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Ask High School Club
to Junior Entertainment
All members of the Central High
School Club of the V. W. C. A. are
Invited to attend an entertainment
furnished bv the junior members of
the club. The stunts and refresh
ments are shrouded in mystery and
the juniors are proving themselves
able to keep a secret. This novel
meeting will be held Thursday eve
ning at 8 o'clock in the John Y. Boyd
Hall and is looked forward to with
great curiosity by the seniors.
Mrs. S. G. Stauffer was hostess at
her home. 2127 Green street, at a
dinner and reception in honor qf her
guest, Mrs. Frank Fager, of New
York City. The house was attrac
tively decorated with ferns and
spring flowers. Music? and refresh
ments were enjoyed by the many
friends of Mrs. Fager, who is well
known in this city, having been con
tralto soloist in Grace Methodist
Church for several years.
According to a dispatch received in
this city. Christian L. Jennings, son
of Mr. and Mrs. William Jennings, of
7 South Front street, arrived in Bos
ton on Monday on the Agamemnon.
Jennings, a member of the Battery
-\, 101 st Field Artillery, lias been in
France since August, 1918. He ex
pects to be sent to Camp Dix and to
be in this city in a few days.
Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Tittle, 300 Calder
street, announce the engagement of
their daughter, Ella M. Tittle, to Paul
S. Killian, of Bethlehem. Miss Tittle
is well known in this city, graduat
ing from Central High School, class
1913. Mr. Killian is employed in the
purchasing department of the Bethle
hem Steel Company.
Mrs. C. W. Moore and Mrs. Mc-
Dowell of Altoona are registered at the '
I'enn-Harris. j
f IC3 |U\ 'J- ' 4T.1
j \ *W~
The style pictured here is but
one of the many styles offered
in this Central Pennsylvania
Headquarters for Office Fur- j
D, W- Cotterel
i N. Market Square
Two Reasons
Why We Make Glasses That Satisfy.
In the first place we know from experience how
good glasses should be made.
Second—Our Scientific Methods
enable us to accurately determine your defect
and properly correct the eyestrain.
(S>o hi ,Kinkenb ach & stous $
N0.22 N. 4TH.ST.
"Where Glasses Are Made Right"
At Your Table
At Every Meal
The beautifully clear, deep amber shade, and the delicious
aroma of Golden Roast Blend Coffee have their appeal,
the flavor. That's what will make Golden Roast the coffee
vou'll serve always after having made its acquaintance.
Golden Roast Blend Coffee
is no ordinary blend. Everything has been done to lift it
from the plane of the ordinary and put it into a class by itself.
Blended and roasted with extraordinary care, Golden Roast
is a part of every meal with families who have made its
Put up in pound air-tight packages
At your grocers
R. H. Lyon,
Coffee Purveyor to the renn-Hnrrl*
IlnrrlHbnri;, Pa.
i Interested in Southern Schools
For Children of Revolu
-11 tionary Ancestry
-1 The annual nominating meeting of
r j Harrisburg chapter Daughters of the
j | American Revolution will be held Tues
j day afternoon, April 15, at 3 o'clock
■ j in the Civic Club, with the Regent, Miss
I Cora Lee Snyder, presiding. Nomin
■ | ations for officers to be elected at the
• j annual meeting in May will be made
!at this time.
The Daughters of the American
Revolution throughout the country are
interested in the education of the young
Mountaineers of the Soutii, the great
great grandchildren of the Revolution
j ary ancestors who did so much for their
| country in its early beginnings.
| Harrisburg chapter endows a day in
j the Berry school of Georgia paying $5O
[once a year for the privilege of paying
i the day's expenses; they also help with
I a scholarship in the Hindntan Settle
| mcnt school, Kentucky and will con
tribute this year for the first time to
j the newer Pine Mountain school, Ky„
j of which Miss Pettit, late of Hindman,
| is the head teacher.
j Mrs. Charles J. Wood. Jr., chapter
[ Historian will tell briefly about these
I schools and then Miss Glenn Gottschall,
j secretary of the Associated Aids so
| eieties, who worked for several years
! among the Mountaineers of the Caro
i Unas, will give some of her personal
I experiences there, telling how worth
while this work really is.
i Mrs. A. Boyd Hamilton, chairman of
the music committee will play for the
j Patriotic songs, and Mrs. Harry F.
' Beck will sing three numbers, "The
i Valley of Laughter" by Sanderson ;
j "Wake t'p." rhillips, and "The Star,"
| James Rogers, with Mrs. Foelker of
i Steelton at the piano,
i Members at large of the D. A. R.
| and members of other chapters who are
jin the city are cordially invited to be
! present at this meeting,
j The National Congress convenes Mon
' day in Memorial Continental Hall.
I Washington, the sessions lasting all
i through the week. Mrs. Samuel 55.
Shope as Regent's alternate and Mrs.
John A. Sherger, chapter delegate will
represent this chapter.
Algonquin Club Dance
on April Thirtieth
At a meeting of the Algonquin club.
Wednesday evening at the home of Roy
Reel. Charles Himes. chairman of the
dance committee announced that the
j club dance would be held at Handshaw's
hall, April 30.
| Fred Haehnlcn, manager of the base
ball team announced that there were
(several games scheduled and negoti
ations under way for more.
: Practice will he held next Tuesday
j evening at Seventeenth and Chestnut
I streets. There will be a meeting of
' the club next Wednesday evening at
j the home of Fred Haehnlen, 15 North
I Eighteenth street from where they will
| hike to Spooky Hollow.
i Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Emerson
and small sons, Horace and Lelund
Emerson left to-day for tlieir home in
Colorado Springs. Col., after an ex
tended trip through the east, visiting
relatives in this city for a fortnight.
Wedding Journey to New
England Is Followed by
Residence in This City
• U& :
f"' ■
The marriage of Miss Lena Scliiff
man, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A.
Schiffman, 1210 North Sixth street, to
Samuel Lock, of this city, took place
Monday, April 7, at the home of the
bride with Rabbi RumanofY officiat
ing. There were no attendants and
only the immediate families were
The young people are just home
after a trip to Now York and points
in New England, and will make their
home at 1210 North Sixth street for
the present. Mr. Lock is a member
of the firm of the Chelsea Auto
Wrecking Company, 24-28 North
Cameron street.
Clubs Present Comedy
at Federation Meeting
The weekly meeting of the Federa
tion of Industrial Clubs of the X". W. |
C. A„ was held last evening in the
clubrooms. Miss Dorothy Morgan,
former Industrial secretary of the lo
cal association was speaker at the
open forum. Following the educa
tional classes, a short comedy, "The
Gloops," was presented by the social
Present at the supper were Miss
Elizabeth Kurtz, Miss Aurelia Buser,
Miss Emma Wallace, Miss Emma
Tavvley. Miss Lillian McClain, Miss
Hazel Eaters, Mrs. Sue Sides, Miss
Esther Gardner, Miss Helen Rltter,
Miss Ressie Daniels, Miss Esther San
ders, Miss Ruth Sebold, Miss Chris
tine Miller, Miss Iva Maus, Miss Flor
ence Brown, Mrs. John W. Reily, Miss
Adelaide Lusk, Mrs. Jennie Bertsfield,
Miss Margaret Wallace, Miss Fannie
McClain, Miss Anna Wippertnan, Miss
May Kerr, Mrs. Lillian Wipperman,
Miss Ruth Arnold, Miss Helen For
sythe, Mrs. Ruth Flotow, Miss Pearl
Hoover, Miss Effie Smith, Miss Eliza
beth Elliott, Miss Carrie Sterret and
Miss Caroline Lynch.
Army Reserve Depot
Attaches in Get-Together
Maenncrchor Hall in North Street
was the scent of a delightful get
together meeting last evening when the
Warehouse superintendents and their
assistants from the Army Reserve De
pot, New Cumberland gathered together
in honor of S. W. Shetron, superin
tendent of the Warehouses.
Delicious refreshments prepared by
Miss Bricker, Miss Baer and Miss
Krcbs were served to the following
guests: I. W. Matter, G. J. Baer, R. A.
Green, J. D. Cramer, E. Andree, A. G.
Stover, S. Freedman, O. M. Snyder, H.
S. Williams, E. L. Westenhaver, A. D.
Dwall, J. Sheaffer, C. Folk, J. A. Win
termyer, G. A. Gingher, ,T. A. Madden,
W. M. Black, W. H. Rhoades, F. C.
Davis, L. G. Hawbaker, W. B. Sour
beer, A. A. Krebs and W. Bretz.
Entertain For Nephews
Recovering From Injuries
Mr. and Mrs. S. T. Moore, of New
Cumberland, entertained at dinner re
cently. in honor of their nephews. An
drew and Earl Swartzell, of Milroy,
Pa., xvho are recovering from injuries
received in France.
Andrew owes his life, he says to a
diary given him by his aunt before he
left this country. The book deflected
the course of a bullet which pierced his
lung, and would have been fatal had not
the hook been carried in a pocket over
liis heart.
Earl, a member of the 107 th Machine
Gun Company, is recovering from the
result of a gas attack.
Mrs. C. W. Moore, of Altoona, was
also a guest at the dinner.
Dr. Kilgore Promoted
With Naval Reserves
Dr. Frank B. Kilgore. of 2011
North Sixth street, has been pro
moted from a lieutenant of the ju
: nior grade, Medical Corps, United
I States Reserves to a lieutenant of
! the senior grade. This rank in the
; Navy is cnual to that of a captain
in the Army. Dr. Kilgore has been
1 relieved from active duty and has
returned home whore he has resum
ed his large practice of medicine.
Isaac Freedman of the 28th Divi
sion Is now at Camp Dix awaiting
his discharge from the service. Pri
vate Freedman was gassed In France
| and is recovering his health rtxpid-
I ly. Ho will make his home xvith
liis brother, Joseph Freedman, man
ager of who has the
distinctions of having three brothers
In the Army, all of whom are re
Under the auspices of the recep
tion committee for "When The Boys
Come Home," a sale of homemade
pies cakes and candy is being held
to-day at 1409 North Third street.
The money taken in at this sale will
aid to a great degree the celebration
In which everyone is interested.
Mrs. J Henry Mac Donald and
daughters, the Misses Elizabeth,
Helen and Orazia Mac Donald. of
South Front street, have gone to Co
lumbia, S. C., to join Captain Mac-
Donald, who is in charge of special
construction work in the great can
tonment there.
HARJRUsBimG telegraph;
• I
Charles H. Burg, of Veterans 1
of Foreign Wars, Will
Be Chief Marshal
The Home Folks' Victory Associa- I
tion, of which Mrs. Maurice E. Fin
ney is president, and H. W. Long,
chairman of the general committee.
Is fast maturing plans for the wel
come home of the Twenty-eighth l
Division. The parade or parades to
welcome the men will start from
the station as the units arrive and
will be quite short. Charles H. i
Burg, of the Veterans of For
eign Wars, will be chief marshal of
the parade and is in charge of all
arrangements of the parade com
The parade committee, of which
Ms. Jacob Hitz is chairman, took
their funds to-day to purchase ma
terial for the parade flags and
caps. These will be made and sold
by the women to members of the
association. The flags are white
with a scarlet keystone and the caps
are similar.
The big entertainment on April
28 in Chestnut Street Hall to secure
further funds for the "welcome
home" demonstration will attract
hundreds of people. There will be
clever vaudeville, stunts by several
organizations of the city and the j
Saxo-Jazz Orchestra will play for
the dancing to follow.
Western Attorney Here;
Did Excellent War Work
Attorney Wendell Hertig, of
Minneapolis, Minn., is in the city, j
visiting his mother and his sister.
Dr. Louise H. Taylor, at 1800 North
Third street. Mr. Hertig, who is
one of the busiest of western attor- |
ncys, gave eighteen months of his
valuable time as chairman of the
exemption board of one of the larg
est and most important wards of his
city, greatly distinguishing himself
thereby. He is an important club
man and an enthusiastic golfer, a
member of the Minnetonka Coun
try Club and has done more for golf
interests there than any man of
Mrs. Hubert Bell Myers, of Green
street, was hostess this afternoon at
a luncheon of eight covers in honor
of Miss Kathleen Bruce, of Baltimore,
her house guest. The appointments
were of yellow witli daffodils and
sweetpeas in the Powers und tiny
Easter chicks as favors.
Herbert Springer, a student at Penn
sylvania College, Gettysburg, Pa., is in
this city for several days.
Miss Mary Witmer. a student at the
School of Ethical Science, New York
city, will be home next week for the
spring vaciation.
Mrs. Walter Dearth has gone to New
York to join her husband. Lieut. Col.
Dearth just returned from overseas, who.
has a several days' leave.
Mr. and Mrs. Elite Hartwell, of Jer
sey City, are in town for a brief stay
among old friends.
Miss Pauline Gunther and Miss Sara
Elizabeth Gunther went home to Corn
wall, N. Y. to-day after a week's visit
among relatives in this vicinity.
Miss Arta Long and Miss Lucia Long
with their brother Capt. Willis Long,
of Brooklyn, stopped in the city yes
terday on the way to Washington and
met a number of old friends.
1 Elwood Webster and Newell Spencer
of Rochester, N. Y„ are guests of their
uncle, Carl B. Webster of that city, who
is in the city on business for three
Miss Ella Gaines started for a west
ern trip to-day, including stops at
Chicago, Denver and Sacramento, re
maining at the last place for several
| months.
j Mrs. A. W. Greeley, of South Front
I street. Is going to New York next Tues-
I day to meet her husband, Capt. Greeley,
who is returning from France.
| Mrs. Thomas Baldwin is visiting her
j aunt. Mrs. Henry M. Stlne, awaiting the
' discharge of her husband, recently re
! turned from abroad, from Army ser
j vice.
Miss Patricia Walters went home to
I Poughkeepsie, N. Y. to-day after spend
ing a brief vacation among relatives in
this city.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Witlierow, of
Pittsburg, are ii town for a short
stay among relatives in the West End.
Mr. and Mrs. David Scatterthwaite.
of Troy. N. Y., are here for a little visit
with their sister. Mrs. Emmeline Bankes
of North Second street.
Miss Margaret Houck of Haphaway
Park. Lebanon, is the week-end guest
lof Miss Marion Reinoehl, 2114 North
Third street.
I The Big Store On The Hill
| For Your Bed Room Furniture |
We have on our floors something that is i
[ sure to please you in Ivory Louis XVI design ( 1
r —Large Vanity Dresser, Chiffonette, a very i
) roomy piece, Dresser and Bed. 1 ,
I Also one in Adam 1 ,
in Mahogany and
American Walnut. ( 1
Don't miss seeing these before you purchase
your Bedroom Suites.
Store Closes 5.30 P. M. Saturday, 9P. M.
FACKLER'S, 1312 Derry St.
The C. A. O. Society of Central j
High School, class of 1916, have is
sued invitations to an informal Eas
ter dance to be held at Winterdale
Hall on Monday evening, April 28,
with the Mannix orchestra furnish
ing the music.
The committee in charge includes
Miss Sarah Malonoy* Miss Hazel
Rexroth and Miss Mary Hutman.
The weekly Sunday Story Hour
given under the auspices of the
Story Tellers League will be held to
morrow afternoon at 4 o'clock at
Grace Methodist Church. These
story hours recently instituted have
proved most popular and a large
attendance is anticipated.
The Krosge Club will hold vesper
services to-morrow evening in the Y.
i W. C. A. and W. D. B. Ainey, of the
Public Service Commission, will be
speaker of the evening. An excellent
musical program will also be given.
Miss Mary Rudy will sing. "X Do Not
Ask of Thee, O Lord." Miss Correlli
Martin will play a violin solo, and
Miss Amy Burd a vocal solo.
Among the guests at the spring
dance held last evening at the Beta
Tlieta Pi fraternity house, Carlisle,
were Mr. and Mrs. J. Douglas
M. Royal, Miss Claire Van Dyke
and Miss Sarah Markley, of this city.
j It Might Mean J
S a Career j
? 0
0 F. P. A., who conducts :
(j a humorous column in •
j the New York Tribune, 9
• began by contributing 0
9 quips to B. L. T.'s col- j j
0 umn in a Chicago paper. ' j
g It was done in an idle •
: moment. Today F. P. A. 7
: receives $lB,OOO a year •
9 for cracking jokes. i
0 Perhaps you have a tai- j
0 ent for writing ads. En- j
1 ter the contest I'm con- i
• ducting and lind out.
9 i Write four ads, one 9
0 1 each on Suits, Millinery, 0
0 Dresses and Store Serv- j
j' ice. Sign name and ad- I
: dress and mail to this ;
! ? ! store.
1 !
- f ■
Dinner Snfurilny llvenlnK, April 12
Stouffer's Restaurant
4 N. Court St. 5 to 7.30
Chicken Noodle Soup
Chicken Croq.—Calf I.lvor
Breaded Veal Cutlet—ltonst Beef
Mushed or Au Gratln Potatoes
Corn Custard—Stewed Onions—
j Choice of Desserts —Coffee, Teu or
V- —— 7
! f t
Funeral Designs
A Beautiful Spray for $2.00
A Handsome Wreath
for $5.00
Keeney's Flower Shops
I 814 N. 3d St. 15J N. Front St.
llurriaburg. Steel ton.
Star Carpet Cleaning Works
Let Us Clean Your Carpets Now
General Upholstering
Awning Making
Give Us a Trial
Joseph Coplinky
Eleventh and Walnut Streets
I Bell 398-R Dial 6051
I A 3OB Market i
Astricn s i
i 1
For This Monday We Announce Our
( Great One Day Easter Hat Sale i
I With the most phenomenal price reduction.
Sale starts at 9.30. No advertised goods sold before that time. 1
I One Thousand Hats $1.891S
j Actually worth $2.98 & $3.98 go at B |
] In Our Easter Monday Sale JL
The Greatest Price Cut ever made before Easter. ei
All colors, shapes and qualities are represented in this
j| Sailors, Turbans, Tarns, Mushrooms, Pokes, Side Roll Brim Fancy Shapes, etc. g
An immense variety to select from Every Hat guaranteed to be of this Spring's
purchase We have them in red, brown, rose, sand, dust, purple, navy, henna, Alice
blue They are mostly Lisere, Milan, Pineapple and fancy straws.
Large Trimmed Pineapple Straw j
j Sailors with Wide Drooping Brims j
a in black, navy, brown and purple, also black trimmed Lisere Sailors with wide gros- □
grain ribbon trimmings and flanges also
| Black Tailored Lisere Hats j
□ in five of the newest medium shapes side rolls small fancy shapes and three c
other becoming medium sized tailored hats These hats are ready to put on
banded and lined The low price of
should clean up this lot before the day is over if people know anything about values
and appreciate a most exceptional bargain,
a i
I Two Sales Pineapple Straw Sailors j
! At $2.88 and at $3.88
Values to # $4.98 Values up to $6.98.
The choice of our stock in all the best Choice of our stock including double j
colors, including black —in straight and brim Sailors, two-toned Sailors Lisere
drooping brims. Sailors of newest blocks—Milan Sailors, etc. I
Two large tables of these high class Two large show cases Your choice of
trimmed Sailors. Your QQ an Y Hat * n these cases on dQ QQ
3 choice this Monday, at iPuiOO Monday, at POiOO j
| Untrimmed but of excellent quality—the best
| sport shape in black, brown, cherry red, etc. ■ w Jfm \
j These Hats were originally priced $3.98. I '
You can buy them this Monday only for this m ||
□ ridiculous price. e
3 We Have About 20 Dozen Girls' Trimmed Basket
Trimmed Spring Hats value s4.9B. WeaVe ""Vo OQ !
—————— This Monday
3 The balance of the lot sold last Gageg Pineapple Straw
Monday at $2.00. tfl* "1 CTCh Trimmed Sailors
We offer them This Monday "1 OQ I
j this Monday at ... at 1 o*/
One Thousand Black Milan and Lisere
S Hat Shapes
Sailors, Pokes, Mushrooms, Turbans, etc. Novelty Turbans - Large Novelty
' Shapes, Tricornes, Fancy Turbans
An immense variety of the latest shapes. Chaplin and Mitzi Sailors, etc.
I At $1.66 At $3.44
! Fa L „^^S = b ; d tr f r y SE
I Milan Tarns, etc. etc
At $2.66 At $4.44
| Children's Tailored Milan Hats j
n in Black White Navy Brown Red and combinations.
lAt $1.66 $2.66 $3.44 $4.44 I
All the different sizes and styles to fit children from 4 to 12 years the biggest variety
of styles you ever saw. You can select this Monday at these special prices.
Q _...— i——— ——————————-————
Easter Sale of Children's Trimmed
Dress Hats
BEAUTIFUL HATS—handmade of Silk Straw Braid trimmed with j
1 flowers —fancy ribbon —Ostrich tips, etc., will be placed on sale this Monday
in three groups:
i r $2.44 11*, 0 :. 2 $3.44 r, 0 :. 3 $4.44 I
j Values up to $3.98 i Real worth' up to $4.98 Real values up to $5.98
Full assortment of colors black, navy, Alice, rose, sand, pink, light blue, etc.
nr - mnr ing^=inP=^ag)rai===sinE^^lElb====lDL==siDu==saElßßßßl^mil
APRIL' 12, 1919.