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The Geary-McCullough
Wedding at Cape May
Edward L. Geary. 102 4 Green
street and Miss Emma McCullough,
416 Harris street, were married
, Wednesday, 23, in the First
Presbyterian Church o£ Cape May
City, X. J., by the ,Kev. Curtis O.
Bosserman, formerly pastor of the
Covenant Presbyterian Church of
this city. Following a wedding
journey Mr. and Mrs Geary will be
at home to their friends after May
15 at 1525 Franklin Tlace.
Local Men Attending
Fishermen's Reunion
William R. Dcnehey, Frank E.
Cook. Frank Nead, E. L. Cowden and
G. D. Cook of this city, loft yesterday
for Baltimore to spend several days
at the annual reunion of the Ramb
lers Fishing Club. Some time in Juno
of each year the club, comprising
men of Baltimore, Washington. New
York and this city take a vacation
t Wachaprague, Cedar island, along
the Chesapeake, where they have a
wonderful clubhouse.
Mrs. 1. It. llollenbagh entertained
the A. T. O. ('lull at her home, 2129
Reel street, on Thursday afternoon.
The time was spent in a most in
formal way. and refreshments were
served to these members: Mrs. J.
Rosenberg, Mrs. .1. MoKeluin, Mrs. C.
Guttrhall. Mrs. J. M. Gibbons and
Mrs. William Kraim.
\ ThePprryhill
r~ a
Dinner Friday Evening, April 25
Stouffer's Restaurant
4 .\. Court St. 5 to 7.30
Clxint ( houilf r
Cnlf I.iver—Pork Cliop < plain)
llakcd Ml ad—■ ( oxt*t Hoof
3lxinliml or Lyonnatae Potato?*
SuerolxiMli—-Stewed Tomato?*
Ice i renin. Pic or Pudding
to Hoc. Tea or t ucua
% ,
Mc>nl m r r '
oilfc a Mtxindard.
made up to chxit
* Sl xtandard.
Aa. \ So delieioiiM and
/v\ I l re itfOitiNC they
xi re hoiaemade,
fri*n<lf 1 f you
haven't tried tlieiu. there is a real
eatid.v trout In afore tor you.
The special* tor thin week-cud are:
Pen nut Clu*ter Freali roanted
peanut* cliiNtered into rieh *\veet
ohocolxi to. npeeixil xit the lb.
Almond sheet Fresh roasted
almond* imbedded in tliiek *weet
choeolxite, speeiul xit 00? Hi.
Coeoannt Clunter* Shredded
eoeoxitnit mixed uitli rieli xueet
ehoeolnte, *peeinl xit -Wc 111.
The IYoii*e of ilomemxide Candle*
Til 11(1) ST. AT ll|<lt;t;S
The Browns Again
Hold Forth
''How well you're looking lately, Alice,"
remarked Brown as he selected a cigar
from the box and, lighting it, studied his
wife through the smoke wreaths.
Mrs. Brown-raised her brows question
ingly. She certainly did look charming
in her dark beauty beneath the soft glow
of the lamp. '"I mean your color."
explained Brown. "Your cheeks are
really pink."
"Oh, that's it." exclaimed Mrs. Brown.
"You've got Mary Sachs to thank for
that. 1 dropped into her shop the other
day and picked up this pretty little green
frock for a song. She explained why it
was just the right tint for me. And, sure
enough, you've noticed it. It seems she's
been making a study of the effect of vari
ous colors on different complexions, and
green, she said, would heighten a brun
ette's color."
And beneath her husband's frankly ad
miring gaze, Mrs. Brown's cheeks took on
a tint that couldn't altogether be ascribed
to the effect of her green dress. She was
coloring with pleasure.
! First of Series Starts Tomor
row With William S. Brctz
in Excellent Program
j The first of a series of six spring
; organ recitals will be given in Zion
| Lutheran Church, Saturday afternoon,
j April 26, at 4 o'clock, by William E.
i Rretz, who succeeded the late Edwin
|J. Pecevee as organist. He will be
I assisted by Mrs. Edwin J. Pecevee.
| soprano soloist, and director of Zion
I choir.
I The program follows:
: I—"Pastoral Suite" Demarest
i a. "Sunrise."
b. "Rustic Dance."
i "Minset."
j d. "Thanksgiving."
1 3—"At Twilight" Stebbins
1 3—Aria, for soprano. "With Verdure
! Clad." Haydn (from "The Crea
j lion" i
! (—1- uga, "Alia Handel."
Alex Guilniant
•" —"In Springtime" Kinder
: (!—Toccata in l> major Kinder
| The recital Saturday afternoon. May
13, will be given by Mrs. John R.
Ilenry, organist of Market Square
Presbyterian Church, assisted by Roy
| Matbias, basso, soloist of Bethlehem
I Toil hi ran Church.
Collection Plates Are
Presented to Church
I The Summerdale M. E. Church gave
an interesting entertainment, on Sun
' day evening, with Mrs. W. E. Bru-
I Inker and Mrs. R. W. Wingert inj
I charge. . '
I The Rev. C. Myers, pastor, baptized
I eight persons before the exercises,
jand the church was so crowded that|
many people were unable to obtain
admission. _ „
Class No. 4. taught by Mrs. n. ii
i Rrtibaker. presented tlie church with
'two beautiful collection plates, which
j were greatly needed and much appre
ciated. „ ,
("in May 15 Class No. 4 will hold a
package and food sale ror the benefit
|of the fund for the purchase of new
! pulpit furniture. On May 27 the
'Ladies' Aid Society will conduct en
J apron sale, the proceeds of which
'will be devoted to church repairs.-
' The Easter dinner dance at the Oo
' lonia I Club, last evening, was a de
! tided success. Over sixty of the
I members and their friends were pres
ent for the dinner and an additional
I number of guests arrived tor the
.dance. The Epdegrove orchestra
I played during the dinner and for the
j dancing.
H. C. Mattern, of 404 North Sec
■ ond street, proprietor of the Valet,
wishes to announce that he will
! clean for any lady a short pair of
white gloves free, provided she has
never had any done here before.
> This introductory offer is made
I simply to get you acquainted with
j this modern dry-cleaning house.—
I adv.
Funeral Designs
A Beautiful Spray for §2.00
A Handsome Wreath
for $5.00
; Keeney's Flower Shops
SI I X. 3d St.. ir7 X. Front St.,
i llxirrisbnrtf. Steelton.
the Orpheum as a benefit for the Nursery Home. One of the most interesting groups is that of the Irish dancers.
Levi (). Bolton Greeted by |
Large Party of Friends and j
Neighbors at Home
Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Bolton, 1862 ;
Walnut street, surprised their son '
Levi, who was discharged from mil- j
itary service April 14th, after serv- j
ing overseas eight months. Six of j
his friends were attired in mili- j
tary uniform, which added color to j
the occasion, and the decorations J
throughout the house being of red, j
white and blue.
Supper was served from 7 to 10 i
p. m., 70 young and old participating, i
Sergeant LeKoy Gramm, Privates j
Kay Kyer, Simon Beech, Kalph Stauf- j
fer, Berlin llockenbury. Edwin Sun- I
day and Levi O. Bolton, kept everyone
in smiles with thrilling accounts
of "going over the top" and life in)
the trenches.
Among those present: were the Rev. i
and Mrs. A. E. Hangen, Mr. and Mrs. '
W. E. Rickert, Mr. and Mrs. C. S. i
Urich, Mr. and Mrs. L. Booda, Mr. 1
and Mrs. C. R. Bart ley, Mr. and Mrs.
Ray Smith, Mr. and Mrs. W. Ober- j
dier, Mrs. and Mrs. T. Eisenhart, Mr.
and Mrs. C. Brickley, Mr. and Mrs. (
Harry Sherk, Mr. and Mrs. Ira Show- '
ers. Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Bolton, Mr.
and Mrs. C. K. Curtis. Misses Jean J
Hardy, Mildred Erdley, B. Melvin, j
Anna Stoner, E. Rudy, Olive Smith. )
Odessa Smith, Esther Ebersole, Grace ,
McKelvey, N'cllie Rhine-smith. Blanch 1
Pruss, Sara Wonders. Etta Mengle,j
Mary Robbins. of Camden, X. J.;
Margaret Keyer, Philadelphia; Marie
Gerhardt, Kathryn Bolton. Luke!
Wierlek, Ressler Schultz, George An- '
derson, Alton Seibert, Harry Smith, ;
"Billie" Bux, Donald and Curtis j
Brickley, Samuel Eisenhart, Harry j
Smith, H. H. Aronson, of New York;'
Leland Booda, Jr., Mrs. W. P. Gramm,
Mrs. Ada Merltle, Mrs. Ray Keyer,
Mrs. Rodenhaver, Mrs. Bux, of Phila- -
dclphia: George Bartley and William
C. Gramm.
Mrs. William Meinel, of Chicago,:
formerly Miss Mary Groff of this
city, is visiting her cousins, Mr. and -
Mrs. Ralph Irving Diehl, at Pax
Miss Sylvia Rose Claster and Miss,
Reba Mallinson, of Dallas, Texas, j
Goueher College students, came from j
Baltimore to spend the weekend with !
Mr. and Mrs. "tfoseph Claster, Second'
and Briggs street.
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Bishop j
who are stopping at the National
Hotel, Meclianicsburg, have gone j
to Atlantic City for a little outing.
Mrs. George B. Kunkel, of Locust
street, is enjoying a week's stay in
New York City.
Miss Miriam Cocklin, of Walnut'
street, has resumed her studies at
Hood College, Frederick, Md., after
spending the Easter vacation in
Miss Almeda Herman, of North
Front street, spent several days this
week with friends in Lancaster.
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Gruell, who
were married at Easte*- are home
after a short wedding trip and are
residing at Cove for the summer.
Mrs. Clarence Zarger. 2025 North
Fifth street, spent yesterday with
her father, D. S. Leedy, of Marys-
Mrs. Arthur King Kunkel, Miss
Lvdla Kunkel and Arthur King Kun
kel, Jr., are home after an Easter
stay with friends in Mercersburg.
Mrs. J. M. Jackson, of Arlington,
N. J„ has returned home after a pleas
ant visit with Mr. and Mrs. W. Gor
gas Hicks, of North Third street.
Mrs. ICdwiu J. Deeevee is home after
a brief trip to Millersburg on busi
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Thomas went
to Jersey City to-day for a little visit
among relatives and old friends.
Miss Louise Hickok, of 119 State
street, is home after visiting her
grandmother. Mrs. Daniel H. Hast
ings, in Bellefonte.
| Junior Aids Giving Tableaux
and Dance in Civic Club i
Saturday Night
Members of the Junior Aid So-;
ciety are making final arrangements
for their big benefit entertainment
in the Civic Club to-morrow even-j
First of all will come the tableaux
from well known fairy tales, includ
ing scenes from "Cinderella,",
"Beauty and the Beast," "Snow j
White and Kose lted," "All Baba," j
"Blue Beard," "Aladdin and His,
Wonderful Lamp." Jn the pictures
will be Misses Rebecca Johnston,
Martha Chad wick, Betty Oenslager,
J Eleanor Bailey, Nancy Campbell,
! Kathryn Rutherford, Margaret Keis
j ter, Harriet Gilbert, Sara Bailey and)
j Mary Louise Hubley.
j Cards for the older folks, dancing
! to the music of Sourbeer's orchestra
| for those who desire it and flowers,,
| punch, cake and Ice cream on sale;
| by members of the various commit
j tees will help swell the treasury
iof the Junior Aids who act as an
j auxiliary to the Associated Aids So-1
| ciety, especially in the care of the
I little ones in need of help.
P. Borwitz, of Toledo. Ohio, is vis- 1
Ring Mr. and Mrs. John Horwitz, 1141:
j South Cameron street. Mr. Horwttz j
i is president of one of the large Toledo '
! synogogues and will speak at one of i
j the local places of worship to-nior
: row. He leaves for Baltimore Sunday, j
j Mrs. Charles It. Kect. of 9tt Green J
) street, is visiting friends in Philadel- i
! phia this week.
Edgar Young and Pirnon B. Young j
: went home to Pittsburgh this morn- j
ling after a week's visit with their i
i relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Emmons
j Black, of North Third street.
| Mrs. John C. Booth, of ::01 Verbeke |
| street, and Mrs. Charles B. PpofTord. !
|of Chestnut street, are in Atlantic ■
I City for a few days.
' Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Gibson, of i
1525 North Second street, are home ■
. after an Easter trip to New Y'ork
I city.
Sergeant Charles Reneker, a mem-1
j her of the Forty-second (Rainbow) I
Division, sent word to his sister. Miss I
i Elizabeth Reneker. 1810 North Fifth i
I street stating that he had landed in
New Yotk. '
| jFy~ r
Just telephone us for
I f those Victor Records
j [ Any time you want Victor Records quickly,
I \o call us-up and we'll get them to you in a jitfy.
:/ Prompt service is a hobby with us, and we
/ are always ready to send our representative to
/ nlav any records you may select.
Hear theni over the telephone. We would be glad
j to play them for you.
\ C.M.Sigler, Inc.
Second Street
' W A P ex Electric
/SUA ifrJr- Does Your Work
' - fPjli Quicker —Better—Easier
And With Less Wear
v Than Others
We Phased to show you
2l South Second St. ,
Mrs. Delhi's Mother Songs
i Sung by Mrs. Decevec
in Charming Style
j The annual evening of "Mother
Stories" by members ot' the Story
Tellers League was given last cven
' ing at Harrisburg Conservatory of
• Music, with Mrs. Harry G. KefTer
presiding, and extending cordial
: greetings to the audience.
| There was an added interest given
i the program in the charming sing-
I ing by Mrs. Edwin J. Decevee of a
'group of "Mother Songs" written by
' Mrs. Edna Groff Delhi, from her
i book coming front the press early
in May.
(if those ttine songs, Mrs. Decevee
chose "The Fairy Ring," "Mother
Desire" and "The Colicy Matt," the
latter making the hit of the even
ing. Mrs. Decevee preceded her
singing with an apt little talk on the
power of song in the home,
i Among the stories, all told in de
-1 light fttl fashion, were "The Four
Leaf clover and "The Rich Uncle,"
by Mrs. Enterlinc: "Concerning
| Angels," Miss Grace Witmer, of Me
; cbanicsburg: "Tito Princess Who
i Could Not Be Silent," Mrs. Mary
Snyder Rowland; and "A Parable of
I Faith," Miss Alice Cnsack. Mrs.
' Charles J. Wood. Jr., told an orig
; inal tale, "The Last Quarter" and
; Mrs. Edna GrolT Delhi gave a talk
|on "The Mystery of Life."
i Lieutenant and Mrs. Eugene C.
; Sanderson left Wednesday bv motor
for Chicago, where they will reside
; temporarily. Mrs. Sanderson was
j formerly Miss Eleanor Walter,
i daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles
! P. Walter. SI" North Sixth street,
1 and widely known as tin instructor
I in dancing and French.
Tuesday evening Mrs. William
j Chronister, 402 North Second street.
; entertained at cards in compliment
!to Mrs. Sanderson, followed by a
| midnight supper. Those present
i were; Lieutenant and Mrs. Sander
son, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Onle
dine. Miss Margaret James, Miss
i Brytie Hartman, Miss Betty James,
Ray Denk, '"liarles Gorgas and Mr.
'and Mrs. William Chronister.
Announce Engagement
on Miss Harris' Birthday,
Mrs. llarry Shuey, 214 North Second |
street, entertained last evening In
celebration of the birthday anniver
sary of Miss Kern Harris, of Knots. J
The house was artistically decorated, ,
a pink color scheme predominating.
The clever little bonbonnieres were of
pink and blue, and the table center
was graced with a mass of pink sweet
peas and yellow daisies. The surprise
of the evening cutne when each guest
received a bouquet of roses and
sweet peas bearing a card announcing
the engagement of Miss Harris to
James I'ostello, of Gary, Ind.
The bride-to-be is a daughter of
Mrs. ,1. J. Harris, of Enolu. and is
employed as a stenographer at the
st.iti' Y. M. C. A. oltlces. Mr. Costel
lo is a son of Mr. and Mrs. James l\
('ostello, 50 North Seventeenth street.
1 he wedding will be an event of the
early summer.
Those present at the announcement
party were Miss Esther Wise, Miss I
Muhle Belts, Miss Nerissa Sadler Miss
Esther Gruber, Miss Florence Foster,
Miss Helen Young. Miss Virginia Cos
teilo, Miss Delia ("ostello, Miss Bertha
Hautr and Airs. William Stewart.
Miss Emma I*. McCullough, 416 Har
ris street, and Edward U Geary, 162 1
Green street, were united in marriage!
on Wednesday at the First Presbv-!
trrian Church, of Cape May, N. j.,
the Rev. Curtis O. Bossercnan, pastor;
c! toe church, end former pastor of
Covenant Presbyterian Church, of this I
city, officiating. 1
IWitmer, Bair & Witmer 1
| Extraordinary Specials g
I _ I
| for Saturday |
!In conjunction with our special showing of "Sport Wear" for
Summer, including satin and charmeuse capes and wraps,
velvet capes, bombenette capes and cape coats and combi-
P*j nations, "SPORT WEAR" Top Skirts in fantasi, tricolette,
I fan-tan—shark's skin, crepe de chine and many other strik
ing summer novelty silks.
| ' Thirty-four Suits ~ I
I 1 Taken from onr regular stock at -t /-t
1-3 oft regular prices. [ /
TV.p_p 10 Blue Suits —11 Black Suits
\ Oil / 13 Light shades in tan and gray \ Oil
j One to five suits in all sizes from x \
16 to 50/> —stock prices) 7"
1 $22.50 $27.50 $32.50 |
1 $39.75 to $49.75 I
One third off regular prices
j ; 1
i Specials in Blouses and |
| Petticoats . |
Lingerie Blouses in New shipment of Complete line of
Batiste and Voiles, French Voiles, with Mourning Blouses in
colored or white, Spc- Val. lace trimming, soft silks and satins,
cial, $1.95 $5.50 | $3.95 to $7.50
Tailored Blouses in j Tailored Shirts of Novelty Blouses in
plain white'or assorted heavy tub silk, assort- Georgette combina
stripes, $2.95 and led stripes. ' Special, j tions of all new colors,
$3.95 $4.50 $7.50 to $17.50
fl Special Purchase Sale ' Heavy Satin pet- j Old Time Bargain ||
of Printed Georg- ! Sale of Dresses
I ette and Other "coats to oe used as
II ~ ! i c i I 1 ncolette Dresses that
Dresses a drop tor the new we re $49.50 to $79.50.
\ - ~ j 1 Reduced to
50 Printed Georg- ! eor g ette dresses $25.00 to $39.50
M ette and Foulard, in all shades; made ~~~ ~ " M
1 $19.75. $22.50, . . . ,
|25.00; $26.50 and m ver y straight ' S 3 '- 50 -
$28.50 lines, $5.50 $13.75 to $23.75
I 250 Dresses I
n Reduced to
of plain and printed Georgette; many ?1500 to ¥29 . 50 £
kind of dresses in white or flesh.
" ~ ~ Pussy Willow Taffeta,
Cotton Summer Dresses etc. The highest grade,
I are here and arriving daily substantial ginghams, $75.00 to $122.50. Rc
sll.so to $17.50 Dainty Voiles, $9.50 to duced to
$25.00. $49.50 to $85.00 B
Young Folk Enjoy Party
at Home of Miss Stoner
Miss Helen McCauley entertained
for u group of ('amp Fire Girls at tli
home of Mlna Hilda Htoner, Hhowers
street. Those present Were the Misses
Irma Rtckert, Itulli Htoner, Hilda
Stoner, Avciil Shoemaker, lfiinlly Tay
lor, Hazel Fisher, Mildred X'laher und
Rosa Fountalne.
William Sparrow, Paul Totnpaon,
George Snyder, Howard Fisher, Jen
ale Daron, Irvln Daron, Clarence Bux
ton, William Stoner, Horace Stoner,
George Kruber, Simon liarbush, Rus
sell Chenoworth und David Hoerner.
The Women's Church Society, of
Reformed Salem Church, will hrtld a
food sale on Saturday afternoon In
the vacant storeroom in the Donald
son Building. 201 North Second
A large variety of good things will
be on sale, including homemade
bread, cakes, pics, salads and candies
The officers of the society in charge
of Lhe affair are: Mrs. Harry F.
llencn, president; Mrs. M. I. Kast, sec
retary, and Mrs. J. William Bowman,
trrasur r.
The proceeds will he devoted to
one of the church funds.
Miss Margaret Scott Roberts, of
Pittsburgh, is tile guest of her aunt,
Mrs. Helen T. Forrer, 21k locust
! street, returning from New York city,
| where slie visited tier relatives. Col
onel and Mrs. W. S. Thomas, former
1 Harrisburgers.
Ait entertainment was given last!
evening at the Army Reserve Depot.
Marsh nun, tinder the direction of
the War Camp Community Borvlce.
The Ackley Trio entertained and the
Knights of Columbus, under the dl-s
rectloii of Socretary klcGlaugb.il n
provided talent for several numbers.
Millinery Reductions
All Prices '
An opportunity _ * h
to get a new //\ 1W Aw.
hat at a big 'A \\ lII N
Open Evenings
The Betty Lend Shop
1208 N. Tliirtl St.