Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, April 23, 1919, Page 18, Image 18

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Faces Firing Squad After Exe
cution Is Ordered by
Vera Cruz, Mexico, April 23.
General Francisco Alvarez, of tlie
antigovernment forces, was executed
Monday night. He met death at the
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I hands of u llring squad with the
; utmost bravery.
Alvarez was sentenced to death by
a court-martial hcreMonday. He was
captured here last Tuesday in the
i buttle in which General Aurelianu
| I banquet, minister of war in the
Huerta cabinet, was killed.
Many thousands of persons sur
rounded the barracks when the exc
i cution took place.
Alvarez had been sentenced to die
at an early hour, but on orders re
ceived from the Supreme Court the
execution was held up. The War
Department, however, ordered com
pliance with tiie sentence of tlie
| court-martial and the prisoner was
j brought out to face his executioners.
Two hours before the execution
the correspondent of the Associated
Press visited Alvarez in his ceil. He
was absolutely calm and evinced no
fear and declared bo was prepared
to die.
"1 consider the sentence of the
I military court illegal." said Alvarez,
i "as 1 ceased to be a soldier when
the federal arnty disbanded and I
left the country. It' 1 am shot it
will be illegal. If 1 were still a sol
dier the court's sentence would have
been just."
The George Washington
to Return With Troops
Paris, April 23.—The United States
transport George Washington will
return to the United States with
troops after repairs to her machin
ery. it is announced. Hereafter the
George Washington will run on an
alternate schedule with the Levia
than and Mount Vernon, so that one
of these steamers will always be at
Brest ready for the return of Presi
dent Wilson when lie desires.
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N j
Frenchman Says Boclic Is Not;
Held Down Hard
Paris. April 23.—"1 am afraid the
, j Peace Conference is going to let the
I Boches off too easily," said Pro
j fessor Eouis Dubois, deputy for the
i Department of the Seine, to the As
j sociated Press to-day. Professor
| Dubois lias made a special study
| of the economic situation in North
j ern France produced by the de
i structive ingenuity of the Germans,
j He has submitted to the Chamber j
| of Deputies a detailed report of his
] findings.
"Are the Germans to be spared"
I he asked. "With their industries un-
I impaired they will have seized the
! markets long before we are ready to j
| compete with them. If only Presi-
I dent Wilson would come and seo
i with his own eyes what utter ruin
and destruction they have brought
| upon our unhappy land.
"One has to sec tlie destruction :
; with ones own eyes." he went on. j
I "Much lias been cleaned up already,
j With devilish ingenuity the Germans I
made a specialty of destroying the
| essential tilings. They even had a
: machine specially devised to de
i stroy railway points. General Gas
! suoin, wso commands the northern
| section, told me that it will take
i two years before the railway system '
jis in proper working order again. j
Knilioiuis Had
"Transportation is interlocked
! with all the big difficulties we have ,
to cope with. There is the ques
tion of raw materials and the ques
tion of labor. If, by demobilization, i
we get labor we must transport the j
men to places where they are need
| ed. Then we must house and feed
j them. There is neither food nor
I housing accommodations. To pro
; vide it, we again need transportation.
"We are asked why we cannot
I make fuller use of the canals, but
I those canals served as lines of de-
I fense for the enemy. Their banks
i are battered, they are full of debris
1 and need dredging. Many of tlie
j locks are destroyed.
I "The pits of the coal mining dis-
I trict are flooded in places. One or
| two may he worked partly in six to
j eight months, but it will be live or
: six years before the mines are in
proper working condition again. !
Where are we to find the miners? 1
The country around is razed and de- j
vastated to a degree of which peo- j
pie have not the faintest idea. There ;
is not a house left standing in Lens, i
I How are we to lodge and feed a
mining population and how are we to j
regain our pre-war output of 20,- •
000,000 tons of coal a year which j
even then did not cover our home
Industrial Troubles
Asked if France was recovc-ing ;
any of the textile, metal manufac- j
taring or sugar refining machinery j
stolen by the Germans, he replied I
that it was difficult to transport it
and most of the French plants were !
not yet ready to receive it. "I know j
cases of Germans approaching the j
original owners of machinery N and i
offering to sell them back their own
property they had stolen from them,"
he said.
"Then there is the agricultural
question," he continued. "The arable
soil in these parts is only ten inches j
deep. Beneath it is a subsoil of bar- j
ren clialk. The good soil that grows i
wheat—where is it? The farmers |
will have to begin right from the |
beginning again, as the squatters did |
in America; that is, they will have |
to prepare the soil for cultivation. I
Labor and transportation again! Not '
in fifteen or twenty years will that j
soil produce anything in the way I
of food grain."
Sick Czecho-Slovak
Soldiers Under Care
of U. S. Red Cross
Triest. April 23.—The American
Red Cross commission to the Hal- j
kans has begun the work of caring j
for hundreds of crippled and sick |
Czecho-Slovak soldiers being sent j
home from Siberia byway of Triest.
This work is being done at the re
quest of the Czecho-Slovak govern
ment. which has asked the American
Red Cross to provide transportation. !
doctors and njirses for their sick and i
wounded. One of the convoys to be I
cared for consists of 508 wounded I
soldiers from Colombo, Ceylon.
Canada Developing
Western Provinces
Winnipeg, Man., April 23.—Fed- j
eral immigration officials, working
with provincial leaders, arc trying to |
attract an American delegation to the]
prairie provinces this summer. The
plans anticipated a delegation in-1
eluding representatives from every I
state in the union, members of Con- j
gross and Slate officials. The dele
gation would be provided with a spe- !
cial train which would tour the west j
over one railway line and return over i
Recent reports from Ottawa staled i
that the Dominion expected to spend
at least $1,000,000 this year In at-'
traeting attention to the Western !
Captain Seeley Teaches
in A. E. F. University
. Captain Seeley, of the engineering !
firm of Gannett, Seeley and Fleming. I
i has been detained in France instead
of coming home at once as he hud
expected and has been placed in
charge of advanced hydraulic engi- !
neering in the American University |
organized for the benefit of Ameri- i
can soldiers remaining in France. I
Major Fleming, of the sapie firm, j
is on his way back and is expected I
home very shortly.
Altoona Man Selected as
Head of P. 0. S. of A.
By Associated Press.
New Britain, Conn., April 23. F.
M. Anderson, of Altoona, Pa., was
elected commander-in-chief of Hie
Patriotic Order, Sons of America, at j
the twenty.ninth annual national |
convention here last night. It was
voted to hold the next annual session '
at Wernersville, Pa.
Scrantou, Pa., April 23.—Fire yes
terday destroyed the building of tlie
new wall paper company ahd spread
to the wholesale liquor store of the
Scranton Distributing Company and
the Cohen block, practically destroy- |
ing thorn. The loss is estimated at
Philadelphia. April 23.—Fire yes
terday In a paint warehouse at the
I log Island shipyard destroyed two
frame warehouses and paints and
oils valued at $70,000.
Thursday's Offerings in the After Easter Clearance Sale
ygp x Blankets and
J Comfortables
IK Lw? 5 Deduced in the Clearance Sale
This sale offers definite reductions on blankets and comt'ort-
MkJ f ables from regular stock. The values arc appealing and arc the
■M | result of our desire to clean-up the stock of all odd lots.
) J $2.50 Comfortables. Special SI.OB
$5.50 Comfortables. Special $2.98
$6.00 Comfortables. Special $5.00
$7.00 Cotton Filled Comfortables, dotted mull covering, 8-inch plain border. Special,
$9.00 Comfortables, 7-inch border. Special $7.50
SIO.OO Comfortables, 8-inch border. Special $8.49
$12.00 Comfortables, 8-inch border. Special $10.39
SIB.OO Down Filled Comfortables, 6x7 feet. Persian patterns. Special ... $13.98
SIO.OO Blankets, pink and blue borders. Special $8.39
$ll.OO Blankets, pink and blue borders. Special $9.39
812.00 Blankets, blue, pink and yellow borders. Special $9.89
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S 1*6.00 Blankets, blue and pink borders. Special $13.49
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$5.00 Grey Cotton Blankets. Special $2.39
$5.50 Grey Cotton Blankets. Special $2.98
85.50 Plaid Cotton Blankets. Special $2.89
$4.00 Grey Cotton Blankets, Woolnap finish. Special - $3.39
$6.50 pink and tan Blankets. Special $5.69
Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart, Basement
Celebrating Gingham Week With Special
Offerings in These Popular Dress Cottons
49c Dress Ginghams, 32 inches, fancy plaids and stripes; also solid shades.
Special, yd.. 39^.
25c Ginghams, neat stripe patterns and solid shades for house dresses. Spe
cial. yd., 19^.
19c Ginghams, fancy plaids, checks and solid shades. Special, yd., 11^*.
Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart, Street Floor.
35 Beautiful Metal Lamps
Marked Down for Clearance
Electric and Gas Lamps, heavy cast metal bases
and cast metal shade, with panels of beautiful col
ored glass in amber, sunset and Nile.
$35.00 Lamps reduced to $28.00
$21.50 Lamps reduced to $17.20
$20.00 Lamps reduced to $16.00
SIB.OO Lamps reduced to $14.40
$16.00 Lamps reduced to $12.80
$15.00 Lamps reduced to $12.00
$12.50 Lamps reduced to SIO.OO
$ 9.50 Lamps reduced to $ 7.60
Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart, Basement.
$13.50 $9.50 $30.00 $20.00
For Girls and Juniors
Art After Easter Sale of Apparel
Complete assortments of the newer modes in frocks of
gingham and sheer weaves and coats at pricings meeting all
plans of expenditure.
There is excellence of good taste in each individual gar
ment and the size range is complete Tor misses and juniors.
The garments priced are:
$13.50 —Spa-dally priced White Batiste.
$0.50 —Fine quality Gingham, In pleasing patterns.
$30.00 —Chiffon party and afternoon Dresses, in light shades.
920.00 —Handsome Spring Coat of rich wool fabrics.
Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart, Second l-'loor.
Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart
Dinner Sets
Fifty-piece service for 6
people; the set contains
three sizes of plates, soup
plates, dessert dishes, plat
ter. covered dish, open veg
etable dish, gravy boat,
sugar and cream. Decorated
green band festooned with
gold SS.9H
Decorated gold border in
conventional design, S9XO
Decorated gold lace bor
der and pink rose buds,
70-piece dinner set serv
ice, for eight people. Dceoi
ated gold lined and floral
three spray design, $12.50
100-piece set, decorated in
blue, two-line effects, with
medallion relief design,
Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart,
Reduced in the
Hemstitched linen hand
kerchiefs. Special, 3 for,
Hemstitched linen and
cotton handkerchiefs. Spe
cial, 4 for 50£
35c hemstitched linen
handkerchiefs. Special,
10c and l2'/jc white cam
bric handkerchiefs. Special,
4 for 25< •
Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart,
Men's Store
APRIL 23, 1919,
with it too__
They went through with
their part of the job —went
through Hell for days and
weeks on end. Many of
them gave their all.
Go through with your end
of the work!
Buy to your limit!
Clearance of Dress
Fabrics in the After
Easter Sale
$4.50 wool jersey cloth, 54 $1.25 French serge; 41
inches wide, fifteen shades. inches wide, navy, Copcn
Yd $2.75 and grey. Yd., ....SI.OO
$4.50 wool plaids, 48 t! r n
. , ~ 1 , $3.50 cape serge; nO
inches wide, twenty styles. • , • , , . , , ,
~ . J 0 _ inches wule, best shade of
c*r "avy. Yd $2.69
$6.00 cape serge ; .">8 inches
wide, men's wear, blue. Yd.. . s6 '°° sucde velour ' 54
$4 50 inches wide, seven shades.
$2.50 wool Santoy, 42 N(1 $4.50
inches wide, all wanted $6.95 covert tricotine; 56
shades. Yd $1.98 inches wide, shade tan. Yd.,
$6.00 men's blue serge; 58 $4.75
inches wide. Yd., ..$4.50 $7.50 Tyrol wool; 54
$1.95 wool poplin; 40 inches wide, shades Oxford,
inches wide, full range of tan, taupe and Pekin. Yd.,
colors. Yd $1.69 $4.75
Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart, Street Floor, ■
Demonstration of Hire's Instant Coffee
Preparation of the finest Mocha and Java. Trial can at
30<> makes 30 tups. Hotel size at $1.75 makes 240 cups.
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This is the Time to Buy A
Mattress: Special Values
Specials in fine mattresses are featured in the Clearance
Combination libre mattresses, all sizes, art ticking, one or two
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Silk floss mattresses, fancy art ticking, roll edge, one or two
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Red Cross felt mattresses, hpeciul, $19.00
Red Cross sill lloss mattresses. Special, $21.00
Red Cross curled hair mattresses. Special $21.00
Box Springs art ticking. Special, $19.50
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Three Lots of Boys' Shoes
At Lowered Prices
$4.00 dark brown calf English lacc shoes, blind eyelets,
Neolin soles'; sizes 2to 6. Special $3.45
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sizes 2to 6. Special $3.25
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1 V/i. Special $2.50
Misses' Shoes Reduced
$2.50 black kidskin button shoes, broad toes, sizes 11U to
2- Special S24M)
$2.00 patent leather button Shoes, dull kid or cloth tops,
broad toes, sizes \iy 2 to 2. Special $1.65
Diven, Pomeroy & Stewart, Street Floor Rear