormous Total of Measures
Before the House Appro
priations Committee
Appropriation bills presented to
the Legislature run over $120,000,000
and the task of compressing them
within a safe distance of the esti
mated revenue is to be undertaken
to-morrow as far as the preliminary
stages go. No estimates of what
' Dives, Pomeroy3c Stewart
Spring Apparel in Latest Modes: Suits, Capes, Dresses
An Exhibition and Unusual Sale of Fine Quality \ M M ~
K Garments, Moderate in Price \ |__fp
quirements of fashion and commensurate for the marments that will most satisfactorily meet the re- r rfJT \
KW// 9i quirements of fashion and comminsense for the months of May and June. Each of the styles sketched I I ■ \
- 1S an exceptionally worthy value, for the reason that each one was made to sell at a higher price. nTi/'' \( 7L / /? U J L-\ 1
I * Quality and variety are perhaps the most striking features of the showing, and'that economy is J/JI 1 J / 4\lit \
~ '' iven a rSt pOS ' tion the dis P la y is P rovcd man y times in the new collections that are gathered I Ik\
JtfL Smart Suits for Women and Misses \ IkVmAUL \ ni' \ I
S / J |ll oj.jl >/i\Wf l\ There are scores of attractive models, made up of an admirable choice of fabric, colorings and decorations, 1 '/A ' |j { I \ ij.
r / \ J J \\\ > '•ith quality tailoring down to every little detail, with hand finished touches, one usually finds, only in custom \'MA ! \ I ft 1 W/ |i
/ lift jV) -de garments of higher price. Choose from box styles, straight line models, semii-tailored effects. W M I feJ/l'll y I | \fi\\
' \ Prices Are s 2s > $27.50, S3O, $35 to $42.50 'Hell 1 \| I #
y I Lll I J/ Many individual suits of late design are presented in this special showing, at prices ' E \|\ 'P? I, \\V\ \\ \jy
\\ nff, I N (HI which stand for unusual savings. For instance, several regular S3O styles are offered /A \fq \W 1/ I ftiUVH • 7vJsJ^/
1 /I LJ I*——! |\ IF at $25, while $37.50 and $39.50 styles are repriced to S3O. tyany have waists or \uj ill /It f ' mUm /Ik
I 11l W V \ will 'Gk T&r vestees of fancy silk, tricolette or plain colored silk, trimmed with braid and buttons. Yv \\ //f\ I jttufjk
JHpjf IIL 1
vSTIX cl UliAMll Three Extra Values Suits Sketched
i -Rm A. $42.50 B. $39.50 C. $39.50 f '
I\ W IK. \ I /If I 'II ' /t~\ YtTHI f1 . • A handsome one-button style Finest quality Heather Jer- . ~- , .. J tea I'&AVLi \\ •
I \ \m\ Nam i/111l with long rolling collar and sey suit with convertible collar A good looking youthful suit W \ jTl' fIA \\\ W\
\ Jl \ iWlu' ill l)rW(i Klt fn 1 , anrl envelope flap pockets, the of rtnc ( l u "lity men's wear Nj .t 1i 1
carefully finished cuffs; trimmed tailoring is of a superior quality in navy blue embroidered in /'/tf U
f:' P :\vv y f'y J I (l _ l l\\ V" 0 " 8 a " d bra j, d both and the colorings include bronze navy, with long tasseled girdle . / / (6IV ]U ll
(|[i ml F V|L - sssranasstsr''"- w - "• fc,h " J {
f WM 1 | r\ Dresses of Printed Georgette and Taffeta |l|/1 'llvilxll
A I ff ;vl $/ Ml V) \ Even '|L the frocks which depend upon many ruffles for their good style, straightness of line is ap- l" I
£ A \ \ Ui Y I r \ parent. There are more than a hundred new dresses in taffeta, or taffeta combined with printed or M > \\W\ U•) >
Jo //I j) —T* plain georgette in the showing.
} 111 Two Dresses of Special Value
'. ir IM H 1 \D. $55.00 I E. $42.50
- - vT -- 1 - lu,e ® of taf [ cta running from just below the hips to the j are original and its stlde'Va^ultl-a. 1 fashionablT^especially 1 for
II end of the skirt. I women of average size.
Smartest Capes & Dolmans S2O to $39.50 I F . $20.00 rHs'f' St „ _ c "\°' """ " u f"' -I J. $ 42 .50
They hang in beautiful folds and are in full sweeping styles, I taffeta covered throws. tpOI.OJ lar and lowel palt of garment trim- *P • finished on cuffs with blind stitching.
G. $30.00 -A I K. $35 00
ured silks. J Y which fastens with attractive buttons. 1 throughout with taffeta. xv ' W roWB of b ] ack sllk braldi Hned with silk .
New Madge EvansTailored Colored Dress Voiles Organdie /|EMh Buy Your New Corset
StraW fo" TamS and Tissues W ™ s p "l C ° m -
In Rich Sheer Qualities for Summertime Frocks Now is the tin,e to choose your new Nemoif you arc a
These popular hats are fashioned of the finest quality of Nemo wearer, or discover its comparable value if you are
Milan straw and Panama. Most of the shapes are of the Voiles printed in patterns that are quite different from the printings of other years, are so not> because wo now havc a complcte range of models in
mushroom style—but each is distinctive and finished with attractive that they are assured a first place in the matter of dress weaves.
silk ribbon band and smart tailored bows or the long flow- The designs are exclusive and well worth seeing. stock.
illg streamers. Some have natural crowns vith wide black < Voiles, in floral checks, plaids and fancy de- Beach cloth, 36 inches wide, in plain shades. Nemo Self Reducing Corsets, $3.50 to $7.00
brims—some are all black—some are in combinations of rose, signs for summer dresses. Yd., 45c, 55c, 65c, Yd le
blue and other shades. Woven tissue, 36 inches wide, in fancy plaids Dress ginghams in the most complete showing Nemo Woilderlitt Corsets $6.00 to SIO.OO
Evans hats are unmiestinnahlv the finest hats A* and sbiPle stripes and checks. Yd., sc an<l 75c of patterns to be found in Harrisburg. Fancy
sJlfd fL . a unquestionably the hnest hats de- Embroidered voiles and organdies in white plaids, staple checks and stripes. Yd 41c Nemo Kopservicc 53.00 to SIO.OO
Signed for girls to-day, and we are privileged to have them grounds with colored woven figures; for waists Will. Anderson gingham, in fancy plaids, ' *
exclusively in our Millinery Section. and trimmings. Yd SI.OO, $1.39 aiul $2.25 stripes, checks and plain shades. Yd., 09e and 79c 'PI IP Solf Rorlurinp- is for stout fitmrps the Wnmlerlift fnr
$5 OO to sl2 OO Plain organdie; ** inches wide, in the new Madras shirting in fancy colored stripes of Ine sconcing is lor Stout ngures, tne Woncieriltt lor
v Ar j or i- * t> • '1 • x . t shades. Yd $1.25 fast colors. Yd 19c and 75c slender and average women, and the Kopservice for all
xew JMaclge tvvans linen lams in dainty sweater shades, Rough pongee; 36 inches wide, in rose, cadet. Silk muslins, 36 inches wide. Yd.,59c and 85c
$3.50 xrey, wistaria, tan and pink. Yd 85c Cotton crepe de chine. Yd 59c women.
Dives. Pomeroy & Stewart, Second Floor Front Dives, Pomeroy & Ste /art, Street Floor Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart, Second Floor
Men's and Boys' Pajamas A May Showing' of Whito Dross re ese Foulard Silks
For Summer Nights i qi • f xp "U * That A Season of Foulard
Men's summer weight pajamas in solid colors and white, dilQ OKII L r dDIiCS Frocks is in Order
$1.75 and $1.95
Men's white and solid color mercerized pajamas, with l i* m • ,• tt r n - Fifty of the best foulard silk patterns we have ever shown,
double silk loops, 92.95 habaraines, 1 ricotines, Wash Satins, Piques are rcad y in a Ma y showing; 36 inches wide, in exclusive
Men's fine striped percale pajamas, size 18, . .$1.50 printings of navy, black, plum, taupe and brown, yd., $2.00
Boys' Pajamas Hundreds of exclusive patterns of fine quality plain weaves make up this May showing of Black and white foulards of fine grades; 40 inches wide,
$1.35 two-piece pajamas, striped percale $1.19 dress and skirt weaves for the summer season. }' d -, , _ $2.50 and $3.00
Two-piece pajamas in plain white and solid colors SLSO Plain white voile, yd., .. 50c, 75c, SI.OO to $2.00 Imported fancy voiles in checks and stripes, yd.. Pussy willow satin foulard with new polka dot patterns
One piece pajamas in white and colors, $1.35 Plain white organdie, yd., 50c, 75c, SI.OO SI.OO to $1.50 on white grounds; 40 inches wide, yd S3 95
Muslin ——- cn , Bs;; ; e and* I stripes St.*™* 3ZZ s°c Mallinson's pussy willow in foulard designs, for'dresses
ana stripes, ya ' L $- •>) Dimities in checks and stripes, yd., aild Cape linings ;40 inches Wide, yd S4.SO
White Marquisette, yd., SI.OO and $1.50 i sc> 19c, 25c, 29c and 35c Crcnc Georgette in foulard nrintinvs- 40 inrhec
White mercerized batiste, yd 35c, 50c, 65c Imported Dimity for fine dresses, yd., .1 <B rtA j
/I /-NVlA'A'f' j- /A | VIAVAA „ / lE Sheer and heavy weight flaxons, yd., 25c to 69c 50c, 59c to SI.OO ) a :> Jpo.UU and $3.50
\ ) I nlil iP U(3 Vjfline Embroidered voiles in checks and stripes, yd.. Imported embroidered Swiss, 29 inches wide, yd., Dives, Pomoroy & Stewart, Street Floor
BIOUS6 Specials WVritp Skirt for Summpr Montfm Childron s $1.25 und. $1.50 Gingli3,ni
Regular $5.50, $6.50 & $7.50 Groups, $3.50 . VVmie SKILL rdDIICS lor OUmmei ivionms
One hundred fine quality Georgette Crepe Blouses in this season's The weaves that promise to be most highly favored this season, are wash satins, gabar- L/IcbbtJb
best styles are offered in a clearance sale beginning to-morrow for dines, tricotines and piques. Complete assortments will be found in the white goods section. pTfmnrdinnru Rpdnrtinnc Chnnvp ni QSn
less than actual cost, on account of the fact that they have become Wash satin, with rich lustrous Plain gabardines. 36 inches 36 inches wldt, . ,39c to 79c UXll UOI UUIUI lj ntUULUOnS.
dust matked. Every one of them wall respond instantly to a cleans- finish that is retained tfirough wide, yd 75c and SI.OO 36-inch piques for skirts and Among them are solid color and stripe Ginghams and Amoskeag
•, , fi ♦ laundering, yd., $1.25 and $1.50 Tricotine. yd 75c . b , . . _ Chambrays, in sizes 2, 4, 6, 12 and 14. Neatly made in excellent
eh Fl ? Izes 36 to 46 - Fiber silk stripes, yd., $1.50 Poplins for nurses uniforms ' yd " s#c to B,>c styles. Special this week 98c
$3.50 Crepe de < hine Blouses, dust soiled, sizes 30 to 46. JtO CA Oxfords and gabardines, yd., and children's dresses: 42-inch imported wool finish Regular 75c Linene Dresses for little girls, sizes 2, 4 and 6, are
Reduced to 27 inches wide, - 50c pique, yd., SI.OO reduced this week to 50c
Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart, Second Floor. Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart, Street Floor Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart, Second Floor.
the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
will receive in the next two years
has been made officially, but it is be
lieved that a figure around $85,000,-
000 may be decided upon as a limit.
Home optimists are inclined to think
that the figures for the present ytear
may go well over $44,000,000, but
others contend that they may not
go to $42,000,000. Much will depend
upon the manner in which the tax
is collected and the Auditor Gen
eral's Department is proceeding vig
orously to elear the books of back
taxes. The twti-mill manufacturing
capital tax would add materially
and it is not certain yet whether it
will not be necessary to take care
of the teachers' salary increase.
Included in the appropriations
asked is $9,000,000 for colleges,
which it is predicted will be cut
down. The general appropriation
bill, which stands over $40,000,000,
is due to be trimmed as well.
Plans have been made for a con
ference between the Governor, the
fiscal officers and the chairmen of
the appropriations committees to
morrow or next day with a view to
getting down to brass tacks on the
amount that can be voted. The
Governor will also settle the rev
enue raising problems this week.
The final hearings and inspections
will be made by the House Appro
priations Cpmmittee this week.
Tuesday the Downingtown Industrial
School will have a hearing on its
The new Federal Inheritance Tax
law will cost the Commonwealth of
Pennsylvania probably a million dol
lars a year because of the fact that
the taxes of this State are levied on
the clear value of estates after de
duction of debts, cost of administra
tion and federal taxes. When this
law was enacted the State authori
ties never contemplated such in
heritance taxes as those now in force
as a result of the War Revenue law
and the liscovery that big estates
will pay enormous federal taxes and
the State lose what it might have
gotten has resulted in a series of
bills to correct the condition. One
of these bills is in the so-called Daw
son series, introduced by the chair
man of the Ways and Means Com
mittee at the request of the Auditor
General. The Federal law allows
exemptions up to $50,000 estates.
The tax is one per cent, up to SIOO,-
,000, bui raises rapidly after that,
to eight per cent, for million
dollar estates and twenty-two per
cent, for those between eight and
ten million dollars.
The bills will probably be reported
out by the Ways and Means Commit
tee this week. The Walker series
which will stiffen up the taxes
against foreign corporations are ex
pected to pass this week, while the
new inheritance tax code is on the
House calendar.
Use McNeil's Cold Tablets Adv.
Americans Help Those Who
Are Coming Home From
Xnnthi, Greece, May 5. Greece |
is indebted to the United States for i
many things, hue she probably will !
remember the longest the aid given
by the American Red Cross to the j
i 50,000 or more refugees who have |
| been coming buck from Bulgai-ia and j
I Asia Minor over every road and j
(mountain pass. Unable through its!
'own agencies to care for this im- 1
MAY 5, 1919.
mense number of homeless and des
titute people, the Greek government
left the task to America's big relief
j organization. King Alexander, Pre
mier Venizelos and the Greek gov
ernment have already testified their
i gratitude for this assistance which
was made possible through the gene
rosity of the American people.
Twenty-four hours after the sign
ing of the armistice, the Red Cross !
established relief stations at every !
point in Bulgaria, Turkey and Mace- j
j donia over which these innocent vie- I
jtims of the war were likely to come. |
| It dispatched trainloud after train- |
I load of supplies to the areas in !
I which suffering was known to be |
J worst.
I The stream of refugees has not yet j
j ceased, and the work of the Red ■
j Cross continues. There has been a j
I serious development of typhus |
j among the refugees quartered in Ka
' valla. Drama and this city.
1 Edward Walker, of Luray, Va., a I
young officer in the American Red
Cross, gave his life in fighting the
disease. Three American nurses#
have also been stricken but are re
covering in Greek hospitals.