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John Miller and Fred Moore
Go to Penitentiary From
Adams County Court
Gettysburg, Pa., May 1. Sheriff
Howard J. Hartinan to-day took
John Miller and Fred Moore to the
penitentiary at Philadelphia to begin
the long terms of imprisonment im
posed on them by' Judge Donald P.
McPherson on Monday. On the six
charges against him Miller was given
a minimum sentence of twenty-seven
years, while Moore, his accomplice
in the crime, with three charges
against him, was given seventeen
years after both young fellows plead
guilty, acting as their own lawyers in
the proceedings and statements
made. The sentences are the re
sult of the shooting of Abner Mills,
the groceryman, on the night of
February 22.
Lewistown, Pa., May I.—Thomas
VanNatta, who saw service in Italy,
arrived home on Tuesday.
Walter Carotliers, who was in
France, has been dicharged from
service at Camp Dix, and returned to
his home here.
William Austin, of Langley Field,
is spending a furlough with friends
William Callahan, of Company M,
recently mustered out of service, has
gone to Red Oak, lowa.
Leonard Picketts is home from
the Army.
andr uff
r "My head itched unbearably and my
hair was coming out by the handfui.
A fewapplicationsof Wildroot loosened
and removed quantities of dandruff—
the itching stopped. Today it is thicker
and more beautiful than ever."
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Wildroot Shampoo Soap, oaod In connection
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Thorley's Cakes
Order for the week-end
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Harrisburg, Pa.
Flock Tries to Fly Across Sus
quehanna at Duncannon,
Birds Arc Exhausted
Duiicaiiiioii, Pa., May I.—Flying
across the Susquehanna river from
Peter's mountain, a wild flock of
turkeys spent the night in Duncannon
strets when they became exhausted.
Turkeys were scattered in many back
yards of residents living along the
Susquehanna river front. A strong
wind blowing across the river is be
lieved to have saved some of the
birds from alighting in the water.
When County Poor Director
Dunkle went into his yard he heard
peculiar noises from beneath a gar
age and when he investigated he
found, one of the birds there. He
secured it with the assistance of a
neighbor and then took it to the
mountains where it was liberated.
Oberlin, Pa., May I—Eighth grade
pupils of the Swatara township
schools will have their transfer exer
cises in the United Brethren Church
at Oberlin on Friday evening. The
address will be delivered by the Rev.
H. S. Kiefer, pastor of the United
Brethren Church at Oberlin. A class
of 42 pupils will be transferred from
the eighth grade to the high school,
i The Rutherford eighth grade has
[nine to be transferred, the Enhaut
eighth has nine, and the Oberlin
eighth has twenty-four, including the i
eight who came from the Bressler
to the Oberlin school. This will be
a splendid addition to the high
school as the large majority of them
intend to complete the course.
With six pupils being graduated
from the township high school in
June and about forty coming in next
fall, we have the promise of the
largest enrollment in the history of
the high school.
On Tuesday evening May 6, the
first grade of Oberlin will give the
"Tom Thumb Wedding" at the High
school building. The proceeds from
the entertainment will be added to
the library fund.
An excellent nucleus has been
formed for the school library fund
with the proceeds from the pageant
given by the students of the high
school on the 24th and 25tli of
Hainiyn, Pa., May I.—A poverty
social will be given by class No. 5 of
Shoop's Church on Saturday evening
at 7.30 o'clock in Hainiyn school
house. Come in your poverty rags
for if you come in your citizen's
clothes you will be fined a luxury
tax. If you come in poverty style
you will be fined for each
poverty missing in each outer gar
ment. Your hair must be worn in
a style not later than ten years ago,
and not less than ten hairpins worn
or forfeit a fine. Prizes will be given
for the best makeup. An interest
ing program will be rendered and
refreshments sold.
Gettysburg, Pa., May 1. East
Berlin has the honof, according to
the announcement made at loan
I headquarters, of winning the first
blue star for the Victory Loan flag
to be awarded in Adams county.
East Berlin has almost doubled its
quota up to the present time.
Classes at Mechanicsburg to
Start Under Supervision
of National Society
Mechanicsburg, Pa., May I.
Looking toward the start of nursing
activities in communities, classes in
health, hygiene and care of sick in
the homes, will start in Mechanics
burg on Monday under the super
vision of Miss Elizabeth F. Miller,
from the divisional headquarters of
the Red Cross in Philadelphia. These
classes will include pupils from the
high and grammar schools and citi
zens of the town, and it is planned
to organize a class among those em- (
ployed in stores and factories. The
course consists of fifteen lessons and
the only expense to members is
one dollar, which includes text
book and registration fee.
In connection with the work, a
room will be furnished so that,
throughout the course, practical
demonstration can be made with an
improvised patient, who will be a
member of the class. Instructions
will be given in bathing, haircomb
ing, changing of linen and all phases
of work in connection with nursing,
especially in diseases, such as pneu
monia and typhoid, including bath
ing and proper clothing.
The idea was evolved from the
demand for knowledge in the care
of the sick during the recent epi
demic of influenza and pneumonia,
when nurses were almost impossible
to secure.
This course in training will be
given at the expense of the Ameri
can Red Cross from whom a certifi
cate will be received by members
of the classes when the course is
A. Nevin Pomeroy Heads
Salvation Army Campaign
Chanibcrsburg, Pa., May I.—The
Franklin county personnel the
Salvation Army Home Service Fund
campaign, which will be held May
19 to 26, has been completed. The
appointment of A. Nevin Pomeroy,
former State Superintendent of
Printing, was announced recently
and other officers for the drive have
just been made known. The treas
urer will be Frank A. Zimmer
man, treasurer of the Chambers
burg Trust Company; H. A. Kott
canip will be chairman of the pub
licity committee and Arthur G.
Houser, who served as first lieuten
ant. and aid to Colonel M. C. Ken
nedy while in France, will lead the
service men's committee.
Meclianicsburg, Pa., May I.—On
Sunday morning and evening the
Rev. "Samuel H. Stein, pastor of
Trinity First Reformed Church,
York, will occupy the pulpit of St.
Paul's Reformed Church in this
place. The Rev. Mr. Stein, who
was a former pastor of the church,
and family, will be guests of Mr. and
Mrs. S. S. Brenner, "West Keller
i street. -
Mechanicsburg Odd Fellows
Celebrate Centennial
Mechanicsburg, Pa., May I.—ln
celebration of the one hundredth
anniversary of the founding of the
lodge in this country, the Mechanics
burg Lodge No. 215, Independent
Order of Odd Fellows, held a smoker
on Tuesday evening with an inter
esting program which included
speeches by Mr. Foust, of Waynes
boro lodge; T. S. Scholl, of Landis
burg lodge; Chester Miller, of New
Kingston lodge, and Russell Sultza
berger, recently home from France.
Music was furnished by the lodge
quartet, composed of George C.
Dietz, Frank Hollinger, Bruce R.
Mowcry, Guy H. Lucas, and the
lodge orchestra, E. S. Weber, Wil
liam Hinton, Soltan Nailor, Samuel
Hollinger, Frank Hollinger, E. E.
Strong, Weir Seifert, Louis A. Diller
and George C. Dietz, at- the piano,
i A song and dance given by 11. 11.
Trimble, was liberally applauded.
George C. Milleisen, a past of
ficer of the lodge presided at the
nieeting and introduced the speak
ers. Refreshments were served to
seventy-five men. The committee on
arrangements included George C.
Milleisen. A. H. Swartz, C. ,T. D.
Eckert, Howard Fisliel and Guy 11.
Apron Social Nets SIOO
on "Waist Measures"
Meelinniesburg, Pa., May 1. —
About 150 people attended the
Apron Social, given by the Sewing
Circle of St. Mark's Lutheran church
as a closing event of the season, on
Tuesday evening at the home of the
pastor, the Rev. Dr. H. N. Fegley,
West Keller street. Miss Edith Feg
ley presided and an excellent musical
program was rendered which includ
ed: vocal solo. Miss Alma Senseman:
piano duet. Mrs. M. B. Ibach and
daughter, Tsabel; vocal solo. Miss
Annie Miller: piano solo, Moordean
Plough; vocal solo, Miss Bessie Bear;
piano duet. Misses Dorothy and Mary
Boss; vocal solo, M. B. Ibach; piano
solo. Miss Frances Mumma; vocal
solo. Miss Alma Senseman.
When the pockets in the tiny
aprons, which had been given out,
were emptied of the money they con
tained it was found the sum totaled
SIOO. Each person placed in the
pocket an amount of money corre
sponding to the number of inches
waist measure. Luncheon was served
jto the guests by the women of the
Sewing Circle and was quite ela
Great Interchurch
•Gathering Next Week
Chainbcrsburg, p a „ May I.—Prob
ably the greatest interchurch gath
ering that Franklin county has ever
experienced will be held next Mon
day afternoon in the First United
Brethren Church here. The meet
ing and conference will begin at 4
o'clock in the afternoon when the
Church Federation of Franklin
county, will hoi dan interchurch
supper, after which there will be
several addresses outlining the evan
gelistic campaign for next fall.
At the business session, among the
matters to be considered is the tem
perance situation in the State and
Nation and the co-operation which
the churches of the county may be
able to give in welcoming returned
soldiers. The seeretur.v of the fed
eration is the Uev. Dr. Wilford P.
Shrincr, of Waynesboro.
Meoliaiiiosburg. Pa., May t. —
Mrs. Anna Hamilton Wood, of Ilar
risburg, will speak this afternoon at
the Business Men's League nouse.
when the Woman's Club will again
entertain thirty convalescent soldiers
from the United States general hos
pital No. .11, Carlisle, under the di
rection of Mrs. Robert H. Thomas,
Jr., chairman of the public interest
committee. A hot supper will be
served the men following an enter
taining program.
Mcrliaiiiesburg. Pa„ May 1. —
The Memorial Day committee de
cided at a meeting Tuesday night
that a. parade would be held on
Memorial Day, and invitations were
issued to all organisations to par
ticipate. A feature of the parade will
be a body of returned s< Idiers and
the soldiers who are Odd Fellows
will act as escort to the members of
the G. A. R.
Suburban Notes
State Field Worker W. D. Reel,
of Philadelphia, and Howard Hoy.
of Millersburg, county president of
the Dauphin County Sabbatli School
Association, addressed a district
Sunday school workers' institute at
the United Brethren Church on
Tuesday evening.
Mrs. H. S. Potter has received
word from her brother, Sergeant J.
Harry Wagner, formerly of Mata
moras, announcing his arrival at
Camp Devens, Mass., after a year
and a half of service overseas.
Miss Ruth Bowman has returned
to Philadelphia after a visit to her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Bow
P. C. Fox, Ross Zimmerman,
Myles Potter, George Loudermilch,
Walter Rutter, Clacie Corsnitz and
Joseph Dillman will represent. the I
local P. O. S. of A. at the district
convention to be held at Pillow on
Next Sunday will be observed as
visitors' day in the United Brethren
Sunday school and a good attend
ance is expected. In the evening the
Christian Endeavor Society will ob
serve anniversary day by rendering
a special program.
Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Witcomb, of
Harrisburg. spent Monday at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Saylor,
of East Maple avenue, entertained
the following guests at a reunion on
Saturday: Mr. and Mrs. Oscar H.
Saylor and family, of Westfield, New
Jersey; Mr. and Mrs. Harry L.
Saylor, Walter Saylor, Mr. and Mrs.
Herbert Saylor and family. Misses
Lizzie and Sallie Saylor, and Mr.
and Mrs. William L. Saylor, all of
Miss.Anna E. Krcider spent Fri
day in Philadelphia.
Mrs. Mary Vallerchamp, of Har
risburg, is visiting Prof. S. H. Der
ickson and family.
Misses Margaret and Esther
Beyerle and Miss Dorothy Waltz,
were recent visitors at
CJsu McNeil's Pain Exterminator—Ad
Franklin County Poor Direc
tor Has Soldier's Allotment
Changed Over From Wife
Waynesboro, Pa., Muy 1. —Poor
Director Jacob 11. Mayer, has suc
ceeded after muc hpersistent effort
with the War Department at Wash
ington, in having the allotment of
Private John Reno Poole, of the
305 th Infantry changed from his
wife to his two small children. Mrs.
Poole several months ago deserted
her children and ran away with
Noah Green. The children were
locked up in the Poole home at
Rouzerville and had nearly perished
from cold and hunger when discov
ered by neighbors. The children have
been placed in private homes. The
mother is a native of Maryland.
No Memorial Day Parade
at Chambersburg This Year
Chanibcrsburg, Pa., May I.—For
the first time in many years Cham
bersburg will not have a parade on
Memorial Day. At a meeting in the
hall of Colonel P. B. Housum Post,
No. 309, G. A. R., the *iembers ot
that organization decided to aban
don a parade this year, chiefly be
cause the local school board has
voted to keep the schools open on
that day and not permit the pupils
to participate in the parade, as has
been their custom for several years.
However, the usual exercises and
oration of Cedar Grove Cemetery
here will be held, as well as the
decoration of graves in all cem'e
teries in this vicinity during the
forenoon of Memorial Day. The
veterans will be taken to and from
the cemeteries in automobiles.
Pickets Charged With
Assaulting Shop Employe
Waynesboro, Pa.. May I.—John
Sheeler and Earl D. Fawber, form
erly of Harrisburg, but recently in
the employ of the Dandis Machine
Company, as machinists, were ar
rested at noon yesterday by Chief of
Police Gillan on a charge of assault
and battery preferred by Marshall
Kimmey, an employe of the Landis
Machine Company. The men gate
bail before Justice John A. Potior
for a hearing in the evening. The
trouble occurred soon after 6 o'clock.
Tuesday evening when Kimmey was
leaving the Landis shop. The men
charged with assault were among
those who walked-out from the ma
chine department of the Landis
plant recently, and they were pick
eting on the outside of the plant.
Mochaniosburg, p a ., May 1.
Amos Stone died yesterday morning
after several days' illness of heart
trouble at his home in North Mar
ket street. He was aged about 4 2
years and was employed at the D.
Wilcox Manufacturing Company
plant and at the Paramount theater.
He was a member of the Washington
Fire Company, Milita Lodge No. 83,
Knights of Pythias, Junior Order
United American Mechanics, Order
of Owls and St. Paul's Reformed
church. He is survived by his wife
and three children. The funeral ser
vices will be held Saturday morning
at 10 o'clock.
Waynesboro, p a ., May t.—Mins
Melissa Machen, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. J. S. Machen, of Waynesboro,
was married at Washington to Lieu
tenant Walter Shaffer, of Saginaw,
Mich., who was recently discharged'
from the artillery service. The bridei
until recently was a yoeman in the
Navy Department at Washington.
They will reside at Keyport, N. J.
Waynesboro, P a ., May I. —Mrs.
Mary Stouffer. widow or Jacob
Stouffer, died yesterday of paralysis
at her home at Rouzerville, near
Pen-Mar, aged 82. She was stricken
Sunday while reading a letter from
her son, Jacob, of Chicago, who ar
rived home last, evening. Surviving
are two sons and two daughters,
Jacob, Chicago; John, Mrs. Robert
Flenner and Miss Annie at home.
K'luin, Pa., May I.—Tuesday even
ing the Victory Girls and Bovs of
Blain were entertained at the home
of W. C. Smith at Stony Point. The
evening was spent in games and
with music. Refreshments were
served to Miss Evelyn Wentz, Miss
Madaline V. Martin, Miss S. Carolyn
Averill, Miss Zella Book, Miss Sara
M. Smith, Lau Snyder, Roy Johns
ton, Jesse Snyder, James Shumaker,
Frank Wentz, Benjamin B. Bower,
Jacob Wentz and Joseph Kistler.
Keep the stomach well,
the liver active, the bowels J
regular, and the breath
will be sweet and healthy.
But let poisons accumu
late in the digestive organs,
the system becomes clogged,
gases form in the stomach
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Beccham's Pills. They
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Bad Breath
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Walter Shaffer Flies to
Waynesboro to Boost Loan
Waynesboro, Pa., May 1. —The
Emerson-Brantingham siren whistle
blew three times yesterday afternoon
when Walter Shaffer, the famous
Pennsylvania aviator, started from j
the Middletown aero station on his |
trip to Waynesboro. Direct com
munication was had over the phone
with Middletown, and as soon as the
plane got away the news was flashed
over the wires so that everyone in
this vicinity got ready to watch for
his appearance. Sergeant Shaffer ar
rived at 5 o'clock, having made the
75 miles in 55 minutes. He gave a
thrilling exhibition of spiral and nose
dives, loop-the-loop and other fancy
evolutions in midair and gave the
town folk a genuine case of "creeps."
Sergeant Shaffer was brought here
to speed up the Victory Loan drive,
which is now nearing the half-mile
Mifflin County Gives
Promise of Big Crops
Lewistown, Pa., May I.—Despite
* weat her of April the crops
of Mifflin county give promise of
being good. It was reported that the
fruit crop was badly injured by the
recent cold spell, hut knowing men
in the fruit-growing business say
that the damage is but slight. Some
lew gardeners had out tomato and
other easy perishable plants that
were destroyed by the cold spell.
The wheat crop looks fine and gives
promise of a good yield. The hay
crop will likely be good.
Marietta, Pa.. May I.—John G.
Tanger, eighty-five years old, a re
tired merchant of Lower Lancaster
county, died Tuesday night from a
stroke of apoplexy. He was one of
the organizers of the Strasburg Men
nonnite church. His wife and two
sons survive.
Marietta, Pa., May I.—Mrs. Mary
r Fryberger, widow of Walter Fryberg
er, is critically ill at her home on
West Walnut street, having suffered
a stroke. Mrs. Fryberger is nearly
seventy-seven years old, and is one
of the best known and oldest resi
dents of the borough.
Hi ■ ; ;£i till:"!
=P-i 1 f
It. ; PJ
28-30-32 North Third Street
| Extraordinary Sales
for Friday
Two more special sales in the series inaugu
rated to clear certain lines in the readjustment
of our stocks to keep them new and fresh.
It will pay you to investigate these special events
a | Special Sale No. 3—Friday |
: j S Women's and Misses' Spring |
jjf | Weight Coats 1
1 many models, especially for stout women |
Si at $1 K 1 '
1 at o - |
formerly $27.50 up to $45.00 |
I comprised of the following:
Velour coats that sold up to $45.00 •••
Serge coats that sold up to $27.50 • :t
Scotch Mist coats that sold up to $35.0(1
|jij 1 Covert coats that sold up to $35.00
J'l Poplin coats that sold up to $32.50 j
| jl
Special Sale No.
I Women's and Misses' Dresses 1 I
| including many stout models J
| Two Groups— alM * 1' If
I ivere $25.00, $32.50 and $35.00 I
mi . . i
••• Dresses for all occasions in such desirable materials as serge,
II taffeta, georgette and crepe de chine—in the leading shades.
P • B
Parade at Duncannon
For Victory Loan Drive
Duiicaniioii, Pa., May I.—B. Stiles
Duncan, chairman in charge of the
Victory Liberty Loan Drive in Dun
cannon, has announced a meeting to
be held in the square this evening,
at 8 o'clock. His arrangements have
not been announced* in case the wea
ther continues.
A parade to Include a band and
several squads of returned' soldiers
had been planned. The program in
cludes short talks by a nurse and a
doctor recently returned from over
seas, by several wounded soldiers and
songs by a singer-soldier.
Columbia, Pa., May I.—H. L.
Cohen, president of the Reliable
Silk Manufacturing Company, which
operates a plant in East Columbia,
made the announcement that he
would increase the wage scale in his
Columbia plant from fifteen to fifty
per cent. Mr. Cohen has just re
turned from an extended trip of sev
eral months over the country, going
from coast to coast, and he predicts
the early return of prosperity in all
manufacturing lines. He has or
dered thirty-live new looms to be in
stalled in the plant here and ex
pects to increase his working foree.
Liverpool, Pa., May J. I.
Woodruff, of Susquehanna Univer
sity, Selinsgrove, will be the speaker
at the High school commencement
exercises in the Lutheran Church at
Liverpool Friday evening. May 9. A
class of seven will graduate. Miss
Arna Grubb, valedictorian; Julia Al
bright, Sarah Kiser, Alvin William
son, Chester Deckard 'and Harry
Open All Year. Enter Any Time.
IndJvldnnl Promotion.
121 MARKET ST. i 7]
BcU 125 (Opp. Senate) Dial 4016
Blain, Pa., May 1. —The Dadles
Sewing Circle was entertained Tues
day evening at the home of Mrs
Frederick A.- Kern in Main street.
A pleasant evening was enjoyed by
the following members: Mrs. Dan
iel W. Sheaffer, Mrs. William H.
Sheaffcr, Mrs. Daniel G. Keck, Mrs.
Marry C. Henry, Mrs. Edward D.
Koycr, Mrs. William B. Adams, Mrs,
N. Kurtz Bistlinc and Mrs. F. A.
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at the start
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more aerioua ailments. Prompt action ia
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La Grippe
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Dill's Cough Syrup
Dill's Little Liver Pills
Dill's Kidney Fills
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